《Rep. Lou Barletta: Why do we let China control our everyday lives?》 (Fox News)
《众议员Lou Barletta:为什么我们让中国控制我们的日常生活?》(福克斯新闻频道)


One of the biggest threats to the American way of life isn’t something you hear about on television or read about in the newspaper. But it has far reaching impacts on everything from our national security to our cell phones. I’m talking about rare earth elements – more commonly known as REEs – which, believe it or not, we are almost completely reliant on China for. 对美国人生活方式的最大威胁之一,不是你在电视上听到的或在报纸上看到的。但它对我们国家安全和手机等各方面产生了深远的影响。我说的是稀土元素 –  无论信不信,我们几乎完全依赖中国。


Today, China controls almost all of the world’s supply of REEs, which are used in items that Americans use everyday like cell phones, computers and cars, not to mention many of the major weapons systems the U.S. military relies on for our national security. 如今,中国几乎控制着世界上所有的稀土供应,这些稀土被用于美国人日常使用的物品,如手机,电脑和汽车,更不用说美国军队为国家安全所依赖的许多主要武器系统。


Last year, China produced more than 80 percent of the world’s REEs. And, from 2013 to 2016, China accounted for 78 percent of all REE imports into America. In North America alone, these materials support more than $329 billion of economic output. 去年,中国生产了世界上80%以上的稀土。而且,从2013年到2016年,中国占所有进口到美国的稀土元素的78%。仅在北美,这些材料就支持了超过3,290亿美元的经济产出。


Over the past few months, we’ve seen firsthand how China is more than willing to use its trade dominance as a weapon against us, leveraging critical materials, threatening jobs, and endangering our national security. 在过去的几个月里,我们亲眼目睹了中国如何更愿意利用其贸易优势作为对付我们的武器,利用关键材料,威胁就业和危害国家安全。


And we know that China is not above using REEs as a bargaining chip. In 2010, it temporarily stopped exporting these materials to Japan during a territorial dispute. Our reliance on China for REEs has become such a threat to national security that even the Pentagon has voiced its concerns about it. 我们知道中国不会将稀土作为讨价还价的筹码。2010年,它在领土争端期间暂时停止向日本出口这些材料。我们依赖中国进行稀土已经成为对国家安全的威胁,甚至连五角大楼都表达了对此的担忧。



