《US intelligence warns China is using student spies to steal secrets》(CNN)
《美国情报警告说中国使用学生间谍》 (美国有线电视新闻网)


In August 2015, an electrical engineering student in Chicago sent an email to a Chinese national titled “Midterm test questions.” 2015年8月,芝加哥一名电气工程专业学生向一位中国籍学生发送了一封题为“期中考试问题”的电子邮件。


More than two years later, the email would turn up in an FBI probe in the Southern District of Ohio involving a suspected Chinese intelligence officer who authorities believed was trying to acquire technical information from a defense contractor. 两年多后,这封电子邮件将出现在俄亥俄州南部地区的联邦调查局调查中,调查对象是一名涉嫌中国情报官员,当局认为他试图从一名国防承包商那里获取技术信息。


They identified the email’s writer as Ji Chaoqun, a Chinese student who would go on to enlist in the US Army Reserve. His email, they say, had nothing to do with exams. 他们认出了这封邮件的作者季朝群,他是一名中国学生,将继续征募美国陆军预备役。他们说,他的电子邮件与考试无关。


Instead, at the direction of a high-level Chinese intelligence official, Ji allegedly attached background reports on eight US-based individuals who Beijing could target for potential recruitment as spies, according to a federal criminal complaint. 相反,根据一项联邦刑事诉讼,在一名中国高级情报官员的指导下,Ji据称附上了有关八名美国公民的背景报告,北京可能以间谍的身份招募这些人。


The eight — naturalized US citizens originally from Taiwan or China — had worked in science and technology. Seven had worked for or recently retired from US defense contractors. The complaint says all of them were perceived as rich targets for a new form of espionage that China has been aggressively pursuing to win a silent war against the US for information and global influence. 这八位来自台湾或中国大陆的归化美国公民曾在科学技术领域工作过。其中7人曾为美国国防承包商工作或最近退休。控诉称,所有这些都被视为新形式间谍活动的重要目标,中国一直在积极争取赢得一场针对美国的信息和全球影响力无声战争。



