《Women could make Asia rich》(The Emonomist)《女性可以让亚洲富裕起来》(英国-《经济学人》周报)


“WOMEN hold up half the sky,” Mao Zedong used to say, when not harassing peasant girls. They also hold up 41% of China’s GDP, the biggest share in the Asia-Pacific, says a new report by the McKinsey Global Institute, the consultancy’s think-tank. “女人撑起半边天”,毛泽东曾经说过。咨询公司智囊机构麦肯锡全球研究所(McKinsey Global Institute)发布的一份新报告称,它们也占中国GDP的41%,是亚太地区最大的份额。


In fact, Mao was subtly mistranslated, points out Perry Link, a China scholar. He actually said that women “can” hold up half the sky. McKinsey also thinks Asian women can make a bigger economic contribution. It finds “quite impressive” signs of progress in many countries, says Anu Madgavkar, one of the report’s authors. In Japan the percentage of women in the labour force has increased quickly in the past ten years; in the Philippines 142 women hold professional or technical jobs for every 100 men; China boasts 114 of the world’s 147 female, self-made billionaires (America has 14). 事实上,毛泽东被巧妙地误读了,中国学者佩里林克指出。他实际上说女人“可以”占据半边天。麦肯锡还认为,亚洲女性可以做出更大的经济贡献。报告的作者之一Anu Madgavkar表示,它在许多国家都找到了“非常令人印象深刻”的进步迹象。在日本,过去十年中妇女在劳动力中的比例迅速增加;在菲律宾,每100名男性中就有142名妇女从事专业或技术工作;中国拥有世界上147位女性白手起家的亿万富翁中的114位(美国有14位)。


But China could add 13% to its GDP by 2025, relative to a baseline, if it increased women’s employment, hours and productivity as quickly as the leading countries in its region or peer group, McKinsey says. That would translate into an extra $2.6trn by 2025 (an economy the size of France). In India the relative gain could be even greater (18%), because it has far more room for improvement. McKinsey’s scenario would require 37% of Indian women to be in the workforce, up from 27% now. 但麦肯锡表示,如果能够像其所在地区或同行群体中的主要国家那样迅速增加女性的就业,工作时间和生产率,那么到2025年,相对于基线,中国可以增加13%的GDP。到2025年(法国的经济规模),这将转化为额外的2.6万亿美元。在印度,相对收益可能更大(18%),因​​为它有更大的改进空间。麦肯锡的情景将需要37%的印度女性加入劳动力市场,而目前这一比例为27%。


But economic progress and female employment do not necessarily move in tandem. In India, as households have grown richer, women who might once have toiled in the fields have instead stayed in school or lived off the improved earnings of their male relatives. The most egalitarian employment rates in the region are found in two of its poorest countries: Myanmar and Nepal, where many women have no choice but to work as farmers. 但经济进步和女性就业并不一定会同步发展。在印度,随着家庭越来越富裕,可能曾经在田间劳作的女性反而留在学校或依靠男性亲属的收入增加而生活。该地区最平等的就业率来自两个最贫穷的国家:缅甸和尼泊尔,许多妇女别无选择,只能从事农民工作。


McKinsey notes that GDP statistics understate women’s contributions. In China women did 73% of unpaid work (including child care, shopping and housework), according to the OECD. Women’s share is even higher in South Korea (83%), Japan (84%) and India (85%). What will happen to those unpaid hours if women’s paid work increases? McKinsey leaves the question open. Some of their chores may be left undone or be left to men (which is often the same thing). Some may be “outsourced” to professional cleaners, cooks and childminders, thereby becoming part of the increased GDP that McKinsey foresees. If women hold up half the sky, perhaps more of them should be paid for their exertions. 麦肯锡指出,GDP统计数据低估了女性的贡献。根据经合组织的数据,在中国,女性从事无偿工作的比例为73%(包括儿童保育,购物和家务)。韩国(83%),日本(84%)和印度(85%)的女性比例更高。如果妇女的有偿工作增加,那些无薪时间会发生什么?麦肯锡提出了这个问题。他们的一些家务可能会被遗忘或留给男人(这通常是同一件事)。有些可能会“外包”给专业清洁工,厨师和保姆,从而成为麦肯锡预测的GDP增长的一部分。如果女性占据半边天,也许应该为她们的努力付出更多的酬劳。



