美媒: 中国或将探索月球背面


China is about to make space history. In December, the country will launch the first spacecraft ever to land on the far side of the moon. Another craft, slated for takeoff in 2019, will be the first to bring lunar rocks back to Earth since 1976. 中国即将创造太空历史。12月,该国将发射有史以来登陆月球背面的第一艘太空船。另一艘定于2019年起飞的飞船将是自1976年以来第一个将月球岩石带回地球的飞船。


These two missions — the latest in China’s lunar exploration series named after the Chinese moon goddess, Chang’e —are at the forefront of renewed interest in exploring our nearest celestial body. India’s space agency as well as private companies based in Israel and Germany are also hoping for robotic lunar missions in 2019. And the United States aims to have astronauts orbiting the moon starting in 2023 and to land astronauts on the lunar surface in the late 2020s. 这两项任务 – 以中国月亮女神嫦娥命名的中国月球探测系列中的最新任务 – 处于探索最近天体的最前沿。印度的航天局以及驻以色列和德国的私营公司也希望在2019年进行机器人登月任务。美国的目标是让宇航员在2023年开始绕月球轨道运行,并在20世纪20年代末将宇航员降落在月球表面。


The time is ripe for new lunar exploration. Despite decades of study, Earth’s only natural satellite still contains mysteries about its formation as well as clues to the history of the solar system . “There are too many things we don’t know,” says planetary scientist Long Xiao of China University of Geosciences in Wuhan. He is a coauthor of two studies published in June and July in the Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets describing the landing sites of the new Chinese missions, Chang’e-4 and -5. 新月探索的时机已经成熟。尽管经过数十年的研究,地球上唯一的天然卫星仍然包含有关其形成的谜团以及太阳系历史的线索。“有太多我们不知道的东西,”中国地质大学武汉的行星科学家龙霄说。他是6月和7月在地球物理研究杂志上发表的两项研究的合着者:行星描述了中国新任务嫦娥4号和5号的着陆点。


To figure out what secrets the moon may still be hiding, scientists are excited to get their hands on new rock samples. The Chang’e-5 sample return mission “no doubt will have additional rock types that we haven’t sampled yet,” says planetary scientist David Blewett of Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory in Laurel, Md. “If you came to the Earth and landed in Great Britain and made all your conclusions about the Earth from what you saw … you really wouldn’t have the whole picture.” 为了弄清楚月球可能隐藏的秘密,科学家们很高兴能够获得新的岩石样本。嫦娥五号的样本返回任务”毫无疑问将会有我们尚未采样的其他岩石类型,”约翰霍普金斯大学应用物理实验室的行星科学家David Blewett在马里兰州劳雷尔说道。“如果你来到地球然后降落在英国,从你所看到的地方得出了关于地球的所有结论……你不会真的全面了解。”



