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《2018 Wey VV5 and VV7 quick drives》(caradvice)《2018 快速试驾 Wey vv5和vv7》(澳大利亚汽车评测网站 caradvice)


Haval’s premium division, Wey, has produced a pair of startlingly attractive crossovers called the VV5 and VV7 for China, with an eye to export. It’s a notable first attempt, demonstrating how much the world’s biggest car market has matured. Haval的高级部门Wey为中国生产了一对极具吸引力的 crossovers VV5和VV7,着眼于出口。这是一个值得注意的第一次尝试,展示了这个世界上最大的汽车市场已经成熟了多少。


It was bound to happen. A few prominent Chinese carmakers were eventually going to set themselves apart with premium-feeling product. 这一定会发生。一些著名的中国汽车制造商最终将优质产品分开。


Most notable is the fact that the Wey VV5 and VV7 crossovers discussed here come from a brand – Great Wall Motors (GWM) – that has eschewed a joint-venture with a famous western company, avoiding the shortcut taken by rivals such as SAIC (owner of MG, LDV) and Geely (Lynk & Co, Volvo). 最值得注意的是,这里讨论的Wey VV5和VV7来自一个品牌 – 长城汽车(GWM) – 它已经避开了与一家著名的西方公司的合资企业,避免了像SAIC这样的竞争对手所采取的捷径。MG,LDV)和吉利(Lynk&Co,沃尔沃)。


The Wey luxury brand is important to GWM, which sells more than a million Haval SUVs and Great Wall pick-ups in China each year, and which is investing substantial sums in domestic and international R&D, production and sales. 奢侈品牌WEY对于长城汽车来说非常重要,长城汽车每年在中国销售超过100万辆哈弗SUV和长城汽车,并且在国内和国际研发,生产和销售方面投入了大量资金。


Not only does it aim to steal sales from the Germans and ‘Tier 1’ Japanese such as Lexus, it’s named in honour of the company’s founder Wei Jianjun (yes, the spelling is different), who started the company from scratch and apparently still lives in a small apartment despite a billion-dollar bank account. 它不仅旨在占领德国人和雷克萨斯等“一级”日本人的销售额,而且是为了纪念该公司的创始人魏建军而命​​名的(是的,拼写不同),他从零开始创办公司,尽管拥有数十亿美元的银行账户,但仍然住在一间小公寓里。


Eponymous auto brands are traditionally not done in China, according to our hosts, who recently took us to a new Wey dealership on the outskirts of Beijing, following our visit to the vast Auto China motor show earlier in the same week. 据我们的主持人称,同名汽车品牌传统上并非在中国完成,他们最近带我们去了北京郊区的一家新的WEY经销店,此前我们参观了同一周早些时候的中国汽车展。


The dealer site is new and formidable. It’s obvious why GWM wanted to show the media. Huge, spotless and tasteful. Service customers can sit in a shiatsu massage chair and have lunch while they wait. Wey has clearly looked to Lexus when it comes to customer care, and wealthy Chinese buyers are becoming ever more demanding. 经销商网络很新且强大。很明显这是为什么GWM想要展示给媒体。巨大,一尘不染,有品位。服务客户可以坐在指压按摩椅上,在等待的同时享用午餐。在客户关怀方面,WEY已明确对标雷克萨斯,而富裕的中国买家正变得越来越苛刻。



