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A mobile revolution is changing the way people do business in China. Companies there are integrating brick-and-mortar stores with cellphones to create a more high-tech consumer experience. (CBS) 移动革命正在改变人们在中国开展业务的方式。那里的公司正在将实体店与手机结合在一起,以创造更高科技的消费者体验。 (美国哥伦比亚广播公司)



On code : Technology aka robots will end the beautiful world as we kno it. 技术,也就是机器人,将结束我们所熟悉的美丽世界。
george t : After all the tech they’ve stolen from the US . 他们从美国偷了这么多技术。
Disturbing Disaster : A country of more a billion people with hundreds of millions of people needing jobs they have chosen robots to do the work problem solved 一个拥有十几亿人口、数亿人需要工作的国家,他们选择了机器人来解决工作问题
ManPursueExcellence : With the grocery store applications, they can get a lot more data. You can measure how many people scanned a particular item even, if they do not purchase. 通过杂货店应用程序,他们可以获得更多的数据。你可以测量有多少人扫描了一个特定的项目,即使他们不购买。
trytrustinmejc : Takes the usa six mounths to build a tiny brige and mean while in china theyre building a big brige in 4hrs so whats the problem? 美国6个月建一座小桥,在中国,他们在4小时内就建了一座大桥,那么问题是什么呢?
osei boffa : China has built about $2.5 billion Artificial Intelligence industry whilst the United States is trying to impeach the president.Instead of impeching the president,I would focus on making America better than china 中国已经建立了大约25亿美元的人工智能产业,而美国正试图弹劾美国总统。我不会弹劾美国总统,而是把重点放在使美国比中国更好上。
Najee Jackson : Well It’s not to long before china pass Japan in technology as long as they buy in bulk. 好吧,中国在技术上超过日本还不久,只要他们大量购买。
sajid hossain : Ha ha ha….. This is the reason why america, canada, uk, australi & newzealand r after china….china has one gr8 advantage which they dnt have…. His own consumer mkt. Of 1.3 billion which will overcome all there strategy. 哈哈哈…这就是为什么美国、加拿大、英国、澳大利亚和新西兰排在中国之后……中国有一个他们没有的优势……他自己的消费者市场。13亿人,将克服所有这些问题。
john ouyang : US has a bunch of superheroes, Avengers and Stark Industry. There is nothing to worry about. You are the savior of planet earth. 我们有一群超级英雄、复仇者和严酷的工业。没什么好担心的。你是地球的救世主。
Greg Drake : Not good put people out of work for tho weak up people 不好,让人失业,对那些软弱的人来说。
Mind YourOwn : I do not want to pay for anything using a machine that takes a picture of my face. 我不想用拍我脸照片的机器支付任何费用。
LiS Wright : I like to see the chefs cooking the food when I go to the restaurant. I want to see faces. 我去餐馆的时候喜欢看厨师做饭。我想看看脸。
Richard Teh : Meanwhile the United States is building a wall living in the world of their own 与此同时,美国正在建造一堵生活在自己世界里的墙
OnceuponatimetherewasMEpostingacommentonyoutube : America is too much obsessed about China. Just leave them alone for god sake. The Chinese can’t breath without Americans having to say something about it. They have automatic retail.. so what ! Seriously America, Do you need to mention China 24/7 and do report about china everyday ? Jesus Christ 美国太沉迷于中国了。看在上帝的份上,别管他们。中国人不能不让美国人说点什么就停止呼吸。他们有自动零售。那又怎么样!说真的,美国,你需要全天候地提到中国,每天都报道中国吗?
