《China Sentences a Canadian, Robert Lloyd Schellenberg, to Death》 (The New York Times)
《中国判处一名加拿大人罗伯特·劳埃德·谢伦伯格死刑》 (纽约时报)


China’s diplomatic clash with Canada escalated sharply on Monday, when a Chinese court sentenced a Canadian to death for drug smuggling at a one-day retrial ordered weeks after a Chinese executive’s arrest in Canada. 中国与加拿大的外交冲突在星期一急剧升级,当时一个中国法院在一名中国高管在加拿大被捕后的几个星期重审中判处一名加拿大人因毒品走私而被判处死刑。


Mr. Schellenberg’s fate could become a volatile factor in diplomacy between Beijing and Ottawa in the aftermath of the arrest by Canadian authorities of a Chinese technology executive in British Columbia last month — a move that incensed the Chinese government. 在加拿大当局上个月在不列颠哥伦比亚省逮捕一名中国技术执行官之后,舍伦伯格先生的命运可能成为北京和渥太华之间外交的一个不稳定因素 – 这一举动激怒了中国政府。


Mr. Schellenberg had appealed a 15-year prison sentence for smuggling methamphetamines. But during his retrial, against the backdrop of sharply increased tensions between China and Canada, the court sided with prosecutors who called for capital punishment. Schellenberg先生因走私甲基苯丙胺而上诉了15年徒刑。但在重审期间,在中国和加拿大之间紧张局势急剧加剧的背景下,法院支持要求判处死刑的检察官。


“The evidence is compelling and ample, and the criminal charges are well founded,” the Dalian Intermediate People’s Court said of Mr. Schellenberg’s death sentence, according to an official account published online. “Schellenberg was a principal culprit.” 根据发布的官方报道,大连市中级人民法院对Schellenberg先生的死刑判决说:“证据充足且充分,刑事诉讼也是有根据的”。“Schellenberg是罪魁祸首。”


In recent years, Chinese courts have repeatedly made the point that foreigners will not be treated differently from Chinese nationals in drug convictions. Even so, death sentences for citizens of Western countries are rare in these cases. 近年来,中国法院一再指出,外国人在毒品定罪方面不会与中国公民区别对待。即便如此,在这些案件中,西方国家公民的死刑判决也很少。


Mr. Kamm noted that Hu Xijin, the editor of the Global Times, a nationalist Chinese newspaper, had warned before the sentencing that if Canada went ahead with Ms. Meng’s extradition to the United States, “China’s revenge will be far worse than detaining a Canadian.” 卡姆先生指出,中国民族主义报纸“环球时报”的编辑胡锡进在判决前已经发出警告说,如果加拿大继续将孟女士引渡到美国,“中国的报复将远比拘留中国更糟糕。加拿大“。



