领克(LYNK&CO) 是吉利与沃尔沃合资豪华汽车品牌,目前已有领克01、领克02、领克03 三款车型。看看全球著名的权威汽车杂志名车志 CAR AND DRIVER 对它的评价如何?



《2020 Lynk & Co 01: A Volvo-Based Chinese Luxury CUV》 (CarAndDriver) 《2020 Lynk&Co 01:基于沃尔沃的中国奢侈品CUV》(名车志)


The new Lynk & Co 01, a compact SUV, could well be the first vehicle from a Chinese brand to break big in the United States. 新的Lynk&Co 01,一款紧凑型SUV,很可能是中国品牌的第一款车型在美国打破大局。


Although Lynk & Co is a newly formed sub-brand of Chinese automaker Geely, the 01 is built from a platform shared with fellow Geely subsidiary Volvo; it’s the same Compact Modular Architecture that will underpin the 2019 Volvo XC40, and it uses the same three- and four-cylinder turbocharged gasoline engines. At least in China, anyway. We were told that all European versions will be hybrids, and it seems likely that the U.S. models will follow that example when they show up in 2020, roughly two years after their Volvo sibling. 虽然Lynk&Co是中国汽车制造商吉利新成立的子品牌,但01是与吉利同胞沃尔沃共享的平台建造的;它与2019年沃尔沃XC40相同的紧凑型模块化架构,采用相同的三缸和四缸涡轮增压汽油发动机。至少在中国,无论如何。我们被告知,所有欧洲版本都将是混合动力车,看起来很可能美国车型将在2020年出现时,也就是他们的沃尔沃兄弟车队大约两年后出现。


By the time Lynk & Co reaches the U.S. market, some of this may well change, of course—and it will be arriving as a brand rather than a single model, with the 02 crossover and the 03 sedan set to launch in China ahead of 01 sales beginning in the United States. There’s certainly no shortage of ambition: Visser asserts that the company plans to produce 500,000 vehicles a year for distribution across all global markets by 2021. 当Lynk&Co进入美国市场时,其中一些可能会改变,当然 – 它将作为一个品牌而不是一个单一的车型到来,02越野车和03轿车将在中国之前推出01销售始于美国。当然不乏野心:Visser断言该公司计划到2021年每年生产50万辆汽车,以便在全球所有市场销售。




