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In Chinese, calling someone "big brother" doesn't necessary mean that they are related. They can just call some males "big brother" out of their respect.

Fun fact: The grumpy land lady, Yuen Qiu, was in the James Bond movie The Man With The Golden Gun. She was one of the school girls that save Bond when he is escaping from the Karate school. Her husband the land lord was played by Yuen Wah, who was Bruce Lee's stunt double in Enter The Dragon. When you see Bruce doing the acrobatic tumbling and back flip, that was actually Yuen Wah.

Johnson Pasoquin
To all the 90's kids, this is probably a classic.. Never gets old
对于所有 90 年代的孩子来说,这可能是经典之作..永远不会变老

Tiffany Ng
The three masters at the beginning, Donut, the tailor and the coolie, are all actual martial artists and masters in real life! The tailor especially is particularly famous.

The Land Ladys "Lions Roar" technique is also an injoke about her character. The name is part of a Chinese idiom literally translated as "Lion East of the River" which is a slang term for a dominating wife.

Jacob Smith
Please watch Shaolin Soccer next! Another movie by Stephen Chow and it’s hilarious!

Abelle Kurayami
In Asian countries, we sometime call other people such as brother, sister, aunty and uncle as a sign of respect even to strangers.

The gang boss has no sister. The term "Big Brother" was a slang for "Boss". The axe gang was the most feared gang at the time

The last scene where the beggar holds 5 books, it's literally the strongest form of Martial arts in Murim world besides the Buddha's Palm.
1: A thousand strike or something in English, I don't know how to call it.
One of the 72 techniques of Shaolin, in a split of seconds, 1 punch becomes 2, then 2 becomes 4, then becomes 16, etc. End motions, repeat, so after like... 10 seconds, who being hit basically is dead if you won't have some kind of defense to stand against it.
2: 18 Dragons Subduing Palms
This one from Demi-gods and Semi-devils, Xiao Feng is the one who used it, one of the strongest techniques in the Beggar clan. It can be soft-strong, can be slow-fast, form a Chi into a dragon, and control it. It's a diverse flow, depend on how users use it and depend on how "skilled" the user is.
3: Nine Yang Manual - besides this is Nine Ying Manual, Nine Ying Manual allow the user to strengthen Chi, this manual is filter all the best of thousands of loose scrolls and ancient scriptures containing information on everything from inner power, healing techniques, martial art classics and also Taoist philosophy, so it's basically a counter to martial arts. And the Nine Yang is the one which helps you immune to poison, who learned this will have enormous Chi inside of them, and will constantly regenerate their Chi at incredible speed, it's basically you have infinite mana to spam technique.
4: Yi Yang Finger
It's one from the Duan family in Demi-gods and Semi-devils, it's basically a gun in the Wuxia world where everyone uses a fist and a sword. You transfer your Chi into finger and then pew pew pew everyone.
A higher form of it is Six Meridian Divine Swords, which Duan Yu in Demi-gods and Semi-devils use, so Yi Yang Finger is a pistol gun, but Six Meridian Divine Swords is a rifle, you can spam it with all 10 of your fingers non-stop and with a blade Chi form, not a rounded Chi flow like a bullet.
5: 9 Swords of Dugu
Created by Dugu Qiubai, this guy never shows in any film, but like a myth that every character gossip about it. So it's like... he never loses to anybody in his entire life, he's invincible, Dugu Qiubai is what translated to Dugu The One Never Lose - that's how confident his name is. So everyone is eager to find and learn his scroll but never be able to find it.
It's basically are nine independent sword stances created to overpower all sorts of weapons, including swords, spears, clubs, whips, and arrows, as well as barehanded attacks. So you literally become a counter machine to any kind of form fighting techniques that exist in the Murim world.
- 1: General Index Stance (總訣式)
- 2: Sword-defeating Stance (破劍式)
- 3: Saber-defeating Stance (破刀式)
- 4: Spear-defeating Stance (破槍式)
- 5: Whip-defeating Stance (破鞭式)
- 6: Mace-defeating Stance (破索式)
- 7: Palm-defeating Stance (破掌式)
- 8: Arrow-defeating Stance (破箭式)
- 9: Qi-defeating Stance (破氣式)

Everyone's recommending you watch Shaolin Soccer, which is the movie Stephen Chow made just before this one, and you should. But I also highly recommend you watch Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon - a kungfu movie in the classical style that Kung Fu Hustle is a parody of. Then you'll get a sense of the full range of the genre, from the serious to the silly :)

Johan S
This movie is a masterpiece. Complete. Comprehensive. It captures the badass Asian Looney Tunes experience.

"Mom, dad. Can we go see Shang Chi?"
Parents: "Why? We have Shang Chi at home."

8:57 Shang Chi at home.
“妈妈,爸爸,我们可以去看看尚驰吗?”,父母。“为什么。我们家里有尚驰。”,8:57 尚驰在家。

Shane Pye
The pervert landlord was Bruce Lee’s acrobatic stunt double. Every flip that “Bruce” did in Enter the dragon, was the landlord.
There are so Bruce Lee references.
The cracking knuckles and waiving the finger.

