武侠小说泰斗金庸(Louis Cha,原名查良镛)于2018年10月30日在香港逝世,享年94岁。华人世界震动,国内外媒体纷纷报道。然而金庸先生以及他的武侠世界,外国人到底了解多少?



《’China’s Tolkien’: millions mourn death of martial arts novelist Jin Yong》(The Guardian)
《“中国的托尔金”:数百万人哀悼武侠小说家金庸》 (英国卫报)


Cha, 94, best known for his epic wuxia novels following kung fu heroes in ancient China, passed away in a hospital in Hong Kong after a long illness, according to Hong Kong media. 据香港媒体报道,94岁的Cha(金庸),以中国古代史诗武侠小说而著名,在长期患病后在香港的一家医院去世。


While few of his books have been translated into English, Cha is one of the world’s most-read Chinese authors, with fans across China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and throughout the Chinese diaspora. His stories have been adapted into television shows, films, comic books, and video games. The first part of his most popular series, Legends of the Condor Heroes, was published in English earlier this year. 虽然他的书很少被翻译成英文,但金庸是世界上阅读量最大的中国作家之一,粉丝遍布中国,香港,台湾以及整个中国侨民。他的故事已被改编成电视节目,电影,漫画书和电子游戏。他最受欢迎的系列“神雕侠侣”的第一部分于今年早些时候以英文出版。



