一年一度天猫双十一”11.11光棍节”又要来了,美国福布斯杂志近日刊文详细对比了美国亚马逊的Prime Day和天猫双十一的区别。



《Amazon’s Prime Day Vs. Alibaba’s Single’s Day: Are They Any Different?》(Forbes) 亚马逊的Prime Day Vs.阿里巴巴的双十一:他们有什么不同吗?(福布斯杂志)




  1. Scale: Each event is a large-scale shopping holiday built around high volume, deep discounts and thin margins. 规模:都是大规模的购物节,以大量大折扣。


  1. Multi-market: Amazon has added Australia, the Netherlands and Singapore to its list of participating countries. Alibaba has further integrated its Lazada acquisition to add Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore and the Philippines. 多方市场:亚马逊已将澳大利亚,荷兰和新加坡列入参与名单。阿里巴巴收购了Lazada,以增加泰国,马来西亚,印度尼西亚,越南,新加坡和菲律宾


  1. O2O: Amazon will bring its Whole Foods subsidiary into Prime Day, while Alibaba has integrated its Intime department stores and Hema shops, allowing both platforms to reach consumers who are more comfortable with offline than online. O2O:亚马逊将其Whole Foods子公司纳入Prime Day,而阿里巴巴已将其银泰百货和Hema商店整合在一起,从而使这两个平台能够覆盖那些比在线更适合离线的消费者。




  1. Size: Singles’ Day is much, much bigger. In 2017, Alibaba passed $25.3 billion in sales and Amazon hit $2.4 billion. 销量:双十一更大。2017年的阿里巴巴的销售额达到了253亿美元,亚马逊24亿美元。


  1. Strategy: Singles’ Day is brand-focused, Prime Day is Amazon-focused. Tmall has no “ticket price” or paid membership. But Prime Day requires you to join Amazon Prime to participate. This reflects a difference in strategy: Tmall is trying to sell to the entire nation. Amazon is trying to only reach e-commerce shoppers. 策略:双十一以品牌为重点,Prime Day以亚马逊为重点。天猫没有门槛或付费会员资格。但Prime Day要求您加入Amazon Prime。这反映了战略上的差异:天猫正试图向整个国家出售。亚马逊正只接触电子商务购物者。



daohangshuLZ :amazon uk prime delivery sucks…one-day delivery, it took 14 days…. 英国亚马逊物流烂透了…“当天到”花了14天….
Louis Parker : America will says this as a threat to them again.Every non whites success and powerful is a threat to whites. 美国又会说受到威胁,每一个非白人的成功和强大都是对白人的威胁。
Mr BrightSide : Why is everyone is so negative about the Chinese in here. I don’t see them starting war or topple governments. 为什么每个人都对中国人这么抵触,我不认为他们会发动战争或推翻政府。
Peter Jacobsen : ‘Singles Day’ is not primarily due to the one-child policy. Rather, it is the same dynamic we see in the west: Young people get more educated; they focus on careers; they manage to support themselves. These things make them more picky about choosing partners. Thus, more people stay single for a longer time. “光棍节”不是因为独生子女政策。相反,它与我们在西方看到的情况一样:年轻人受到更多教育;他们专注于事业;他们设法支持自己。这些事情使他们对选择伴侣更加挑剔。因此,更多人长时间保持单身。
yelistener : Nobody calls it “Singles Day” anymore. It has been called Double 11 day since 2-3 years ago. Granted, it came from the idea of singles buying stuff for themselves, but it’s not about that anymore because everyone (singles, couples, young, old) buys on 11.11. Now everyone just remembers it as the biggest discount online shopping day of the year. 没有人称之为“光棍节”。2 – 3年前被称为双十一。当然,它来源于单身狗想给自己买东西,但它不再是那个了,因为每个人(单身,夫妻,年轻人,老人)都在11.11购物。现在每个人都记得它是全年最大的网上购物折扣日。
ComradeTheBuilder : so many money from fake products at alibaba…. 阿里巴巴的假冒产品赚了这么多钱….
Dark Night of the Soul : Jack Ma is a great entrepreneur and AliBaba is a great company 马云是一位伟大的企业家,而阿里巴巴是一家伟大的公司。
watermelone : We missed the train guys. 我们错过了机会。
Mysteries And Thoughts : Interesting ,damn Alibaba is taking over the world! 有意思的是,该死的阿里巴巴正在接管世界!
LegendLength : It really is a great site. I used to build drones and ordered parts from about 20 different suppliers from ali. Prices with delivery were always at least half of the cost in the west. Don’t think I ever had a problem and I was just a small volume purchaser. Delivery was normally within a week. 这真的是一个很棒的网站。我曾经从阿里约20家不同的供应商处制造无人机和订购零件。交货价格始终至少是西方成本的一半。不要以为我遇到过问题,我只是一个小批量的购买者,交货通常在一周内。
Afendi Afendi : chinese is good in making money. westerners good in innovation. work hard india!!! 中国人擅长赚钱。西方人擅长创新。印度要加油啊!
olivekid100 : So what day is singles day exactly? I forgot to listen after he said 17 billion.. Lol 光棍节到底是哪一天?170亿后面的话我没听进去…
Krish Sanghvi : those are definitely fake figures 那些绝对是虚假数字
Rich Leed : I usually avoid Amazon because their shipping rates are so ridiculous! 我通常会避开亚马逊,因为他们的运费是如此荒谬!
ytsui : Over 70% of Alibaba’s orders are fake orders in Chinese mentioned as “刷单”, majority of the orders are fulfilled by merchants which means Alibaba has no action after the order placed(inventory, fulfill etc..) Who made this video has really poor knowledge background. 超过70%的阿里巴巴订单都是中国的假订单,被称为“刷单”,大多数订单都是由商家创建的,这意味着阿里巴巴在下单后没有任何售后(库存,服务等)。谁制作了这个视频真的缺少背景知识。
Iva Ip : people stop being rude to china 人们不再对中国粗鲁
Manik Kalore : Looks like soon we will have to learn the Mandarin… American hegemony is at the mercy of dollar(international trade) once dollar collapsed, it will be end of the story.This is sad but true. 看起来很快我们将不得不学习普通话…美元霸权受到美元(国际贸易)的摆布,一旦美元崩溃,这将是故事的结束,悲伤但真实。
James Pharris : Jack Ma…I some great ideas that will cause this already big day to become even BIGGER. 马云…我认为这个节日会越变越大。
latprogram : these are impressive statistics. I think this has to simply due to the fact there are more people living in China than in the USA. The question is how long is it going to take Amazon prime to catch up 这些数据令人印象深刻。我认为这仅仅是因为中国的人口多于美国。问题是亚马逊需要多长时间才能赶上
Afghan Alam Khan Commando : No matter how much USA try to isolate china stopping its sea ways, more its economy is growing.无论美国试图如何孤立中国阻止其向海外扩张,其经济都在增长。
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