Guillermo Grisales : Thanks to Europe and the USA for sending all manufacturing and transferring technology to a place that 30 Years ago was a third world 多亏了欧洲和美国,他们把所有的制造和转让技术都送到了三十年前的第三世界。
Liuyongfu : Thanks to Europe and USA for crushing our economy, stealing our protected products, and hooking the majority of the population on debilitating opium 200 years ago. 200年前,多亏了欧洲和美国粉碎了我们的经济,偷走了我们保护的产品,并把大多数人吸引到削弱鸦片上。
𝒯𝒽ℴ𝓂𝒶𝓈 𝒥ℯ𝒻𝒻 : They also are #1 in totalitarianism, but “theeconomist” doesn’t like talking about the sacrifices needed for liberty, they prefer to talk about greed at any cost even if their children suffocate in their capital from the air pollution. 他们也是极权主义的头号人物,但是“经济学家”不喜欢谈论为自由而做出的牺牲,他们宁愿不惜任何代价谈论贪婪,即使他们的孩子在首都被空气污染窒息。
Marlboro Gold  🥃 🚬 : Sounds like women ought to work harder in the west. Or is the west a more patriarchal society than China? 听起来西方女性应该更加努力工作。或者西方社会比中国更父权制吗?
Liuyongfu : The pollution was shipped over to China when the West decided to ship its manufacturing over there because it was causing too much pollution in the West. Also, ask Iraq, Yemen, Syria and Afghanistan who is more totalitarian : China or the USA? 当西方国家决定把制造业运到中国时,污染被运到了中国,因为它在西方造成了太多的污染。还有,问问伊拉克、也门、叙利亚和阿富汗谁更专制:中国还是美国
Christopher Kan : it is a more patriarchal society than china. 是一个比中国更父权制的社会。
Chandelier Arrington : The one person in this thread who actually knows what they are talking about. 第三世界的人才真正知道他们在说什么。
Tony : Article makes no mention of industries, contributing factors, government etc. Fact is almost all accumulation in China comes through govt. Most common way of protecting that accumulation for individuals: wives. 文章中没有提及产业、影响因素、政府等。事实是,中国几乎所有的积累都是通过政府来实现的。保护个人积累的最常用方法是:妻子。
Chandelier Arrington : Lol. Do you know history? Do you know anything besides what you read in the article? 哈哈,你知道历史吗?除了你读的那篇文章之外,你还知道别的什么吗?
T C A S Raghavan : Yes, China always boasts. 是的,中国总是自吹自擂。
Lagbaja Season : Lol have you read the article? There many from industries based solely on the brands and consumer spending (from increasing incomes + growing middle class + huge populations) 你看过这篇文章了吗?其中许多来自完全基于品牌和消费者支出的行业(来自不断增长的收入+不断增长的中产阶级+庞大的人口)
Naveed Khan : There is no doubt that Women in China are very astute and sharp in business. 毫无疑问,中国妇女在商业上非常精明和敏锐。
Dr A Montazer : Only in America! No ERA! And we wrongfully keep saying “we are the best in the world”! Not, obviously! 只有在美国!没有时代!我们错误地一直说“我们是世界上最好的”!很明显不是!
alexandriaeinstein : I’m So Totally Sure…IF women across the world were to Actually Unify…and therefore do whatever is reasonable to support each other…they could surely began to Create The Most Ideal Future World. They just have to Choose this. It’s really this Simple. 我完全可以肯定……如果全世界的女性真的团结起来……并且因此做任何合理的事情来互相支持……她们肯定会开始创造最理想的未来世界。他们只好选择这个.这真的很简单。
Kevin : Great if it is genuinely achieved without corruption and political patronage from the dictatorship 如果不是腐败和独裁政权的政治庇护,它就真正实现了,那就太好了。
