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bob charles
Correction: The Taiwan Relation Act does NOT commit the US to defend Taiwan. It just said we sell them arms to defend themselves and stay ready to defend Taiwan. There is a difference between we MUST vs We CAN.

In the biggest concern, Taiwan's still kept conscription from tension against china, unlike the south Korea case. When declaring war, only small groups conscripted should stop the landing of the People's Liberation Army on Taiwan island. But the reality isn't easy. They depend on United States Seventh Fleet or USFJ(United States Forces Japan) without any action currently.
最大的担忧是,台湾仍然保持对中国的紧张,不像韩国的情况。宣战时,只有少数应征入伍的人才能阻止人民解放军登陆台湾岛。但现实并不容易。他们 依靠美国第七舰队或USFJ(美国驻日部队)目前没有任何行动。

Harry Gore
US got used to meddling with other countries' affairs. With that kind of behavior, one day there will be foreign forces backing separatist movements within US. History always comes back.

Putin's recent meeting with Xi makes all of this upset less than coincidental.

John Sun
No country would sacrifice it's people's lives to protect other countries or areas, except the rewarding of sacrificing it's soldiers outweighs it's costs. When facing major powers such as China or Russia, USA for sure will not keep it's promise, because the costs would be unbearable

The Knight
Also let's compare these with KASHMIR & INDIA situation

There is no need for China to rush, the Chinese navy and air force is growing at an exponential rate, the 3rd catapult carrier is about to be launched, with more to come, likely as many as 6 carriers in total by 2035.
China has already got what they wanted, it's to see the reaction of the West, and it was as strong as a wet noodle, If Ukraine, a sovereign nation can be invaded like that, then what about an island who is unanimously seen as part of China by the West, legally?
中国不必急于求成,中国海空军正以指数级速度增长,第3艘弹射航母即将下水,未来还会有更多,到2035年可能多达6艘。,中国 已经得到了他们想要的,就是看西方的反应,和烂泥一样强,如果乌克兰这个主权国家可以这样被入侵,那么一个被一致视为一部分的岛屿呢? 被西方合法化?

Zane Cruz
This is what they said about Ukraine at first, that they're used to the threat of invasion and look what happened

China will move on Taiwan when their AI models are auspicious and fortell victory. Data regarding the Russia/Ukraine situation and daily machine diagnosis of mental capacity of leadership feeds these models.

louis zu
Actually Luhansk/Donetsk and Taiwan are in really similar situation. Both region are looking for independent from Ukraine and China. It is really confused, if USA does not support the independence of Luhansk/Donetsk, how can USA support Taiwan?

This is the beginning of the end for liberal ideology

ᜑᜃᜒᜇᜓ ᜆᜃᜒᜐᜒ ✓
Thank you for sanctioning Philippines you are great allies now I am on side for russia and china ️

iwanw fdp
I would worry too about Taiwan and an invasion to come... attention. Work on it starting now

ماجد أحمد
The United Nations has certified that Iraq has completed its compensation obligations for the Kuwait’s invasion. Now, we are the honorable, patriotic and loyal Iraqis, and not the agents of America, Iran and the Gulf rulers, are demanding compensation from the USA, Britain and their Gulf allies for the occupation and destruction of Iraq that includes the material damages as well as moral and psychological damages. We are seeking TEN trillion dollar compensation.
联合国已证明伊拉克已完成对科威特入侵的赔偿义务 和他们的海湾盟友占领和摧毁伊拉克,包括物质损失以及精神和心理损失。我们正在寻求 10 万亿美元的赔偿。

I would love to ask Biden what he has done to make this country safer since he took office, but since I can’t, I’ll just go ask my 94-year-old grandmother with severe Alzheimer’s instead. I’m sure I’ll get the same answer
我很想问问拜登,自从他上任以来,他做了什么让这个国家更安全,但既然我做不到,我就去问问我 94 岁患有严重阿尔茨海默氏症的祖母。我确定我 会得到相同的答案

Paul 💚❤️
For those that think PHILIPPINES is China allies that's not what's happening. Even in the Philippines Taiwan had a de facto Embassy.

John Sun
The difference between Taiwan and Ukraine is that Taiwan is the part of China, while Ukraine is an independent country, as per international law

Borneo Man
Saya suka taiwan itu negara damai.janganlah mancing2 china untuk menyerangmu.karena kekuatanmu ga sebanding dgn china.dan mungkin cuma 3 hari pulau itu bisa diambil tentara china.meskinpun kamu beli banyak senjata dari amerika.tapi ketika china benar2 menyerang mungkin kamu ga sempat pakai itu sudah dikuasai china.bandaramu ada berapa udah dihitung china.untuk rakyat hidup damai.politisi jangan macam2.

tim kahn
trade is human progress both taiwan and china and also the u s a get that. trade can overcome dictatorship.

idol assange
It was the US that said Russia invaded Ukraine. Now. It is the United States who said that China invaded Taiwan, and trying to prove that it is smart, but it is actually a fool

Utobesucks lol
What exact are the eu and us responses toward Russia and Putin over Ukrainian issue? Laughable...

Kristy Hwang
Taiwan shouldn't be the only concern about China's move. South Korea should be considered too

Daniel Yim
taiwan is the next ukraine

tim kahn
i dont think china is anti u s a either

Alex Bordon
diff: Ukraine is acknowledged independent country by UN, while Taiwan is NOT. Chinese civil war has not ended

Jerimiah Thomas
China is using rushia as a test

N64 Danny
I think China may take advantage of the Russia/Ukraine situation and invade Taiwan... I dont want that to happen but the situation is sadly advantageous

Knowledge is the POWER
Taiwan Should improve good relationships with China 🇨🇳. Peace treaty and be responsible for saying powerful words.

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