Deepa : Boeing is about to learn a lesson in crises management 波音公司即将吸取危机管理的教训
Lisa Trosien : @SouthwestAir You have the most of this model in the US. What are you doing with yours? @西南航空公司在美国拥有大多数这种机型。你会做什么?
Navin Kumar : Great move by Chinese and India should also follow.  中国和印度的大动作也应该紧随其后
Abdullah : This is absolutely necessary..I think there are some flaws in the engine design @BoeingAirplanes n if that is the case all d affected families shld b hugely compensiated..SAD 🙁 这是绝对必要的。……我认为在发动机设计上有一些缺陷,如果是这样的话,所有受影响的家庭都会得到极大的补偿。……悲伤:(
Latim Latim : I think China is doing the right thing. Boeing & other engineering experts that oversee global aviation operations has to take charge & investigate what’s going on. This morning when I woke up & heard of the crash, I promised myself never to buy any tickets on any 737 Max-8 flyer 我认为中国正在做正确的事情。波音公司和其他负责全球航空运营的工程专家必须负责和调查正在发生的事情。今天早上,当我醒来听到撞车的消息时,我向自己保证不会买任何737MAX-8的飞机票。
Louba : AirBus A380 sales are going up 空客A380的销量正在上升
Saz : They’re not. A380s will become obsolete. Too uneconomical and dirty compared to more modern planes like A350 and the Dreamliner 它们不是。A380将过时。与更现代的飞机如A350和梦幻客机相比,太不经济和肮脏了。
Louba : I’m aware of that I just prefer the A380 because it’s simply a best option 我知道我只喜欢A380,因为它是最好的选择
ml8_ml8 : Sounds like the US – China trade talks are going well. 听起来美中贸易谈判进展顺利。
NotaRobot : It is not that simple as just the plane. The investigation should also look at the inferior parts that is flowing in the industry and also the requirement of the pilots and the maintenance requirement by these two airline. 这并不像飞机那么简单。调查还应关注航空业中流动的劣质零部件,以及飞行员的要求和这两家航空公司的维修要求。
Albert Biketi : You’re probably not familiar with Ethiopian Airlines and their reputation. They are a fantastic airline, running since 1945 with a large fleet and very experienced pilots. They have >30 of these 737-800 Max jets on order. 你可能不熟悉埃塞俄比亚航空公司及其声誉。他们是一家很棒的航空公司,自1945年以来一直拥有庞大的机队和经验丰富的飞行员。他们订购了超过30架737-800最大喷气式飞机。
NotaRobot : Not saying they are not. I am saying they have to look at the whole picture. With pressure for revenue and increase in number of plane is Africa, then the schedule A or C check may get more leeway and it is also known the available parts to help reduce cost. Supply chain matters. 不是说他们不是。我是说他们必须看整个画面。由于收入的压力和飞机数量的增加是非洲的,那么时间表A或C检查可能会得到更多的余地,而且它也被认为是有助于降低成本的可用部件。供应链很重要。
Albert Biketi : Perhaps, even if you have a general point here, but we’re still talking about a brand new plane that was delivered in October. Only ~350 delivered total and 2 hull losses in sudden fashion in the same phase of flight… that’s a flashing red sign in modern times. 也许,即使你在这里有一个大概的观点,但我们仍然在谈论一架在10月份交付的全新飞机。在同一飞行阶段,总共只有约350艘交付,2艘船体突然损失…这在现代是一个闪烁的红色标志。
Mark C Faraone : In US Air Force pilot trng when there was a warning or a caution in the manual we called that the tombstone theory. When there are enough tombstones based on an accident they would finally put a warning or a caution in a manual to tell the pilots about the problem;death resulting 在美国,当手册中出现警告或警告时,我们称之为墓碑理论。当基于事故的墓碑足够多时,他们最终会在手册中给出警告或警告,告诉飞行员问题所在;导致死亡。
Anonymity : Not sure what kind of lame excuse @Boeing is coming up this time.. 不知道这次波音公司会找什么借口。