PHICEN : The US will never be self-sustaining regarding REEs. 美国永远不会自给自足。
ronbuss : Controlling everyone elses lives is what the US has wanted to do since the end of WWII. Now other countries want in on the fun. 控制每个人的生活是美国自二战结束以来一直想做的事情。现在其他国家都想参与其中。
LoyalCA : We used to let Mexico do it. Everything was made there. Now we just import the people and not the finished goods. Before that it was Vietnam or Japan. China just wants our money, wealth and allegiance. We seem to freely give it away to others, why not China? 我们过去常常让墨西哥这样做。一切都是在那里完成的。现在我们只是进口人而不是产品。在此之前是越南或日本。中国只想要我们的财富和拥护。我们似乎轻易地把它让给别人,为什么不是中国呢?
DiorrBongerDiorr : In a word, China abuses because we let it ! Yet, many American vested interests holders, prostituting politicians, leftists are helping Xi to against what Trump is doing to curb Chinese poisonous invasion. If we let something poison in our everyday life, we’d have no idea how soon will be doomed. Wish the whole free world can wake up to see the red ideologies from China are the biggest threat to humanity. The trade war must be the last chance to finish thief China once for all only if Trump can fulfill the mission.Starting by making MAGA hats in…. 总之,中国滥用,因为我们允许它!然而,许多美国既得利益集团的拥护者、政客们、左派人士正在帮助习反对特朗普为遏制中国入侵所做的事情。如果我们在日常生活中让某物中毒,我们就不知道会有多快。希望整个自由世界能够醒悟过来,看到来自中国的红色意识形态是人类最大的威胁。只有特朗普能够完成这个使命,贸易战一定是最后一次彻底结束小偷中国的机会。
GC1993 : I agree with the article, but there are a few things to consider, like… China controls.the world’s supply of Lithium, we can’t do anything about that — unless we can convince Afghanistan to let the US mine it instead of China. We also have to consider that we an use up supplies from other parts of the world and be left with REEs when the rest of the world run out. 我同意这篇文章,但有一些事情要考虑,比如…中国控制着世界锂的供应,对此我们无能为力——除非我们能说服阿富汗让美国而不是中国开采。我们还必须考虑到,我们耗尽了来自世界其他地区的供应,当世界其他地区耗尽时,我们将被留给REE。
frost2000fireboy11fr : I figure China will use NK as a first strike weapon to take out the base and population of Hawaii. Without a major American forward operating base the Chinese will be free to maneuver. They’ll wait till they have a Democrat president in power again, to guarentee a weak response.Hawaii is a island. Any island could be a potential base. 我认为中国将使用NK作为第一打击武器来夺取夏威夷的基地和人口。如果没有一个主要的美国前沿基地,中国人就可以自由行动。他们将等到民主党总统再次执政,以确保微弱的反应。夏威夷是一个岛屿。任何岛屿都可能成为潜在的基地。
kkevinlou1fireboy11k : What happened to China this year from the trade war is isolating it worse than the 1989 TIANANMEN massacre.makes no senseRead SCMP. China needs its neighbors more than ever now. 今年发生在中国身上的贸易战比1989年的TianAnMen屠杀更糟。中国比以往任何时候都更需要邻国。
2tonsoffun : China controls 85 to 95% of the REEs in the world and they just purchased last June the only mine in America. 中国控制着世界上稀土元素的85到95%,去年六月他们购买了美国唯一的矿。
fireboy11 : First of all- China doesnt control anything about our lives- we outsource our tech and jobs and later we ask – how did that happen??? 首先,中国不控制我们的生活,我们外包我们的技术和工作,然后我们问,这是怎么发生的????
Kitty1970NYTimesAnon : If you feel that we have an unhealthy dependence on China, look no further than Bill Clinton, who sold us out to NAFTA. He and Hillary are a real piece of work, and they continue to attempt to destroy our country.如果你觉得我们对中国有一种不健康的依赖,那么就不要再把比尔·克林顿卖给我们北美自由贸易区了。他和希拉里是一件真正的工作,他们继续试图摧毁我们的国家。
mgrjura : Ask the progressive left!! China owns them!!! 问问进步的左翼!中国拥有他们!!!!
EricFDuncanHighSeasD : Competition is always healthy. Its good to know we have a supply of REE but china has the largest deposits in the world they will out last us indefinitelyLike manufacturing would cost billions to rebuild the facilities and re equip. Same with REE to get it rolling. Would corporation’s spend thier profits? Investor’s forego their asset returns? Government go furthur in debt and raise taxes? Why is such a huge trade deficit in first place. Profit over people,country,stability,self sufficiency 竞争总是健康的。很高兴知道我们有稀土的供应,但中国有世界上最大的存款,它们将永远超过我们,就像制造业将花费数十亿美元重建设施和重新装备。公司会花掉他们的利润吗?投资者放弃资产回报?政府债台高筑,加税?为什么如此巨大的贸易逆差居于首位?人民利益、国家稳定、自给自足