Michael Do : I’m a western fan of Jin Yong (well, I’m American born Asian). But sadly, despite Kung fu film popularity in the west. Jin Yong novels are nowhere a household name compared to JJR Tolkien nor Harry Potter. So his novel is still niche in the western world. 我是金庸的西方粉丝(嗯,我是美国出生的亚洲人)。但遗憾的是,尽管功夫电影在西方流行。与JJR托尔金和哈利波特相比,金庸小说没有市场。所以他的小说仍然是西方世界的商机。
Jay Bo : I’m kind of a Sinophile (though hardly an expert) ,The issue is one needs to have a certain understanding of the culture to enjoy them.There are few official translations because there isn’t a huge market. But Condor Heroes and others have been translated by fans in unofficial translations. 我有点像一个中国人(虽然不是专家),问题是需要对文化有一定的了解才能享受它们。由于没有巨大的市场,因此很少有官方翻译。但是射雕英雄传等已被粉丝制成非官方翻译。
Sean Bard, B.S. : Only a couple of his books were ever translated into English, and only one of them to my knowledge was actually translated for the popular market (as opposed to an academic one). The vast majority of books and movies based in his stories have never received an official English translation (The Ashes of Time, Swordsman II and a couple versions of Condor Heroes are all I’m aware of.) 只有他的几本书被翻译成英文,据我所知,其中只有一本书实际上被翻译成了大众市场(而非学术版)。在他的故事中,绝大多数的书籍和电影都没有收到官方的英文翻译(东邪西毒,笑傲江湖和几个版本的射雕英雄传都是我所知道的。)
Imre Kovacs : I have seen 倚天屠龙记 [Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre (1978 film)] a few years ago, it is based on the novel with the same title (The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber) written by Jin Yong. I really liked it, unfortunately, now the film is down from Youtube and Youku, Tudou are not allowing movies to be streamed in Europe.Actually, parts of my early Mandarin vocabulary come from Shaw Brothers movies, like 岂有此理 and 后会有期 or 不必多礼, 阁下, 少爷, etc. I didn’t understand much Mandarin when I started out, but I was hooked and kept watching 1960s wuxia movies from HK, 王羽, 狄龙 and 郑佩佩 are my favorites. 几年前我看过倚天屠龙记,它是以金庸编写的同名小说(倚天屠龙记)为基础的。我很喜欢它,不幸的是,现在电影已经从Youtube和优酷下架了,土豆网不允许电影在欧洲上映。实际上,我早期学习普通话一部分来自邵氏兄弟的电影,比如岂有此理和后会有期或者不必多礼,阁下,少爷等。开始的时候我不太懂普通话,但是我迷上了并且不停地看着20世纪60年代的来自香港的武侠电影。王羽,狄龙和郑佩佩的电影是我的最爱。
Willson Chiang : Books are relatively cheaper in China, and Cha’s books are always pirated 在中国,书籍相对便宜,而且金庸的书总是被盗版
Kent Fung : Jin Yong’s novels — and wuxia novels in general — are the Chinese equivalent of Arthurian legend, of Sergio Leone westerns, of English legends like Robin Hood and Ivanhoe, of Tolkein, of sci fi classics like Star Wars, and even of modern-day comic book superhero tales. 金庸的小说以及一般的武侠小说,相当于亚瑟王传奇、塞尔吉奥里昂西部片、英国传说如罗宾汉和艾芬豪、托尔金、科幻经典像星球大战,甚至现代的漫画书超级英雄的故事。
Michelle Fullwood : It was Jin Yong’s novels that got me back in touch with my Chinese roots. The work I did on the translation is probably the closest I’ll come to something my granddad would have understood and approved of. 金庸的小说让我重新接触了我的中国血统。我在翻译上所做的工作可能是我最接近我爷爷理解和认可的东西。
Shelly Kraicer : I’m sure I’m missing many. Those are just what I remember watching in my first ecstatic plunge into Hong King wuxia cinema in the mid-90s, when Wong Kar-wai (Ashes of Time) and Brigitte Lin (many titles above) burned brightest in the refracted brilliance of Louis Cha’s world. 我敢肯定我错过了很多。这些正是我记得在90年代中期我第一次欣喜若狂地进入洪景武侠影院的时候看到的,当时王家卫(东邪西毒)和林青霞(上面提到的许多作品)在金庸宇宙中大放异彩。
Fairy : JIN YONG, after him ,China have no spirit of Runescape. He is all the Chinese memory,blood and bone. Show my best respect. 金庸,在他之后,中国再没有江湖精神。他是中国人的记忆,血与骨。表达我最高的敬意。
Fonda Lee : Saddened to learn Louis Cha (Jin Yong) passed away. Cha was THE wuxia fiction writer. English language translations of his work are hard to find, but I read as much as I could get my hands on. His work had a huge influence on me as a writer. 伤心地得知Cha(金庸)逝世。Cha是武侠小说作家。他的作品的英语版本很难找到,但我尽可能多地阅读。作为一名作家,他的作品对我产生了巨大的影响。
18Uppercut : Thanks for the inspiration. Your legacy lives on forever. RIP. 感谢您的灵感。你的遗产永远存在。RIP。
Jeannie Lin : There were a couple books I wrote inspired by Jin Yong, but they’re only the tip of the iceberg. How can I explain the many, many days me & the cousins spent running around with plastic swords, training in secret martial arts, defeating corrupt warlords? #RIPJinYong 我写过一些由金庸启发的书,但它们只是冰山一角。我要怎么解释我和表兄弟用塑料剑,秘密武术训练,打败腐败的军阀的日子?
EP : Death isn’t that frightening,If people can remember you,No matter how old and where they are. Heros also lives in the Heaven.R.I.P., Mr. Jin Yong. 死亡并不那么令人恐惧,如果人们能记住你,无论他们多大了,他们在哪里。天堂里也有英雄。R.I.P.,金庸先生。
The Waiter : The first time I see him at this young age??Louis Cha (aka Jin Yong) passed away yesterday, Oct 30th (94 y/o). He remains the most influential novelist of my 25 years living on this earth,It’s ironic though, you only remember the existence of someone when they’ve passed away… 我第一次见到他路易查(又名金庸)还是很小的时候。昨天,10月30日(94岁)他去世了。他仍然是我25年来对我最有影响力的小说家。讽刺的是,大家只在人去世时才想起他的存在。
RhiannonJenkinsTsang : My husband and I are saddened to hear of the passing of the great Hong Kong Chinese writer, our dear friend, Jin Yong/Louis Cha. Thank you Louis, for the stories, the magic and the fun times. 我丈夫和我听到伟大的香港华人作家,我亲爱的朋友金庸逝世,我们很难过。感谢金庸写的故事,真是奇幻的欢乐时光。


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