J S : buick makes some nice looking vehicles. 别克制造了一些好看的汽车。
NW W : Because it’s cheaper… 因为它更便宜…
luke saylor : They need to start making couches on wheels again in the US. Then people will buy them. Nobody wants a sporty Buick, at least here. 在美国,他们需要重新开始制造有轮子的沙发。然后人们会买它们。没有人想要运动型别克,至少在这里。
ivan aleman : Wow, I’m surprised nobody has say anything negative about China. The double standard. 哇,我很惊讶没有人对中国说任何负面的话。双重标准。
chang cheng : Buick’s image fits the Chinese traditional philosophy very well: round not edged, bit of conservative yet has good quality, big yet not very expensive. 别克的形象非常符合中国传统哲学:圆润而不棱角,有点保守而质量好,又大又不贵。
Honest Joe : I own 2 Buicks. A 97 century, which is an unstoppable tank that just keeps going, and a clean ’02 LeSabre with that beast 3.8LV6. (one of the best motors to date) 我有两辆别克。一辆97世纪的坦克,它是一辆不可阻挡的坦克,一直在行驶,一辆干净的02年版的莱萨布里与那只3.8级的野兽并驾齐驱。(目前最好的发动机之一)
mrkt : *china is pushing us economy up contrary to america govt’s belief. If they are coaxed to pull the plug, the loser would be usa* *与美国政府的观点相反,中国正在推动美国经济增长。如果他们被哄骗拔掉插头,输家将是美国。*
Zeitgeist X : Meanwhile none of my relatives and or anyone I know back home owns a Buick. Instead everyone drives an Audi or Mercedes, if not a Porsche. 同时,我的亲戚和我认识的任何人都没有一辆别克。相反,如果不是保时捷,每个人都会驾驶奥迪或奔驰。
Lyimo Ej : IS BUICK RELIABLE LIKE TOYOTA?? 别克和丰田一样可靠吗??
TheKozin : 1:40 You said Wuling exclusive to China yet use photo from Wuling’s booth in Indonesia Auto Show. 1:40你说五菱是中国的独家品牌,但在印尼车展上使用了五菱展台的照片。
Sloppy Turtle : You’ll notice in the sales charts that total sales are not only WAY down in the U.S., but also fell in China in 2018. Auto sales have for the first time in China, met a saturation point. The petroleum based auto industry is done. The world has more than enough of them. Time to move to something better……. and we are. 你会在销售图表中发现,美国的总销售额不仅大幅下降,而且在2018年中国的总销售额也有所下降。汽车销售首次在中国达到饱和点。以石油为基础的汽车工业已经完成。世界上有足够多的。是时候做点更好的事情了……我们是。
Wy123 : The fact is China no more love Buick, same as iPhone. 事实上,中国不再像iPhone一样热爱别克。
DEAN H : Buick is sold better than other American brands but still far behind VW(which is the best seller of all foreign automakers in china) and toyota. 别克的销量比其他美国品牌都好,但仍远远落后于大众(中国所有外国汽车制造商中销量最好的)和丰田。
Rick Feng : U know what, the first successful product placement marketing in mainland China were Buick. It was a 2001 20ep TV-series about a housewife find work at a Buick dealer when her husband lost his job, and the challenges career women faces. It was super popular and Buick rode that rocket up, even my family brought a Regal in 2002! 你知道吗,中国大陆第一个成功的植入式营销是别克。这是一部2001年的20集电视连续剧,讲述了一位家庭主妇在别克经销商找到工作时,她的丈夫失业,以及职业女性面临的挑战。
D Tango : Buick is everywhere in China. 别克在中国随处可见。
carboismiles : I ❤️ my Buick Regal CXL. I own my dream car and it is perfect in every way. It’s a gem and a keeper. I would buy another Regal. It’s that good…  我的别克君威CXL。我拥有我的梦想车,它在各个方面都是完美的。它是宝石和守护者。我想再买一个君威。真是太好了…
Josephat Kibet : 1:24 what the analyst does not say is that the Chinese sale declined from almost 1.2Million cars in 2017 to just above 1M cars. This is definitely a marketing stunt 1:24分析师没有说的是,中国汽车销量从2017年的近120万辆下降到了略高于100万辆。这绝对是一个营销噱头
Kevin Ley : I’ve always loved Buicks. I’ve owned three and my 94 LeSabre was my favorite car ever 我一直喜欢别克。我有三辆车,94辆莱萨博是我最喜欢的车。
tommy wong : Buick is reliable car. Unlike Cadillacs… 别克是可靠的汽车。与凯迪拉克不同…
tommy wong : As much as I like buick. I guess soon Tesla will replace Buick as the number one American brand in China. 尽管我很喜欢别克。我想特斯拉很快就会取代别克成为美国在中国的第一品牌。
THEDUCKTAPE14 : Buick isn’t that good in China… only good American brand in China would be Cadillac 别克在中国不是很好…凯迪拉克是中国唯一的好美国品牌
Donkey Kong : My family bought a Buick in the late 80’s, it was a complete piece of junk. Within two years everything fell apart. I will never touch a Buick again 我的家人在80年代末买了一辆别克,它是一个完全的垃圾。两年之内,一切都崩溃了。我再也不会碰别克了
Matthew the Cashew : Jeez, Buick is competing with Titans like VW and Toyota in China, yet they are a luxury brand, that’s crazy! Hopefully Buick brings it’s cool models in China to the US 天哪,别克正在中国与大众、丰田等巨头竞争,但他们是一个奢侈品牌,太疯狂了!希望别克能把中国很酷的车型带到美国
Mongolian Bornaparte : Buick was short on imagination when coming up for a company logo on their cars. 别克在他们的汽车上出现公司标志时缺乏想象力。
grandiora : I guess its not part of Trumps trade embargo? Lol 我想这不是特朗普贸易禁运的一部分吧?
