Ickemolly : Misleading article, the arrestment was not just about the trade war. Why don’t you wait until the law enforcement brings the exact charges?! 误导性的文章,逮捕不仅仅是贸易战。你为什么不等到执法部门带来确切的指控?!
Toby Joe Boudreaux : Imagine if China arrested Apple’s CFO and used them as fodder in a kabuki trade war. 想象一下,如果中国逮捕了苹果公司的CFO,并将其作为贸易战的炮灰。
your_neighbor_wang : I’m a hater against Tim Cook and I will feel good. 我对库克恨之入骨,我会感觉很好。
M : She is just a businesswoman. If the government want to arrest her, please tell us what she’s accusation 她只是个商人。如果政府想逮捕她,请告诉我们她的指控。
Chinkasu : Didn’t she enter canada on a Canadian passport? China has no say about what Canada does to its citizens!! 她不是用加拿大护照进入加拿大的吗?中国对加拿大对其公民的行为没有发言权!!
Ronnie Appleseed : well first of all China only arrest the best criminals 首先,中国只逮捕最好的罪犯。
Mao Yin : Stupid article with no backing of substance, e.g. explicit authorization by the individual to violate US export control laws! If Apple CFO authorized violation of PRC export control laws, yes he can be extradited by ally of PRC, to PRC. 没有实质支持的愚蠢文章,例如个人明确授权违反美国出口管制法!如果苹果CFO授权违反中国出口管制法,是的,他可以被中国盟友引渡到中国。
N_Hegday : On the other hand imagine Apple going against China’s diktat and partnering in any way with Taiwan…do you think the Chinese would hesitate to make arrests? Not suggesting that the arrest was right or wrong, just giving another perspective to your example. 另一方面,想象一下苹果公司以任何方式反对中国的命令和与台湾的合作……你认为中国人会犹豫是否逮捕?不是暗示逮捕是对还是错,只是给你的例子另一个角度。
N_Hegday : It’s not about doing business, it’s about violating sanctions. China wouldn’t take too kindly to that either. 这不是为了做生意,而是违反制裁。中国也不会对此过于友好。
Jayson Wu : Boeing sells jets to Taiwan but china still buys planes from them…. 波音公司向台湾出售喷气机,但中国仍在购买。
Rick Wong : it is the U.S. tear up the Iran nuclear deal. It’s just like some bullying under the Jungle Rule. Even If the HUAWEI did something making the U.S. unhappy, in no situtation the U.S. kidnapped a female CFO when transfering in Canada. 是美国撕毁了伊朗核协议。这就像丛林统治下的欺凌。即使华为做了一些让美国不高兴的事情,在加拿大转机时也没有绑架一位女性首席财务官的理由。
John G Kionggo : US under Trump is a monster to the world. What’s wrong with the boss of Huawei? Does Trump understand about karma? the arrogance of US can sink US to become the next Atlantis. 特朗普统治下的美国是世界上的怪物。华为老板怎么了?特朗普明白因果报应吗?美国的傲慢可以让美国成为下一个亚特兰蒂斯。
Kunal Lad : Absolutely. And they have not even made clear what sanctions Huawei has violated. This growing protectionism has to stop! May free trade prevail. 当然。他们甚至没有弄清楚华为违反了什么制裁措施。这种日益增长的贸易保护主义必须停止!自由贸易占上风。
jacques : No! trump kidnap Mr. Ren’s daughter! It’s like kidnapping the daughter of Mr. Bloomberg !! 不!特朗普绑架任先生的女儿!这就像绑架布隆伯格先生的女儿一样!!
Andy Pan : So you mean those CFOs could be above law just because someone may feel bad? 你的意思是那些CFO会因为某人感觉不好而凌驾于法律之上?
Capitalist Trader : I don’t give a flying FUCK how they feel. How do the families of the 1,000 dead students in Tienanmen Square feel? 我一点也不在乎他们的感受。tian an meng广场1000名遇难学生家属如何感受?
Rick Wong : Feeling so happy to see U know so much about China, a knowledgeable John Snow. 很高兴看到你对中国了解这么多,一个知识渊博的约翰·斯诺。
The Institute : I’m all for combating IP theft, but this ham-handed move will poison the trade talks. Was probably calculated move by Bolton and Navarro. 我完全赞成打击IP窃取,但这种笨手笨脚的举动会毒害贸易谈判。可能是由麦克伯顿和纳瓦罗计算的。
Miss Information aka : Now if our government here in Canada will hold her as leverage for Trump to drop steel and aluminum tariffs against us in exchange for her, that would be a good playing card. 现在,如果我们加拿大政府将她作为特朗普的杠杆,以降低针对我们的钢铁和铝关税来换取她,那将是一张好牌。
Rick Wong : Rule of Jungle actually. 丛林法则。
Steven Sievers : More crap from jealous people 嫉妒的人废话更多
BIGBLUE : We will do so, and Apple, Cisco, Google, IBM and Oracle are all DEAD DOGS from today on! 我们会这样做,苹果、思科、谷歌、IBM和甲骨文从今天起都是死狗!
@Supercoolpanda : No Dumbberg. Huawei is owned by the China Commie Party. We are not communists and Apple is not state owned. We have no idea. 没有笨蛋。华为是中国共产党的一部分。我们不是共产主义者,苹果不是国有企业。我们不知道。
nawaponrath : And who told you Huawei is a spy arm of China? CNN? FOX? 谁告诉你华为是中国的间谍武器?美国有线电视新闻网?福克斯新闻?
Leila Fincham-Cekala : The sale of electronic devices to Iran, if proven, broke US sanctions. China must respect US policies. 如果证实,向伊朗出售电子设备会破坏美国的制裁。中国必须尊重美国的政策。
Michael Wu : Kidnap is what the US always doing, disgust … Becareful Tim Cook 绑架是美国一直在做的事,厌恶…可怜的库克
fatih İlkturk : offf course if huwai sales done Apple pick up again this is big time real trade war and after big one coming 当然,如果华为的销量再次上升,那么这将是一场真正的贸易大战,而且这场大战即将来临。
JOHN LIANG : Well, China is not a province or a state of US so it doesn’t have to uphold a US foreign policy. US sanction is US law not international law. US has a problem drawing a line between its own law and international law. 中国不是一个省或美国的一个州,所以它不必支持美国的外交政策。美国制裁是美国的法律,而不是国际法。美国在自己的法律和国际法之间存在一个问题。
Leowang1982 : We will arrest Boeing CEO, United Technologies Corporation CEO!!!, We and you will see !!!!我们将逮捕波音首席执行官,联合技术公司首席执行官!!!!我们和你们会看到的!!!!
Grinder : Imagine if China arrested Australian Execs….. shit, wait they did,…. 想象一下,如果中国逮捕了澳大利亚高管……
daniel : what a shame to USA 美国真丢人
Joe morales, Ph.D. : Hmm, I don’t know. Maybe China ought to arrest the CFO of Apple, or better yet, of Facebook. It’s not a “trade issue” but an apparent legal issue. 嗯,我不知道。也许中国应该逮捕苹果公司的CFO,或者更好的是脸谱网。这不是一个“贸易问题”,而是一个明显的法律问题。
Joe Kong : If China arrest Boeing’s CFO because Boeing sell weapon to Taiwan, what do you think? 如果中国因为波音向台湾出售武器而逮捕波音公司的CFO,你认为呢?
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