Michael Zhuang : This is an example of China “stealing our future technology” as Peter Navarro likes to put it. That’s why a trade war is warranted. If Jack Ma has a daughter, she is fair game as well. 正如彼得纳瓦罗所说,这是中国“窃取我们未来技术”的一个例子。这就是为什么贸易战是必要的。如果马云有一个女儿,她也很公平。
Leon : I will miss the cute waiters but at the same time, this makes it more on a equal ground when you don´t get discriminated 我会想念那些可爱的侍者,但同时,当你不被歧视的时候,这会让你在平等的基础上得到更多。
DB : As long as we have a POTUS like Trump, US is going to lag behind and eventually all going to fall apart. 只要我们有一个像特朗普一样的总统,我们就会落后,最终都会分崩离析。
Team Americana : Promoting automation that only benefits the 1% in china. I wonder why you wont show the starving peasants that are probably out of a job. 促进自动化,这只对中国的1%有利。我想知道你为什么不给那些可能失业的挨饿农民看。
Tu Thu : wow very interesting 哇,很有趣
zam023 : 0:44 – Yes I have, in Japan. They have been using this concept from way back in the 1970’s. Alibaba just replaces the conveyor belt with carriers running on magentic rails. You can’t even cathegorize those as robots. Car factories use them to transport parts around the manufacturing plant. They are just transporters. 0:44-是的,在日本。早在20世纪70年代,他们就开始使用这个概念了。阿里巴巴只是用运行在Magentic轨道上的运输车来代替传送带。你甚至不能把它们归类为机器人。汽车制造厂用它们在制造厂周围运输零部件。它们只是运输工具。
abenz pp : europe and US will claim this technology are stolen from them and they will start to ban everything made in china and accuse china’s tech for espionage. 欧洲和美国将声称这项技术是从他们那里偷来的,他们将开始禁止一切中国制造的东西,并指责中国的技术是间谍活动。
L wal : get back to the US and pretend you are still innovating and leading everything (and china only copies)….. 回到美国,假装你还在创新和领导一切(而中国只是复制品)……
Emmanuel Strickland : People forget China is also run by an undemocratic borderline dictatorship that is probably collecting everyones data and personal information and by buying patterns off their phones 人们忘记了,中国也由一个不民主的边界独裁统治统治着,这个独裁统治很可能收集每个人的数据和个人信息,并从他们的手机上购买模式。
Davie Notellin : Just found out from Wall Street Journal yesterday that the U.S. Government has blocked TerraPower of US, a nuclear energy venture chaired by Microsoft Corp co-founder Bill Gates, which supposed to partner with China to use depleted uranium as fuel for nuclear reactors in a bid to improve safety and costs, and to bring cheap and clean energy to many 3rd World countries. The U.S. is so afraid of China (with racist and nationalist undertone of course) getting hold of advance technologies to improve World’s humanity. The U.S. government and media came up with a dirty term accusing “China is stealing intellectual properties” just to make U.S. seems righteous and holy. Well, China made it to the Moon’s far side today, and are building the World’s most advance highspeed rails, all electric vehicles, 5G wireless networks and hyper-threading computer chips without any US’s help, and most of us in the West will be sulking and thinking who else to blame out loud. 昨天《华尔街日报》刚刚发现,美国政府已经阻止了由微软公司(Microsoft Corp)联合创始人比尔盖茨(Bill Gates)主持的一家核能企业Terrapower of US,该公司本应与中国合作,将贫铀用作核反应堆燃料,以提高安全性和成本,并为人类带来廉价和清洁的能源。第三世界国家。美国非常害怕中国(当然也带有种族主义和民族主义色彩)掌握先进的技术来改善世界的人性。美国政府和媒体想出了一个肮脏的词,指责“中国在窃取知识产权”,只是为了让美国看起来正义和神圣。好吧,中国今天走到了月球的另一边,在没有任何美国帮助的情况下,正在建造世界上最先进的高速铁路、全电动汽车、5G无线网络和超线程计算机芯片,而在西方,我们中的大多数人都会闷闷不乐,想着还有谁该大发雷霆。
gearzone2611 : There will be more kidnappings by the American and Canada. 美国和加拿大将有更多的绑架案。
Henning Luo : Time to learn Chinese… 是时候向中国学习了
Dr Spinz : I guess it’s time for the US to “arrest” jack ma’s daughter for ransom 我想是时候让我们“逮捕”马云的女儿了
mrpetersonandsnappyturtle : First they sell the narrative that China is an evil empire, then they sell us the stories of chinese innovations that start in the u.s. and europe. This demonic technology has been in the u.s. for years it just caught on in china because they like to spy on their people! 首先,他们向我们讲述了中国是一个邪恶帝国的故事,然后他们向我们讲述了从美国和欧洲开始的中国创新故事。这种恶魔般的技术在美国已经存在多年了,因为他们喜欢监视自己的人民,所以才在中国流行起来!
