叫板宝马5系的蔚来Nio ET7,在国外的评价怎样?

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叫板宝马5系的蔚来Nio ET7,在国外的评论怎么样?


叫板宝马5系的蔚来Nio ET7,在国外的评论怎么样?


An outstanding car, and one to put NIO on the map for sure. The ET5 model due for release in Sept looks equally amazing. Great video, thanks for uploading.
一辆出色的汽车,肯定会让 NIO占有一席之地。定于 9 月发布的 ET5 车型看起来同样令人惊叹。

Steve Simone
Although not mentioned in the review, the audio sound system is the best in any production vehicle. The ET7’s audio system comes standard with 23 speakers and a total output of 1000W. The four primary channels use a 3-way speaker array which features dedicated tweeter, mid-tone and bass driver, a subwoofer plus four overhead speakers. Combining the leading active tuning algorithm and Dolby Atmos’ excellent detail and clarity, the ET7 provides an immersive listening experience beyond users’ expectation.
虽然没有在评测中提到,但音响系统是任何量产车中最好的。ET7的音响系统标配23个扬声器,总输出功率为1000W。四个主声道使用3路扬声器阵列,配备专用高音扬声器 、中音和低音驱动器、一个低音炮和四个顶置扬声器。结合领先的主动调谐算法和杜比全景声 (Dolby Atmos) 出色的细节和清晰度,ET7 提供了超出用户预期的沉浸式聆听体验。

Paul Stanley
I do wonder about the definition of ‘sports’ car with the advent of EV’s.
Sports car used to mean a faster, harder sprung ride for flatter cornering, bigger brakes and noisier exhaust sound.
I agree that Sports+ is something you will rarely use; when showing the acceleration to a friend, etc. not an everyday use.
Looks like a nice car.
随着电动汽车的出现,我确实想知道“跑车”的定义。,跑车过去意味着更快、更硬的弹簧行驶,以实现更平坦的转弯、更大的刹车和更嘈杂的排气声。,我同意 Sports+ 是你很少会遇到的东西 采用; 向朋友展示加速时,等等。不是日常使用。,看起来像一辆好车。

Lorenzo De La Cruz
Thanks again Elliot( my favorite fully charged reporter) great presentation on a great car. I certainly don't need all the extra stuff, but I doubt they are trying to sell to me. By the time it gets to the US the extra taxes will be ridiculous. Beautiful car.

Michael Jones
This is surprising nice. The design both inside and out is superb. The interios is refreshing when compared to EQS.

The proportion of this car is spot on, in line with Audi A7, but more rooms inside.

Martin Beck
Yet another example of what we can expect to see from China. Is it coming to the UK? Will it be priced at 55k I can't believe that will be the case, my guess is that it will be priced at 65k+ which is a shame. If it was more reasonably priced then legacy auto makers would be very afraid and I would give my two back teeth to own one!
另一个我们可以期待中国的例子。它会来到英国吗?它的价格会是 55k 我不敢相信会是这样,我的猜测是它的价格会是 65k+,这是一个耻辱。如果它的价格更合理,那么传统汽车制造商会非常害怕!

Jonathon Stillwell
They’re absolutely smashing it. Gorgeous car. Also, may I say that the presenting has come on leaps and bounds, seamless.

Josi Dasilva
With the high oil prices, it has never been better for EV sales.

Filip Zieliński
So much better than EQS and less than half the price. I'm super happy to see a revolution unfold in front of my eyes
比 EQS 好得多,价格不到一半。我很高兴看到一场革命在我眼前展开

Kudos to Nio, they've made a nice car! The size, styling, performance and range are all good, great even! But I just can't get past the self driving gadgetry on the roof. Crazy idea, delete all of that nonsense and don't offer FSD! (Simple radar cruise control is enough for most people) It would keep everything that is great about the car, AND lower the price at the same time! Nio could nix that weird dashboard assistant too. I know that's not a popular opinion, but surely I'm not alone on this?!
向 Nio 致敬,他们制造了一辆好车。尺寸、造型、性能和续航里程都很好,甚至很棒。但我就是无法通过车顶上的自动驾驶小工具。疯狂的想法,删除所有这些 废话,不提供 FSD。(简单的雷达巡航控制对大多数人来说就足够了)它会保留汽车的所有优点,同时降低价格。Nio 也可以取消那个奇怪的仪表板助手。我知道 这不是一个流行的观点,但肯定我并不孤单?!

