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比亚迪元PLUS在海外的的首发地点定在了澳大利亚,车名也更改为“BYD Atto 3”,元PLUS起售价高达44990澳元,折合人民币约20.41万元。相比国内13.18万起的售价,海外的元PLUS足足贵了7万多元!





Hi Ethan great review on this BYD Yuan, I absolutely LOVE the interior design & colour, BYD have knocked the ball clean out of the park with this model.....TAKE MY MONEY.

Daniel Gross
At $21-24000 USD, it's quirky but a bargain. Tons of rear seat space too. BYD, bring it to the USA 🇺🇸
21000-24000 美元,有点奇怪但很便宜。后座空间也很大。比亚迪,把它带到美国🇺🇸

Karl Lehtonen
it's promising. we saw this same model at the australian launch last week, still with the steering wheel on the wrong side and no translations made of the infotainment or many of the internal buttons and branding. they're selling it here as the BYD Atto 3, and it'll be in the mid AUD$40,000 sort of range. looks like a solid start, if they get get it translated and branded properly before deliveries start in July.
很有前途。我们在上周的澳大利亚发布会上看到了同样的车型,方向盘仍然在错误的一侧,并且没有对信息娱乐或许多内部按钮进行翻译。他们在这里以 BYD Atto 的形式出售,它将在 40,000 澳元左右的范围内。如果他们在 7 月开始交付之前得到正确的翻译和品牌标识,将有一个可靠的未来。

Imrul Alam
Great review. Im in two minds about the interior. Based on photos alone, i think i prefer the minimalist interior of the EA1. However, everyone who has seen the Yuan Plus in real life rave about the interior. I guess ill need to wait for a test drive before deciding which one to get.
很棒的评论。我对内饰有两种看法。仅从照片来看,我认为我更喜欢 EA1 的简约内饰。但是,每个在现实生活中看过元 Plus 的人都对内饰赞不绝口。我想我需要等待 在决定买哪一个之前试驾。

Yeow Tom
My family bought a BYD Qing DMI for around 22,000 USD last summer, at its price point it is a near-perfect vehicle for commuting/daliy driving, BYD is really putting up some serious competition with foreign car brands. (TLDR most Chinese would consider the Chinese own developed car has more value for the price, while the Foreign brand car has better quality. It is pretty much the fact until very recent years.)
Good review btw!
我的家人去年夏天花了大约 22,000 美元买了一辆 BYD Qing DMI,在它的价位上,它是一款近乎完美的通勤/日常驾驶车辆,BYD 确实与外国汽车品牌展开了激烈的竞争。(TLDR 大多数中国人会考虑 中国自主研发的车性价比更高,而国外品牌的车质量更好。直到最近几年,这几乎是事实。),顺便说一句,好评!

Rein Turtle
Wow that interior is more interesting by itself than all Western market cars of the last decade combined!

Don. Timeless
The amazing thing BYD did in there cars is that their infotainment system is an Android OS! Making the screen an open world for the owner. So anyone can download the favorite app without restrictions! Not like other car brands have their own OS that no one can benefit from it! Even the Android Auto is so bad. So adding Android OS to the infotainment screen is genius! & will be even better if they update it to the HarmonyOS!

If they just put the BYD logo in the back instead of the slogan "build your dream " it's a bit cheesy
比亚迪在汽车上所做的令人惊奇的事情是,他们的信息娱乐系统是安卓操作系统。让屏幕成为车主的开放世界。所以任何人都可以不受限制地下载喜欢的应用程序。不像其他汽车品牌有自己的操作系统,没有人 可以从中受益。即使是 Android Auto 也很糟糕。所以将 Android 操作系统添加到信息娱乐屏幕是天才。如果他们将其更新到 HarmonyOS 会更好!如果他们只是把比亚迪标志放在后面而不是 口号“建立你的梦想”有点俗气

Wow that interior has some creative stuff in it... I like it!

Michael Pless
Thanks for a wonderful review: concise, well-spoken, informative, and personable - there are many "reviewers" on YT who could learn much from you. This particular car is due for launch in Australia in a few days or so. And I thought it looked okay until you showed the interior... and then I wanted to put my money down for one right away! It is both spectacular, and in most places, I think, practical. Those door-opening handles just made me think "why doesn't everyone do that?" The only downside to the clip was that you didn't fold the rear seats flat, nor could I quite make out the load-space dimensions, but these are minor criticisms in the face of how good the rest of the review was.
这辆特别的汽车将在几天后在澳大利亚推出。我认为它看起来还不错......我想马上买一个。它挺不错,而且在大多数地方,我认为很实用。那些开门把手让我想到 “为什么不是每个人都这样做?” 剪辑的唯一缺点是您没有将后排座椅折叠平,我也无法完全确定装载空间的尺寸,但面对评论的其余部分有多好,这些都是次要的批评。

Not sure about the barbell part but the interior does look nice. And BOLD, almost like a concept car, but without the heavy-handedness of like the Lynk & Co.
杠铃部分不好说,但内部看起来确实不错。而且大胆,几乎就像一辆概念车,但没有像Lynk & Co那样的粗暴。

Harold E.
A very nice looking vehicle at a great price. I doubt that it will come to Canada due to the overwhelming level of control that the US places on the Canadian marketplace.

My goodness the video of the interior sells it a lot better than the current photos. Coming to Australia as the Atto 3.
我的天哪,内饰的视频比现在的照片卖得好多了。作为 Atto 3 来到澳大利亚。

Ian Polo
It's definitely a class of its own in terms of styling inside out. Handsome.

Ivan Ly
One thing that is about hybrid/EV vehicles, they all have light and unresponsive steering wheel. I like cars that can give drivers the real road feedback feel. Hope BYD can improve in that regard before coming to States. Thx for sharing:=))

Gabe Hau
It's coming to Australia in a week's time and it's been renamed Atto 3 for the Australian market
它将在一周后来到澳大利亚,并为澳大利亚市场更名为 Atto 3

The design is quite creative.

the door handle looks like a dragon claw holding a pearl, really interesting design!

Prajyoth Pradeep
Those interior elements are out of this world! Wow!
So many talking points on the exterior too.
So many...so many such examples among Chinese cars. China is next level.

egyptian falcon
That's my fav electric car ... Thank you so much for that awesome video

The exterior is pretty bland and generic but the interior is wild for a compact SUV, or any car for that matter. Cool that they're willing to try new stuff.
外观相当平淡和普通,但内部对于紧凑型 SUV 或任何汽车来说都是狂野的。很酷,他们愿意尝试新东西。

To me, it is the best of all BYDs exterior wise

That interior is so interesting!

But the question I’m always asking myself, not only with Chinese goods, is how will it hold over time? Will this interior keep looking good in 10 years?

Btw it’s kindda smart to use a laptop screen. We’ve been producing 15,6" screens for ages now, this must cost nothing.

Peter Wu
Nice looks exactly like every other compact SUV on the market! It will surely sell.

Pavan Kumar
The door opening mechanism is beautiful

Andrew Charles
BYD Chinese EV sales reportedly match SGMW in January and more than double Tesla's.

Brick Life
I live in Melbourne and it will be great to see BYDs coming into the market

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