Anthony Jones : Fact: CHINA is now the present and future of this planet! 事实:中国现在是这个星球的现在和未来!
erling cantik : US Leaders Have HUGE Double Standards 美国领导人有巨大的双重标准
Hung Nguyen : THIS IS THE REAL USA LAWYER. 这是真正的美国律师。
Brian C : If Huawei wins, it means US constitution applies to foreign companies and applicable to in foreign countries, esp. in China. That also gives US the rights to issue warrants to search evidence in foreign lands. If Huawei refuses to comply with these warrants, it gives American government the rights to invade China. 如果华为获胜,这意味着美国宪法适用于外国公司,也适用于外国,特别是中国。这也使我们有权签发搜查令,在外国寻找证据。如果华为拒绝遵守这些授权,它将给予美国政府入侵中国的权利。
Christian O. Holz : Hey Glen, th e CCP is depriving Chinese citizens of basic citizens everyday. It’s a bit much for a Chinese state-run company like Huawei feels like they are the victim. Chinese state laws require ALL citizens and companies to cooperate with espionage. The US of course is no angel either here, but as long as the CCP is in power caution must be exercised when dealing with Chinese firms. 嘿,格伦,中国gcd每天都在剥夺中国公民的基本权利。对于像华为这样的中国国有企业来说,这有点像他们是受害者。中国的国家法律要求所有公民和公司与间谍活动合作。当然,美国在这里也不是天使,但只要中国共产党掌权,在与中国企业打交道时必须谨慎行事。
Colin Tan : When accusations of spying and hacking via backdoors installed are leveled on Huawei without adducing any proof, Huawei should sue for defamations and loss of profits. If the 5Eyes led trumpeter regime want to go for 5G evo, the rest of the World couldn’t care less. 当通过安装后门进行间谍和黑客攻击的指控在没有任何证据的情况下对华为提起诉讼时,华为应就诽谤和利润损失提起诉讼。如果由五只眼领导的小号手政权想要购买5G的EVO,世界其他国家也不在乎。
Paul Choi : Huawei IS an agent of the Chinese government no matter the lies that come from the mouth of its CEO. The US has spies on countries and acted egregiously but doesn’t mean we have to allow Huawei products into government infrastructure.华为是中国政府的代理人,无论其CEO口中是否有谎言。美国对国家进行了监视并采取了极端的行动,但这并不意味着我们必须允许华为产品进入政府基础设施。
ken ho : Since Australia and Canada used US “info” to ban Huawei, they ill be sued after US 由于澳大利亚和加拿大利用我们的“信息”来取缔华为,他们将在我们之后被起诉。
Bud Wzr : The US govt has the right to approve any vendors they want. Chinese want to steal the lucrative 5G market from us, and insert spyware. That Huawei chairman lady even wears a “Mao” cap. 美国政府有权批准他们想要的任何供应商。中国人想从美国窃取利润丰厚的5G市场,并插入间谍软件。华为董事长夫人甚至戴着“毛”字帽。
Jason M : Implementing 5G in the US? What? So the internet in the US is owned and controlled by Chinese communist party? What a fucking joke! 在美国实施5G?什么?那么,美国的互联网是由中国gcd拥有和控制的?真他妈的笑话!
Kooisoon Yin : When HUAWEI sues the US government,more countries will be exposed than the US government eavesdrops on state secrets .Once exposed ,the US will offened more countrises . 当华为起诉美国政府时,将有比美国政府窃听国家机密更多的国家被曝光,一旦曝光,美国将触犯更多的国家。
C Joe : I think Huawei has a good case here. The Congress has done something probably unconstitutional and Trump would also hope to seek the same remedies that Huawei is seeking. If Huawei is suing the Congress instead of suing the Government, probably Trump would join hands with Huawei in doing so? 我认为华为在这里有一个很好的例子。国会做了一些可能违反宪法的事情,特朗普也希望寻求与华为同样的补救措施。如果华为不是起诉政府而是起诉国会,特朗普很可能会和华为联手?
Ben Franklin : Congressional overrreach vs executive overreach (natl emergency). Interesting how SC rules (hopefully fast) on separation of powers. 国会超越与行政超越(NATL紧急情况)。有趣的是,SC如何(希望很快)规定权力分离。
Felix : Huawei provides the 5G system hardware for the operator to use, means if US buy Huawei products, American operator will use it, there are hundreds of ways to prevent the hardware to do anything (backdoor?) that the operator do not want it to do. It is a surprise to me that US government says the Huawei equipment can be so intelligent to create a backdoor under the HIGH TECH USA operator. Huawei product backdoor is a fake statement. I don’t believe US government department who have said the fake statement can put up any proof. 华为提供5G系统硬件供运营商使用,意味着如果我们购买华为产品,美国运营商将使用它,有数百种方法来阻止硬件做任何事情(后门?)操作员不希望这样做。令我惊讶的是,美国政府说华为的设备可以如此智能,在美国高科技运营商的领导下创造一个后门。华为的产品后门是假的。我不相信那些说假话的美国政府部门能提供任何证据。
One World : US will become lawless country without this incindent…. , good job Huawei !! 没有这一点,我们将成为一个无法无天的国家……干得好,华为!!
