DP Gaming : Iphone max vs mi 9 speed test iPhone Max vs Mi 9速度测试
Ivan See : Can it install gcam? 它能安装GCAM吗?
J. B : I still hate, that people still say that Mi Ui is a shitty Software. It runs fluid with beautiful animations…Get over it 我仍然讨厌人们说Miui是一个烂软件。它运行流畅,动画优美…
venomtail1 : No headphone jack and no micro SD? No phone 没有耳机插孔,也没有微型SD?不是电话
Malay kushwaha : Why you always promote mate20 in your vedio 为什么你总是在视频中宣传Mate20
Hrithik Prakasan : Transparent edition ❤️❤️ 透明版
zzebra : And now we wait for a Mi Mix 4 with an in-screen fingerprint scanner and (most likely) a triple camera setup… 现在我们要等待一个带有屏幕内指纹扫描仪和(最有可能)三摄像头设置的Mix4…
Военкомат РФ : *The position of the camera as the iphone, flash as samsung… Nothing new, just the processor and the new memory modifications* *相机的位置像iPhone,闪光灯像三星…没有什么新的,只是处理器和新的内存修改。*
EKA SASTRO : no memory card slot, no headphone jack.. 没有存储卡插槽,没有耳机插孔。
Sony Music : Is it weird to be excited for new product even tho you can’t afford it right now??? 对新产品感到兴奋是不是很奇怪,即使你现在买不起????
YUNUS KARA : you so fast bro 你太快了
med reda : I think if you have a snapdragon 845 I think you shouldn’t upgrade 我想如果你有一个Snapdragon845,我认为你不应该升级
Rejected 1 : where to order it from? 从哪里订购?
Bo哥C姐澳洲笔记 : and it is very cheap JUST ¥2999 而且很便宜,只要2999元
Diogo Simoes : is it me or the fingerprint sensor needs to have the screen activated to work? is this a regular situation in other brands? 是我还是指纹传感器需要激活屏幕才能工作?这是其他品牌的常规情况吗?
gralex : So it’s a P20 Pro with an 855 所以这是一个p20专业版,855
Kino Zomby : Gotta move to China. 必须搬到中国去。
FAISAL RATUL : Overall which cameras are better between Mate 20 Pro & Xiaomi Mi9? 总的来说,Mate 20 Pro和Xiaomi Mi9之间的摄像头更好?
Rizwan Khan : Flagship killer 旗舰杀手
NTH THN : How can I trade in my Mi 8 now? 🙁 我现在怎么能换我的mi8?:(
Vince Lee : Good review but boring phone. 好的评测,但无聊的手机。
Queen Moa : The only downside is that battery if you’re into heavy games. 唯一的缺点是,如果你玩游戏的话,电池会有问题。
Rage ALOT : Ok I don’t see any american price on anything 好吧,我看不出任何美国货的价格
Soutam Ghosh : That notch is going to be a problem… 那个缺口将是个问题…
HR Omar : Wow 哇哦
Rahul Rockz : Anyone from India?? 有来自印度的人吗??
Caboose : Put Oxygen OS on it and it’ll be a good phone. 把氧OS放在上面,这会是一部很好的手机。
Adam’s Plane butter Tips! : You got a fricking global version ,earlier than anyone 你的全球版本比任何人都要早
nation of bakchodi : I buy secondhand iphone 7 plus one year old one month ago and phone suddenly switch off n not wrkng nw 一个月前,我买了一部旧的iPhone7的手机,手机突然关机了,不工作。
The guy who has 29 letters on his name : This phone is just too much, my goodness!! 这部电话太棒了,天哪!!
Veritas Vincit : Positives: Transparent design, 12GB RAM, fast wireless charging (nice charging animation btw), in display fingerprint. 正面:透明设计,12GB内存,快速无线充电(不错的充电动画btw),显示指纹。
Gusalit Beatbox : The wireless charging is separated ? 无线充电是分开的?
Venom ärrive : It emitts radiation too much 它放射出太多的辐射
Belthazor22 : Meh. 无聊。
Raymart Mercado : I hope you will give away that phone. And I hope luckily I’m the one that be chosen. 我希望你把电话给我。我希望幸运的是我是被选中的人。
TheRedMaster 07 : The new miui update made my battery life so much better! Lol. 新的Miui更新使我的电池寿命提高了很多!哈哈哈。
Angel Ramos : That is a piece of Shttttt 那是一砣屎
Sam Gerretsen : Where to buy it? I love it 在哪里买?我喜欢它
Raymart Mercado : I want a phone. 我想要一个。
Xmans___ : Rip huawei. 撕裂华为。
Philip Fong : Bad internal apps that want to feed you ads, every function want your permission to access your contact, camera. Total zero privacy and stupid password recovery method. 坏的内部应用程序想要给你提供广告,每个功能都需要你的权限来访问你的联系人、摄像头。完全零隐私和愚蠢的密码恢复方法。
Sick_Tech : beautiful smartphone. I can not wait to arrive in Italy, especially the explorer edition. I ask you a question. what do you use to create those three rectangles per minute 2:20? I can not find a way to get them 🙂 漂亮的智能手机。我等不及要到意大利,特别是探险家版。我问你一个问题。每分钟2:20你用什么来创建这三个矩形?我找不到一种方法来得到它们:)
Armindo Ribeiro : Should I get this one or wait for Oneplus 7? 我应该买这个还是等一加七?
Dylan Lutchman : More of a mini review than unboxing……not complaining though!! 更像是一个小评论而不是拆箱……尽管没有抱怨!!
Nawaz Shaikh : This mobile look like future of smartphones is going to 2nd Gen indisplay fingerprint scanner 这台手机看起来像是智能手机的未来将要进入第二代指纹扫描器。
Kaz Niaz : Less than 7 hours until the Samsung Galaxy S10 event! 距离三星Galaxy S10活动还有不到7小时的时间!
Vishwadeep Sonawane : Jeez, how fast are they launching the newer editions, Mi 8 was launched just 6-7 months back! Don’t tell me a year has been passed since its launch 天哪,他们发布新版本的速度有多快,6-7个月前就发布了Mi8!别告诉我它上市已经一年了
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