骚猫sama不会是一只简单的猫咪 : 不要回来了,在美国好好打
gago ang china : nothing special on him..he s just only a tall man..they showed free throw as a highlights ,bcoz there is no more highlight to show for him. 对他来说没什么特别的。他只是个高个子。他们把罚球作为一个亮点,但是没有更多的亮点可以展示给他。
Edson TNG : Oh man, it’s slightly sad to watch a NBA player’s highlights with full of free throws…I remember Yao’s first year highlights and… 哦,伙计,看到一个NBA球员在罚球方面的精彩表现有点难过…我记得姚明第一年的精彩表现…
Marc Cruz : Why didn’t they ever play him ?! 他们为什么不玩他?!
Agent_Nightfall : Dude deserve a better overall in 2k19 他应该在2K19中获得更好的整体表现。
Free Smiles : They waived this man 他们放弃了这个人
J.T. Kelleher IV : not tall enough 不够高
John Rey Dacles : Who the hell is this? Is he wearing original nike or imitation? 这到底是谁?他穿的是原装耐克还是仿制品?
Boston de Franco : ZHOU QI THE NEXT POWER PLAYER OF ALL TIME… 周琦是有史以来的下一个大人物…
Teaya Jx : Zhou is way better than Yao and Yi 周总比姚和易强
郭岳 : 我覺得易建聯比他強多了耶….
The Truth : Asian basketball players are slowly coming up. NBA society is going to be much better if we/they can get rid of these violent, ghetto, thug, greedy, and uneducated Black American Players. We need players that are respectful, well-mannered, appreciative, and educated players. It’s time for the close minded American fans to realize that there are talents outside of America as well and not just from dirty ghetto street in the hood where all of their fathers are in prison and raised by fat asses moms. 亚洲篮球运动员正在慢慢崛起。如果我们/他们能摆脱这些暴力、贫民区、暴徒、贪婪和没受过教育的美国黑人球员,NBA的社会将会变得更好。我们需要尊重、礼貌、欣赏和受过教育的球员。现在是时候让心胸狭窄的美国粉丝们认识到,在美国以外也有人才,而不仅仅是来自胡德肮脏的贫民区街道,那里所有的父亲都在监狱里,由肥屁股的母亲抚养长大。
luffy uzumaki : He has to improve his reaction time. 他必须改进他的反应时间。
Kevin Ransome : I told all my friends that he gon be a threat soon and now look at me I’m right #yaomingjr 我告诉我所有的朋友他很快就会成为威胁,现在看看我,我是对的。
Simon : The greatest of all time 有史以来最伟大的
Pick N Roll : Another typical Chinese player in the NBA. Have all the height but little skill and no toughness. NBA的另一个典型中国球员。拥有所有的身高,但很少有技巧,没有韧性。
Rey Gumonit : What Highlight is this? 他有什么亮点?
Monggi Stap stap stap : Trash 废物
Marck P. : Ofcourse this video only choose highlights. 当然,这个视频只选择亮点。
Redeemar Alac : Still to improve 还有待改进
{TSM} N4THÀN : If yao and Hakeem Train him He will be solid player 如果姚明和哈基姆训练他,他将是一名优秀的球员
Alvin Moreno : You can tell that a player is not that good if free throws are included on his highlights 你可以说,如果一个球员的精彩表现中包含罚球,那么他就没有那么好了。
Shean D. : Houston actually needs a power type center reason why he was not used, he would be fit as PF/SF same position played by Yi Jian Lian 休斯顿实际上需要一个权力型的中心,因为他没有被使用,他将适合作为PF/SF的同一职位由易建联扮演。
EatMyTime Internet : Just big. Average iq very bigman with shooting. 只是大。平均智商很高,有投射能力。
漢仔 : Is Zhou Qi good in NBA? 周琦在NBA很好吗?
Rafal Anthony Vincent : Thats a big trash Bro 那是个大垃圾兄弟
YouCan’tAlwaysGet WhatYouWant : He barely plays so all his games were the highlights lol 他几乎不打,所以他所有的比赛都是亮点,哈哈。
Jr Perea : use less 无用
Nhật Minh Tô Viết : New yao ming 新姚明
Chong Ethan : Did you realise Zhou Qi doesn’t like to dunk? 你知道周琦不喜欢灌篮吗?
艾拉 : Zhou qi is Volleyball team 周琦是排球队
Juan : it wouldnt have hurt, if he had played more in the playoffs, hope he gets playing time for a change, fucking anderson and tariq black were a disgrace. 如果他能在季后赛中发挥得更好,希望他能有时间换人,那他妈的安德森和塔里克·布莱克是个耻辱。
alvin alvin : Super star in future 未来的超级明星
OG Lex : He’s pretty coordinated for someone who’s so tall and lanky. He’s got handles, can shoot the 3, quick hands. But, his inside presence is a little weak aside from his shot blocking 他很适合身材又高又瘦的人。他有把手,能射3只快速的手。但是,除了盖帽,他的内线有点弱
Ruoxing Sun : he just needs more confidence and more muscle, cant wait to see him this year! 他只需要更多的信心和肌肉,就等不及今年见到他!
Soldato 76 : America+China=Perfect! 美国+中国=完美!
KaidenPlayz Games : He barely needs to jump when he shoots and blocks 他投篮和拦网时几乎不需要跳
SpangleCallLilliLine : He needs to get stronger. 他需要变得更强。
Inezos0 Fordey7 : ummmm。。。i know the guy has a funny nick name in china,called zhou one rebond。 嗯……我知道这家伙在中国有个很有趣的绰号,叫周篮板。
shao shun Chen : He is trash af 他是垃圾桶
johnlee072092 : The most boring NBA highlights I’ve ever seen. Guys give him something to eat 我见过最无聊的NBA亮点。伙计们给他点吃的
Josh Taichan : Zhou qi is the new yao ming 周琦是新姚明
Voyage2112 : Give this guy 2 or 3 years and a lot more playing time and he will be unstoppable 给他两三年的时间和更多的上场时间,他将势不可挡
Danigeh Hucood : This guy looks like the character off of NBA Street 这家伙看起来像NBA街上的人物
Danigeh Hucood : ZHOU QI & Isaiah Hartenstien the next twin towers 周琦和以赛亚·哈滕斯坦下一个双子塔
Mr Reptilian : Rookie of year more like defense of the year 年度最佳新人更像年度最佳防守球员
Mark Kenneth Castillo : Trash 废物箱
Voyage2112 : This is my favorite player in the nba 这是我在NBA最喜欢的球员
RITZKEE : The next yao ming 下一个姚明
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