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You have to hand it to the coronavirus...it finds its way in no matter what measures are taken. I was surprised, however, that the Chinese were able to escape it for this long. I would be interested in knowing whether epidemiologists expected that this would eventually happen. Even islands in the mid Pacific Ocean are finding that they are not immune.
你必须把它交给冠状病毒......无论采取什么措施,它都会找到它的方式。然而,我很惊讶中国人能够逃脱它这么长时间。我很想知道流行病学家是否预期 这最终会发生。即使是太平洋中部的岛屿也发现它们也不能幸免。

In Denmark everything is open. Only restriction is that you have to wear facemask when going to the doctor or if you care for the elderly or sick. So we're basically back to normal. It seems surreal that lockdowns still are executed. Lockdowns only work to delay the spread of the virus so you attain enough time to get people vaccinated (to avoid severe cases of covid). Other than that a lockdown will only destroy the economy.
在丹麦,一切都是开放的。唯一的限制是看医生或照顾老人或病人时必须戴口罩。所以我们基本上恢复了正常。仍然执行封锁似乎是超现实的。仅限封锁 努力延缓病毒的传播,以便您有足够的时间让人们接种疫苗(以避免严重的新冠病例)。除此之外,封锁只会破坏经济。

Dawn Sparrow
It's clearly explained that Chinese public healthy systems (especially public protective systems) was filled to challenges this recent epidemic mobility

Italian Lifestyle
Unbelievable it's got to this again! This is truly a neverending story!

db six
This will never go away.

there is no point doing this at all unless they are gonna stop anyone going in and out of the country forever

Nah, the entire world's economy is starting to recover. They need to keep the pandemic to keep their economy strong.

Haresh Patel
My conjecture is that all Covid-19 strains are spread through airborne transmission and omicron spreads more rapidly and farther than earlier strain. WHO did not acknowledge airborne transmission and now it is too late. The earlier strains could have been controlled by proper ventilation.
我的猜想是,所有 Covid-19 毒株都是通过空气传播传播的,而 omicron 比早期的毒株传播得更快、更远。世卫组织不承认空气传播,现在为时已晚。早期的毒株本可以通过适当的通风来控制。

John G
I hope Shanghai, and the world, recovers from this damn Covid-19 epidemic. I have to question though, if China is accurately been reporting their Covid-19 case's. Shanghai is a city of how many, 25 million people?
我希望上海和世界能够从这场该死的 Covid-19 流行病中恢复过来。不过,我不得不质疑,中国是否准确地报告了他们的 Covid-19 病例。上海是一个拥有 2500 万人口的城市?

I live in Shanghai. This is not the beginning of lockdown my area has been locked down since the 12th of March. Many places have been and schools have been online since that point. Many districts and communities have closed down for long periods of time due to positive cases or close contacts. For us food delivery (of groceries )has been difficult since everything in our district is closed and has been for a few weeks now. Up until this point it has been up to districts to make decisions and manage lockdowns in their area as they saw fit. Now this is the first lockdown coming from the city level and there is very little chance everyone will be released after 4 days, one positive case in your community instantly spells an additional 14 days. The current case numbers are over 5000 which seem like nothing in western countries but are more than times what was recorded for the last two years . For those who can’t imagine that being true, it’s because of how strictly things are managed. Everyone wears a mask and one case leads to thousands of people being tested and monitored.
我住在上海。这不是封锁的开始,我所在的地区自 3 月 12 日起就被封锁了。从那时起,许多地方和学校都已上线。许多地区和社区因长期关闭而关闭 到阳性病例或密切接触者。对我们来说,送餐(杂货)一直很困难,因为我们地区的一切都关闭了,现在已经关闭了几个星期。到目前为止,由各地区做出决定和管理封锁 在他们认为合适的地方。现在这是来自城市一级的第一次封锁,每个人在 4 天后被释放的可能性很小,您社区中的一个阳性病例立即意味着额外的 14 天。当前的病例数 超过 5000 件,这在西方国家似乎不算什么,但却是过去两年记录的数倍以上。对于那些无法想象这是真的的人来说,这是因为管理得非常严格。每个人都穿着 一个口罩,一个案例导致数千人接受检测和监控。

Actually in China the covid case is low, they just being committed to their zero covid policy, so they strictly take measure of it. They would never give up,for China everything is possible as long as u do hard on things. For lockdown,it doesn't really effect their economy, they hold high levels of foreign exchange reserves.
实际上在中国,covid案例很少,他们只是致力于他们的零covid政策,所以他们严格采取措施。他们永远不会放弃,因为中国只要你努力,一切皆有可能。对于锁定, 这并没有真正影响他们的经济,他们持有高水平的外汇储备。

I hope this happens in USA again. We need a lockdown.