Joan Vickewrs : Remember that Canada is detaining the Chinese executive Ms. Meng, a Huawei executive at the request of the US. Yet Trump has offered no support for Canada. Canada is honoring international court rules that governs extradition. It would appear that both China and Trump want to get rid of these rules. 记住,应美国的要求,加拿大拘留了华为高管孟女士。然而,特朗普没有支持加拿大。加拿大正在遵守管辖引渡的国际法院规则。中国和特朗普似乎都想摆脱这些规则。
felixmk : This is China pressuring Canada because Canada honored the US arrest warrant for Ms. Meng, a Huawei exec. Two other innocent Canadians are in Chinese jails. The US has offered no support to Canada, aside from a half hearted statement from Pompeo. China is pressuring Canada because they don’t want to upset Trump. Next time US diplomats need a safe haven like they did in Iran when the embassy was attacked or need a place to land airplanes after a terrorist attack, find another country to help you out. 这是中国向加拿大施压,因为加拿大为华为高管孟女士颁发了美国逮捕令。另外两名无辜的加拿大人在中国监狱里。除了Pompeo半心半意的声明外,美国没有向加拿大提供任何支持。中国向加拿大施压,因为他们不想打乱特朗普。下一次,美国外交官需要一个像在伊朗大使馆遭到袭击时那样的安全避难所,或者在恐怖袭击后需要一个降落飞机的地方,找另一个国家来帮助你。
JEG : Neither the United States or Canada should back down to China. Chinese executive Meng Wanzhou has been lawfully detained for evading sanctions against Iran. If China is able to pressure the United States and Canada to do its bidding in this case, it will embolden China further to use our citizens as diplomatic pawns, and that will make every American and Canadian less safe. 美国和加拿大都不应该向中国退让。中国行政长官孟晚舟因逃避对伊朗的制裁而被依法拘留。如果中国能在这种情况下迫使美国和加拿大投标,它将进一步鼓励中国把我们的公民当作外交兵,这将使每个美国人和加拿大人的安全性降低。
The Real Mr. Magoo : Does not seem like a good time for any westerner to travel to Russia, China or Saudi Arabia, even if they have business there. 对于任何西方人来说,去俄罗斯、中国或沙特阿拉伯旅游似乎都不是个好时机,即使他们在那里有生意。
Jeff P : Regardless of the rights or wrongs of the Meng case, the main takeaway seems to be that, unless one has absolutely clear diplomatic immunity, traveling to China is almost as bad an idea as traveling to North Korea. 不管孟的案件是对是错,最主要的收获似乎是,除非有明确的外交豁免权,否则到中国旅行和到朝鲜旅行一样糟糕。
JJackson : Richard Delisi formerly from NYC has spent the last thirty years in jail in Florida for pot possession. He is serving a 90 year sentence for smuggling marijuana. Richard is a nonviolent offender with only pot convictions on his record. 理查德·德丽西(RichardDelisi),前纽约人,因持有大麻在佛罗里达州监狱度过了30年。他因走私大麻被判90年徒刑。理查德是一个非暴力犯罪者,他的记录中只记录了几桩大案。
Dubliner : I think this just shows that whether the issue is islets in the South China Sea, intellectual property, phone technology, or humans, China plays by different rules. Thankfully many countries are waking up to this now. 我认为这表明,无论是南海诸岛、知识产权、电话技术,还是人类,中国都有不同的规则。值得庆幸的是,许多国家现在都意识到了这一点。
Penny Macpherson : Where is our ally the US? Three Canadians were detained all of a sudden after we picked up Meng on US orders because we have an extradition order with the US. Hearing all this, can the US not speed the process? Offer support of some kind? 我们的盟友美国在哪里?三个加拿大人在接到孟的命令后突然被拘留,因为我们有引渡令。听到这些,美国能不能加快进程?提供某种支持?
Thomas Morgan Philip : With the possible exception of Saudi Arabia, it is hard to think of a worse global citizen than China. Its attitudes towards the environment and human rights in particular display an utter disregard for anything other than its own narrow self-interest. As for diplomacy-by-hostage-taking, civilized nations gave up this barbaric practice several hundred years ago. Not so China, which on this as on so many other things, has not advanced beyond the Middle Ages. 除了沙特阿拉伯,很难想象一个比中国更糟糕的全球公民。它对环境和人权的态度尤其表现出对自身狭隘的私利以外的任何事物的完全漠视。至于劫持人质的外交,文明国家几百年前就放弃了这种野蛮的做法。中国在这方面和其他许多方面都没有超过中世纪。
