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Graham Stephan
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Rineil Perez
When interest rates were low I refinanced my mortgage. When interest rates are high… I’ll be looking for new opportunities. And no matter what the rate is, always a great time to invest in yourself and skills. I just leveled up just watching this video, so thanks Graham!

eQardcoin token is awaiting major CEX listings. It's possible to hit 100x this year.
eQardcoin 代币正在等待主要的 CEX 上市。今年有可能达到 100 倍。

Cisco Shibler
It's a good time to be debt free!! love your content! Never miss a video.

Cyra Kirsten
Thanks for making it simpler to understand, Graham! I’m finally on track with financial goals and trying to become debt free. With this increase, would it be wise to pay off my CC debt with money I saved and start from scratch to avoid the interest hike or take the hit and keep the savings while still paying it off fairly quickly? I will be able to pay it all off probably by end of May. (Also a question to the viewers who are more financially savvy than me).
我的账务终于走上正轨,并试图摆脱债务。随着这种增加,用我节省的钱来偿还我的 CC 债务并从头开始以避免 利率上涨或受到打击并保持储蓄,同时仍能很快还清。我可能会在五月底前还清所有费用。

That's actually good for the economy as we will finally get rid of some the so called "growth" companies that keep on loosing money.

Snoop Eastwood
I like higher rates because It favors people who are able to put a higher down payment on a home so they have less to pay off

Iota Reality
Index funds + regular investing = no worries ️

Am i the only one that doesn’t think rate hikes will affect the economy too much? It’s already priced into stocks (short term) and lenders etc. have had so much time to prepare.

Why am I judged for my credit score when the Government can't even pay its own debt.

Willie Maeket
Home prices won't go down because the supply chain is still behind. So the interest will be high and so will the prices because materials are still low and hard to get. So people are still going to bid even more than they did before if they can afford to do so.
房价不会下跌,因为供应链仍然落后。所以利率会很高,价格也会很高,因为材料仍然很低且难以获得。所以人们仍然会比以前出价更高,如果 他们有能力这样做。

I just locked in a 2.3% rate last month on a mortgage
上个月我刚刚锁定了 2.3% 的抵押贷款利率

Christian Quezada
Even these higher rates are laughable. Stablecoins on Defi platforms are the way to go
即使是这些更高的利率也是可笑的。Defi 平台上的稳定币是要走的路

Snoop Eastwood
I hope home values go down so us normal folk have a chance to buy property

Mr. SizeXI
When there is talks of war and interest rate increases for the foreseeable future and gas is $5-6 a gallon start stacking your cash because hard times are coming and Cash will be King!
当在可预见的未来谈论战争和加息时,汽油价格为每加仑 5-6 美元,开始储备你的现金,因为艰难时期即将到来,现金将成为王者!

Investing Nerd
Tougher times ahead but we needed the hike to fight inflation

Mark Arnold's Finance and Fitness
How will this country survive through this astronomical 0.25% increase!!! Seriously, I think the fact they did not go with a 0.50% rate hikes shows the worries around the geopolitical situation going on between Russia and Ukraine.
这个国家将如何在这个天文数字的 0.25% 增长中生存下来!!说真的,我认为他们没有加息 0.50% 的事实表明了对俄罗斯和乌克兰之间地缘政治局势的担忧。

Jay Vee
The reason why home prices have gone up regardless of interest rate is due to inflation. The interest rate helps slow down inflation, but the value of the dollar has substantially lost its value over the years, thats why they don't correlate, and real estate prices have kept increasing. The biggest things a person will buy (hopefully) in their lifetime is a car and a house. Therefore, real estate will always still have some demand
无论利率如何,房价都上涨的原因是通货膨胀。利率有助于减缓通货膨胀,但多年来美元的价值已经大幅贬值,这就是为什么它们没有相关性,而实际 房地产价格一直在上涨。一个人一生中(希望)买的最大的东西是汽车和房子。因此,房地产总是会有一些需求

Stock Preacher
It's not the direct effect of interest rates rising. It's how they will contribute to the recession.

David Lemon
Thank God! My portfolio increased 4.38% today. How happy I am!
Thanks for your video , brother
感谢上帝。我的投资组合今天增加了 4.38%。我真高兴!谢谢你的视频,兄弟

Bear Market Resistance Band
Bitcoin didn't crash after the announcement, unlike people predicted...It was already priced in

I need six more rate hikes,want some decent amounts on some new CD’s……
我还需要六次加息,想在一些新的 CD 上获得一些不错的金额……

Jake Reviews
Never charge more than you can comfortably pay off quickly. I use a couple different cards including my business one, I charge 100% of all my bills to a card and then pay it off 100% every single month. As long as you can be responsible then you can make a killing off rewards, I get all kinds of free gift cards.
永远不要收取超过您可以轻松快速还清的费用。我使用几张不同的卡,包括我的商务卡,我将所有账单的 100% 收取到一张卡上,然后每个月还清 100%。只要你可以 有责任的话可以打个杀奖励,我送各种免费礼品卡。

finn Stafford
Not to be the negative guy but it seems like all of these changed to counter inflation are helping the rich and even moderately wealthy while hurting the poor I am unable to buy a house because the extreme price increases plus now higher rates, but to someone with greater wealth its just an inconvenience or a rent increases on their properties it seems like all the cost increases are trickling down to the lower class
不是消极的人,但似乎所有这些改变以对抗通货膨胀正在帮助富人甚至中等富裕,同时伤害穷人 我无法买房,因为极端的价格上涨加上现在更高的利率,但对于有 更大的财富,这只是不便或他们房产的租金上涨,似乎所有的成本增加都在流向下层阶级

Terrence Hibbert
Rates needs to go up to at least 10 percent! Also, the Feds needs to "STOP PRINTING MORE MONEY"!
利率需要上升到至少 10%。此外,美联储需要“停止印更多钱”!

Miguel Ruiz
Finally my savings account means something again!

Kevin Rushing
Almost 20% of housing purchases in the US were to institutional investors in 2021 Q4. They pay above market in all cash. As long as this continues to ramp up, housing prices will not decrease as home buyers continue to try to compete with them. If you’re selling, stop selling to institutions.
在 2021 年第四季度,美国近 20% 的房屋购买是向机构投资者购买的。他们以高于市场的现金支付。只要这种情况继续上升,随着购房者继续试图与他们竞争,房价就不会下降。 如果您正在销售,请停止向机构销售。

Marc Spunt
Love my 0% interest credit cards, but ohhh be careful with them!
喜欢我的 0% 利息信用卡,但请小心使用它们!

Random Account I made
hearing about inflation while my wage stays the same.

Sterling R
If the interest rate goes up and houses prices go down it’s true your mortgage payment will be the same but isn’t true also that most of your payment will go towards paying interest and less to the principal of the home?

Amouir Standiford
Rates are still fairly low so this change should be moderate

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