#军事 2022-01-04

Daniel Grubb
Don’t worry. These robots were made in China.

These are only ground machines, they can be obstructed by barriers or ditches. The more concerning ones would be aerial based ones - the drones. That's why developing technology based devices with jamming capability is of paramount importance because they (the drones) will be next.
这些只是地面机器,它们可能会被障碍物或沟渠阻挡。更令人担忧的是基于空中的机器 - 无人机。这就是为什么开发具有干扰能力的基于技术的设备至关重要,因为它们(无人机)将是未来 .

shaun k
This would certainly be expected as part of morden warfare equipment, not supprised at all .. i am pretty sure all other major nations should have similar robotic machineries inline if not ready

Robotic, rapid response, high precision, high volume, high area coverage iron dome like Israeli defense makes sense. Well fortified and defended ... This is a waste of resources as mobile ground units.. Much better if aerial drone embedded !

Arun Kottolli
These robotic weapon systems are the future. 110 years ago, initial tanks were developed and by 1936 tanks became mainstream weaponry.
Same will happen with robotic weapons
这些机器人武器系统是未来。110 年前,最初的坦克被开发出来,到 1936 年坦克成为主流武器。机器人武器也会发生同样的情况

Simple_ Boy1030
Every robot has a weakness. Remember humans only create them, so humans know how to destroy them. Soldiers can just use snipers to snipe the weak spot of a robot, for example is that if the robot camera has been destroy, how would the robot detect an enemy
每个机器人都有弱点。记住人类只会创造它们,所以人类知道如何摧毁它们。士兵可以使用狙击手狙击机器人的弱点,例如,如果机器人相机被摧毁,机器人将如何 发现敌人

X. Rodriguez Barreto
I'm really not surprised, My unit in Afghanistan use a few disarmed bomb robots with success, then by 2012 we start using the assault robots wich really help us in the mountains and they were very accurate. The portable recon drone wich is invisible for enemy radar was pretty good but it's definitely best use on nights, This is all part of ModernWarfare to be honest no surprise here.
我真的一点都不惊讶,我在阿富汗的部队成功地使用了一些解除武装的炸弹机器人,然后到 2012 年我们开始使用在山上真正帮助我们的突击机器人,它们非常准确。便携式侦察无人机是隐形的 敌方雷达非常好,但绝对最好在晚上使用,老实说,这是现代战争的全部内容,这并不奇怪。

Jiggidy Jives
I remember reading a Sci-Fi book when I was a kid that had robots like these and the wars were fought by these machines only with no loss of human life. Unfortunately, this is not that story. Even so, I reckon if these are made as poorly as the crap tools and other goods that we get from China here in the USA then I doubt they will be very robust or effective.
我记得小时候读过一本科幻书,里面有这样的机器人,战争是由这些机器打的,没有人丧生。不幸的是,这不是那个故事。即便如此,我认为这些是不是 与我们从中国在美国获得的垃圾工具和其他商品一​​样糟糕,那么我怀疑它们是否会非常坚固或有效。

We're literally watching the clone wars and terminator movies come to life. This world is doomed and will come to a catastrophic end because of a love for evil and tyranny.

Lovaney Gurung
This only proves that Chinese Solders don't have the guts and power to face Indian Soldiers with one on one that's why they are looking for mutant and robotic soldiers because Chinese people army know they are weak .

mike yourbag
Honestly, this machine is best used as a bomb disposal. Putting a gun on it is not worth it. There is a lot of vulnerabilities to this system that basic infantry can exploit. The Chinese are gonna learn the hard way.

Praveen Manukonda
I am still curious and wondered how can those guns on wheels can climb and defend the mountain terrain but taking this into consideration, India should make a fit progress on these advanced robotic warefare..

Willy H. R.
This is like a vulnerable toy, but I suspect something more sophisticated is hidden somewhere.

These appear to be highly susceptible to heavy sniper weapon systems. Especially the optics, sensors and telecom packages.

kunal varshney
These so called AI robots which are remote controlled robot are only good for petrolling plains and not hilly areas like himalayas. Missiles are still the best in war
这些所谓的遥控机器人的AI机器人只适用于平原,而不适用于喜马拉雅山等丘陵地区。 导弹仍然是战争中的佼佼者

India should take this challenge seriously..
Although not the top class models of robotics.
It has opened a huge RnD field for improvement for the CCP with real time deployments of this Junks.

Jean Decrusis
You think this is something new? The US is already using remote controlled weapons several years back. I won't wonder if the Chinese stole the blueprints of their robots from the US military.

Kamaraju Times
This can be developed in India too we may be developing it secretly who knows. I think these are very useful in JK encounters as they can be sent into terror hideouts with remote operators
这也可以在印度开发,我们可能正在秘密开发谁知道。我认为这些在 JK 遭遇中非常有用,因为它们可以被远程操作员发送到恐怖藏身处

Atul Xess
If we think In long term, this could be the beginning of something horrific, even if they fail in this combat ,this failure will only be the stepping stone to make the bots more deadlier.

The moment someone thinks of integrating AI in military bots, we could be following script of terminator series.
如果我们认为从长远来看,这可能是可怕的开始,即使他们在这场战斗中失败了,这次失败也只会成为让机器人更加致命的垫脚石。 ,我们可以遵循终结者系列的脚本。

Chaitanya Reddy
All machines and Algorithms have flaws just time will put out their weaknesses. Till then just respect them

s jshar
Any sniper worth his salt can take out these. The tech exists for last 20 years. Remember the movie "the hurt locker". Prohibitive cost for large deployment. Easy to take out once spotted. Poor shoot and scoot response time. Target acquisition and engagement as good as the operator. No reloading of ammo once finished. Mere show pieces.
任何称职的狙击手都可以干掉这些。这项技术已经存在了 20 年。记住电影“The hurt locker”。大规模部署的成本过高。一旦发现很容易取出。射击和快速响应时间很短。目标获取和 交战和操作员一样好。完成后无需重新装填弹药。仅展示零件。

David Wight
Australia stands with our friends in India. Stay strong.

This was bound to happen. Once the US utilizes a tech to better it’s abilities, every country in the world tries its best to follow suit

Ariadne's Child
This is one way to get around supply issues with live soldiers but I doubt that it's the only strategy.

Sandeep Shyam
Robots will have hardly any major impact in harsh weather and terrain of Himalayas. Nothing can replace human factor there,even that has its limitations there. India is far ahead than China in human factor in harsh terrain

Mari Cogan
DEWs Directed Energy Weapons are satellite based and said to influence weather patterns with laser, microwave or plasma beams of energy.
DEW 定向能武器是基于卫星的,据说可以通过激光、微波或等离子能量束影响天气模式。

Fish oil
As others have said, focus on Drone jamming tech would make far more sense. I would not worry too much on these machines on tracks..





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