Marcus Jones  : Recently I went a date with a girl this summer she was beautiful. But something just was off with our conversation and her values and I stopped liking her and didn’t even think about a second date.Fast forward 6 months I see her say “ I’d never travel to China or anywhere around it” on Twitter. I DM her ask her why and what I got was “Their too smart, they’ll kill you and clone you. Their weird racist and eat uncooked food.” (she said a bit more but you get the picture.)I tried explaining a little bit about what China actually was. She didn’t wanna watch a video cause it was from china.Now I know why I didn’t like her anymore after one date. I don’t know how she could be so closed minded that she didn’t even what to be educated on the topic. she attends a school that she probably considers “weird and racist” and lives in a city that has a china town that extends for miles.A friend asked me did I want to go to china with him for a summer all I had to do was pay for the ticket while we v 最近我和一个女孩约会,她很漂亮。但是,我们的谈话发现她的价值观发生了一些变化,我不再喜欢她了,甚至没有想过第二次约会。6个月前,我看到她在Twitter上说“我从来没有去过中国或中国周边的任何地方”。我她为什么,我得到的是“他们太聪明了,他们会杀了你,克隆你。”他们古怪的种族主义者,吃生食。(她多说了一点,但你明白了。)我试着解释一下中国到底是什么。她不想看录像,因为它来自中国。现在我知道为什么约会之后我不再喜欢她了。我不知道她怎么会如此封闭,以致于她甚至连这个话题上的教育内容都没有。她上过一所学校,她可能认为这所学校是“古怪和种族主义者”,住在一个有着绵延数英里的中国小镇的城市里。
Chris Bruehl : When it comes to nationalistic, forward looking questions like this… Quora is so fake.I love Quora for almost every other field of interest because the only motive is truth… but not here. Half of people describe China as the most enlightened Utopia on the planet, and the USA as a country on the brink of collapse. Guess what the other people think… the exact same thing but switch roles.Anyone that thinks either country is outright ‘winning’ is stupid, both countries have pros and cons. My own bias is that while China has made tremendous progress, I do find issues with the way they simultaneously boast about surpassing the US while also making excuses for not having an open market (there is a lot of poverty in China and we need more time).On the other hand, the US is very hypocritical to claim China is being too aggressive in defending its interest (especially in the South China Sea) given that we’ve basically claimed the entire Western Hemisphere as our sphere of influence since the Mon 当谈到民族主义、前瞻性的问题时,像这样……Quora太虚假了。我爱Quora几乎所有其他感兴趣的领域,因为唯一的动机是真理……但不在这里。一半的人认为中国是世界上最有教养的乌托邦,而美国则处于崩溃的边缘。猜猜其他人是怎么想的……完全一样,只是换个角色。任何认为哪个国家完全“赢”的人都是愚蠢的,两个国家都有利有弊。我自己的偏见是,虽然中国已经取得了巨大的进步,但我确实发现他们同时吹嘘超越美国的方式存在问题,同时也为没有开放的市场找借口(中国还很贫穷,我们需要更多的时间)。
Gabriel Weinberg : Why should I use DuckDuckGo instead of Google?#1 — Google tracks you. We don’t.You share your most intimate secrets with your search engine without even thinking: medical, financial and personal issues, along with all the day to day things that make you, well, you. All of that personal information should be private为什么我应该使用DuckDuckGo而不是Google?#1-谷歌跟踪你。我们没有。你与你的搜索引擎分享你最亲密的秘密,甚至连想都不想:医疗、财务和个人问题,以及让你整天做的事。所有的个人信息都应该是私密的
Damien Defranco : I’ve been in and out of China more times than I can count since 2010.China is a very big, and very diverse country. It’s almost the opposite of a lot of westernized countries. Other countries in some way’s can be similar to China, such as India is pretty close.Like all countries, there is a thousand reasons a person can love China. China has good, and it has bad, just like all countries.  自从2010年以来,我进出中国的次数超出了我的想象。中国是一个非常大,而且种类繁多的国家。它几乎和许多西方国家相反。其他国家在某种程度上可能与中国相似,比如印度非常接近。像所有国家一样,一个人爱中国有千百个理由。就像所有国家一样,中国有好,也有坏。