maddog49 : Where has Lou Barletta been all these years that we Americans have depended on Chinese workers to eat inflation created by our Federal Reserve Bank? 这些年来,我们美国人一直依赖中国工人来消化美联储(Federal Reserve Bank)创造的通货膨胀
FormerLeaderwhiskeym : The Red Chinese have a long term plan for world domination. Ignore their patience and fake smiles at your own peril.They’ve pretty much said it. 红色中国人有一个长期统治世界的计划。忽视他们的耐心和假笑,这是你自己的危险。他们已经说了很多。
FormerLeaderchevy86F : Things the Red Chinese aren’t hampered by but America is obsessed with: Racism, diversity, fairness, individual rights, political correctness of any sort, abortion, religion, welfare, illegals entering their country, minimum wage, unions, gun rights, gender conflicts, voting problems, climate change, fossil fuel emissions, individual safety devices and rules. There are many more but you get the idea of why the Chinese are gaining power at everyone else’s expense.  红色中国没有受到阻碍,但美国却痴迷于:种族主义、多样性、公平、个人权利、任何形式的政治正确性、堕胎、宗教、福利、非法入境、最低工资、工会、枪支权利、性别冲突、投票问题、气候问题。GE,化石燃料排放,个人安全装置和规则。还有许多,但是你明白为什么中国人以牺牲他人为代价获得权力。
kpruittDustinGkpruit : Something that I had NO knowledge of, and another aspect of the control that China has on us! We have largely surrendered much of our manufacturing to them, and to the developing countries that they use! 我不知道的东西,还有中国控制我们的另一个方面!我们已经把大部分制造业交给了他们,以及他们所使用的发展中国家。
whiskeyman35921Dusti : Borrowing money from China to pay them interest owed is a serious problem. 从中国借钱支付利息是一个严重的问题。
whiskeyman35921Dusti : If at all possible I refuse to buy chinese products. 如果可能的话,我拒绝购买中国产品。
Areyouoffendedwhiske : I’ll bet that you can buy it a lot cheaper from China?? And why not? – Western countries now buy everything cheap from China . People in the big cities with jobs and money like it that way so they can get all their stuff cheaply – but meanwhile what are the displaced manufacturing workers doing????我敢打赌,你能从中国买到便宜很多的吗?为什么不呢?西方国家现在从中国购买一切便宜的东西。大城市里有工作和钱的人喜欢这样,所以他们可以便宜地得到他们所有的东西——但是与此同时,被制造的工人们在做什么呢???
SalmonslayerJamesDus : Because they hold a large portion of our debt; we owe them! And you can thank our corrupt Congress, and our corrupt Federal Reserve as well, as they are responsible for this debacle.  因为他们持有我们大部分的债务,我们欠他们的债!你可以感谢我们腐败的国会,还有我们腐败的联邦储备,因为他们对这场灾难负有责任。
maroon9DustinGmaroon : COMMUNIST China, leading economy globally hasn’t invaded enslaved or shot ANYONE ANYWHERE. kkk usa should be scared. the world is on THEIR side. not yours.Ask the people of Tibet. 共产主义中国,全球领先的经济体,没有侵略奴役或枪杀任何人。KKK美国应该感到害怕。世界就在他们身边。不是你的,问问西藏人。
tigermom65539mich46t : Because we rely on cheap “made in China” crap.I look at the label. If it reads “China”, It goes back in the shelf  因为我们依赖廉价的“中国制造”垃圾。我看标签。如果上面写到“中国”,我就放回架上
Duuuuhrrrrrrrr : I like how everyone is scared of China and what they might do in their next volley of economic warfare further unbalancing trade. It just illustrates the need to hit back against their Communist agenda and restore reciprocity. 我喜欢每个人都害怕中国,以及他们在下一次经济战中可能会进一步失衡贸易。它只是说明需要反击他们的共产主义议程并恢复互惠。
HighSeasDrifter : But buying from China is far cheaper. What about the dividend payouts and investor profits for the corporations involved? This is why China has that advantage now. Greed and refusal to spend money here. Not talking plastic toasters here but materials needed to maintain our infrastructures computer and electronic networks 但是从中国买东西要便宜得多。有关公司的股息支付和投资者利润如何?这就是为什么中国现在拥有这个优势。贪婪和拒绝在这里花钱。这里不说塑料烤面包机,而是维护我们的基础设施的计算机和电子网络所需的材料。
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