Tyler McCoy
This car is amazing, can't wait till it's available outside China.

Robb .P
This Car looks amazing and Beautiful, and so far the reviews have all been good. I hope this sets the Bar so people could also get the ET5!!!
这辆车看起来很漂亮很漂亮,到目前为止评论都很好。我希望这能树立标准,这样人们也能得到 ET5 !!!

Vlad Mihai
I would buy an ET5/ET4, that is a slightly smaller version with 100kwh, 200-300hp and 30-35k euros.
我会买一个 ET5/ET4,这是一个稍微小一点的版本,有 100kwh、200-300hp 和 30-35k 欧元。

As with all sedans, I wish it were a wagon.
Volkswagen doesn't even the Passat in other styles than the wagon. It's what people NEED if they don't have multiple cars in the household.
My neighborhood is full of wagons. What are my neighbors to buy next? Not an EV as those come only in "expensive" or "cramped".
和所有轿车一样,我希望它是一辆旅行车。,大众汽车甚至没有旅行车以外的其他款式的帕萨特。如果家里没有多辆汽车,这就是人们所需要的。,我的邻居到处都是旅行车 .我的邻居下一步要买什么。不是电动汽车,因为那些只有“昂贵”或“狭窄”的地方。

Great video. When you hear it from German engineers themselves that NIO drives better than most (if not all) other cars on the road, based on their experiences, that speaks volume.
很棒的视频。根据他们的经验,当您从德国工程师自己那里听到 NIO 的驾驶比大多数(如果不是全部)道路上的其他汽车更好时,这就说明了问题。

NIO cars look amazing. I one day hope to see them available in North America. Tesla needs some real competition over here.

The Chinese EVs are coming yet it appears like most people in the west are still oblivious about that. We'll see how that goes.

Tim Cam
Amazing looking car, I'm sure it will sell well in Europe.

Dave Yam
Nio needs to ship one to the US for a head to head review with the Lucid Air and Model S
Nio 需要将一台运往美国,以便与 Lucid Air 和 Model S 进行正面对比

Fantastic review! I test drove this car today, and o boy, thats quite a car. Planted like an A6, accelerate like a Tesla, smooth like Benz, steers like a BMW. I am German and if they can deliver it for a decent price, it will sell very well back home. There is just no competition for this price and package on the European market. I already ordered one for myself here in Shanghai, a no brainer.
很棒的评论。我今天试驾了这辆车,哦兄弟,那是一辆相当不错的车。像 A6 一样种植,像特斯拉一样加速,像奔驰一样平稳,像宝马一样转向。我是德国人,如果他们能以体面的价格交付它 价格,回国卖得很好。这个价格和这个包装在欧洲市场上没有竞争对手。我已经在上海为自己订购了一个,很简单。

Josi Dasilva
I'd like to see more electric conversion kits for ICE vehicles.
我希望看到更多用于 ICE 车辆的电动转换套件。

Great looking car, especially love the interior. Original and clean.

Stefanos Pap
What an amazing car and brand. I can't wait to get my own NIO :)))
多么令人惊叹的汽车和品牌。我迫不及待想要拥有自己的 NIO

It looks great, my only negative is the sensors above the windscreen, makes it look like a Taxi.
And I know the white interior looks posh, but it's only a visual benefit and definitely not a real world everyday use colour, no matter how clean you are it'll soon look horrible.
Cannot wait to see what price range it will drop into when it appears in Europe, and will they release it to UK ?
它看起来很棒,我唯一的缺点是挡风玻璃上方的传感器,使它看起来像一辆出租车。,而且我知道白色的内饰看起来很豪华,但这只是视觉上的好处,绝对不是现实世界的日常使用颜色,无论如何 很干净,它很快就会看起来很糟糕。,迫不及待地想看看它在欧洲出现时会下降到什么价格范围,他们会发布到英国吗?

