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ccwalker050: This is a joke. Trump getting the NPP? Hell he can barely read. He hasn’t done anything that didn’t require him paying someone off for getting it done. Peace in the middle east? Yeah right! LOL! 这是个笑话。特朗普得了诺贝尔?他几乎不识字。他没有做过任何不需要他付钱的事。中东和平?哈哈哈哈!
Papi Chulo: What a joke! The president that supports white supremacists and hates immigrants nominated for a peace prize? How much money did he pay for the nomination? Who is next, Kim Jong-un? 真是笑话!总统支持白人至上主义者并讨厌提名和平奖提名的移民吗?他为提名支付了多少钱?接下来是谁,金正恩?
John Dunn: I nominate kim jong un 我提名金正恩
shaolyn black: Yeah Trump is the right one to nominated. Not this fake Obama 是的,特朗普是被提名的正确人选。不是这个假奥巴马
Just another Jojo Weeb: The reason he got it is because he never started wars or bombed and killed innocent civilians in the Middle East 他之所以得到它,是因为他从未在中东发动战争或轰炸和杀害无辜平民
Love4 All: What did this Bum of a president do you deserve this. This should be just called a “prize” if he gets it, the “noble” and “peace” doesn’t exist. 你对总统这个职位做了什么? 如果拿奖的话,这应该称为“奖品”,而“(noble)高贵”和“(peace)和平”并不存在。
Manuel Müller: From a German: He deserves it! 德国人说:他应该得到!
Earnest T Bass: Obama’s kicking the cat after hearing this. 奥巴马听了这番话后,气得跳脚。
Scott Teaberg: “Trump is the logical conclusion of what the Republican Party became over the last 50 or so years, a natural product of the seeds of race, self-deception, and anger that became the essence of the Republican Party. Trump isn’t an aberration of the Republican Party. He is the Republican Party in a purified form”. The end of the Republican party. Time to jump ship. “特朗普是共和党在过去五十年左右的时间里的合乎逻辑的结论,这是种族,自欺欺人和愤怒的种子的自然产物,这成为共和党的本质。特朗普不是畸变共和党的代表。他是纯正的共和党”。共和党的终结。是时候下船了。
SierWilliam: Thank you President Trump, I had no idea that 4 generations of men in my family who fought for this country, many who died for this country were just a bunch of suckers. 谢谢特朗普总统,我不知道我家为这个国家而战的四代人中,有很多为这个国家而死的人只是一群傻瓜。
Donny Danko: Well deserved 👏 当之无愧
T: If Russia and North Korea can influence the vote he’s in…… 如果俄罗斯和朝鲜能影响他的投票。。。。。。
Horde Gaming: They should change the name of Nobel Piece Prize to Zionist Warmongering Prize. 他们应该把诺贝尔奖改名为犹太复国主义战争贩子奖。
hilton sue: Greta Thunberg is more deserving of the Nobel. Trump is legions ahead for the G. Book of Records for ” The biggest LIAR of ALL TIMES” 格雷塔·汤恩伯格更值得获得诺贝尔奖。特朗普以“史上最大的说谎者”之名遥遥领先
Fox Dawnstar: Obama got one, but they should take it back and give Trump 2!!! 奥巴马有一个,但他们应该收回,给特朗普!!!
Tia Sing: Trump defunded the World Health Organization (WHO) knowing that covid 19 was deadly to Americans, let that sink in, he don’t care about Americans, he call Americans stupid in 2016 remember that. 特朗普从世界卫生组织(WHO)退款,因为他知道covid 19对美国人是致命的,让它发展,他不在乎美国人,他在2016年称美国人愚蠢,记得吗。
Regina Aguilar: what 😃 the 😃 fawk 😃 WTF?
vinny bubbleshorts: Sorry Trumpolini they don’t give the Nobel Prize to losers and suckers and you’re the biggest loser and sucker EVER! 对不起,特鲁姆波利尼他们不把诺贝尔奖颁给失败者和笨蛋,而你是有史以来最大的失败者和傻瓜!
Andre Gough: HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!! 哈哈哈!!!!!!!!!
rogers owen: he got nomination because he made nearly 200000 americans “rest in peace” during the pandemic right? 他获得提名是因为他让近20万美国人在流感大流行期间“安息”,对吧?
Rohit Mishra: Left winger sucks, its time to vote for a Right. Hope Trump wins 2020 election 🤞🤞. Support from india🇮🇳🇺🇲 左翼很烂,是时候投票给右翼了。希望特朗普赢得2020年大选。来自印度的支持
BIG LOU LOU: I have hoped for peace in the middle east my entire life. President Trump has us on the precipice and the mainstream media won’t cover it! And they call themselves journalists! Maybe they are waiting for a bigger story, or for their corporate bosses to give them permission to report at all! 我一生都希望中东和平。特朗普总统让我们濒临绝境,主流媒体不会报道!他们自称记者!也许他们在等待一个更大的故事,或者等待他们的公司老板允许他们报道!
Esah: Even Moscow Mitch could have nominated him too together with the single Norwegian right-wing politician who did the favors this time. The Norwegian Nobel Committee explains on its net page: “These nominations will be submitted by members of national assemblies, governments, and international courts of law; university chancellors, professors of social science, history, philosophy, law and theology; leaders of peace research institutes and institutes of foreign affairs; previous Nobel Peace Prize Laureates; board members of organizations that have received the Nobel Peace Prize; present and past members of the Norwegian Nobel Committee; and former advisers of the Norwegian Nobel Institute.” 即使是莫斯科米奇也可以提名,他和唯一一位挪威右翼政客一起提名他,而他这次也帮了大忙。挪威诺贝尔委员会在其网页上解释说:“这些提名将由国民议会、政府和国际法院的成员;大学校长、社会科学、历史、哲学、法律和神学教授;和平研究机构和外交机构的领导人提交;前任诺贝尔和平奖得主;获得诺贝尔和平奖的组织的董事会成员;挪威诺贝尔委员会现任和前任成员;以及挪威诺贝尔研究所前顾问。”
SHANE WHITELOCK: And unlike Obama he’s actually getting it for doing something we’re Obama did nothing and they gave it to him just because he was the first black president 和奥巴马不同的是,他实际上是因为做了一些事情而得到的,我们奥巴马什么也没做,他们给他的只是因为他是第一位黑人总统
British savvy: Trump lovers…. The Noble… ops Nobel Peace Prize cmon… The only person to nominate Trump is the same guy as last time, a FAR RIGHT Norwegian politian. Its not gonna happen, there are 318 candidates including Greta and the NZ PM ha 特朗普情人。。。。贵族。。。诺贝尔和平奖。。。唯一提名特朗普的是和上次一样的人,一位极右翼的挪威政治家。这是不可能的,有318名候选人,包括格雷塔和新西兰总理
gary Yan: that’s fking rediculous…Americans gonna crazy?! 太不可思议了…美国人要疯了?!
Mike Smith: Obama got his because he is black ! 奥巴马得到他的是因为他是黑人!
Becurious: I think this was just a joke!!!! Trumpster is so gullible. 我觉得这只是个玩笑!!!!川谱粉丝真容易上当。
D C: Nominated along with 318 other candidates. I like people who receive the peace prize, not the ones who are nominated for the peace prize. 与318名其他候选人一起被提名。我喜欢那些获得和平奖的人,而不是那些被提名为和平奖的人。
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