Tezan CezayBarnyardG : They aren’t original (there’s styling elements stolen from other brands of course) but I personally think that they look fantastic. I can’t help but think this is what Mazda’s next design language should have looked like. Keep it up and bring Wey here – they are FAR more attractive than the other Chinese cars on our roads.它们不是原创的(当然还有从其他品牌偷来的造型元素),但我个人认为它们看起来很棒。我不禁认为这是马自达下一代设计语言应该的样子。坚持下去,把WEY带到这里——他们比我们路上的其他中国车更有吸引力。
Speedz : What do you mean stolen? You mean they kidnap Pierre Leclercq and his design team? “偷来是什么意思?”你是说他们绑架了皮埃尔·勒克莱尔克和他的设计团队?
Aus_poppaWillie : In a sense this conversation is hilarious. I am old enough to remember that in 1964 I induced a friend to try a new car called a Toyota Corona, at a time when most people thought that the Japanese industry was only capable of making copies of prewar Austins. The Corona went into assembly in Port Melbourne and the rest is history. A few decades later most people scoffed at a strange brand called Hyundai that people said would never sell. Now all our cars are imported, and the Chinese are coming – big time. Have you noticed how LDV vans made by SAIC are eating into the Hyundai iLoad market, which ate a lot of the Toyota commercial range.As I type this there is an ad for LDV on the screen. And have you seen the Haval ads on TV?Moral of the story – things change and within a very few years Australians will be buying Chinese built cars – lots of themI can remember all of that.Sadly, the things that don”t seem to change, are stupidity, and bigotry.Hmm imho the Chinese marques still lack a he 从某种意义上说,这篇文章很搞笑。我年纪大了,记得1964年,我诱导一个朋友试用一辆名为丰田Corona的新车,当时大多数人认为日本工业只能复制战前的奥斯汀。Corona在墨尔本港集合,其余的都是历史。几十年后,大多数人嘲笑一个叫现代(Hyundai)的奇怪品牌,人们说这个品牌永远卖不出去。现在,我们所有的汽车都是进口的,中国人也来了——大好时机。你有没有注意到上汽生产的LDV货车是如何进军现代iLoad市场的?现代iLoad市场吃掉了丰田的大量商业产品。当我打这个字时,屏幕上有一则LDV的广告。你在电视上看过哈佛的广告吗?事情改变了,几年内澳大利亚人会买中国制造的汽车-很多我都记得。可悲的是,那些看起来没有改变的东西是愚蠢的,偏执的。嗯,中国品牌仍然比较缺乏。
FlamenwerferFlauschi : What donkey could think that there was no interesting car news from the country that makes more cars than the USA Japan and Germany combined! If you think that the Chinese car industry has no plans for global expansion you’ve got you head in a place it shouldn’t be. They’re hardly going to announce anything before they have all the ducks lined up. 驴子怎么能想到,这个国家没有比美国、日本和德国加起来制造更多汽车的有趣汽车新闻!如果你认为中国汽车工业没有全球扩张计划,那你就把头伸向了一个不应该有的地方。在他们把所有的鸭子排好队之前,他们几乎不会宣布任何事情。
FlauschieTezan Cezay : You did notice that the Chinese manufacturers have already tried to exstablish themselves in western markets and they failed miserably? Eventually they will succeed but the time hasn’t come yet.I think that’s the point. 你注意到了吗?中国制造商已经试图在西方市场建立自己的企业,结果惨败。他们最终会成功的,但是时间还没有到来。我想这就是关键。
Willie : Hmm imho the Chinese marques still lack a hell of a lot of technology, especially in ICE vehicles. When Japan went into the car making game cars were relatively simple so it was somewhat less of a steep learning curve. Toyota et al. were able to make decent vehicles with small engines to export. Added to this, Japan had good component makers like Denso, Aisin for transmission etc.Currently I think no Chinese make has designed a world class engine or transmission, most are bolt ons off shelf from Western and Japanese suppliers. Electric Vehicles may provide a much better opportunity but they still need to master components. 嗯,中国品牌仍然缺乏大量的技术,尤其是在冰上汽车。当日本进入汽车制造游戏车是相对简单的,所以它是有点不陡峭的学习曲线。丰田等。能够生产出具有小型发动机出口的像样的车辆。除此之外,日本还有像Denso、Aisin等优秀的变速器零部件制造商。目前我认为没有中国制造商设计过世界级的发动机或变速器,大部分都是从西方和日本供应商那里脱下来的螺栓。电动汽车可以提供更好的机会,但他们仍然需要掌握组件。
