外媒: 中国向边境派兵5万 战机150架,印向美求助

美: 中国向边境派兵5万 战机150架,印向美求助

原标题:《Indian Ask US Help (Sept 12,2020) China Deploys 50,000 Troops, 150 Jets & Air Missiles to LAC》


The dispute between India and China took another swing with Beijing reportedly deploying 50,000 Troops along with 150 fighter jets and surface-to-air missiles (SAM) along the Line of Actual Control (LAC). According to Indian defence experts, India is thoroughly prepared to deal with any eventuality, with their armed forces already reinforcing their forward positions in the high-altitude region to counter any new military build-ups from the Chinese, as they look at Beijing to make the first move. 印度和中国之间的争端又发生了变化,据报道,北京沿实际控制线(LAC)部署了50,000人,150架战机和地对空导弹(SAM)。据印度国防专家称,印度已做好充分的准备以应对任何可能的情况,他们的武装部队已经加强了在高海拔地区的前沿阵地,以应对中国人的任何新的军事集结,因此他们希望北京先动手。


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Adhil Aman: INDIA not ask US help.INDIAS military power full on China 印度没有向美国寻求帮助.印军力量全面压倒中国
Lalrammawia Tochhawng: i never know that Indian ask help, don’t believe it 我从来都不知道印度人会寻求帮助,别相信
pn tiwari: Why only 50000? 为什么只有5万?
Ashish Lodhi: India is capable to defeat China 印度有能力打败中国
Pigmullaharkbar MullahArabAllah: Trump and Pompeo are using hindian to bark and poke at China’s side. But when China started to attack them they be like OH MAMA MAI.!👳‍♂️👈🤣😂🤣🤣 特朗普和庞培正在使用印度人向中国咆哮。但是当中国开始进攻他们时,他们就会喊妈了!👳‍👳️👈🤣😂🤣🤣
cheers Trump: FIGHT IN INDIA IS VVERY GOOD 在印度打仗很不错
j sh: Economic downturn, virus outbreak, Modi needs a war to divert the attention of Indian people. The United States is a snake charmer, who is that snake? 经济低迷,病毒爆发,莫迪需要一场战争来转移印度人民的注意力。美国是个耍蛇人,那条蛇是谁?
your baba: China wont attack india as wise man wont attack virus….lmao 中国不会像智者攻击病毒一样攻击印度
gerod mendz: Let China start a war and be prepared for a higher price, like an economic embargo from the free world. 让中国发动战争,为更高的代价做好准备,就像自由世界的经济禁运。
Patrick Vandervliet: Wel China is not allowed to enter India and if they do India is allowed to shoot and hit them hard derecly China have no right to put militare in thare land so India open fire 中国是不允许进入印度的,如果他们这样做的话,印度就可以开枪打他们。中国没有权利在泰国境内部署民兵,所以印度开火
Kon-fi Chi-us: Without US Help, India may loose a big chunk of its territory to China. China is the dragon and preying on India, no doubt on this. Next preys are Nepal, Bhutan. These are mineral rich countries, Himalayas. Maybe only Japanese military force in India can counterbalance against to China. What I suggest to India: Grant some Indian territory to Japan to defend against to China border attacks which may never end. On land, only Japan can stop them and China knows this. 没有美国的帮助,印度可能会将其很大一部分领土交给中国。中国就像一条龙冲向印度。 接下来的猎物是尼泊尔,不丹。这些是矿产丰富的国家,喜马拉雅山。 也许只有日军在印度可以对付中国。 我对印度的建议:授予日本一些印度领土以抵御可能永远不会结束的中国边境袭击。在陆地上,只有日本可以制止它们,中国知道这一点。
workman song: Funny news. The logic of ignorance of the US government. Arrogance, narcissism. 好笑的新闻。美国政府无知的逻辑。傲慢自恋。
Pinaki Singh: Does US won a winning record? Vietnam, Koria, Cuba, Afghanistan, everywhere it’s defeat, miserable defeat is the gateway. We don’t need any help. We are enough… 美国有胜利记录吗?越南,科里亚,古巴,阿富汗,到处都是失败。我们不需要任何帮助。我们够了…
njan malayali: Does India believe in US help? US doesn’t have any such credibility mate. 印度相信美国的帮助吗?我们没有这样可靠的伙伴。
njan malayali: India ask US Help? For what? 印度向美国寻求帮助?为了什么?
sam G: India wants whose help? US? Thia PLA can be taken by India alone. The Us can support India. But I dont think it needs military help 印度需要谁的帮助?我们呢?解放军可以被印度自己搞定。美国可以支持印度。但我不认为它需要军事帮助
Subho Jyoti Boruah: America needs India to control the growing influence of CCP, as it’s the only country in the world which has confronted with China militarily several times 美国需要印度控制中共日益增长的影响力,因为印度是世界上唯一一个在军事上多次与中国对抗的国家
Mira Saheb: Is this real fighting or simulated 这是真实的战斗还是模拟的
Josef Kopacz: This is B/S nothing is happening. The Indians are in control, the Chinese will be checked by India. They can handle the dragon better than any other nation. God bless India. 这是假的,什么都没有发生。印度人掌控了局势,中国人将被印度控制。他们比其他国家都能更好地对付龙。上帝保佑印度。
GV Bestie Channel: ☢️☢️☢️☢️☢️☢️☢️☢️☢️ Impossible.. indian army can do better job than American against china.. india never ask any help from usa.. if we need any help then we ask to Israel, France, Russia @ 1st 不可能。印度军队在对抗中国方面比美国做得更好。印度从不向美国求助。如果我们需要任何帮助,那么我们向以色列,法国,俄罗斯求助
nwl213: India always invite foreign intervention. That is why they got colonised by the Brits over 200 yrs. Serve them right being pillage by the Brits 😁 印度总是邀请外国干涉。这就是为什么他们被英国人殖民了200多年。他们被英国人掠夺
Self Aspire . Self Aspire .: China lost ,India won already .We are in safe hand under modi ji ,USA is nothing we can defeat USA as well ,mind it 中国输了,印度已经赢了。我们在莫迪·吉的领导下安然无恙,美国也没什么可以打败美国的,记住
Rath Mam: India is a superpower like America, why is India asking for America help. 印度是像美国一样的超级大国,为什么印度要求美国的帮助。
kiratee saila: 🖕🖕🖕help 去他的帮助
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