#社会 2021-11-27

非洲发现新冠变异毒株 ,专家称,该变种病毒的威力很可能比现有的德尔塔病毒更可怕。世卫将其列为“需要担忧“的变异株,并命名为Omicron(奥密克戎)。

Mark Chase
Every country should be allowed their own variants!

Juan Gonzalez
I love how Europe closed their borders to South Africa and put restrictions for going there but America is still WIDE OPEN

“New travel restrictions are being implemented around the world” (Except the US. They’re still wide open)

Hermit Iliveinnobox
If they would respond to this in the way they should respond to a dangerous contagion, they would immediately shut down all travel from other countries instead of just letting anyone come in. That's what they should have done in the beginning. Shut down all foreign visitors and vet all Americans trying to get home. But I think that's not the agenda. Just like everything else, they don't have the intention of curing the problem, they want to profit from treating the symptoms, even if they have to make it seem worse than it really is.

Ugh.. we’re never gonna get over this BS

Randy H
There's no way to get the "great reset" to work without a new variant of covid, congrats to all who found this new strain!
如果没有新的 covid 变体,就无法让“大重启计划”进行,恭喜所有发现这种新菌株的人!

Chris A
Wow, imagine my shock that right before Christmas, the governments have a new reason to put new restrictions in place.

Weekend Warrior
What a fing joke the media is. At the end I love how she said “ it’s a stark reminder that covid is still around”. The media in the country is so pathetic
媒体真是个笑话。最后我喜欢她说“这是一个鲜明的提醒,covid 仍然存在”。该国的媒体太可悲了

Kubuligal 2
It would be nice if the media focused on lifestyle changes to curb this. Vitamin D, healthy diet and exercise. But noooo, that's not scary enough.
如果媒体关注生活方式的改变来遏制这种情况就好了。维生素 D、健康饮食和锻炼。但是不,这还不够可怕。

Emsbre Lopez
Crazy how every new variant that comes out is the “most infectious”

Bob M.
More transmissible? What does that mean? Covid was very transmissible, the delta variant was even more transmissible, now this is even more transmissible? Does that mean if I look at a person with this variant, I can get it? Oh, yeah let's keep our borders open too.
更易传播。那是什么意思。Covid 的传播性很强,delta 变体更易传播,现在更易传播了。这是否意味着如果我看一个有这种变体的人,我就会被感染?

PV96 Mexico
Interesting this variant appears just as some EU countries were starting to do away with “mandates”!!

What do you mean there were dozens of variants last year in Iceland alone, and that we're juat arbitrarily choosing one and turning it into a crisis

Here we go again. They’re never going to let us live our lives.

Christal Edwards
This virus will never just go away. When will they start talking about that? We have to all focus on our health and learn to live with and treat it, just like the flu.

Michael Raymond
It's funny how they keep on finding new variants but still haven't figured out the first one

Dale de Vernon
The current vaccines that we have, are they being adapted or altered on a regular basis so far as the formula is concerned, to keep up with the different variants or are we
simply using the original COVID formula and throwing more of it in the form of boosters at the virus, even when it's continuously changing.
就配方而言,我们目前拥有的疫苗是否会定期进行调整或更改,以跟上不同的变体,或者我们只是简单地使用原始的 COVID 配方并在形式中投入更多

Luna Wave
You guys just needed something new. Wasn’t it discussed that Africa has one of the lowest infections ?

People These Days Be Retarded

They were starting to lose control. Time to crank up the fear.

When someone has a taste of supreme power, they will never let that power go. They will always find a way to keep that power no matter what.

Esoteric Match
They can just keep making up a new variant every 6 months.. and keep giving out new boosters every 6 months… it wont end
他们可以每 6 个月继续制造一个新变种……并且每 6 个月继续提供新的助推器……它不会结束

Blake Hall
How odd a new variant shows up in South Africa after a recent study showed Africa had among the lowest cases of COVID in the world and the lowest amount of people vaccinated. Coincidence? I think not.
在最近的一项研究表明,非洲是世界上 COVID 病例最少、接种疫苗人数最少的国家之一之后,南非出现了一种新变种是多么奇怪。巧合。我认为不是。

Nicholas Jackson
Thanks Fauci, WE THE PEOPLE appreciate it. 2 weeks to flatten the curve turned into 2 years to flatten the nations.
感谢 Fauci,我们人民对此表示赞赏。将曲线拉平的 2 周变成了使国家变平的 2 年。

Jack Cameron
It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, Covid lockdowns where ever you go.
它开始看起来很像圣诞节,无论你走到哪里,Covid 封锁。

Watching You
Just as borders were just being opened globally again this variant developed. Remember "Dark Winter was advised.

The Doug House
Stay scared and vulnerable... that's their plan

Frank Owsianik
Viral and bacterial variants / mutations will go on forever just as with all living things. ['The only thing we need to fear is fear itself.' - Franklin D. Roosevelt, 1933]
muscles. Hot and cold sweats. I've made the decision to not take any more shots. And if I die I'm sorry for not listening to the right and not heeding their warning.





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