David Ellsworth : I suppose this is as good a place as any to comment on why I like China. If you are looking for me to defend it, this is only a defence in the context that some people, maybe most, mindlessly attack it and mere truth may be the only defence required.My first experience with the mindless hatred towards China was about 1947 when I told a very close person that some day I would go to China. The response was deeply troubling — along the lines of “Are you stupid!! You shouldn’t even think such a horrible thought”. I was so disturbed I have remembered this all my life. I immediately decided never again to tell anyone of my intent. I held the idea of going to China from then on. I never told anyone that it was as destiny until I finally got the chance and arrived in China on my 60th birthday. That was in 2004 and I still go twice a year. I have accumulated more than 5 years in China.我想这个地方跟任何地方一样适合评论我为什么喜欢中国。如果你要我捍卫它,这只是一种防卫,因为一些人,也许大多数,无意识地攻击它,而事实也许是唯一需要的防卫。我第一次经历对中国的无意识仇恨大约是1947年,当时我对一位非常亲密的人说,总有一天我会去中国。这种反应令人深感不安——就像“你愚蠢吗?”你甚至不应该想到这么可怕的想法。我心烦意乱,一辈子都记着这件事。我立即决定不再告诉任何人我的意图。从那时起,我就有了去中国的想法。直到我终于有机会,在我60岁生日那天到达中国,我才告诉任何人这是命中注定的。那是在2004年,我还是每年去两次。我在中国已经积累了5年多了。
Jesse Patrick Booth : Perhaps I have a white savior complex. Perhaps I’m trying to gain the love and respect of Chinese people because I’m super lonely…And perhaps…It’s nowhere near as bad as some foreigners seem to think it is.As with any topic on the Internet, there are a lot of complete crayons (morons) who have never been to China, yet claim to know a lot about it.There are also tons of loaded questions like this one, asked by people who have a problem with China or people speaking highly of China. Why would this bother you? Why?Only MY country is great! No other artificial boundary is as good as the one where I arbitrarily exited my mother!Perhaps you don’t believe any westerner could possibly have a nice thing to say after visiting the communist hell hole that it is.I’d invite you to come and have some scrumptious hot pot at my local place that serves imported German beer and shows premier league games on the big screen, and where we pay for our food using our phones because we don’t use cash anymore… 也许我有一个白色的救世主情结。也许我正在努力赢得中国人民的爱和尊重,因为我非常孤独……也许……这远不及一些外国人想象的那么糟糕。就像互联网上的任何话题一样,有很多完全的蜡笔(笨蛋)从来没有去过中国,但是声称自己对中国很了解。还有很多负载。像这样的问题,是由对中国有问题的人或对中国评价很高的人提出的。这怎么会打扰你?为什么?只有我的国家是伟大的!没有比我任意离开我母亲的那个人工边界更好的了!也许你不相信任何一个西方人在参观了共产主义的地狱之洞之后会有什么好话要说。我会邀请你来我家乡吃些美味的火锅,那里供应进口的德国啤酒,在大屏幕上播放英超联赛,我们在那里用手机支付我们的食物,因为我们用手机,不再用现金了……
Jamie Cawley : If the US was presented as a country where black people are shot all the time by police, never having got over slavery, you might be moved to point out that this is a 98% exaggeration and close to, if not actually a complete, untruth.There are a surprising numbers of remarkably ignorant attacks on China, often phrased as questions. ‘Why are those Commie bastards slaughtering Uyghurs’ is not too exaggerated as the tone of these. These largely reflect the very odd view of China put out by much Western media.Having lived in the relaxed and friendly atmosphere of China for the last six years I, and many others, feel that we should try to correct the extraordinary misconceptions some people, sadly almost all of them in the US, have of it. Truth and peace are worth our small efforts. 如果美国一直被警察枪杀,从未摆脱过奴役,你可能会感动地指出,这是98%的夸张,不是完整的,也是不真实的。对中国的攻击数量惊人,非常无知,常常被当作问题。“为什么那些共产主义屠杀维吾尔人”的语气并没有被夸大。这在很大程度上反映了许多西方媒体对中国的奇怪看法。过去六年来,我和其他许多人都生活在中国轻松友好的氛围中,我觉得我们应该努力纠正一些人,可悲的是,几乎所有的美国人,对中国的奇怪误解。真相与和平值得我们小小的努力。
Brendan Waugh : I will be happy to acknowledge the success that China has had over the last 40 years moving from a poor nation to a richer nation.In the 1980’s China knew it had a problem – so it started fixing it. What is so wrong with that. Pragmatism (It does not matter if the cat is black or white, so long as it catches mice) led China to grow and be a major world nation.I am not going to deny that China has issues – but it is working to fix them. But simply taking a view that Communist = bad, is foolish. Just imagine telling people in the 60’s that China would be a major economy by the leadership of the Communist Party!. And that is what has happened.As a nation gets more powerful it tries to shape the world in it’s image. And that is what China has been doing, just like the USA, Russia, and the UK. And every other empire in the past.I have watched TV programs like China Uncensored – which is not friendly to the CCP I am aware of China’s human rights issues. I don’t really care too much about 我很乐意承认中国在过去40年中从一个贫穷国家走向一个富裕国家。