Jake Frederics : Both Haval and this “Wey” are making impressive cars. Haval和这个“Wey”都在制造令人印象深刻的汽车。
VimFuego : The Aussie car industry is in a race to the bottom with ‘premium’ brands too expensive due to government robbery in duties, taxes etc and the mid range is being chopped off at knees with more of these unknown China cars landing here that are only attractive because of price. 由于政府抢劫关税、税金等,澳洲汽车业陷入了价格过高的“高级”品牌的竞争,中档车型正在被削弱,更多不知名的中国汽车降落这里,而这些车型只是因为价格而具有吸引力。
Lachlan : These guys really are not stuffing around with cars like this. Design, fit and finish look to be streaking ahead, and having seen a couple of Havals tootling around I think the Wey would certainly sell.这些家伙在造车时没有迷糊。设计、舒适和完成度看起来都遥遥领先,而且我看到过好几辆哈弗车,我认为Wey肯定会很畅销。
YanzoDaDon : I like the wey they styled it. 我喜欢他们设计的样式。
Tezan CezayMikka : The brown seats and claret carpet combo is a bold choice.A friend of mine went to China on business and was aghast to see that they mix Grange with coke as it’s not sweet enough for them – claret and brown… 棕色座位和红葡萄酒地毯组合是一个大胆的选择。我的一个朋友到中国出差,惊讶地看到他们把格兰奇和可乐混合在一起,因为它们不够甜——红葡萄酒和棕色……
Buck : It’s even got rear air vents!!! Hope they smash their stingy competitors 甚至还有后排通风口!!!!希望他们打败吝啬的竞争对手
: Lets hope they don’t use ancient Mitsubishi engines like the Haval SUVs 让我们希望他们不要使用古老的三菱引擎,比如哈佛SUV。
Ranil IllesingheJPRa : No Wey – that beltline is ridiculous.Mind you, it seems like almost every SUV design is doing this these days – creating a claustrophobic environment for rear seat passengers and a massive blind spot for the driver – all in the name of current fashion.The smaller windows also help with rollover tests and side impact testsIs that really the case 那条安全带太荒谬了。你注意了,这几天似乎每辆SUV设计都在这么做——为后座乘客创造一个幽闭恐惧的环境,为司机创造一个巨大的盲点——所有这些都是以当前时尚的名义。较小的窗户也有助于进行侧翻测试和侧面碰撞测试。
Ranil IllesingheBarn : Is that really the case?If it is, that’s really sad – sacrificing active safety so that a vehicle scores better in passive safety.Chrysler are on record saying they deliberately made the PT Cruiser windows smaller to make occupants ‘feel’ safer.*Facepalm*But it makes sense – SUVs riding higher than standard passenger cars makes people FEEL safer too – even though raising the centre of gravity has the opposite effect in reality.Pretty much. Think about how much smaller the glass house of cars have gotten since 2000 and the thicker C pillars too 真的是这样吗?如果是这样的话,那真的很可悲——牺牲主动安全让车辆在被动安全上得分更高。克莱斯勒有记录显示,他们故意让PT巡洋舰的窗户更小,让乘客“觉得”更安全。事实上,重心的作用正好相反。想想自2000年以来,汽车玻璃房子已经变得小了很多,还有更厚的C柱。
Ranil Illesinghe :SUVs riding higher than standard passenger cars makes people FEEL safer too – even though raising the centre of gravity has the opposite effect in reality. 越野车骑高于标准客车使人们也感到更安全-即使提高重心有相反的效果,在现实中。
Flauschie : Well, they just need to follow Kia – thus hiring western designers. Chinese (and Korean) design doesn’t go anywhere on the world market. They will struggle to repeat other success stories though. Labour costs have a share of only up to 20% in the car price. A price advantage max 20% isn’t overly significant. Of course, if you can save more with lesser environmental standards as well as gov subsidies … which are further cards that China has played in the past. 嗯,他们只需要跟随起亚——这样就雇佣了西方设计师。中国(和韩国)的设计在世界市场上没有销路。然而,他们将努力重复其他成功的故事。劳动力成本只占汽车价格的20%。价格优势最多20%并不明显。当然,如果你能用更低的环境标准以及政府补贴来节省更多的钱……这些是中国过去打过的又一张牌。