Samuel Liu : Chinese love Volkswagen more then others 中国人比其他人更喜欢大众
Rich Lau : Who told you China loves Buick? Can you stop day dreaming and making things up? Buick is just another car brand selling in China, as is almost every other car brand, nothing more. You’ve got hundreds of millions of car buyers in China, almost surely there will be some poor guy ending up with a Buick. It’s called probability. 谁告诉你中国喜欢别克?你能停止白日梦和虚构吗?别克只是另一个在中国销售的汽车品牌,几乎所有其他的汽车品牌都是别克。中国有数亿购车者,几乎可以肯定会有一个穷人买了一辆别克。这叫做概率。
water heart : why usa people like japanese car instead american brand car??? 为什么美国人喜欢日本车而不是美国品牌车????
Yung-Cheng Tang : Stupid. The reason why car companies sell more car in china is Bc China have five times population than the USA. 愚蠢。汽车公司在中国销售更多汽车的原因是中国的人口是美国的五倍。
lppoqql : I have been in China for a long time, no one cares about BUICK 我在中国呆了很长时间,没人在乎别克
Jay Liu : I think as Chinese people become more familiar with more foreign brands, Buick will start losing market share. Honestly, GM cars are well-advertised and it’s the only reason they’re doing well. As car shopping becomes more technologically intricate in China, sites akin to JDPower and KBB will start influencing more and more buyers. Buick with its lackluster quality will not be able to survive on advertisements alone. 我认为随着中国人越来越熟悉外国品牌,别克将开始失去市场份额。老实说,通用汽车的广告做得很好,这是他们做得很好的唯一原因。随着中国汽车购物在技术上变得越来越复杂,类似JDPower和KBB的网站将开始影响越来越多的买家。
Bryan Abad : GM builds garbage cars cheaply made they break more times than the population of China. And the Chinese will realize the hard way 通用汽车制造垃圾车的成本很低,使得垃圾车的破裂次数比中国人多。中国人会意识到
Vladyslav Shangin : Wait aren’t Buick is just rebadged German Opel? So .. Chinese don’t like Buick , they like Opel…. 等等,别克不是刚刚重新平衡了德国欧宝吗?所以…中国人不喜欢别克,他们喜欢欧宝……
ProoGenji : Buick cars have a classy design and a very affordable price. I think that’s the main reason for their success in China and reason why my family and relatives are very loyal customers to their cars. (I’m chinese) 别克车设计优雅,价格实惠。我认为这是他们在中国取得成功的主要原因,也是我的家人和亲戚对他们的汽车非常忠诚的原因。(我是中国人)
Mo Cuishle : This is not true, no one I know drives Buick in China. 这不是真的,我认识的人在中国都不会开别克。
Li Min : 100 years reputation. 百年的声誉。
Boneless Coding : Maybe they should introduce Lexus in China lol 也许他们应该把雷克萨斯介绍到中国
Menachem Mendelbaum : they have no taste 他们没有品味
Anthony Barrow : Thank God someone is buying Buick. 谢天谢地,有人在买别克。
Ray Wei : Let’s be honest, luxury cars made in the US are always in subpar quality compared to the ones made in Asia or Europe 老实说,与亚洲或欧洲制造的豪华车相比,美国制造的豪华车总是质量低劣。
rollingthunder : GM and China are a match made in heaven. Both make cheap ugly unreliable products lol! 通用和中国是天作之合。两者都使廉价丑陋不可靠的产品哈哈!
Law Yun : i doubt that, as a chinese, middle-class love luxury cars such as audi, bmw, benz, while the lower-class prefer domestic or japanese cars 我怀疑,作为一个中国人,中产阶级喜欢像奥迪、宝马、奔驰这样的豪华车,而下层阶级更喜欢国产或日本车
Ebenezer Fitzpatrick : If Buick wants to come back in the US market they should remake the grand national 如果别克想回到美国市场,他们应该重新打造伟大的国家
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