Justin : Eventually China’s true colors should be apparent to everyone — even the globalists who have welcomed China to the stage this last decade or so. China is literally going to kill someone, purely out of retaliation for arresting a high profile executive whom they supported. The two individual cases are entirely unrelated, but China links the two because it is a convenient way for them to show their anger. The Chinese Communist Party and Huawei are NOT welcome in the U.S., not welcome on the global stage, not welcome as the supposed leaders on any issue. 最终,每个人,甚至那些在过去十年左右欢迎中国登上舞台的全球化人士,都应该清楚地看到中国的真实面貌。中国真的要杀人,纯粹是为了报复逮捕他们支持的一位高调高管。这两个个案完全无关,但中国将两者联系起来,因为这是他们表达愤怒的一种方便方式。中国共产党和华为在美国是不受欢迎的,在全球舞台上是不受欢迎的,在任何问题上都不像所谓的领导人那样受欢迎。
Purple Spain : Another reason to reconsider visiting a totalitarian state. One cannot assume that nothing untoward could happen to you. 重新考虑访问极权国家的另一个原因。你不能以为什么事都不会发生在你身上。
Pete : I always find the Chinese inadvertently prove the world’s suspicions to be true, with their follow up actions to things that rub them the wrong way. 我总是发现中国人不经意间证明了世界上的猜疑是真的,他们的后续行动是以错误的方式摩擦他们。
gary wilson : This is what happens when the rule of law is ignored. I hope we may learn from it. 这就是忽视法治的后果。我希望我们能从中吸取教训。
RajeevA : What a farcical trial! Meanwhile Chinese laboratories continue their untrammeled production of synthetic drugs causing untold number of deaths and suffering for families the world over. 多么滑稽的审判!与此同时,中国实验室继续生产未经限制的合成药物,导致世界各地家庭遭受数不清的死亡和痛苦。
Walter McCarthy : what’s the problem ? many Trump supporter hope for the same penalties for U.S. citizens except when’s its a relative, of course.. 怎么了?许多特朗普的支持者希望对美国公民同样的惩罚,当然,当美国公民是亲属时除外。
Ethan Wang : You have to know that smuggling methamphetamines is a huge crime in China. One carrying/selling more than 50 gram will be possible to sentenced to 15 years/life imprisonment/death. Mr. Schellenberg has 222.035 kg. If this information is a fact, there is no doubt that he can be sentenced to death. 你必须知道走私甲基苯丙胺在中国是一项巨大的犯罪。一个人携带/出售超过50克可能被判15年/无期徒刑/死刑。舍伦伯格先生有222.035公斤。如果这是事实,毫无疑问,他会被判处死刑。
Berner : NYT omits key point that Ms. Meng, the Huawei exec, was arrested at behest of US authorities. Perhaps the US could get off the pot and actually charge her, or drop the extradition request, or are all the lawyers now huddled in the White House? Or furloughed? 纽约时报忽略了华为高管孟女士在美国当局的要求下被捕的关键点。也许美国可以摆脱困境,真正起诉她,或者放弃引渡请求,或者现在所有的律师都挤在白宫里?还是休假?
Gideon : You mean the US and Canada were emboldened to arrest this executive over doing business with Iran!! 你的意思是美国和加拿大有胆量逮捕这个与伊朗做生意的执行官!!
Fernando : Again, why do we trade with China? 再说一遍,我们为什么要和中国做贸易?
Person : A terrifying tragedy and enough to put people off from traveling to China. 一场可怕的悲剧,足以使人们推迟到中国旅游。
ad : This is what happens in legal systems run by authoritarian regimes. This is what will happen in American once Trump corrupts our system of justice. 这就是独裁政权运行的法律体系中发生的事情。一旦特朗普腐蚀了我们的司法体系,这就是美国将要发生的事情。
Ambrose : For all its economic lustre, China is still a primitive country with a justice system that is laughable. 尽管中国有着良好的经济实力,但它仍然是一个原始的国家,其司法制度是可笑的。
Lynn : Don’t go to China. Or North Korea. Or KSA. Or Russia. 不要去中国。或者朝鲜。或KSA。或者俄罗斯。