JP : Yes indeed. And these cars look good! 是的。这些车看起来不错!
Cher : im interested in chinese cars today 我对今天的中国汽车感兴趣
David LaFleur : but if the price is right some or even many will be interested m***n. You don’t represent the whole country. 但是如果价格合适,一些甚至很多人会感兴趣。你不能代表整个国家。
HotshotBen Huangdest : Make no mistake – China is coming in a very, very big way, and will be absolutely relevant to Australia.I, for one, want to see MORE coverage of the Chinese automotive industry. Frankly – a lot of the news around their investment in electrification specifically is exciting.You might not have, or only vaguely, heard of a raft of companies – BYD, Chery, Dongfeng, Geely, Wei, Baojun, Great Wall, Borgward, Jianjeng, Brilliance, Zotye, GAC, SAIC, BAIC, Changan … (and their myriad of sub-brands) – but I’ve no doubt we will be hearing more from many of them.毫无疑问,中国正在以一种非常、非常大的方式进入,并且与澳大利亚绝对相关。我个人希望看到中国汽车工业的更多报道。坦率地说,关于他们在电气化领域的投资的很多消息都是令人兴奋的。你可能没有或者只是模糊地听说过很多公司——比亚迪、奇瑞、东风、吉利、魏、宝军、长城、博格沃德、建正、辉煌、佐泰、GAC、上汽、北汽、长安……(以及他们无数的子品牌)-但我毫无疑问,我们将听到更多来自他们。
: I think the Better get used to it. There’s gonna be wey more coming. 最好习惯它。还会有更多的WEY要来。
PhilBarnyardGambler : You are correct. What people don’t understand is the link between the push to EV and the inevitable place in the market that will give Chinese car makers. Put simply, the supply chain for electric is controlled largely by Chinese interests, and I mean up to 75% of it. It’s the reason for so many partnerships by western carmakers with Chinese firms for electric vehicles.We may never become familiar with the brands, but the products we buy will be influenced by the partnership arrangements.你说得对。人们不理解的是,电动汽车的推出与市场中必然会赋予中国汽车制造商的地位之间的联系。简言之,电力供应链在很大程度上受中国利益集团的控制,我的意思是说高达75%。这是西方汽车制造商与中国公司合作生产电动汽车的原因。我们可能永远不会熟悉品牌,但我们购买的产品会受到合作安排的影响。
BarnyardGambler : Once the Chinese have the Western secrets, they simply kick the Westerners out. That’s page one of their play book. 一旦中国人掌握了西方的秘密,他们就会把西方人踢出去。那是他们剧本的第一页。
Jake Frederics : Speak for yourself. Brand means nothing to me, a car is just a machine. Give me a good value proposition and a car that feels better than average in the interior and I will buy it. 为自己说话。品牌对我来说毫无意义,汽车只是一台机器。给我一个好的价值和一辆车,我会买它。
RobRobRobRobRobRanil : So you are comparing a product of Great Wall, a multinational auto manufacutrer that has had prsesence in Australia for years, to some unknown Russian vehicle whose manufacturer has zero presence outside their home turf with no plans to launch anything here in future.  所以你把长城(一家在澳大利亚经营多年的跨国汽车制造商)的产品和一些不知名的俄罗斯汽车进行比较,这些汽车制造商在他们家乡的领地之外没有现货,也没有计划在未来推出任何产品。
Mike Stevens : Our goal has always been to drive as many cars as we can get into, because it gives us the broadest possible knowledge of what’s out there, and how it compares to what’s on offer in Australia. There’s wisdom in being widely read, and there’s wisdom in experiencing as much of the automotive sphere as we can.The reason we include these Chinese cars that won’t be sold here is because Chinese cars are becoming more common on Australian roads and will likely be very common in the decades ahead. So why shouldn’t readers and buyers have an opportunity to 我们的目标始终是尽可能多地开车,因为它让我们尽可能广泛地了解外面有什么,以及它与澳大利亚提供的相比如何。广泛阅读是有智慧的,尽可能多地体验汽车领域也是有智慧的。我们之所以包括这些不会在这里销售的中国汽车,是因为中国汽车在澳大利亚的道路上越来越普遍,而且在未来几十年里可能非常普遍。那么,为什么读者和购买者不应该有机会
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