Necronis 1
we have been locked down in Changchun for 28+ days now, we can't even leave our apartment to buy food or water, it's not a pleasant experience at this time, hope all of this ends soon so we all can go buy things again, the lockdown came so fast we didn't have proper time to prepare
我们已经在长春被封锁了28多天了,我们甚至不能离开我们的公寓买食物和水,这不是一次愉快的经历,希望这一切尽快结束,我们都可以再次去买东西 ,封锁来得太快,我们没有适当的时间准备

Andrea B
Just try to relax through the chaos, China. Wishing you the best!

Antonio Usai
Good recovery and health to our fellow Chinese humans affected by it!

Ken Adams
its just interesting to me now that all eyes are on Russia and Ukraine, there's way less china bashing under any china related news and videos.
just saying

Glen1301a r
We should all be grateful if the said virus is circumscribed to the place of origin. Besides, there's no cogent reason for an endemic or native virus to go away and relocate somewhere else.

All the while it appears that many of our leaders wish they had the same power over us. NEVER AGAIN!

Will something like this happen again here in New York City again? I mean 2 years ago we saw this started happening there then it hit us. It was unreal but it happened. What do you think?
像这样的事情会再次在纽约市再次发生吗?我的意思是 2 年前我们看到这种情况开始在那里发生然后它袭击了我们。这是不真实的,但它发生了。你怎么看?

han chen
I'm from Shanghai, I've been grounded at my home for 8 days, and I don't think it's a problem to stay at home for one month, but I think the impact from shanghai shutdown is too heavy to china economy ,I doubt whether such a policy is right or not? I strongly suggest that President Biden should share some of his experiences with President Xi about covid 19, China should reopen to the world, The world economy has reached the brink of a cliff!

cetin Amsterdam
Its crazy al over again Hope Chinese friends stays safe

Alex Cio
we'll see so many things changing around the world and while hoping to get normal we already left the old normal 2 years ago

Glad to see the 0covid strategy is working as intentded!

Donnie Brookings
It's gone mad all over the world not only China.

It's again time for the critics of the government to not make it through covid. Tragic, yet it is the Chinese chosen way. It's actual validity, when finally revealed, will be a crucial lesson for all of humanity.

Karl von Bahnhof
38% of the population of my country, Czech Republic, was confirmed to have Covid (the real number must be much higher), nothing really happened, we didn't die out

David Farrell
OPEC+ needs to bring down price of oil or it will trigger a wider recession and that will bring it to the floor.

I’m also living in Shanghai and am now confined to my apartment. To my point of view, I understand why the country takes zero-cases strategy as the country( even in Shanghai) has limited medical resources like doctors, equipments, wards compared to the alarming figures of elders, patients, babies. Once the restrictions been eases, the sweeping infections will overwhelm the medical resources.
But I don’t understand and furious that: we don’t see the country ( or the party) take any actions to a response to the possible massive cases in the past two years except for the vaccination campaign. We have low coverage of 3 shots vaccination as people here don’t trust the national made vaccines.

Speak of this massive lockdown in Shanghai, residents are complaining, furious and grudging about the lack of groceries, medicines and the absence of the governing. People are crying for help on weibo ( China version of Twitter) as they couldn’t call ambulances or any medical help when their families are dying.
So disappointing on all this! Unbelievable!

Saad Abbas
“Global Economic Effects of COVID-19”

“The covid-19 pandemic impact on micro, small and medium sized enterprises”

The Moon
I mean, the entire world has been having the same situation for the last 2 years. Nothing new....

Let's take the start of Covid-19, we should take a review to basic essence. We will be able to resolve the ques that occur in Bukan city. It'll be certified by future people.

God bless America

luci75 D
4-9 days is ok Not much. We are for 14 days in lockdown already. Tomorrow start gradually back to normal !

Joe Harry
The fact is Shanghai never had any covid wave before even in 2020. People were having normal lives for 2 years. Total death cases of covid were 7 and total local cases were less than 400 before this month. Shanghai have 25 million people.

Wow, they have like 2 cases and the entire city is locked down. I guess that's the point of a zero-covid strategy.

Fair to say that Shanghai was "Shanghai'd" by the lockdown?

Main Channel
Easy to answer. Until the Ukraine-Russia conflict cools down. They've found the ideal excuse to stay out without turning against either side. A very smart move.

Here in Germany we just pretend the virus is not here anymore, thanks to the neoliberal party.

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