原标题: 《China puts hundreds of uninhabited islands up for rent》 (中国将数百个无人岛出租)



China’s northeastern Liaoning province is home to hundreds of uninhabited islands — and they’re available to rent.
The Liaoning Finance and Natural Resources departments issued a statement in July that circulated widely on Chinese social media this week, listing “usage fees” for the uninhabited islands.
Though the islands, like most land and resources in China, are owned by the government, they can be leased out to individuals. Their prices go as low as 3,700 yuan (about $535) per hectare a year, according to Chinese state-run news agency Xinhua.  中国东北的辽宁省有数百个无人居住的岛屿,可以租用。辽宁省财政和自然资源部门于7月发表声明,本周在中国社交媒体上广泛流传,列出了无人岛的“使用费”。尽管这些岛屿像中国大多数土地和资源一样,都归政府所有,但可以将其出租给个人。据中国国营新闻社新华社报道,它们的价格每年每公顷低至3700元人民币(约535美元)。


Liaoning is home to the largest number of islands in northern China — 633 islands in total, of which 44 are inhabited and the remaining 589 are empty. Though some of the islands lie off the coast in the Yellow Sea, many are scattered along the Yalu River that separates the province from neighboring North Korea.
Liaoning’s capital, Shenyang, is about 430 miles east of Beijing, about as far as Boston to Washington, DC.
In recent years, pressure on marine resources in the region has increased, and some of the islands and their surrounding marine territory have been “used inefficiently and extensively,” said the Xinhua report.  辽宁是中国北方最多的岛屿所在地,共有633个岛屿,其中有44个有人居住,其余589个为空。尽管有些岛屿位于黄海沿岸,但许多岛屿散布在鸭绿江上,鸭绿江将该省与邻近的朝鲜分开。辽宁省的首都沉阳位于北京以东约430英里,距波士顿到华盛顿特区大约。新华社报道,近年来,该地区海洋资源的压力不断增加,一些岛屿及其周围的海洋领土“被低效而广泛地使用”。


On the higher end of the scale, the islands can cost as much as 25 million yuan (about $3.62 million) per hectare a year, according to the report. The price depends on several factors, including how much it will be developed and for what purposes.
The lowest you could go is $535, by choosing the cheapest options out of all the factors. For instance, it means choosing the lowest-ranking islands on a six-tier scale, which is sorted based on “socioeconomic development”; the higher the rank, the more expensive it is.  报告称,从规模上看,这些岛屿每年每公顷的成本可能高达2500万元人民币(约362万美元)。价格取决于几个因素,包括将要开发多少以及用于什么目的。通过从所有因素中选择最便宜的选择,您可以最低的价格是535美元。例如,这意味着选择六层规模最低的岛屿,该岛屿是根据“社会经济发展”进行分类的;等级越高,价格越高。


But simply ponying up cash isn’t enough. The island would also have to meet the standards for “primeval use,” meaning it doesn’t require land reclamation or other types of land development that could push the price up by 20 times. This requirement acts as a deterrent for development, to instead encourage environmental protection, said Xinhua.
Finally, it depends on what you want to use the island for — tourism, agriculture, fishing, renewable energy, urban development or others. There are nine possible categories of uses, each with differing price points. 但是仅仅加钱是不够的。该岛还必须满足“原始用途”的标准,这意味着它不需要开垦土地或其他会导致价格上涨20倍的土地开发。新华社说,这一要求对发展起到了威慑作用,反而鼓励环境保护。最后,这取决于您要将该岛用于什么用途-旅游业,农业,渔业,可再生能源,城市发展或其他。有九种可能的用途类别,每种用途都有不同的价格点。


The prospect of owning an island made a buzz on Chinese social media platform Weibo — but officials warned that it wasn’t as straightforward as signing a contract and packing your bags.
The point of releasing this statement, and designing such a complex pricing system, is to ensure better protection for the islands — meaning prospective tenants have to undergo a long and stringent application process.  拥有岛屿的前景在中国社交媒体平台微博上引起了轰动-但官员警告说,这并不像签订合同和打包行李那样简单。发布此声明并设计这样一个复杂的定价系统的目的是确保对岛屿提供更好的保护-这意味着准租户必须经历漫长而严格的申请程序。


The renter would need to submit project reports to demonstrate compliance with environmental regulation, as well as specific development and utilization plans. Only after a close review are tenants approved and given the keys to their new uninhabited island.
“The values of islands are carefully calculated after field research, and ecological factors, such as rare species, fresh water, beaches and other resources also have to be taken into account in the overall plan,” said Yu in the Global Times report.  租客需要提交项目报告,以证明其符合环境法规以及具体的开发和利用计划。只有经过仔细审查,房客才能获得批准并获得他们新的无人岛的钥匙。他说:“岛屿的价值是经过实地研究后精心计算的,在总体计划中还必须考虑到生态因素,例如稀有物种,淡水,海滩和其他资源。”


China has garnered international scrutiny in recent years for its surge in dredging and land reclamation to build artificial islands, which environmentalists say wreak havoc on marine habitats and ecosystems.
In 2018, after damning reports of the environmental impact, the central government announced it would stop approving commercial land reclamation; the following year, it launched initiatives to restore coral reefs damaged by land reclamation.  近年来,中国因疏忽和开垦土地建造人工岛而受到国际关注,环保主义者称,这对海洋生境和生态系统造成了严重破坏。2018年,在关于环境影响的报告破灭之后,中央政府宣布将停止批准商业土地开垦;次年,它启动了恢复被开垦土地破坏的珊瑚礁的倡议。


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