《Chinese City Bans Daytime Dog Walking in a Crackdown on Canines》(The New York Times)
《中国城市禁止犬类白天出现在街上》 (纽约时报)


A major city in China is cracking down on pet dogs, banning dog walking during the day and prohibiting many larger breeds, after a publicized fight between a dog owner and a bystander. 在狗主人和路人之间的公开争执之后,中国的一个主要城市正在打击宠物狗,禁止狗在白天行走并禁止许多较大的品种。


The new rules in Hangzhou, in eastern China, were adopted after a dog owner was filmed pushing and shoving a woman who had kicked his dog. Before the fight, surveillance footage showed a young boy hiding behind her as the dog circled them without a leash. 在中国东部的杭州,新的规则是在一位狗主人被拍摄推倒一名踢他的狗的女人之后启用的。在争执之前,监视镜头显示一个小男孩躲在她身后,因为狗没有用皮带栓住。


The harsh restrictions on dogs — which hark back to anti-pet rules in earlier decades of Communist rule and reflect continuing tensions over the place of dogs in society — officially took effect on Thursday. In addition to a dog walking ban from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., officials vowed to confiscate or kill dogs that were not properly licensed, fining negligent owners 5,000 to 10,000 RMB, or $720 to $1,440. Dogs found outdoors outside of the curfew would also be “detained temporarily” and their owners could be fined. 对狗的严厉限制于周四正式生效 – 这可以追溯到前几十年共产党统治时期的反宠规则,并反映出社会上对狗的持续紧张局面 。除了从上午7点到下午7点的禁止行走之外,官员还发誓要没收或杀死没有获得许可证的狗,罚款狗主人5,000至10,000元人民币。在禁止时段外,在户外找到的狗也将被“暂时拘留”,他们的主人可能会被罚款。


The city has also banned 34 “vicious” large breeds, including Tibetan mastiffs, German shepherds, Great Danes, Chinese rural dogs and some mixed breeds. A volunteer involved in animal adoptions said this could make it difficult for dog owners who have already rescued large dogs. 该市还禁止了34个“恶性”大型品种,包括藏獒,德国牧羊犬,大丹犬,中国农村犬和一些混合品种。一名参与动物收养的志愿者表示,这可能对已经饲养了大型犬的主人很难。



kind words matter : This is so sad. Chinese government doesn’t understand the amazing attributes of dogs, how important they are for people, elderly, families and children. Dogs offer companionship, comfort, avert loneliness, reduce stress and blood pressure! Walking dogs helps with fitness. 这太可悲了。中国政府不理解狗的美好品性,它们对于普通人、老人、家庭和儿童有多么重要。狗提供陪伴,安慰,避免孤独,减少压力和血压!遛狗有助于身体健康。
dinnnia : This is a country that is hosting the #WorldDogShow2019. 这就是那个将在2019年的举办世界宠物秀的国家。
ProcessISInc.com : Great idea. Pet owners are very inconsiderate of others. What a nuisance! Even on aircrafts now? With on seats 好主意。宠物主人很不体谅别人。真讨厌!甚至现在在飞机上,坐在座位上
Angela Thran : Oh dear! Dogs need their walks & parks to exercise, to have some fun w others too. It’s like a play day for them. Perhaps they need to send their dogs to Dog school. 哦,天哪!狗需要在公园散步来锻炼身体,也可以给其他人带来欢乐。这对他们来说就像是一个游戏日。也许他们需要把他们的狗送到狗学校。
Notsoloud : that is messed up! 真是乱七八糟!
@amkyj : There are no bad dogs, just bad dog owners! SMH! 没有坏狗,只有坏主人!可耻!
((Jen Quist)) : Why would you post this? Trump will see it as a strong man move and think about emulating ( he’s obviously not a dog man) 你为什么要贴这个?特朗普会把它看作是一个强人的举动,并思考模仿(他显然不是一个养狗的人)。
Deidre Carmody : Whatever really happened I must stress that the OWNERS should be re trained & banned from walking not our lovely Best Friends 无论发生什么事,我必须强调的是,主人应该被重新训练和禁止走路,而不是我们可爱的好朋友。
john w. king : i thought china-men`s ate dogs ! surprised there any walking around ! 我以为中国男人吃了狗!很惊讶有人遛狗!
bidünya : “Not the ones who speak the same language but the ones who share the same emotions can understand each other.”#mevlana “不是那些说同一种语言的人,而是那些拥有相同情感的人能互相理解。”
Wendi  🐾 #RescueDog : This is so truly awful. I can’t even. 这真是太可怕了。我甚至不能…
katie wright : I mean can these bureaucrats focus on something like fixing the excessive brain damaging pollution instead of picking on small dogs? 我的意思是说,这些官僚能不能把注意力集中在修复过度污染的大脑上,而不是去抓小狗呢?
Milan Asanovic : Simply inhumane barbaric at best 不切实际,野蛮至极
Nige Smithy : China normally eats them not walk them! Terrible country when it comes to the welfare of animals. 中国通常吃他们,不是遛他们!当涉及到动物福利时,这个国家很糟糕。
Shari Hazlett : Horrible 好可怕
Tina : They should banned yuletide festivals over in China 他们应该在中国禁止圣诞节日。
Elba Schoenborn : Excuses, excuses, they’d rather eat them. 借口,他们宁愿吃。
L. Hansen : Well when they don´t respect people how can they respect animals? 当他们不尊重人时,他们怎么能尊重动物呢?
Jessica Beck : Fucking China… 操蛋的中国…
A Corey : Proper dog ownership and care is the hallmark of civilization. 对狗合法拥有和看护是文明的标志。
Jeffrey Keene : Next these people will be banning 32 oz cola drinks 接下来,这些人将禁止喝32盎司的可乐。
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