Abu Bardewa : No wonder why US is freaking out. 难怪为什么美国吓到了。
Chetan Biswas : Meanwhile Indians shitting on the beach think they are better than China. 与此同时,在海滩上闲逛的印度人认为他们比中国好。
Kevin Chen : This idea won’t work in the US especially the car dealership concept cause there’s too many ” Ghetto” people in the US. And illegal immigrants. The US will lose its footing as the world superpower and I am sad to see that. 这个想法在美国不起作用,尤其是汽车经销商的概念,因为在美国有太多“贫民区”的人。以及非法移民。美国将失去世界超级大国的地位,我很遗憾看到这一点。
Luccino CR : Remember, all that is to collect data to track each individual in China for the communist party, that’s how they control people over there.. 记住,所有的工作就是为共产党收集数据来跟踪中国的每个人,这就是他们如何控制那里的人民。
Tall Topp : We are gonna get at least 150,000 stores nationwide and Mexico’s gonna pay for them. 我们将在全国范围内建立至少15万家商店,墨西哥将为此买单。
Gary Powell : Not so new, Japan have had conveyors for food for years, and the Auto mat since the 1930’s. 不算什么新鲜事,日本已经有了多年的食品传送带,以及自20世纪30年代以来的汽车垫子。
Pharaoh of Kemet : The problem with this is what about the people that rely on the jobs in those markets? I mean I love tech, but to switch the economy over to a full ecommerce lifestyle would cause millions to loose jobs and with limited jobs in the tech industry… This would be devastating. Look how many lost jobs when Wal-Mart’s and big chains grew that took over the place of malls and ma/pa shops. People need to start think ahead in the future. With a growing population, all things like this tech does is increase the gap between the rich and the poor. 问题在于,那些依赖于这些市场工作的人怎么办?我的意思是我喜欢科技,但是把经济转变成一种完全的电子商务生活方式会导致数以百万计的人失业,而且科技行业的工作机会有限……这将是毁灭性的。看看当沃尔玛和大型连锁店的发展取代了购物中心和MA/PA商店时,有多少人失业了。人们需要在未来开始思考。随着人口的增长,像这种技术所做的一切都是增加贫富差距。
Jack Daniels : They have to deal with 1.4 billion people so automation does makes sense. And I don’t see the difference between a Japanese Sushi bar conveyor belt and this style of restaurant eating! 他们必须与14亿人打交道,所以自动化是有意义的。我看不出日本寿司条传送带和这种餐馆就餐方式有什么区别!
Jack Daniels : Who is following who? If Amazon is leading fine but if all these ideas are Chinese then China is leading the world in this technology! 谁在学谁?如果亚马逊是领先的,但如果所有这些想法都是中国的,那么中国在这项技术上是世界领先的!
james Yu : I am sure this is another copy or stolen American technology 我确信这是另一份拷贝或是美国技术被盗
Herbert N : China will crush America. Thanks to idiot trump. 中国将摧毁美国。多亏了白痴特朗普。
secret : China is way ahead of time 中国领先于时代
Livefree Ordie : “They took our jobs”! 🙂 robots “他们抢了我们的工作”!)机器人
Ritter Rommel : We have democrazy, while they don’t. 我们有democrazy,而他们没有。
lixin tian : China makes America angry and barking again! 中国让美国再次愤怒和狂吠!