TURN newsOrlando Sai : The moon landing was fake! Nasa faked it to cover up the fact that Obama is an alien working with the zucc species led by Mark Zuckerberg to take over the world and turn everyone orange like trump, so they can enslave us into singing the oompa loompa songs for 25 hours a day. Then they will make a german people dance to looney toons music. We must put a stop to this myth. Donate to the Flat Moon Society, bc the money DEFINITELY does not link to my personal pay pal. btw for anyone who hasn’t realized this is sarcasm… it isHah, thats just what the Venusian atomic zombies would have you think by transmission of their mind ray from the Washington monument. You’re not fooling me three times in a row.shush child. Now we have to kill you 登月是假的!美国宇航局为了掩盖奥巴马是外星人的事实,他与马克·扎克伯格领导的祖科植物一起工作,以接管世界,让每个人都像王牌一样变成橙色,这样他们就能奴役我们,让我们每天唱25个小时的“超级棒歌”。然后他们会让一个德国人跳舞。我们必须制止这个神话。捐给扁月协会,因为钱肯定没有链接到我的私人付费伙伴。对那些还没有意识到这是讽刺的人来说……哈哈,这正是金星人的原子僵尸通过从华盛顿纪念碑传送他们的思维射线所想的。你不是三次在我面前傻傻地骗我。现在我们必须杀了你
motey joe : i’m loving the colorful mythological names China is using for this. would be nice to see the US more involved in this, but at least others think the moon is pretty darned important for science. 我很喜欢中国正在使用的多姿多彩的神话名称。很高兴看到美国更多地参与其中,但至少其他人认为月球对科学非常重要。
Michael McGinnisMax : Could be serious $$ on the Moon. A modest sized metallic asteroid is estimated by one NASA expert to contain about $14 trillion in minerals.Wouldn’t take many $ trillions to fund an amazing space program. 月球上有美元是真的,美国国家航空航天局的一位专家估计,一颗中等大小的金属小行星含有大约14万亿美元的矿物质。用不着花费几万亿美元来资助一个惊人的太空计划。
frgoughMax Sargeson : You can dig much deeper in 1/6th gravity than you can on Earth. May not be as inaccessible as you think.Might be so, but if you want a deep mine you still need a lot of HEAVY earthmoving and boring machinery, trucks etc transported all the way to the moon and fuel for those will be a problem. 在1/6的重力下,你可以比地球上更深的挖掘。也许并不像你想象的那么遥不可及。也许是这样的,但如果你想要一个深井,你仍然需要大量的重型土方运输和钻探机械,卡车等被运到月球上,并为之提供燃料,这将是一个问题。
Max Sargeson : Regarding no chemical weathering on the moon (there is still meteorite weathering), that might be advantageous for the availability of low density ores like titanium, but the highly siderophilic metals (esp. platinum group) will still have fractionated and mostly sunk toward the core during the moon’s early molten stage of formation.A lack of tectonic activity actually makes things worse regarding accessibility of precious metals, they tend to be brought from the mantle to near the surface during plate spreading or plate collision. Similar to upwelling of nutrients in the ocean. 关于月球上没有化学风化(仍然有陨石风化),这可能有利于获得低密度的矿石,如钛,但高嗜铁金属(特别是铂族)仍将有分馏,并在月球呐喊期间主要沉向地核。缺乏构造活动实际上使贵金属的可及性更差,在板块扩张或板块碰撞过程中,贵金属往往从地幔带到地表附近。类似于海洋中营养物质的上升。
John TurnerMichael M : In his novella “The Man Who Sold The Moon” Robert Heinlein has the titular figure privately pull the first man to the Moon aside and fill a pocket of his space suit with uncut diamonds bought under-the-counter in Belgium, which the lone astronaut will pretend to have discovered on the Moon when he comes back. This is to fool investors into fronting billions for follow-on flights.  罗伯特·海因莱因在他的中篇小说《卖月亮的人》中,有个有名的人物私下将第一个人拉到月球旁边,用比利时柜台下买的未切割的钻石装满他的宇航服口袋,这个孤独的宇航员假装是在月球上发现的。回来。这是为了愚弄投资者,让他们面对数十亿美元的后续飞行。
SeanTghuJan Steinman : 1. NASA never landed 6 Apollo missions and 12 Astronauts on the moon. Sending men to the moon and returning to earth was technically impossible in 1969 and still is today.2. The NASA moon landings were a political hoax and the alleged 380kgs of “Moon rocks” are fake. NASA collected meteorites that were found in the summer thaw of Antarctica. That is why there were traces of water and amino acids in these samples leading a scientific wild goose-chase over the origins of water and bacterial life on the moon.3. There was no great impact with earth with the fictional planet “Theia” 4.5 Billion years ago. That is a computer-generated theory modeled to fit flawed NASA data.4. The moon is simply an accumulation of dust particles that got spun off during the original formation of earth. It has no iron core therefore no magnetic poles and no geology. There is no mantle or crust and it never had any volcanoes. These are geological phenomena of earth that have no applicability to the mo 1。美国宇航局从未在月球上着陆过6次阿波罗任务和12名宇航员。在1969,把人送上月球并返回地球在技术上不可能,现在仍然是,美国宇航局登月是一场政治骗局,据称380千克的“月球岩石”是假的。NASA收集了在南极洲夏季解冻中发现的陨石。这就是为什么这些样品中含有微量的水和氨基酸,导致科学家对月球上水和细菌生命的起源展开了科学追逐。45亿年前,虚构的行星“忒亚”对地球没有大的影响。这是一个计算机生成的理论模型,以适应有缺陷的NASA数据。月球只是一个尘埃粒子的堆积物,在最初的地球形成过程中被分解。它没有铁芯,所以没有磁极,没有地质学。没有地幔或地壳,它从来没有火山。这些是地球上不适用于月球的地质现象。
Max Sargeson : Most notably the Soviet Union tracked the spacecraft during the landing, and if there had been ANYTHING even slightly questionable in that data, it would have been the number one story on Radio Moscow and the front page of Pravda.This. No one had more motive to discredit the USA on a global stage than the Kremlin during the cold war. The fact that they never even attempted to do so over the moon landings says a lot. 最值得一提的是,苏联在着陆期间跟踪了宇宙飞船,如果这些数据中有任何问题,那将是莫斯科电台和普拉夫达头版的头条新闻。没有人比冷战时期的Kremlin更能在全球舞台上诋毁美国。事实上,他们甚至没有试图在月球着陆时这么做。
Max Sargeson : Surface temperatures on the moon vary between 130°C to -180°C over the 27 earth-day lunar cycle. Averagetemperatures of the upper atmosphere above 180 miles (Thermosphere) vary between 500°C and 1000°C.So forget trying to land anything on the moon. It will burn up on its way there, and if by some miracle of Chinese engineering, actually makes it; it will just sink into the dust like a man in quick-sand.Well, there are steels for high temperature applications (chrome or vanadium rich) rated to resist up to 1200°C, but the heat shield was ceramic anyway, with an even higher melting temperature… more to the point a brief trip through the extremely dilute gas of the thermosphere will no more melt the shuttle than waving your fingers through a candle flame will burn them off, the heat transfer is insufficient.Btw. 月球表面温度在130°C到180°C之间在27个地球日月球周期上变化。180英里(热层)以上的上层大气的平均温度在500℃和1000℃之间变化。所以忘记在月球上登陆任何东西吧。它会在去那儿的路上燃烧,如果中国工程学的一些奇迹真的能使它燃烧起来,它只会像在流沙中的人一样沉入尘土中。嗯,有耐高温钢(含铬或富钒),额定温度可达1200℃,但隔热层是陶瓷。MIC无论如何,具有更高的熔化温度…更重要的是,在热层极度稀薄的气体中短暂旅行不会使航天飞机熔化,就像在蜡烛火焰中挥动手指会烧掉航天飞机一样,热传递是不够的。
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