Dan Jackson
For Chinese audiences, esp. Hong Kong audiences, this is chock full of classic Chinese cinema references. Some are really deep cuts too, but theres a few Hollywood, comic book and Looney Tunes references too. The channel Accented Cinema did a great video about it.
对于中国观众,尤其是香港观众,这里充满了经典的中国电影参考资料。有些也是非常深入的剪辑,但也有一些好莱坞、漫画书和 Looney Tunes 参考资料。Accented Cinema 频道做了一个很棒的视频

Caedus Lee
In Chinese culture, calling someone Big Brother or Big Sis (in case of women) doesn't necessarily mean their blood-related brother. It's more like a sign of respect of someone higher ranks than them

Zeno sama
The nostalgia of this movie..... I remember watching this movie every chance that I got and still have it on DVD one of the funniest Kung Fu movies ever besides Jackie chan
这部电影的怀旧之情.....我记得我一有机会就看过这部电影,而且现在还有 DVD 除了成龙之外最有趣的功夫电影之一

This is one of my favorite movies. It isn't too deep, but it has enough to give it a solid story. The action in it is also amazing. I'm so glad you watched it with subtitles because even though I love this movie...in my opinion the English dub is absolute trash. The voices don't fit and it's just a mess. Great choice of a movie, but you definitely have to get in on some Jackie Chan stuff now. Drunken Master is always a good one.

gordy mc
stephen chow is such an inventive film-maker,sad that he left the industry,he could have made many more great films.

El Kobenoz
He's so underrated! No matter if it's his late 80's movies or his recent ones; you'll always have a good laugh watching Stephen Chow's works with his consistent style of comedy...!
PS: don't ever watch his movie in dubbed. And this video on Kung Fu Hustle References might be something interesting to look at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ixeHttmdsZY

When they say big brother in the movie, they aren’t actually siblings it’s just how they address each other like calling someone uncle or aunty

Hell Yes! Shaolin Soccer next! Another Stephen Chow masterpiece that he did before this one. That scene of him smashing the soccer ball was a reference to it. It's equally (if not more) funny, you guys will love it.

Rio Cheng
As a Hongkonger I feel proud seeing people appreciate Hong Kong movies.

Heck yeah, one of my favorites. Stephen Chow is a comedic genius

Didn't see it, gotta say it; the star, Stephen Chow? He's also the director, producer, and co-writer.

The guy's a force of nature.

Eren Yeager
Same genre — same actor — You guys should try that movie too .
— , --你们也应该尝试同一类型的电影。

I love watching people as they experience this movie for the first time, it's absolutely flawless magic. The Landlady is my spirit animal!

Sahil Sharma
You both have gotta see Shaolin Soccer now…it’s just natural to have that progression haha

Akash Sarda
It’s probably the masterpiece of its genre. So good!

The Boxing Scholar
Once again, I want to recommend Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. It's a beautiful movie, Oscar nominated, and the Kung Fu fight is also beautifully choreographed. It has a somewhat epic feel to it.

xander wise
Good ol stephen chow. The true god of comedic action writing
好的 ol stephen chow。喜剧动作写作的真神

You know, if one piece live action handles comedy and seriousness like this I might be the way to mix in anime style into irl
你知道,如果一部真人电影处理像这样的喜剧和严肃,我可能是将动漫风格融入 irl 的方式

Frigid Tsunami
Stephen Chow is a legend to me. KF Hustle is a classic. The finishing move of Buddhist Palm is so very similar to the finishing move in Shang Chi.
周星驰对我来说是个传奇。KF Hustle是经典。佛掌的终结技与上池的终结技非常相似。

Landlady: "He is The One"
She wasn't referencing Star Wars, it actually from The Matrix movie.
女房东。“He is The One”,她指的不是《星球大战》,而是《黑客帝国》电影中的。

In Chinese, Japanese and Korean organizations, Big Brother means someone who is senior than you. It is the direct translation of Da Ge 大哥,Dai Lou 大佬,Aniki 兄貴,Hyeong Nim 兄님.
在中日韩组织中,Big Brother 的意思是比你年长的人,是大哥大哥,戴楼大佬,Aniki 兄贵,Hyeong Nim 兄님的直译。

Trent Denzel
Basically a Live Action Anime I love this move Happy you guys are watching Kung Fu movies

Satriadi Basuki
this movie is so nostalgic, one of the most memorable movies I have ever watched

Temp Sitch
For you uninitiated, the best way to explain the musical weapon is, it’s energy. It’s not doing anything to the air or manufacturing invisible objects. They just use the instrument to deliver extremely powerful negative energy. It’s a common concept in martial arts films, especially old ones.

Man this movie aged so well. It's still one of my all-time faves. Stephen Chow is a comedic genius. I still laugh hysterically every time he laughs his ass off on the trolley after stealing the ice cream. Never gets old.

Yosh Studio
I have watched this movie more than a dozen times, still laughing for sure. And also Shaolin soccer. Just love this guy since 90s movies





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