John C 188Paul G. : It looks like a Kia Sportage riding on top of a Ford Mustang face. Musportage. It got 4 eyes! 它看起来像一个起亚运动骑在福特野马上。Musportage。它有4只眼睛!
devboy11 : It’s such a quirky looking crossover. The interior looks kind of nice though. 这是一个看起来很奇怪的crossover。但是内部看起来不错。
Russell V. : Not sure how they could make enough on leases to scrap the cars after maybe 3-5 years and still be price competitive. 不知道他们怎么能在租期内挣到足够的钱,在3-5年后报废汽车,而且价格仍然具有竞争力。
autonomy : I can’t get over those hood-mounted bulging lamps. Get rid of them or make them blend in, then it doesn’t look half bad. 我受不了那些装在引擎盖上的灯。去掉它们或者让它们混合在一起,这样看起来就差不多了。
unavailablemike : For all the people who claim Korean cars are a mishmash of other brands designs, see what that really looks like here.Agreed. But this has long be the way they do things. 对于所有声称韩国汽车是其他品牌设计的杂烩的人来说,看看这到底是什么样子,但他们一向做事的方式。
Handsomerob86 H. : Disposing after 3 cycles? Is that what, 10 years? Doesn’t sound like a car you should buy. NO parts 3个周期后处理?那是什么,10年?听起来不像你应该买的车。无零件
jon w. : Is ugly and probably not very reliable, no thanks 很难看,可能不太可靠,不要,谢谢。
Bob : With aggressive pricing, this vehicle could easily do well in the U.S. 有了积极的定价,这辆车在美国很容易卖得很好。
RudyToot : Side profile has some better details than the XC40. It should also be roomier. It will probably do ok for a niche model. 侧面轮廓比XC40有更好的细节。它也应该更宽敞些。对于一个利基模型来说,这可能是可行的。
NightWriter : I wonder how long before these appear at your neighborhood Costco for $19.9k. 我想知道这些东西多久才能以19.9万美元的价格出现在你的周边的好市多。
Michael N. : Officer: “License and registration please… what kind of car is this?” 警官:“请出示执照和登记证……这是什么车?”
Monty Splunge : As bad as ripping off the Lincoln name is, it could have been worse.  For example, they could have gone with Licks Us. 尽管撕掉林肯的名字很糟糕,但情况可能更糟。例如,他们可能会和我们一起去。
PiggyPredator : I see Chrysler 200C in the interior for some reason. 我在车内看到克莱斯勒200C是有原因的。
Joe Saab : The name is a rip off of Lincoln and the whole profile is Jeep Compass. Typical copy cat stuff from the land of fake everything. Well, actually they make the real everything there too these days. 这个名字是林肯的翻版,整个侧面是吉普指南针。典型的模仿猫科动物的东西,从世界上的假货。嗯,事实上,这些天他们也制造了一些真东西。
Mark HWanderlust SRT : At first glance I thought that the Subaru Tribeca was reborn!乍一看,我还以为斯巴鲁Tribeca重生了!
JPK : more car companies = more competition = more consumer choice = lower prices. 更多的汽车公司=更多的竞争=更多的消费者选择=更低的价格。
Jason H.JPK : The last thing we need is another new car company, we have enough more car companies 我们最不需要的是另一家新车公司,我们有足够多的汽车公司
Jon368Joe SaabDan Jo : Honestly, the subscription model is the best way for any manufacturer to enter this market nowadays. People want to try out new brands but aren’t willing to go through the risk. The French should consider following suit. 老实说,收购是当今任何制造商进入这个市场的最佳方式。人们想尝试新品牌,但不愿意承担风险。法国人应该考虑下一套。
Joe Saab : agreed. 同意。
Abraham C. : I find this CUV and especially the 03 sedan very interesting. This company really caught my attention. 我觉得这个CUV特别是03轿车非常有趣。这家公司真的引起了我的注意。
Brendon Davis : It’s a promising business model and they seem to be sorted for the most part, but the designs are clearly representative of a company that had sorted the vehicles’ designs before they sorted out the business model. In other words, the basic design and shape already looks a few years old, with a few newer touches tacked onto it, rendering it dated before it even is released. 这是一个很有前途的商业模式,它们看起来大部分都是经过分类的,但这些设计显然是一家公司的代表,该公司在分类出商业模式之前已经对车辆的设计进行了分类。换言之,基本的设计和形状看起来已经有几年的历史了,加上一些新的修饰,使得它甚至在发布之前就过时了。
Mathieu : Do they really do that?  Every time I go to China, I see TONS of American branded cars, and yet in the US I see NO Chinese branded cars at all.  So you, right.  I do see a major trade imbalance.  If you want fair trade it’s about time the Chinese sell there cars here. 他们真的这么做吗?每次我去中国,我都会看到成吨的美国品牌汽车,但在美国,我根本看不到中国品牌汽车。所以你说得对。我确实看到了一个严重的贸易失衡。如果你想公平贸易,中国人应该在这里卖汽车。
Daniel F. : @mathieu – that is a good point.  Seems like we have been doing a pretty good job of “winning” the car sales battle between china and USA over the past 15 years.  When they start selling millions of cars here we can ask for fair trade terms.  Right now, I think things are working out pretty well for us.   @mathieu-这是一个很好的观点。在过去的15年里,我们似乎一直在“赢得”中美之间的汽车销售战。当他们开始在这里销售数百万辆汽车时,我们可以要求公平的贸易条件。现在,我认为事情对我们来说进展得很好。
vincent l. : For the most part it basically looks okay. The problem is as this car came to market, it looks as if the Chinese added on parts along the way. Like the triangular LED taillight. The LED headlight on the front fenders above the wheel wells looks as if to copy Porsche. That should have been within the wide black grill. The dash looks as if they took a page from Tesla in a good way. I would rather wait before ever think of buying one, after all we know the reputation of the Chinese. 在大多数情况下,它基本上看起来还可以。问题是,随着这辆车进入市场,看起来中国人一路增加了零部件。就像三角形的LED尾灯。前挡泥板上的LED前照灯位于车轮罩上方,看起来像是在模仿保时捷。那应该是在宽阔的黑色烤架里。破折号看起来像是从特斯拉那里以一种好的方式取了一页。毕竟我们知道中国人的名声,所以我宁愿再等等看。
Brian G. : The actual business model got my attention more than the car did (the car is ok – I guess if you’re into Nissan Jukes and Kia Sportages) which is very, very different – but so different it might actually work for the next gen of drivers out there – especially if they’re priced competitively over similar leases and financing deals (I’m assuming they will be given they’re brand new here). I’m gonna keep an eye on this – this will either turn out very bad – or so crazy it actually works. 实际的商业模式比汽车吸引了我更多的注意力(汽车还可以-我猜如果你喜欢日产Jukes和起亚狮跑),这是非常不同的-但如此不同,它实际上可能适用于下一代的车主-特别是如果他们的价格比类似的租赁和融资交易有竞争力(我假设他们在这里是全新的)。我会密切关注这件事的-要么结果很糟糕-要么就是太疯狂了,它真的起作用了。
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