美国纽约时报最近发文《How China Brings Us Together》,大意指中国的崛起让美国人更加团结来面对这个“敌人”,看看原文是怎么说,以及外国网友怎样评价?



《How China Brings Us Together》 (The New York Tiems)


I’ve always thought Americans would come together when we realized that we faced a dangerous foreign foe. And lo and behold, now we have one: China. It’s become increasingly clear that China is a grave economic, technological and intellectual threat to the United States and the world order. 我一直认为,当我们意识到我们面临着一个危险的外国敌人时,美国人会走到一起。看哪,现在我们有了一个:中国。越来越清楚的是,中国是对美国和世界秩序的严重经济、技术和智力威胁。


And sure enough, beneath the TV bluster of daily politics, Americans are beginning to join together. Mike Pence and Elizabeth Warren can sound shockingly similar when talking about China’s economic policy. Nancy Pelosi and Republicans sound shockingly similar when they talk about Chinese human rights abuses. Conservative and liberal policy thinkers can sound shockingly similar when they start talking about how to respond to the challenge from China. 当然,在日常政治的电视狂言之下,美国人开始联合起来。当谈到中国的经济政策时,彭斯(MikePence)和沃伦(ElizabethWarren)的声音听起来非常相似。南希·佩洛西和共和党人谈论中国侵犯人权的问题时,听起来惊人地相似。保守派和自由派的政策思考者在谈论如何应对来自中国的挑战时,可能会听起来惊人地相似。


For the past few decades, China has appeared to be a net positive force in world affairs. Sure, Beijing violated trade agreements and escalated regional tensions. But the Chinese economic explosion lowered our cost of living and expanded prosperity worldwide. 在过去的几十年里,中国在世界事务中似乎是一个净的积极力量。当然,北京违反了贸易协定,加剧了地区紧张局势。但中国的经济爆炸降低了我们的生活成本,并扩大了全球的繁荣。


But a few things have now changed. First, instead of liberalizing, the Chinese regime has become more aggressive and repressive. 但现在有些事情已经改变了。首先,中国政权不是自由化,而是变得更具侵略性和镇压性。


Second, the Chinese have changed their economic focus so that their economy can directly replace ours. The regime’s “Made in China 2025” policy is an attempt to go up the value chain and dominate high-tech industries like aerospace, robotics and biotech. 第二,中国改变了他们的经济重心,使他们的经济可以直接取代我们的经济。该政权的“中国制造2025”政策试图走上价值链,主宰航天、机器人和生物技术等高科技产业。


Third, Beijing is trying to seize the controlling centers of the new tech economy. If China can set the standard for 5G communication and dominate artificial intelligence and quantum computing, then it will be able to write the rules and penetrate the fibers of our society and our lives in ways that we cannot match. 第三,北京正试图占领新技术经济的控制中心。如果中国能制定5G通信的标准,主宰人工智能和量子计算,那么它将能够制定规则,以我们无法比拟的方式渗透我们社会和生活的纤维。


Fourth, the Chinese challenge is no longer just economic; it’s moral and intellectual. It’s a clash of two value systems. And many people around the globe now believe that Beijing’s values are better. 第四,中国面临的挑战不再只是经济问题,而是道德和智力问题。这是两种价值体系的冲突。现在世界各地的许多人都认为北京的价值观更好。


The biggest change may be to the American identity. As Reihan Salam asks in The Atlantic, if China is the “other” against which we define ourselves, then who are “we”? If China is an existential threat to the liberal international order, do we have the capacity to improve our system so it can face the challenge — to invest in human capital, to reform our institutions, repair the social fabric and make our political system function once again? 最大的改变可能是美国人的身份。正如瑞汉·萨拉姆在《大西洋》中所问的那样,如果中国是我们定义自己的“另一个”,那么谁是“我们”?如果中国是对自由国际秩序的一个存在主义威胁,我们是否有能力改进我们的制度,使其能够面对这样的挑战:投资人力资本,改革我们的制度,修复社会结构,使我们的政治制度再次发挥作用?



