《China to overtake France as top travel destination by 2030》(Japan Today)《到2030年,中国将超越法国成为最佳旅游目的地》(Japan Today)


China is set to overtake France as the world’s number one tourist destination by 2030 as a growing middle class in Asia looks to spend more on travel, according to experts at market research group Euromonitor International. 据市场研究集团欧睿国际(Euromonitor International)专家称,中国将在2030年超越法国成为世界第一旅游目的地,因为亚洲不断壮大的中产阶级希望在旅行上花更多钱。


In a report published Tuesday at an industry conference in London, Euromonitor said it is predicting there will be 1.4 billion trips made in 2018, up 5 percent from last year. Stronger growth in many major economies mean industry receipts will rise by an estimated 11 percent. 在周二伦敦一个行业会议上发布的一份报告中,Euromonitor表示预计2018年将有14亿次旅行,比去年增加5%。许多主要经济体的强劲增长意味着行业收入将增长约11%。


By 2030, international arrivals are expected to have risen by another billion, corresponding to around $2.6 trillion in receipts. China is expected to have overtaken France by then to become the world’s number one destination. 预计到2030年,国际入境人数将再增加10亿,相当于约2.6万亿美元的收入。预计中国将超过法国,成为世界第一的目的地。



1glenn : I do not doubt that China is a worthy travel destination, but I would still much rather go to Europe, France included. 我不怀疑中国是一个值得旅游的目的地,但我更愿意去欧洲,包括法国。
Ricky Kaminski13 : Come to Japan baby! The whole country has something to offer, and you don’t have to deal with whole ‘let’s pretend game’ of the Chinese Communist Party and it’s numb numbing narrative . Ramen tastes better anyways. 来日本宝贝!整个国家都可以提供一些东西,你不需要处理中国共产党的’假装游戏’和麻木的叙述。无论如何,拉面味道更好。
socrateos : I will never visit China, where I am afraid they may arrest me for spying or some kind of political crime based on not very friendly things I have written about them here in JT or elsewhere. They have no respect for free speech. Why spend even a single day where I cannot speak my mind? 我永远不会访问中国,我担心他们可能会因为我在JT或其他地方写过对他们不太友好的事情而因间谍或某种政治犯罪而逮捕我。他们不尊重言论自由。为什么要去无法说出自己的想法的地方花一天呢?
Kenji Fujimori : Oodly enough, they built a fake Paris city in China 他们在中国建造了一个虚假的巴黎城市
Kentarogaijin : China???.. No thanks !!.. 中国??? ..不,谢谢!!
Hiro : Waw,it’s impressive they had the nerve to predict the future 11years ahead. Basically this is either insulting to France and looking on them or just big courage marketing of China. I would only be impress if they had said by 2020 instead of 2030. And right now i would still like to choose France over China. I do like it if France start to invest more in their tourism. Crimes is increasing there i heard. 哇,令人印象深刻的是,他们有勇气预测未来11年的未来。基本上,这要么侮辱法国,要么就是对中国进行大胆的营销。如果他们说到2020年而不是2030年,我只会留下深刻的印象。而现在我仍然希望选择法国而不是中国。如果法国开始在旅游方面投入更多资金,我确实喜欢它。我听说犯罪在增加。
Jimizo : China is a fascinating country. This civilization was around when the most of the rest of the planet was just about out of the caves. Well worth a visit. 中国是一个迷人的国家。当这个星球的大部分地区刚刚离开洞穴时,这个文明就已经盛行了。非常值得一游。
Strangerland : I love it. I’ve been there too many times to count now, but I still enjoy going every time. It’s such a varied country, with so much tradition and modernity, and some amazing food! While I disagree with their government, I love their country. I would love to go spend a few years there traveling around and properly learning Mandarin. Unfortunately my wife has zero interest in living in China. 我喜欢它。我去过那里多次,但我每次都去都依然喜欢。这是一个多元化的国家,拥有如此多的传统和现代,以及一些美味的食物!虽然我不同意他们的政府,但我爱他们的国家。我很想去那里度过几年旅行并正确学习普通话。不幸的是,我的妻子对在中国生活没有兴趣。
LuDoMaC : Ohh not a surprise, however, France will be the lovely choice for tourists :p ,The main issue for France is not crime but more incivility/discourtesy (mainly with young) and also the tourirts are concentrated in few areas : Paris/Versailles but we have more places to show you…  To finish, Japan should be also in the top  哦,这并不奇怪,但是,法国将是游客的可爱选择。法国的主要问题不是犯罪,而是更多的不礼貌(主要是年轻人),而且旅行集中在少数几个地区:巴黎/凡尔赛,但我们有更多的地方向您展示……总而言之,日本应该也处于领先地位
Wakarimasen : Cue media reports about Beijing being too crowded and the Wall being eroded by too many visitors and so on. 媒体报道北京过于拥挤,长城受到太多游客的侵蚀等等。
Nippori Nick : I try to go to places where zillions of tourists don’t go rather than seeking out the top ones. 我试着前往众多游客不去的地方,而不是去排行靠前的地方。
1glenn : The people I know who have been to China as tourists are rich enough that they have been just about everywhere else first. It is hard to imagine, for me, choosing China over France, and I do not mean that as an insult to China. Have met many very nice Chinese here in the States, and would love to travel to China, but it is not my first choice as a destination, especially today with all of the air pollution. 我认识的那些作为游客来到中国的人非常富裕,以至于他们在其他任何地方都是第一位的。对我来说,很难想象选择中国而不是法国,我并不是说这是对中国的侮辱。在美国遇到过很多非常好的中国人,并且很想去中国旅行,但这不是我作为目的地的首选,特别是现在空气污染。
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