Reji Bae : US is one of the most uninformed people. US media keep doing this …and the people never realize how ahead China is. Americans are so shocked now when they finally hear about this. So surprising to see this segment but the news in th US probably won’t do another segment like this for 5 years or until China has flying cars while we still have our Amtrak trains full of rust. 我们是最无知的人之一。美国媒体一直在这样做……而人民从未意识到中国的未来。当美国人终于听到这个消息时,他们感到非常震惊。看到这一段真是太令人惊讶了,但美国的新闻可能会在5年内或直到中国拥有飞车,而我们的美铁列车仍然充满了铁锈。
Rafael Trigos : CHINA is the present and future of this planet 中国是这个星球的现在和未来
Armstrong Chan : Well, and then the US companies copy chinese ideas, they would call it “borrow”, such an arrogance ! 好吧,然后美国公司复制中国的想法,他们会称之为“借”,这样的傲慢!
youkesh100 : China is foolish to flaunt its success. West will retaliate 中国炫耀自己的成功是愚蠢的。西方会报复
twenlil : Robot waiters are the best. No more 10% tax, I mean tips. 机器人侍者是最好的。我指的是小费,不加收10%的小费。
JJ L : Meanwhile, Amazon has less than 1% marker share in China. Their prime delivery in China is 7 days… Chinese government did not shut Amazon out of China or force any disadvantage policy on Amazon. Amazon just failed on their own in China. Yet Amazon still look like a peacock in the US even their website or app looks so 2008. 与此同时,亚马逊在中国的市场份额不足1%。他们在中国的主要交货期是7天…中国政府没有将亚马逊排除在中国之外,也没有对亚马逊实施任何不利政策。亚马逊在中国自己也失败了。然而,亚马逊在美国仍然像一只孔雀,即使他们的网站或应用程序看起来如此2008年。
Andrew Frolov : Looks like automated food delivery in a cafe is quite efficient as there is no concurrency of waiters carrying food and visitors which I dislike in modern venues. 看起来咖啡馆里的自动送餐是相当有效的,因为在现代的场所里,没有同时运送食物和访客的服务员。
Michael Ray : Do you tip a robot 给机器人小费吗
jojoinhere : China don’t need IRS because he already have everyone spending record 中国不需要国税局,因为他已经有了每个人的消费记录。
Hadi Purwanto : this is similar to other video i watched but still this video does not answer my question, are the workers get enough pay? similar tech companies like uber or gojek in my country famous for underpay their workers and make them work for a long hours. 这和我看的其他视频很相似,但这段视频仍然不能回答我的问题,工人是否有足够的工资?我国类似的科技公司,如Uber或Gojek,以支付工人工资不足而闻名,并让他们长时间工作。
Holman Garcia : So how people are going to buy drugs without cash? Ooh I forgot is CHINA and the CIA don’t sell drugs in CHINA 那么,人们如何在没有现金的情况下购买毒品呢?噢,我忘了中国和中情局在中国不卖毒品
ghost : I understand why US hates china to the bone now ! 我明白为什么美国痛恨中国了!
william wan : that has been going on for a while, everything you need when going out now is just your phone…and a power bank 这已经持续了一段时间了,你现在外出所需要的一切只是你的手机……还有一个电源。
Kenny : Humans are doomed 人类注定要灭亡
taladuga picpwaspwat : Canada should arrest each and every Chinese scientists. Go Canada… 加拿大应该逮捕每一位中国科学家。去加拿大…
Erick Cisneros : I love the Chinese! They are smart hard-working people! Unfortunately they cut corners anytime they get a chance! Obviously it’s not everybody, but a huge majority of the people do! With all due respect if they took this criticism and worked on it they will be doing awesome 我爱中国人!他们是聪明勤奋的人!不幸的是,只要有机会,他们就会抄近路!很明显不是所有人,而是绝大多数人!恕我直言,如果他们接受了这一批评,并加以努力,他们会做得很棒的。


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