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It was recently reported that China has J-20 fighter jet in Hotan airbase along LAC amid border row with India. And now, the neighbouring country provoking India again. Notably, the Chinese aircrafts were spotted near LAC. Watch full bulletin.  最近有报道称,中国在与印度接壤的边境沿拉美和加勒比地区的和田空军基地拥有J-20战斗机。现在,邻国再次挑衅印度。值得注意的是,中国飞机被发现在拉丁美洲和加勒比地区附近。


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Elangovan Periasamy :This merely air show and display of Chinese Air Force to show how good their planes are just earlier send Tejas along the border. 这仅仅是中国一次空中表演和空军的展示,以展示他们的飞机有多好,只是让飞机沿着边境线走。
Fenrir :Indian were delirious when India got 5 Rafales.Every Indian expert and tv channel was boasting India will defeat China and take back Aksai Chin.What happened. 当印度得了5分时,印度人神志不清。每印度专家和电视台吹嘘印度将打败中国并夺回阿克萨琴。什么发生了。
Haroon :Beautiful Chinese J20’s, very impressive, love them. 漂亮的中国J20,非常令人印象深刻,喜欢它们。
Noah Clark :Wow, indians are funny. 哇,印度人真有趣。
jami sai :China president very cunning 中国非常狡猾
Arnasalem Ganeson :Let us see who is the best pilot not the fighter jets. 让我们看看谁有最好的飞行员而不是战斗机。
Bij Seel :GOI headed by Modi is a failure and will not protect India from a Chinese attack. 莫迪领导的印度政府是一个失败,不会保护印度免受中国的攻击。
Bij Seel :A 10 Million strong citizen national guards is the need of the hour but Modi will do nothing than his Kundalini Yoga. 现在需要一支1000万人的国民卫队,但莫迪只会做他的瑜伽。
sherab dorji :China is really itching 中国真的心很痒
A candle in dark :China is a great threat of India should prepare for a Worst situation against china…china is a ditactor rulling country .. fight against them …jai hind 中国是一个巨大的威胁,印度应该准备好对付中国的最坏情况…中国是一个二流国家。。和他们战斗… 印度万岁
Max M :Send the six Rafales for surgical strike in China and start another 1962 war.
erniecho :Go, Go, Go.. Fire🔥 your weapons at those planes and see what happen. 😏 快,快,快。。向那些飞机开火看看会发生什么。
Sharath Chandran :If China thinks they are super power , Let them think . But that doesn’t mean other countries has to agree that . If war happens for sure XI and China will be a laughing stock for many years to come . Indians need to be thankful to XI and China for waking India up . Now China has to bear the consequences 如果中国认为他们是超级大国,那就让他们自以为是吧。但这并不意味着其他国家必须同意这一点。如果战争真的发生了,习和中国将成为未来许多年的笑柄。印度人需要感谢习和中国唤醒了印度。现在中国必须承担后果
Subir Dutta :Stick to BOYCOTT CHINA and promote the same 坚持抵制中国
CDL Info and more Time to train :You can’t trust China
Zee Shaan :This looks 10 times better than Rafael and we were thinking Rafael would win us war with China, our media and government is fooling us 这看起来比狮式战机好10倍,而且我们一直以为狮式战机会帮我们赢得与中国的战争,我们的媒体和政府在愚弄我们
Baskaran Lakhsmi :USA’s F 22 F 35 fighter jets needs Chinese Rare Earth elements. 🤔 🐷 美国的F22 F35战斗机需要中国的稀土元素。🐷
Victor Jodias :China will not give away their territory to India 中国不会把他们的领土交给印度
Venkat Rao :Need not worry our air force is ready to reply. These Chinese planes may burst in flying mode before we attack them.😀 不用担心我们的空军已经准备好了。这些中国飞机在我们攻击它们之前可能会以飞行模式爆炸。
jose alexander :China will attack India sooner. India must close down some embassies in India 中国会更快地攻击印度。印度必须关闭一些驻印度大使馆
Team Velasquez :America wants to destroy both India and China by engaging them in war! 美国想通过让印度和中国卷入战争来摧毁他们!
David Cheney :China airplanes flight near but not across over the LAC, why india military scares and accuses China is provocative against india. 中国的飞机在拉丁美洲和加勒比海附近飞行,但没有越过拉丁美洲和加勒比海,印度军方为什么恐吓和指责中国是对印度的挑衅。
Split India :India can beat J-20 with bullshit. 印度可以用胡说八道打败歼-20。
Govind Kumar :Manipulated news, the j20s are just deployed in hotan airbase, which is 150km away from ladakh. J20 is just a normal china material(as you all know the quality of china products) Don’t worry Indian army is on alert❤️🇮🇳 更多消息,J20刚刚部署在和拉达克相距150公里的和田空军基地。J20只是一种普通的中国材料(大家都知道中国产品的质量)请不要担心印度军队处于戒备状态❤️🇮🇳
Shayak Guha :Chinese have j20 & India have Rafael. Now American B2 bomber deploy in India -chaina border 中国有j20,印度有Rafael。现在美国的B2轰炸机部署在印度-查纳边境
Naeem Tahir :J20 invisible J20是隐形的
Michenerpark :Rafale beats F-22 and F-22 beats J-20, so J-20 is not even close. Rafale打败了F-22,而F-22打败了歼-20,所以歼-20甚至还没有接近。
S K :bomb their air base with supersonic missiles. 用超音速导弹轰炸他们的空军基地。
Surojeet Chatterjee :use the akash & spider missile can be used on these if they fly near LAC 如果它们在LAC附近飞行,则可以使用akash和蜘蛛导弹
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