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Sumit Baruah
The comparison of both the jets is a bit complicated i think. While F-35 is a multirole aircraft focusing mainly on ground strikes after air superiority has been established, the j-20 is a frontline air superiority fighter. I feel the comparison or an engagement between the raptor and j-20 would be more appropriate
两架战机的对比我觉得有点复杂 猛禽和j-20之间的接触会更合适

Andrew y
China's PL-15 air-to-air missile is ahead of the ALM-120 generation. The PL-15 air-to-air missile has a maximum range of 300 kilometers. It is equipped with a dual-pulse solid rocket motor, which can re-ignite during flight to expand the range, increase the terminal flight energy, and improve maneuverability. In addition, the PL-15 also uses an active phased array radar, which has the ability to fight against stealth targets.
中国的PL-15空空导弹领先于ALM-120这一代,PL-15空空导弹最大射程300公里,配备双脉冲固体火箭发动机, 可以在飞行中重新点火,扩大射程,增加末端飞行能量,提高机动性。此外,PL-15还采用了有源相控阵雷达,具有对抗隐身目标的能力。

In so many words the General is saying that the F-35 was intercepted by the J-20 and that the KJ-500 was instrumental in the occurence of the event. The General's careful use of the words in relation to "getting close", is indicative of and consistent with the actions taken by aircraft that are intercepted. This is why he places emphasis on the intentions and roles of the J-20. Taking this into consideration says a lot about the Chinese, in their coordinated utilization of AEWACS and their platform of stealth technology that is able to exploit or create vulnerabilities in U.S. stealth capabilities. It would appear that the Chinese are just as effective as the U.S., in some areas of tactical electronic warfare systems.
总而言之,将军是在说 F-35 被 J-20 拦截,而 KJ-500 在事件的发生中发挥了重要作用。将军谨慎地使用了与“接近”有关的词, 这表明并与被拦截的飞机所采取的行动相一致。这就是为什么他强调 J-20 的意图和作用。考虑到这一点,中国在协调利用 AEWACS 和 他们的隐身技术平台能够利用或制造美国隐身能力的漏洞。在战术电子战系统的某些领域,中国人似乎与美国一样有效。

Patrick Chong
On first viewing, the J20 looks a bit bottom heavy but now I think it's a pretty impressive machine. It flies very well.
初看时,J20 看起来有点重,但现在我认为它是一台令人印象深刻的机器。它飞行得很好。

That comment regarding the KJ-500 is more important than it sounds
He suggested that KJ-500 and the PL-15 missile can be data linked, which means the lower frequency KJ-500 radar can detect a stealth target from far away, and directs other fighters to fire a PL-15, the KJ-500 can then use data link to direct the PL-15 to the approximate target of the stealth plane, by then the PL-15 can turn on its own active radar seeker, and since it's close to the stealth target, the missile can get a solid lock on target.

This is the nature of networked warfare
关于KJ-500的评论比听起来更重要,他建议KJ-500和PL-15导弹可以数据链接,这意味着较低频率的KJ-500雷达可以从远处探测隐形目标,并且 指挥其他战斗机发射 PL-15,KJ-500 可以使用数据链将 PL-15 引导到隐身飞机的大致目标,届时 PL-15 可以打开自己的主动雷达导引头,并且 由于靠近隐身目标,导弹可以牢牢锁定目标。,这就是网络战的本质

I would say one thing though the criticisms people saw a few years ago about the J20 were not entirely baseless propaganda. J20 did have severe issues with their engines, but it has been improving since 2019 and that is also when you see the production amount of J20 go straight up. The WS15 engine was already tested on a J20 prototype last year, and would most likely be in service this year or next. Also there's the two seat variant.
我想说一件事,尽管几年前人们对 J20 的批评并非完全是毫无根据的宣传。J20 的发动机确实存在严重问题,但自 2019 年以来一直在改善,这也是你看到 J20 直线上升。WS15 发动机去年已经在 J​​20 原型机上进行了测试,很可能在今年或明年投入使用。还有两个座位的变体。

Van Van
I always thought J20 was good. I have read many technology breakdown of this jet, it's quite fascinating.

