抖音海外版(Tik Tok)最近遇上麻烦了,其收购的Musical.ly涉及侵犯儿童隐私遭美国联邦交易委员会(FTC)罚款570万美元,来听听国外网友怎么看待这件事。



《TikTok hit with record fine for collecting data on children》 (CNN)


(CNN Business)China’s big global success story on social media has run into trouble in the United States. 中国在社交媒体上的全球巨大成功故事在美国遇到了麻烦。


Popular video-sharing app TikTok has agreed to pay $5.7 million to settle allegations that it illegally collected personal information from children under the age of 13, such as names, email addresses and their location. 热门的视频分享应用程序TikTok(抖音)已同意支付570万美元来解决其非法收集13岁以下儿童的个人信息的指控,如姓名,电子邮件地址和位置。


The US Federal Trade Commission said in a statement Wednesday that the TikTok fine is a record for a child privacy case. 美国联邦贸易委员会周三在一份声明中表示,TikTok罚款创儿童隐私案件记录。


TikTok, which belongs to $75 billion startup ByteDance, has more than half a billion users worldwide, giving it an international edge over other Chinese-owned social media platforms, which have struggled to expand outside their home market. TikTok属于价值750亿美元的创业公司ByteDance(字节跳动),在全球拥有超过5亿用户,与其他中国社交媒体平台相比具有国际优势,这些平台一直在努力扩展到本土市场之外。


The US fine relates to Musical.ly, a video-sharing app Bytedance bought in 2017 and merged with TikTok last August. 美国罚款涉及Musical.ly,一个视频共享应用程序Bytedance于2017年购买,并于去年8月与TikTok合并。


The FTC said its investigation of Musical.ly had “uncovered disturbing practices, including collecting and exposing the location” of young children. Despite receiving thousands of complaints from parents, the company failed to comply with requests to delete information about underage children and held onto it longer than necessary, according to the commission. 美国联邦贸易委员会表示,其对Musical.ly的调查“揭露了令人不安的做法,包括收集和揭露幼儿的位置”。该委员会表示,尽管收到了数千名父母提出的投诉,该公司未能遵守删除未成年子女信息的要求,并且超过必要时间。


TikTok said in a statement that it is committed to “creating measures” to protect users, including tools for parents to protect their kids. TikTok在一份声明中表示,它致力于“制定措施”来保护用户,包括父母保护孩子的工具。



Augur Kythe : did you get their data Back? 你把他们的数据拿回来了吗?
Jackson Blum : I used to teach 5th graders, and the students would use this app to send videos to each other inside and outside school. Not surprised that there’s some privacy violation lurking. 我以前教5年级的学生,学生们会用这个应用程序在学校内外互相发送视频。毫不奇怪,有一些隐私侵犯潜藏其中。
Bertha Bridges : Good..I wished it had costs them more. Thanks for your reporting. 很好……我真希望他们花更多的钱。谢谢你的报告。
David Lawrence : Ironic, given everyone that uses the app complains the kids are ruining it… 讽刺的是,每个使用该应用程序的人都抱怨孩子们正在破坏它…
Black American 4 Tru : When is Planned Parenthood’s fine for violating child privacy laws? 什么时候计划生育违反儿童隐私法的罚款?
Angel Rossi : I really wish they could have a standardised price list; how much it costs to break any given law. You know. For actual people. 我真希望他们能有一个标准化的价格表,违反任何一项法律都需要多少钱。你知道的。对于真正的人。
Michael Cholod : So many people trying to dismiss this by saying, “Every social media app does this.” Well, just because they do it doesn’t mean it’s right. Consent should not be up for debate. 很多人试图通过说“每个社交媒体应用程序都会这样做”来反驳这一点,但仅仅因为他们这样做并不意味着这是正确的。同意不应该引起争论。
Lonny Eachus : When will the giant corporations like Facebook, Google, and Twitter get hit with even bigger fines? 像facebook、google和twitter这样的大公司什么时候会受到更大的罚款?
Lee Hayward : haha! $5.7m to them is nothing. That’s probably less than 1 percent of their actual net worth. Chump change! 哈哈!对他们来说,570万美元算不了什么。这可能不到他们实际净值的1%。傻瓜!
(multiple people are : Given that their owners, ByteDance, is valued at 78B$, this ‘record fine’ is a joke. 考虑到他们的主人,到目前为止,价值780亿美元,这个“创纪录罚款”是个笑话。
Cyber Trekker : What can one say? Other than, of course, it’s way before time humans started to grow up and act responsibly as well as maturely. 有人能说什么?除此之外,当然,这是人类开始成长和成熟之前的方式。
Barter Loch Monster : Duh, it’s Chinese spyware. Come on. 噢,这是中国间谍软件。算了吧。
Sophie  🌹 Westcott : Exactly, and then you can’t skip them sometimes, so you’re stuck watching a 13 y/o dance around– awkwardness 100% 没错,有时候你不能跳过它们,所以你只能看一场13岁左右的舞蹈——尴尬100%
John Welty : Nobody can be surprised by that. 没人会对此感到惊讶。
Michael Cholod : User tracking is getting out of control! We need to send a message that our children are not for sale! 用户跟踪失控了!我们需要发送一个信息,我们的孩子不出售!
Michael Cholod : Children cannot consent. To me, consent is no laughing matter. 孩子们不能同意。对我来说,同意并不好笑。
Cash Tumbles : It’s a laughing matter because in our dumb down moronic country it’s not rocket science to understand social media and business 这是一件可笑的事情,因为在我们这个愚蠢沉闷的国家,了解社会媒体和商业并不是什么高深科学。
مكرّم mukarram : Tiktok is cancer of social media Tiktok是社交媒体的毒瘤
Roberto Magallanes : Finally some good news 🙂 终于有个好消息了:)
 : So is Instagram yet very little is done Instagram也是如此,但做得很少
The real native man : It’s ok.. Facebook will buy them now and it’ll be AOK 没关系。。facebook要收购他们,到时候就好了。
Chase Art10 : Yeah sure, fine the company. 当然要罚这家公司。



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