Tony Chong : Americunts are descendants of barbarian , they can’t win the game they will start shooting. 美国佬是野蛮人的后代,他们不能赢得他们将要开始射击的比赛。
karel W : Sometimes i think the Trade War is to force the Chinese government to provide Huawei 5G‘s backdoor to US CIA 有时我认为贸易战是迫使中国政府向美国中央情报局提供华为5G的后门。
chf gbp : Just show evidence it s not so hard. 只要出示证据就行了。
AmericaAmerica : Huawei said US government stole its source code…really? 华为说美国政府偷了它的源代码……真的吗?
Stanley Marzec : These days USA wants to be above the law and the God, that is totally CRAZY MISSION. 如今,美国想要凌驾于法律和上帝之上,这完全是一个疯狂的使命。
Paul X : Support Huawei, the global 5g technology leader.☺️☺️ 支持全球5G技术领导者华为。
astt99 : Huawei know they can’t win the case. This is their ad campaign, with minimum budget as they are having their top salesman, Trump. 华为知道他们赢不了这个案子。这是他们的广告宣传活动,预算最低,因为他们有自己的顶级销售员特朗普。
sandy may : Where is the evidence? 证据在哪里?
sandy may : The United States can ban a private company ARBITRARY without ANY evidence! 美国可以在没有任何证据的情况下禁止私人公司任意经营!
Ken Yup : No worries,huawei is gonna fail in this case cuz Russian kapersky company ever sued the the govt of USA banned their products ,it’s sort of that case ,the consequences of this case is going to be fail,huawei is just wasting their money and time,however huawei might is trying to show off they are innocent,their products doesn’t have backdoor or didn’t spy USA 不用担心,华为在这件事上会失败,因为俄罗斯Kapersky公司曾经起诉过美国政府禁止他们的产品,这是一种情况,这件事的后果将是失败,华为只是在浪费他们的金钱和时间,然而华为可能是在炫耀他们是无辜的,他们的产品没有后门或不是美国间谍
capriat60 : The USA would not paralyse another country’s infrastructure or telecoms. But the state chinese government could through updates to its huawei systems put code to paralyse another country and its networks. I would never trust a country like china because of its government which controls its people, we all saw what happened in the 1990s when young people tried to liberate themselves from their government in China at Tiananmen Square. So this is a government not to be trusted, do not buy a huawei phone, do not. 美国不会使另一个国家的基础设施或电信瘫痪。但是,中国政府可以通过对华为系统的更新,使代码瘫痪另一个国家及其网络。我绝不会相信像中国这样的国家,因为它的政府控制着人民,我们都看到了20世纪90年代在天安门广场,年轻人试图从中国政府中解放出来时发生的事情。所以这是一个政府不值得信任,不买华为手机,不买。
have fun : A loser admits that he is a loser still has the chance to win. A loser who uses all his resources to bad mouthing a winner is doomed to lose forever. US is doomed. 一个失败者承认他是一个失败者仍然有机会获胜。一个用他所有的资源来诋毁胜利者的失败者注定要永远失败。美国注定要灭亡。
jacck chen : 中国封锁youtube,facebook那是因为他不接受中国政府的合理审查与监督,而微软苹果在中国就可以健康发展。华为愿意接受美国政府的监督却无法获取市场这是极其不合理的。任何公司和企业都不能不受监管。
loong H : Everyone knows Edward Snowden? The United States has been monitoring the world. The United States is afraid that Huawei refuses to cooperate with them. Therefore, USA uses low-level means to boycott Huawei. The United States often interferes in other countries’ internal affairs and suppresses opponents with low-level means. 大家都认识爱德华·斯诺登?美国一直在监视世界。美国担心华为拒绝与他们合作。因此,美国利用低层次手段抵制华为。美国经常干涉别国内政,用低级手段压制对手。
deharleyva : The US government doesn’t have to buy products from Huawei. I know for some people they don’t understand that the GOVERNMENT buys and uses technology. It doesn’t have to use Huawei’s products. 美国政府不必从华为购买产品。我知道有些人不明白政府购买和使用技术。它不必使用华为的产品。
Melinda Koid : US has gone over its boundaries. Looks like they are lawless! 我们已经越过了它的边界。看来他们是无法无天的!
wang bruce : We are not interested with politics! 我们对政治不感兴趣!
erling cantik : US could not develop 5G like China, resorting to sabotaging China advancement along with Australia and Japan and calling on other Western nations to join force to sabotage China. What a loser. 美国不能像中国那样发展5G,只能破坏中国与澳大利亚、日本的发展,并呼吁其他西方国家联合起来破坏中国。真是个失败者。
erling cantik : Huawei´s respond: “How can we steal something from you that you don´t have?” 华为的回答是:“我们怎么能从你那里偷到你没有的东西呢?”
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