外国人对比纽约和深圳:(地址 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z343BAcGBHg)

cx x: Shenzhen is pretty better than New york 深圳比纽约好多了
Carlo Batin: Shenzen is my Favorite City in China 深圳是我最喜欢的中国城市
AcidBot66: Honestly, there is no possible comparison… Compared with Shenzhen New Your looks more like a medieval city straight from the dark ages… And that is not to consider the misery of the American people living on the streets of New York and all over America! 老实说,没有可能的比较… 与新版的深圳相比,纽约看起来更像是中世纪的城市…… 那不是要考虑生活在纽约街头和全美各地的美国人民的痛苦!
Zyroxyz Zero: Any China hater here? Believe me this is fake, it is made in 3D imagery. 这里有讨厌中国的人吗?相信我这是假的,它是用3D图像制作的。
: New York is a great city 纽约是一个伟大的城市
Francis Alexis: New york it new york the rest it shitttt 纽约,纽约,其余的都是狗屎
Israel Marquez: SZ is cool, but NYC is not the capital of the world for no reason. Finance, fashion, real state, museums, universities, United Nations. Should I continue? Ask any billionaire which one? NYC every time 深圳很酷,但纽约不是无缘无故的世界之都。金融、时尚、现实、博物馆、大学、联合国。我要继续吗?问问亿万富翁喜欢哪一个?都会选纽约
Yuyang: Shanghai might be a more fair comparision 上海可能是一个更公平的比较
Chien Vu ngoc: NY win 纽约赢
A K: That’s what huge population and strong government can do 这就是庞大的人口和强大的政府可以做的
Oliver Juarez: And to think that Shenzhen is onky like 35 years old , looks like a real futuristic city fucking bad ass 想想深圳有35岁的历史了,看起来像个真正的未来城市
Kenneth Chan: Shenzhen is a 5G city now! 深圳现在是5G城市了!
Arturo Torrez: There’s no comparison, Shenzhen 1000000 times better than New York 没有可比性,深圳比纽约好100万倍
Ganna kaunwal: NYC is a City For CRIMINAL Besides you get a lots of Dirty Crack Whores, Drugs Dealers & Junkies all over the Street Corners, you will see plenty of Angry Rude People everywhere on the Dirty Nasty Noisy Crowded Street, NYC is Not Safes at all, beside Everywhere you look you find Huge Rats running around all over like the Size of a Cats and you will find them Inside the Subway, Bars, Restaurant, Houses & Appts, NYC is a Shit Hole with Plenty of Homeless and Shady Desperate Characters to be ready to Con Tourists or anyone they may get 纽约是一个罪犯聚集的城市除了街角到处都是肮脏的妓女、毒品贩子和瘾君子之外,在肮脏、嘈杂、拥挤的街道上,你会看到很多愤怒的粗鲁的人,纽约一点也不安全,在你所看到的任何地方,你都会发现像猫一样大小的大老鼠到处乱跑,你会在地铁、酒吧、餐厅、房屋和设施内发现它们,纽约是一个狗屎坑,里面有很多无家可归和阴暗绝望的角色,随时准备欺骗游客或他们可能遇到的任何人
MR. INDIA: New York teaches world how to build high.Shenzhen looks like dream city, new York best ever disciple. 纽约教世界如何建设高。深圳看起来像梦幻之城,纽约最好的弟子。
Aidan DaGrossa: i don’t know why you’re all hating on ny. it has more character, history and (in my opinion more beautiful because it no 2 skyscrapers look the same it’s more unique). you may think it’s dirty and old (old isn’t a bad thing look at london, paris, milan, rome, athens etc.) but that’s because you’ve never been there. i love the people, food, never ending activities and melting pot of hundreds of cultures. plus the video only showed manhattan there are 4 other boroughs and not to mention the suburbs. 我不知道你们为什么都恨纽约。它有更多的特点,历史和(在我看来更漂亮,因为它没有2座摩天大楼看起来一样,它更独特)。你可能会觉得这里又脏又旧(看看伦敦、巴黎、米兰、罗马、雅典等等,老不是坏事),但那是因为你从未去过那里。我爱这里的人、食物、永不停歇的活动和数百种文化的熔炉。另外,录像只显示了曼哈顿还有4个区,更不用说郊区了。
Jesús Martín: I have been living in both. Shenzhen is more clean , safe and modern. One of my fav new brand cities in the world 我一直住在这两个地方。深圳更干净、更安全、更现代化。我最喜欢的世界新品牌城市之一
唐思锐: what about nyc’s Metro 😔 纽约的地铁呢
Rick O’Leary: Not very much detail of Shenzhen. This is a large city. You just gave us some imagery of Futian District. Not a realistic comparison. 不是很完整的深圳。这是一个大城市。你刚刚给了我们一些福田区的图像。不是一个现实的比较。
Brawl Genius: I think nyc looked better in this comparison but both cities are amazing 我认为纽约在这个比较中看起来更好,但这两个城市都是惊人的