Very nice car and cheaper than what I expected for what you are getting.

Alex M
If this was a hatchback it will be a best buy in Europe, Germany especially.

Jimmy Fallon
This looks really nice, I'm a fan of the "horns". Real world range is probably closer to 440 miles which is more than enough for most people.

NIO are doing some great things and will likely do very well in the UK and EU.
这看起来真的很好,我是“horns”的粉丝。现实世界的续航里程可能接近 440 英里,这对大多数人来说已经绰绰有余了。NIO 正在做一些伟大的事情,并且可能会在英国做得很好 和欧盟。

Graham Brown
Very impressive apart from the 364 litre boot space.
Little Model 3 425 litre, and back seat folds down for more!
除了 364 升的行李箱空间外,非常令人印象深刻。Model 3 425 升,后座可折叠更多!

Niclas Best
I am desperately waiting for the smaller et 5 to get released in Germany
我正在拼命等待较小的 et 5 在德国发布

ET7 and ET5 truly beautiful, hope to see them in more countries outside of China.

John Matthias
Won't battery swapping require a substantial infrastructure investment? Lovely design - I like the grey/white interior.
更换电池不会需要大量的基础设施投资。可爱的设计 - 我喜欢灰色/白色的内饰。

E = mc²
I would enjoy a Mercedes EQS, Lucid Air & Nio ET7 comparison video
我会喜欢梅赛德斯 EQS,Lucid Air Nio ET7 比较视频

Fantastic car. I like the fact that the design is so sleek. It doesn’t scream that „I’m an EV Car“ like other cars

Love this car! The right pricing will be very important for it's success

jay patterson
I can see that it comes with a lot of tech & power but the look of this and the EQS lack that "wow" factor compared to the Genesis gv70 or Cadillac's upcoming new ev.
我可以看到它具有很多技术力量,但与 Genesis gv70 或凯迪拉克即将推出的新 ev 相比,它的外观和 EQS 缺乏“哇”的因素。

Cooper Carr
Man at 13:40 when the shutter of the camera aligns with the ET7's wheels, super cool.
13:40 的时候,相机的快门对准 ET7 的轮子,超级酷。

Gary Walker
As you pulled onto the public road after the 0-100kph+brake test you went between a couple of parked VWs- looked like the types from the early 80s when VW with Audi bet very heavily on China growth and were one of the first Europeans companies to do so. Similar to but not quite Passats. Just a note!
当你在 0-100kph+刹车测试后驶上公共道路时,你在几辆停着的大众汽车之间穿行——看起来就像 80 年代初的车型,当时大众汽车和奥迪在中国的增长上押注很大,并且是最早的欧洲公司之一 这样做。类似于但不完全帕萨特。请注意!

Hopefully one day soon they come to Australia, I will buy one straight away

It's a beautiful car. The price of $60K not so much.
If we are to make a dent in out carbon footprint, we need EVs that are cheaper to buy and maintain compared to their gasoline powered counterparts.
People are still buying new gas cars for under $20K. If they had a choice, most would buy an EV at that price.
ICE cars have been around for decades and perfected, with few bugs, if any.
这是一辆漂亮的汽车。6 万美元的价格不算多。,如果我们要减少碳足迹,我们需要购买和维护比汽油驱动的同类产品更便宜的电动汽车。,人们仍在购买新的 汽油车价格低于 2 万美元。如果他们有选择,大多数人会以这个价格购买电动汽车。,ICE 汽车已经存在了几十年并且已经完善,几乎没有错误,如果有的话。

will be my first ev, no doubt

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