James Fitzpatrick : Unfortunately for us our current leader inspires zero confidence in our government’s ability to lead. Perhaps this is the call to heed – it’s been awhile since we have had a good challenge. I am up for it!Reply3 RecommendShareFlag 不幸的是,我们的现任领导人对我们政府的领导能力毫无信心。也许这是我们需要注意的——我们已经有一段时间没有遇到好的挑战了。我准备好了!
Robert Poyourow : I’ll wager that the usual suspects will come to argue that we must protect the rich, embrace inequality, and compromise on democracy to protect capitalism from the Chinese menace.Reply3 RecommendShareFlag 我敢打赌,通常的嫌疑犯会认为,我们必须保护富人,接受不平等,在民主上妥协,以保护资本主义免受中国的威胁。
MicheleP : We don’t have the vision, patience or discipline. This is what bothers me the most about our non-stop emphasis and support of professional sports: we are draining away our ability to focus on things that are not necessarily “fun”, in the constant pursuit of “fun”.我们没有远见、耐心和纪律。这正是我们不间断地强调和支持职业体育最让我困扰的:我们在不断追求“乐趣”的过程中,正在耗尽我们专注于不一定“有趣”的事情的能力。
Bill Lucey : What’s ironic is that America’ s democratic principles (“Ours is a government of laws, not of men”) is one of the reasons why China is so technologically advanced than us. Historians often note that when a light bulb is broken in China-they just fix it. In the United States, by comparison, legislators have to trudge through a long, slow, and tedious process before a bill becomes law. 讽刺的是,美国的民主原则(“我们的政府是法治的,不是男人的”)是中国技术如此先进的原因之一。历史学家经常注意到,当中国的一个灯泡坏了,他们就把它修好。相比之下,在美国,立法者在法案成为法律之前必须经过漫长、缓慢和乏味的过程。
Dale Irwin : But then how will a country that is steadily sliding into oligarchy go about helping democracy grow elsewhere?In Reply to Dale Irwin2 RecommendShareFlag 但是,一个稳步滑向寡头政治的国家,如何才能帮助其他地方的民主发展呢?
Marty f : The Chinese model is Government run as if it were a major corporation. Top down authority to pursue economic goals and one party rule. 中国模式是政府运作,就像是一家大公司。自上而下的权力,以追求经济目标和一党专政。
Carl : Based on what I’ve seen the answer is likely no. Americans won’t respond constructively and will continue doing what they’re currently doing. Blaming others, refusing to collaborate with other western governments and puffing up their chests at anyone who dares to disagree. Until the ideological nonsense that. believes success is achieved individually without any contribution from government and is all to do with character and not the luck of the draw is eliminated, America will continue to circle the drain with the rest of us either slightly ahead or not far behind. It’s depressing to watch.Reply2 RecommendShareFlag 基于我所看到的,答案很可能是否定的。美国人不会建设性地回应,他们会继续做他们目前正在做的事情。指责他人,拒绝与其他西方政府合作,向任何敢于反对的人鼓起勇气。直到意识形态的胡说八道。相信成功是在没有政府任何贡献的情况下单独取得的,所有的成功都与我们的性格有关,而不是抽签的运气被消除,美国将继续与我们其他人一起绕圈,要么稍微领先,要么不远。观看令人沮丧。
Joe : As a Chinese, I’m always baffled by the notion that China steals American technology. You do have laws to deal those kinds of issues,right? Just enforce existing laws and bring them to justice. If you can’t use legal means, that means Chinese are playing fair game. I guess playing a fair game is a concept that you are unfamiliar with.1 Reply2 RecommendShareFlag 作为一个中国人,我总是对中国窃取美国技术的想法感到困惑。你有法律来处理这些问题,对吗?只需执行现有法律并将其绳之以法。如果你不能使用合法手段,那就意味着中国人在公平竞争。我想公平竞争是一个你不熟悉的概念。
sbanicki : The answer is we are in trouble and it gets down to basics. Free markets over time have been destroyed from within and without. 答案是,我们遇到了麻烦,而且这是最基本的。随着时间的推移,自由市场已经从内部和外部被摧毁。
Steve : A bigger threat, Donald Trump. We are lucky that we recovered from George W. Bush and the Iraq War (at least some will never recover) and the Great Recession, and No Child Left Behind. Now all we have to do work off the the Tax Cuts for the Rich and we’ll be back to where we were.Reply2 RecommendShareFlag 更大的威胁,唐纳德·特朗普。我们很幸运,我们从乔治·W·布什和伊拉克战争(至少有些永远不会恢复)以及大衰退中恢复过来,没有留下孩子。现在,我们要做的就是为富人减税,然后我们会回到原来的状态。
Henry Kwiecinski : As long as the GOP stands for upward redistribution of wealth and suppression of those who are not wealthy and white, the answer to your questions is a resounding NO. Let’s also not forget it’s the GOP who has spent decades demonizing government. Common thread here? This is not an endorsement of Democratic policies, merely pointing out the prominent role of the GOP in the demise of our system they profess to love.Reply2 RecommendShareFlag 只要共和党主张向上重新分配财富,镇压那些非富人和白人,你的问题的答案就是一个响亮的否定。我们也不要忘记,是共和党用了几十年妖魔化政府。这里有公共线吗?这并不是对民主政策的认可,只是指出了共和党在他们宣称热爱的我们体制的消亡中的突出作用。
timuze : The Green New Deal would be the best place to start since it involves Education, Infrastructure and a new economical plan. Besides the fact that it may save our future.In Reply to timuze2 RecommendShareFlag 绿色新政将是最好的开始,因为它涉及教育、基础设施和新的经济计划。除此之外,它还可以挽救我们的未来。
ALF : So– what is the current administration doing about all of this-maybe backing off from a trade fight or getting a quarter loaf and not address this issue. We declare women and children trying to get into the country a national emergency, when this issue is truly one.Yet one more of the may failures of this government and the Republicans.Reply2 RecommendShareFlag 那么——当前的政府是如何处理所有这些问题的,可能是从贸易战中退缩,或者得到一份四分之一的面包,而不是解决这个问题。我们宣布,妇女和儿童试图进入该国成为全国性的紧急事件,而这一问题确实是其中之一。然而,该国政府和共和党5月又一次失败。
Greg : Americans do need to wake up. The book ‘Factfulness’ lays out the case for the inevitable eventual economic world domination by China due to demographic changes that will come in the next few decades. That is ‘will’, not ‘might’. We are poking an enormous bear with trade war sticks just as it is coming out of hibernation and is hungry. What happens when the bear stops financing our 22 trillion dollar debt?Reply2 RecommendShareFlag 美国人确实需要醒来。《真实性》一书阐述了由于未来几十年人口结构的变化,中国不可避免地最终控制了经济世界。那是“意志”,不是“可能”。我们正在用贸易战棍戳一只巨大的熊,它刚从冬眠中出来,饿了。当熊市停止为我们22万亿美元的债务融资时会发生什么?
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