KJ-500's AESA radar is two generations ahead of the mechanically scanning radar on American E-3.
KJ-500 的 AESA 雷达比美国 E-3 上的机械扫描雷达领先两代。

John Koh
J20 can detect F35 within 200km distance without turning on radar, whereas, F35 100km. J20 stand a better chance to shoot down over hype F35 in early detection.
J20可以在不开启雷达的情况下在200km距离内探测到F35,而F35 100km.J20在早期探测中比炒作的F35更有机会击落。

I heard that F35 can not only fly in the sky, but also dive into the ocean.

powerhousepaperairplanes Rogers
I've always thought the J-20 is an amazing aircraft. People say it's junk cause its Chinese made garbage. But child develop an aircraft of such caliber is very hard. I believe the J-20 to be a true air dominance aircraft fighter.
我一直认为歼20是一架了不起的飞机。人们说它是垃圾,因为它是中国制造的垃圾。但是孩子开发这种口径的飞机非常困难。我相信歼20是真正的制空机战斗机 .

Zero Fighter Fairy
Can't say much. We haven't see J-20 public debut, but we already saw F-35 crashed few times.

Calvin Blue
I love the J-20..looks stunning.!!
我喜欢 J-20 ..看起来很漂亮.!!

That’s why you never underestimate your enemies

China Hamyku
The Chinese official officially revealed the new developments of the J-20, and the war patrols in the East China Sea and the South China Sea have become the norm for training.

Bae Joon Il
i feel like part of this may be true, but also America known to hype up foreign military power to increase defence budget

That same general was also saying F15EX was much better than f35.. he said he flew the EX and was super impressed compared to the F35. F35 is good vs others who cannot challenge your air dominance or even see the f35 and you can take your time and fire bombs at targets all day without any counter,z but when china can just pick off your super expensive f35s at will, you might as well use F15 EX that can carry much more better missiles and has much better control and power at flying and dodging missiles.
同一位将军还说 F15EX 比 f35​​ 好得多。他说他驾驶 EX 并且与 F35 相比印象非常深刻。F35 与其他无法挑战你的空中优势甚至无法看到 f35 的人相比,你可以带上你的 定时和发射炸弹整天对目标没有任何反击,z但是当中国可以随意挑选你超级昂贵的f35时,你还不如使用F15 EX,它可以携带更多更好的导弹,并且在飞行中具有更好的控制力和动力 和躲避导弹。

Last Prophet
Is it true that you can use f35 as a submarine. I just saw one going into ocean

The Missile was fantastic!!!!!

Achilles Troy
when the enemy compliment you, it could mean they are confident enough about their own fighters. is like complimenting a blue belt saying ‘well done’ but you are still far from my level

Harish D
Then who ever ordered F-35s recently thinking that they are going to kickass all the other fighter jets going to be disappointed. Recently Germany ordered these.
那么最近谁曾经订购过 F-35 认为他们会踢所有其他战斗机会感到失望。最近德国订购了这些。

yang always
The original intention of the J20 design is to defeat the F22, and it is easier to shoot down the F35. The more important thing on the battlefield is to shoot down the early warning aircraft. With the early warning aircraft, J10ce can also defeat the F35.
J20设计的初衷是打败F22,更容易击落F35。战场上更重要的是击落预警机。有了预警机,J10ce也能打败F35。 F35。

yang always
I'm Chinese and I'm very sorry that my kite has misunderstood American pilots and generals

FA-XX is look promising jet on US. It's like a futuristic UFO( because of almost a triangular shape).
FA-XX 在美国看起来很有前途的喷气式飞机。它就像一个未来主义的不明飞行物(因为几乎是三角形的形状)。

shishir nair
Aerodynamically, the F35 is inferior to even most 4th gen fighters like F16 it seeks to replace. What gives F35 an edge is it's Electronic Suite and Radar. But most defence experts including US experts have called the F35-JSF a failure. F22 on the other hand is still unparalleled in Air Superiority but had problems of its own.

If the Ukrainian war has taught us anything, one won't know the real capabilities till tested in combat. Acrobatics don't help in a BVR dogfight.
在空气动力学方面,F35 甚至不如它试图取代的 F16 等大多数第 4 代战斗机。F35 的优势在于它的电子套件和雷达。但包括美国专家在内的大多数国防专家都称 F35-JSF 是失败的。F22 在 另一只手在空中优势方面仍然无与伦比,但也有自己的问题。,如果乌克兰战争教会了我们什么,那么在战斗中进行测试之前,一个人不会知道真正的能力。杂技在 BVR 混战中无济于事。

3:13 I think those jets were J-10s instead of J-20s. Pretty decent jets, the J-10s.
3:13 我认为那些喷气式飞机是 J-10 而不是 J-20。相当不错的喷气式飞机,J-10。

Good thing US military is spending less on these non-stealth F35 jets, being picked up so easily, not worth the price tag
好在美国军方在这些非隐形 F35 喷气式飞机上的花费更少,很容易被捡起,不值这个价

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