GregP : Time for Canada to play hardball with China. Even if they give up Meng to spare their citizen’s life, which they can choose to do if they want, no more trade delegations going over acting like everything is normal. Start to deport those rich Chinese who are buying up land. Show strength or get used to a new normal. 现在是加拿大和中国进行强硬合作的时候了。即使他们放弃孟的工作来挽救他们的公民的生命,如果他们愿意的话,他们也可以选择这样做,但再也没有贸易代表团像往常一样行事了。开始驱逐那些购买土地的中国富人。表现出力量或习惯新的常态。
Linda : Canada has a population smaller than that of California, vast natural resources including 20% of the world’s fresh water supply. Universal healthcare, advanced education, and sound immigration policies. Not to mention that they are the second largest country in the world. They will be more than fine. 加拿大的人口比加利福尼亚州少,自然资源丰富,占世界淡水供应量的20%。全民医疗、高等教育和健全的移民政策。更不用说他们是世界第二大国家。他们会很好的。
James : It’s sad to see that some commenters are blaming the US not China for this issue. 令人遗憾的是,一些评论人士将这一问题归咎于美国而非中国。
Joe : Waiting for Mr Trump to speak out. Also, maybe anyone who thinks they should travel to China or Russia should reconsider. 等待特朗普先生发言。另外,也许任何认为自己应该去中国或俄罗斯旅行的人都应该重新考虑。
JG : China is playing hard ball with western democracies. It is still a dictatorship and should not be trusted. The West should retaliate by considerably reducing their manufacturing and trade with China. It is dumping cheap and useless junk on us and enriching itself beyond its dreams. We are feeding our nemeses. 中国正在与西方民主国家打硬仗。它仍然是一个独裁国家,不应该被信任。西方应该通过大幅减少与中国的制造业和贸易来进行报复。它把廉价无用的垃圾倾倒在我们身上,使我们的生活变得丰富起来,超出了它的梦想。我们正在养活我们的敌人。
Joe Runciter : This sort of “justice” is what one can expect from an authoritarian country like China. 这种“正义”正是一个像中国这样的独裁国家所能期待的。
HH : I believe you can either follow international law, which says it’s okay to trade with Iran, or US law, which says you cannot. businesses have to choose wisely, and it’s a very difficult choice. it also depends which way governments choose to support their national and multinational companies. 我相信你可以遵循国际法,也就是说与伊朗进行贸易是可以的,或者美国法,你不能。企业必须做出明智的选择,这是一个非常困难的选择。这还取决于政府选择何种方式来支持本国和跨国公司。
Claude Wallet : This is what happens when we deal with a lawless country, elevating it to the status as a respectable nation on the merits of a strong economy. China is a country still to be built. We gave-up too much to them, closing our eyes to human rights abuse for greed and it will come back to haunt us. 这就是当我们面对一个无法无天的国家时所发生的事情,基于一个强大经济的优点,把它提升到一个值得尊敬的国家的地位。中国是一个有待建设的国家。我们对他们放弃了太多,不再关注对人权的滥用,因为贪婪,它会再次困扰我们。
Main : China is revealing itself to the world, the glittering veil of technology concealing a barbaric nation at its heart 中国正在向世界展示自己,在其核心隐藏着一个野蛮国家的闪闪发光的技术面纱。
Jeanne Miner : This is the China that the investment and tech community has so arduously supported. This is the China whose wealth the United States as largely created. 这就是投资和科技界如此大力支持的中国。这就是中国,其财富主要是美国创造的。
Lawrence : How much of Vancouver is being bought with laundered Chinese drug profits? 温哥华有多少是用洗过的中国药品利润买来的?
John : Trump would do the same if he could 特朗普也会这么做的
danielleisabadgirl : “Western egotism and white supremacy” “西方利己主义和白人至上主义”
Tony Clark : China is the worlds next superpower. Just look at the billions they are dumping into their infrastructure. But now we get to stand around and watch as a more powerful country does things we don’t like. Just like the rest of the world for the past 200 years did with America. 中国是世界下一个超级大国。看看他们向基础设施投入的数十亿美元。但现在我们要站在周围,看着一个更强大的国家做我们不喜欢的事情。就像过去200年世界上其他国家对美国所做的那样。
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