NSRA1 : Looks like feminism a l’occidentale ain’t the best method 看起来女权主义并不是最好的方法
IamSauerKraut : How many have made their riches off the backs of prison or slave labor? 有多少人靠监狱或奴隶劳动发了财?
Kevin : With work practices like this in the Marxist dictatorship no wonder western factories cannot compete 在马克思主义专政中,有这样的工作实践,难怪西方的工厂不能竞争。
JakeThePanda : Lol. China has 4x the population, so they are barely ahead of the US. Lol at economists. The difference in the number based on billions of people literally has zero statistical significance. It doesn’t prove anything. 哈哈,中国人口是美国四倍,所以他们几乎没超过美国。嘲笑经济学家。基于数十亿人口的数字差异实际上没有统计意义。这证明不了什么。
Sanjay Ruparelia : Fascinating. Many have attributed it to the gender equality under Mao. But others recently contend that many self-made billionaires are princelings too. Has anyone analyzed this set using these criteria? 迷人的。许多人将其归因于毛泽东时期的两性平等。但是最近也有人认为许多白手起家的亿万富翁也是王子。有没有人使用这些标准来分析这个集合?
Boycott China Hegemo : No such thing as self made 没有自创的东西
Logic1 : well, China is a poor country, so having 1.5 more billonaire selfmade women is kinda shocking 嗯,中国是个贫穷的国家,所以多1.5个亿万富翁、白手起家的女人有点让人震惊。
Chip Myers : shocking that the largest country in the world has the most female billionaires 令人震惊的是,世界上最大的国家拥有最多的女性亿万富翁
Ali Safavi : We shouldn´t have any envy toward them. We are the source of this disparity. We should buy American made products only. I am glad that i am not contrbuting one dollar of my earnings to those rich women in China. American must buy American made products. 我们不应该羡慕他们。我们是这种差距的根源。我们只应该买美国制造的产品。我很高兴我没有把收入的一美元给中国那些有钱的女人。美国人必须购买美国制造的产品。
David Blakey : I wonder why no one is screaming “equality”? 我想知道为什么没有人叫嚷“平等”?
Ali Safavi : By buying American made products we can achieve two goals and objectives, one we stop the blood suckers CEOs & CFOs to get richers, since they are greedy the other one we help our American citizen and fellows. This is the only force available to us to stop the blood suckers. 通过购买美国制造的产品,我们可以达到两个目标和目的,一个是我们阻止吸血鬼CEO和CFO们致富,因为他们贪婪,另一个是我们帮助我们的美国公民和同胞。这是我们唯一可以阻止吸血鬼的力量。
Ali Safavi : Thanks to the stupid and moron American companies executives. They build all of their products in China the number one piracy country in the world. They steal design intellectual and we show them how to make it, and then they turn around sell their products to us. We are stupid. 多亏了那些愚蠢的美国公司高管。他们把中国所有的产品都打造成世界第一盗版国。他们窃取设计知识分子,我们向他们展示如何制作,然后他们又把产品卖给我们。我们是愚蠢的。
Bitter Truth ®️ : China takeover 中国接管
Sometimes I go into : How filthy and vile you are. “China boasts 114 of the world’s 147 female, self-made billionaires …” Only the systematic and successful degradation of western education allows you to even dare to state such nonsense. I despise you. 你真卑鄙!中国拥有世界上147位白手起家的女亿万富翁中的114位……”只有西方教育有系统、有成效地退化,你才敢说出这种胡言乱语。我鄙视你。
The Barbarian : “Self made” is not possible in a communist society “自创”在共产主义社会是不可能的。
Mike Jameson : Your publication LOVES China…odd 你们的出版物偏向中国……奇怪
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