George T. Soporis : The new Red scare 新的红色恐惧
G2 🇺🇸 💱 🇨🇳 : McCarthyism doesn’t work. 麦卡锡主义行不通。
Mike Drop : One of them is in my kids kindergarten class. 其中一个在我孩子的幼儿园班上。
AmericanCaddoGentile : “We allow 350,000 or so Chinese students here every year” [University costs continue to climb making higher education unattainable for more US citizens, while the revenue from wealthy out of country admissions fuels the constantly increasing salaries for administration] “我们每年允许35万左右的中国学生在这里上学”[大学费用持续攀升,使更多的美国公民无法获得高等教育,而来自国外富裕招生的收入推动了政府不断提高的工资]
Robert D. Wilkens : You notice a lot of products are ‘made in china’ and at the same time, we’re doing well with employment? Sharing info is NOT necessarily bad, i thought we were against censorship in china so why do we censor what we tell them? 你注意到很多产品都是“中国制造”,同时,我们的就业情况也很好?分享信息并不一定不好,我认为我们在中国是反对审查的,那么为什么我们要审查我们告诉他们的内容呢?
Andrew Cassioppi : You do know there’s a difference between sharing and stealing right? Some info is beneficial to share, others not so much. 你知道分享和偷窃有区别吗?有些信息有利于分享,有些则没有那么多。
Robert D. Wilkens : If a teacher gives out the information to a student, or if information is put on the public internet via connection, it is SHARING. It is not stealing at that point. No one is obliged to keep secrets, it is guaranteed by constitution. 如果老师向学生提供信息,或者通过连接将信息放到公共互联网上,那么它就是共享信息。那不是偷窃。没有人有义务保守秘密,这是宪法保证的。
Andrew Cassioppi : Whether you think the actual sharing of info is illegal or not (classified info is in fact illegal to share), the real crime is acting as an agent of a foreign government without disclosing it. That is a crime and is not protected by the laws you are citing. 无论你是否认为信息的实际共享是非法的(机密信息实际上是非法的),真正的犯罪行为是作为外国政府的代理人而不披露。这是一种犯罪,不受你所引用的法律保护。
Andrew Cassioppi : Did you read the article? It is about students recruiting scientists and defense contractors for China with the intent of sharing classified or protected info. 你读过这篇文章吗?这是关于为中国招募科学家和国防承包商的学生,目的是共享机密或受保护的信息。
Andrew Cassioppi : We aren’t going to come to an agreement, but this is America and you are free to believe that. I personally believe that some things are best not publicly known. Hope you have a good night man. 我们不会达成协议,但这是美国,你们可以自由地相信。我个人认为有些事情最好不为公众所知。希望你有个好男人。
Robert D. Wilkens : Think about why ‘some’ people in ‘government’ get these secrets, when we in theory live in a government ‘by the people’ where everyone is the government. Without the constitution, the whole power structure falls apart when we lose faith. 想想为什么“政府”中的“一些人”会得到这些秘密,当我们理论上生活在一个“人民政府”中,每个人都是政府。没有宪法,当我们失去信心时,整个权力结构就会瓦解。
rebuke chaos : Not surprised at all by this. 一点也不奇怪。
park kam : yes it’s true and those students wind up learning US freedom is great and wind up questioning China’s authority from the inside. 是的,这是真的,那些学生最终了解到美国的自由是伟大的,最终从内部质疑中国的权威。
Prabir Sanyal : US needs2 keep a strict vigil on all Chinese , staying/studying/doing business in USA. Chinese technology power, is based on stolen secrets from many countries. China has a trained team of hackers,, whose only job is to steal secrets from other countries. USA affected most ! 美国需要2对所有中国人保持严格的守夜,在美国停留/学习/做生意。中国的技术力量是基于许多国家窃取的秘密。中国有一支训练有素的黑客队伍,他们唯一的工作就是从其他国家窃取机密。美国受影响最大!
Rubric Marlin : This is really disturbing. 这真令人不安。
nora  🇺🇸 : I heard that these groups are created at campuses to corrupt right at the root. 我听说这些组织是在校园里创建的,目的是为了从根本上腐败。
nora  🇺🇸 : I was like thinking more like Chinese, russians, 我更喜欢中国人,俄罗斯人,
ME : We all knew this for years. It’s not new news. smh 我们都知道很多年了。这不是新闻。
Rita : Time we realize there are many issues relating to China that should have us asking more questions. 当我们意识到与中国有关的许多问题需要我们提出更多的问题时。
archie : How to tell MSM or govt news is fake???? If the script is about Russia, China or any mineral and oil rich nation, the truth is the opposite to the narrative!!! 如何告诉MSM或政府新闻是假的????如果剧本是关于俄罗斯、中国或任何一个矿产和石油资源丰富的国家,那么事实与叙述相反!!!!
Ryan : CNN, you should say that there is no such thing, CNN is not serving the CCP? Why did it change? CNN,你应该说没有这样的事情,CNN不是在为中共服务吗?为什么会改变?
Hakiri Begumisa : Why panicking,why don’t they technology to cub them 他们为什么惊慌失措,为什么不用技术把他们弄成幼崽呢?
David Gao : That’s totally bulshit man 那完全是个疯子
Rex : Catch, deport, freeze all bank accounts, Students loans and personal possession. 抓捕、驱逐、冻结所有银行账户、学生贷款和个人财产。
Petroleum Engineer : Spy chiefs : go back to University. We need reasons for budget from taxpayers. 间谍局长:回到大学去。我们需要纳税人的预算理由。
SundRose : Countries do that, 各国都这么做,
Oscar X Brayden : I thought CNN was China. 我以为CNN是中国。
Brett : Our President just blurts them out 我们的总统只是脱口而出
Lucette1996@hotmail. : President Trump said that over a year ago ????? 特朗普总统一年前说过吗???????
Captain Planet : At least they are changing it a bit from the Russian nonsense…. As if Chinese or Russian need to spy on Americans…. The whole world knows what they are doing… Regime changes and wars its not as if its a secret and they need spies 至少他们正在改变这一点,从俄罗斯的胡说八道……好像中国人或俄罗斯人需要监视美国人……全世界都知道他们在做什么…政权更迭和战争,这不像是秘密,他们需要间谍。
nadia al alousy : Why always this fear of China or Russia or .. Lesnistien spying on US ? 为什么总是害怕中国或俄罗斯,或者……莱斯尼辛在监视我们?
Constance Leideritz : Duahhh! This has been going on for years by many other countries and CNN is now catching on or rather only now reporting it. Proof the CNN’s mascot should be an ostrich. 多哈!多年来,许多其他国家一直在这样做,CNN现在正在关注,或者更确切地说,只是在报道它。CNN的吉祥物应该是鸵鸟。
IsupportTRX 🖕OFF : You all believe like this hasn’t been happening since war has been around. We probably do the same thing, but us Americans always stand on a moral high ground we have no busines being on. This is why people hate Americans 你们都相信,自从战争爆发以来,这种情况就没有发生过。我们可能也会做同样的事情,但是美国人民总是站在道德的高地上,我们没有生意。这就是为什么人们讨厌美国人
Andy H : According to DJT everything’s fine, you can’t believe what the US intel services are telling you. Just trust in Donald’s gut and you’ll be fine. 根据DJT的说法,一切都很好,你不能相信美国英特尔服务公司告诉你的。只要相信唐纳德的直觉,你就没事了。
Michael luby : Course they are. Been at that for decades. 当然了。已经有几十年了。
AD Palkmer : Remember it’s democrats that want open borders. 记住,民主党想要开放边界。
Some Guy  🇮🇹 : I’ve found malicious spyware in huawai that can’t be removed and a backdoor. 我在华威发现了无法移除的恶意间谍软件和后门。
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