Capitán Rorschach : So I’m guessing that a Heavy Dow Jones stock it’s gonna crash, along with it… right at a crucial level. 所以我猜一只道琼斯的重股票会崩溃,连同它一起…就在关键的层面上。
Tom : i guess boeing doesnt have the pull it has in america’s corp-run govt 我想波音公司在美国公司管理的政府中没有这样的吸引力
David Hale : A wise decision. Something is wrong here. 明智的决定。这里出了点问题。
Derek Hudson : This is politically motivated. At least in part. 这是出于政治动机。至少在一定程度上。
Balaji Perumal : Boeing and the FAA should immediately ground all #B737MAX until they are recertified for safety. I won’t be flying any airline that flies this aircraft. 波音公司和联邦航空局应立即对所有B737max飞机进行接地,直到它们重新获得安全认证。我不会开任何开这架飞机的航空公司。
Jerry Feng : BA is going to take a hit tonight. 今晚英国航空公司要大受欢迎。
John Broder : There appears to be an issue with this aircraft that meeds looking into as a matter of urgency 这架飞机似乎有一个问题,需要紧急调查。
BayAreaMark : But, let’s ground these birds for now and push Boeing to seriously examine potential design flaws. Unprecedented and scary situation. 但是,现在让我们把这些鸟碾碎,并敦促波音公司认真检查潜在的设计缺陷。前所未有的可怕局面。
Stock Guru : Do these models fly in the U.S.? 在这些机型飞到美国吗?
Zhilin Guo : A lot! Just flew in one, and I couldn’t find an available flight to my destination that’s not flown by Max 8. 很多!刚飞了一架,我找不到一架到目的地的可用航班,但这架飞机最多不能飞8班。
Stock Guru : I hope the families of those Americans on board get a good attorney. 我希望机上的那些美国人的家人能找到一个好律师。
scott law-davis : New tech come issues, it wasn’t long ago that ANA ground its 787 fleet because of batteries and fires 新技术出现问题,不久前,由于电池和火灾,全日空的787机队停飞了。
cpt: Shamseddinbzeek : This is what happens when u try to make old version of Boeing into modern version with least cost. 这就是当你试图用最少的成本把旧版波音变成现代版时所发生的事情。
Mukaram Syed : This is about safety. Why hasn’t US airlines grounded the flights yet? 这关乎安全。为什么美国航空公司还没有停飞航班?
Gentle Gammon : I’m checking my holiday flights immediately. 我马上检查我的假日航班。
Elangovan : Most of the African pilots lack in knowledge in handling sophisticated planes like Boeing 737 max and in fact they should have more training and many African airlines have recruiting pilots like recruiting bus drivers and Boeing should scrutinize the track records those operate. 大多数非洲飞行员在处理波音737Max等复杂飞机方面缺乏知识,事实上,他们应该接受更多的培训,许多非洲航空公司都有招募飞行员,比如招募巴士司机,波音公司应该仔细检查这些飞机的运行记录。
Claptrap : Boeing must be charged with Manslaughter. 波音公司必须被指控过失杀人。
BayAreaMark : @BoeingAirplanes @Boeing You make great planes, but it is increasingly clear you have issues with this model. Stop, ground them, investigate, and take corrective action. Denying there is an issue is not credible. @波音公司的波音飞机是一款优秀的飞机,但越来越明显的是,这种机型存在问题。停车、接地、调查并采取纠正措施。否认有问题是不可信的。
Rahul Pathak : Great decision! 明智决定!
Herb Bowers : Its radically new engine has had reported manufacturing defects over a year ago – plus claim of superior maintenance cost makes me suspicious (at what price?!). I’m not getting on another Max 8 and I believe it should be grounded everywhere. 它全新的发动机一年多前就报告了制造缺陷,再加上声称其优越的维护成本让我怀疑(以什么价格)?!!)我不想再上8级了,我相信它应该在任何地方停飞。
Tyreek Hill Strangle : Too bad @SouthwestAir would never do so. Money over lives, right? 太糟糕了,西南航空公司永远不会这么做。金钱胜过生命,对吗?
Bissell : Clearly an engine problem. 显然是发动机故障。
Walton, R. : Irony: no Chinese-built replacements. 讽刺的是:没有中国制造的替代品。
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