英: 中国大学生Net Guard救火飞行器

来自广州的6名大学生提出了Net Guard救火飞行器概念,这个创意获得了2018金点概念设计大奖。英国每日邮报对此进行了报道。

火灾无人机net guard


Self-flying drones could be used to rescue people from fires in tower blocks by unfolding into safety nets mid-air. Net Guard drones would use GPS to pinpoint the location of the fire once a distress signal has been received then head to the necessary building, avoiding traffic below. 通过在空中展开安全网,自动飞行无人机可用于救援人员免受塔楼火灾的袭击。一旦遇到遇险信号,Net Guard无人机就会使用GPS来确定火灾的位置,然后前往必要的建筑物,避免下面的交通堵塞。


This net would be made from a quadruple layer of polyurethane, the designers said, and would be strong enough to then carry the weight of a regular adult. The drone would also keep track of the evacuee using sensors, allowing it to be positioned correctly were person in need of jumping.  设计师说,这个网将由四层聚氨酯制成,并且足够坚固,可以承受普通成年人的重量。 无人机还将使用传感器跟踪撤离人员,使其能够正确定位需要跳跃的人。


It was designed by six students from the Guangdong Polytechnic Normal University, Schools of Electronic Engineering and Art, China, and was recently awarded the Golden Pin Concept Design Award. 它由来自中国广东,电子工程与艺术学院的六名学生设计,最近获得了金点概念设计奖。



Biffy Toosdale : hahah FAKE PR crap to get people to invest! 哈哈,假公关垃圾,让人们投资!
Biffy Toosdale : only problem is most skyscrapers windows don’t open and you would need a sledgehammer to break the glass 唯一的问题是大多数摩天大楼的窗户都打不开,你需要用大锤砸碎玻璃。
Gnostic…. : Hey, I have a great idea. If trucks are stuck in traffic, we could attach four small drones to it, and move it 20 miles onwards. What – you mean this idea is impracticaI and stuupid….? 嘿,我有个好主意。如果卡车遇到交通堵塞,我们可以给它装上四架小型无人机,然后把它向前移动20英里。什么?你的意思是这个想法是不切实际的?
FlyingEagle : The world is becoming dumber. Its disappointing to see large sum of money being wasted to created robots that try to act and run like an animal ,like boston science team. 世界变得越来越笨拙。令人失望的是,大量的资金被浪费在创造机器人上,这些机器人试图像动物一样行动和运行,比如波士顿科学队。
FlyingEagle : Hope these drones can detect fire and stay away from it. 希望这些无人机能够探测到火并远离它。
Philmo Phlegm : OK, let’s do some maths. Let’s assume say 100 people per floor who need to be rescued, and in a very tall building, say fifty floors that can’t be reached by ground-based vehicles. 100 multiplied by 50 = 5,000 people needing to be rescued. How long does it take one drone to rescue one person? Three minutes? (Being optimistic.) How many drones would you have? Again, let’s be optimistic and say twenty. So it would take twenty drones twelve and a half hours to rescue the 5,000 people from the burning building. Sorry, but this just isn’t going to work for general rescue. I can see it working for rich individuals who live in the penthouse though. They would buy a drone each for themselves and their family and save themselves. 好的,我们来做一些数学题。假设每层有100人需要救援,在一个很高的建筑物里,比如说50层地面车辆无法到达。100乘以50=5000人需要获救。一架无人机救一个人需要多长时间?三分钟?(乐观)你有多少架无人机?再次,让我们乐观地说二十。所以要用二十架无人机十二个半小时才能从燃烧的大楼里救出五千人。对不起,这对一般救援来说是行不通的。我可以看到它为那些住在顶楼里的有钱人工作。他们会为自己和家人买一架无人驾驶飞机,并拯救自己。
MrWrighty : Those drones will have to generate a lot of uplift to keep flying after impact, they will also have to tilt away from each other because the force to overcome the horizontal force to come together when the net catches the weight will be enormous. 这些无人机将必须产生大量的升力才能在撞击后继续飞行,它们也必须彼此倾斜,因为克服水平力的力量在网抓住重量时将非常巨大。
simo5Jhphoto1 : The idea is good but some people will not jump. 这个主意不错,但有些人不会跳。
john : What about the millions of obese people? 那么几百万肥胖的人呢?
Bill : Scott of Thunderbird 1 will be controlling them no doubt. 雷鸟1号的史葛无疑会控制它们。
stevo145flobalob : …after you…no ..after you…I insist, after you.. ……你先……不,你先……
Warrenr4 : Drones ? Battery operated remote control toy helicopters. I had such high hopes for space age technology as a youngster. What a disappointment. 无人机?电池遥控玩具直升飞机。作为一个年轻人,我对太空时代的科技抱有如此高的希望。多么令人失望啊!
FreeParking : What an ingenius idea! 多么聪明的主意!
sweetchipsFreeParkin : I don’t think that I could trust four drones holding a net to “save” my life if I jumped. 我不认为我可以相信四架无人机,如果我跳下去,“拯救”我的生命。
Robbie : And pigs might fly! 猪会飞!
DazzapeglegFreeParki : About time they were used for something useful 关于时间,他们被用来做有用的事
The Voice in my head : Those propellers would have to be ridiculously powerful to hold a person’s weight. 这些螺旋桨必须有强大的力量来保持一个人的体重。
Orphedayus : Who’s brave enough to trial it . 谁有足够的勇气去试验它。
Bill RadfordMeichise : What happens if its designed for 10stone person then a 17 stone person jumps on board 如果它为10人设计,那么17个石头人跳上会发生什么?
WowserReturnsstevo14 : If it even has a 20% chance of working it’s better than a horrific death. Personally if I lived in a high rise I’d buy a base jumping parachute and ensure there was a tool to break the window if need be in an emergency.  如果它有20%的工作机会,那就好比一次可怕的死亡。就我个人而言,如果我住在一幢高层建筑,我会买一个基础跳伞,确保有工具在紧急情况下打破窗户。
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