AJ Moses: Shenzhen reminds me of Houston Texas 深圳让我想起了德克萨斯州的休斯顿
Allen Mena: This is the reason why North Americans hate China💪🇨🇳 这就是为什么北美人讨厌中国💪🇨🇳
but2star: Chinese : We build SZ on our own land. American : We build NY on stolen land. 中文:我们在自己的土地上建立深圳。 美国人:我们在偷来的土地上建纽约。
Alan Andrade: China is the best one 中国是最好的
Dreamingdragon: NY needs more trees 纽约需要更多的树
Kaveh Rahmati: I just love NewYork… To me its the most attractive city not in the US, but in the world… 我只是喜欢纽约。。。对我来说,它是世界上最有吸引力的城市,不仅是美国。。。
Anthony: New York has more culture and life, SZ is just new tall concrete everywhere, can’t really have the same fun as you do in NY, guaranteed. 纽约有更多的文化和生活,深圳只是新的高水泥到处,不能真的有你在纽约一样的乐趣,我保证。
Daniil Rubio: Can you guys like stop hating on NYC, they are both equally unique in their own ways, and city planning in China and America are extremely different. I don’t understand why everyone in this comment section expects the same from two different worlds and Cultures. China is more focused in skyscrapers because their population is triple that of Americas, and America is the soul of urban sprawling. Also, China has been building their mega cities for 30 ish years while America has been building for over 300, meaning that the cities are older. A lot of major cities in America are doing the best they can to make greener cities, if you look at pictures of LA from the 80s and now you’ll see a massive change in smog. Both countries have their own problems too, you cannot deny that, the current political situation in America is very sad but that certainly does not give foreigners the right to judge every American when statistically more than half the population did want it either. And China has their own share of problems such as pollution, some corruption, etc. Please just stop blaming people on problems you aren’t even involved in. 你们能不能别再恨纽约了,他们两个都有自己的独特之处,中国和美国的城市规划也大不相同。我不明白为什么这个评论区的每个人都期望来自两个不同的世界和文化。中国更关注摩天大楼,因为他们的人口是美洲的三倍,而美国是城市扩张的灵魂。此外,中国已经建设了30多年的巨型城市,而美国已经建设了300多年,这意味着这些城市更古老。如果你看看洛杉矶80年代的照片,现在你会看到烟雾的巨大变化,美国很多大城市都在尽最大努力打造更环保的城市。这两个国家也有各自的问题,你不能否认,美国目前的政治局势非常糟糕,但这肯定不能让外国人有权评判每一个美国人,因为统计数字显示,超过半数的美国人确实希望这样做。中国也有自己的问题,比如污染,一些腐败,等等。请不要把你根本没有涉及的问题归咎于别人。
Ismael Quishpe uwu: One difference New York is made in Usa 😅 but shenzhen is made in China……. 一个区别: 纽约是美国制造的,而深圳是中国制造的。
Rex H: china the future 中国是未来
CraZy_Rab: Shenzhen is a city of migrants. 深圳是一个移民城市。
Gihan Udayanga: New York isn’t your time now. You are the best of the 19th century. This is the 21st century..Now asia is rising 纽约现在不是你的时代。你是19世纪最好的。这是21世纪,现在亚洲正在崛起
Devjit khomdram: You can’t compare a legendary developed city 🌇 to a city that seems to develop yesterday 你不能把一个传奇性的发达城市和一个昨天似乎已经发展起来的城市相比较
Blitz: Those light beams in Shenzhen give me some Neo-Tokyo vibes 深圳的那些光束给我一种新东京的感觉
Matthew Nichols: I’ll take freedom over LED’s. 我要用自由取代LED。
Jill Ken Jenkins: House prices in Shenzhen is terrible. In fact, most of Chinese hate that skyscrapes when they exhaust millions of families. We Chinese are prefer to stay in houses owned by ourselves, rather than wander in such mega cities. But the high price of new houses is a question without an answer. 深圳的房价糟透了。事实上,大多数中国人痛恨这种让数百万家庭筋疲力尽的摩天楼。我们中国人宁愿住在自己的房子里,也不愿在这样的大城市里游荡。但新房价格高是一个没有答案的问题。
J W: NYC’s skyline is classic. One of the best. But we have to respect SZ’s great achievement from nothing in just 40 years. SZ’s skyline is kind of futurism. Quite Unique and I believe SZ has great potential to be one of the best soon. 纽约市的天际线很经典。最好之一。 但是,我们必须佩服在短短40年内一无所有地尊重深圳的伟大成就。深圳的天际线是一种未来主义。相当独特,我相信深圳有很大的潜力,即将成为最好的之一。
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