在20世纪80年代,中国知道自己遇到了问题,所以开始着手解决。怎么了?实用主义(不管是黑猫还是白猫,只要能抓到老鼠就是好猫)引导中国成长并成为世界大国。我不否认中国有问题,但它正在努力解决这些问题。但是仅仅认为共产主义=坏,是愚蠢的。试想一下,在60年代,如果共产党的领导下,告诉人们,中国将成为一个主要经济体!事情就是这样。当一个国家变得更强大时,它试图以自己的形象塑造世界。这就是中国一直在做的事情,就像美国、俄罗斯和英国。过去每个人都看过《China Uncensored》这样的电视节目,我知道中国的人权问题对中国共产党都不友好。我真的不太在乎
Patrick Khaw : I’m going to try to provide an answer with a slightly different perspective.First off, I’m an Australian Chinese (in that order), born and educated in Singapore. My family is Peranakan or Straits-born meaning that we were the products of intermarriage between the Chinese and locals in what was then British Malaya.So I grew up speaking English and Malay and a smattering of dialects. As I was educated in English mission schools, I did not learn Mandarin.As far as I can remember, I was taught to hate Chinese and Communists. Pretty much everything I read about Communists described them as a threat peace-loving people everywhere. And China was communist.I think I was 17 when I first read Dick Wilson’s A Quarter of Mankind. This was followed by Emmanuel Hsu’s The Rise of Modern China. In those pages I glimpsed a very different China. So I started reading Chinese history, from the Qin dynasty, and continued my inquiry at university.Most of my working life was spent as a journalist, a sub-edit 我打算从稍微不同的角度来回答这个问题。首先,我是澳大利亚华人(按顺序),出生在新加坡,在新加坡接受教育。我的家庭是土生土长的,意思是说我们是当时的英属马来亚人和中国人通婚的产物。我在英国教会学校受过教育,没学过普通话。据我所知,我被教导憎恨中国人和共产党员。我读到的所有关于共产党人的文章,几乎都把它们描述为各地爱好和平的人民的威胁。中国是共产主义者。我第一次读狄克·威尔逊的《一个人的季度》时,我想我17岁。紧随其后的是徐悲鸿的《近代中国的崛起》。在那些页面上,我瞥见了一个非常不同的中国。因此,我开始阅读中国历史,从秦朝开始,并在大学继续我的调查。
Roger Tull : it’s not exactly defending China but holding america to the same standards they expect everyone else to comply with.lets talk about this current situation where america wants to punish a certain Chinese 5G company.they now claim the CFO broke sanction because they had dealings with Iran and used an american bank but didn’t report it.now look at trump he had dealings with a sanctioned Russian bank and did not report it.arrest trump as well for breaching sanctions.but oh wait, america want to stop China from selling it’s better 5G because america can’t put backdoor software into that.so america can not spy on it’s alliesso they bully everyone else not to use it as they hate competition and fair trade practices. 这并不是保护中国,而是要求美国遵守他们期望其他人都遵守的标准。让我们谈谈美国想要惩罚某家中国5G公司的现状。他们现在声称CFO违反了制裁,因为他们与伊朗打过交道,利用了一家美国银行,但是现在看起来不像是在报案。他曾与一家被制裁的俄罗斯银行打过交道,但没有报告过。他也因为违反制裁而被捕。但是,等等,美国想阻止中国出售更好的5G软件,因为美国不能把后门软件放进去。所以美国不能监视它的盟友,所以他们欺负别人,不要使用它,因为他们讨厌竞争。以及公平贸易惯例。
Pat Munday : I defend Chinese people because, as my students and colleagues and others I’ve met, I know them to be among the friendliest, most considerate, and hardest working people on earth. And the food is good. Outstanding, really, whether you’re eating mutton in Ningxia, hotpot in Chongqing, or fish in Guangzhou. It’s an amazing, ancient culture and was already a high civilization when my Irish ancestors were throwing rocks at the invading Romans.I do NOT defend the Chinese government, but try to tell it like it is. Although it is definitely relatively peaceful (just a fraction of the US military budget) and doesn’t want to conquer foreign lands, there is significant repression of human rights and certain minorities. The pollution sucks too, but no worse really than the US in the early 20th century, and the Chinese government is making a serious effort to curb pollution (shutting down dirty coal fired electrical generation, requiring high mileage vehicles, etc.). 我为中国人民辩护,因为我的学生、同事和其他我见过的人,我知道他们是世界上最友善、最体贴、最勤劳的人之一。而且食物也很好。非常棒,真的,不管你是在宁夏吃羊肉,在重庆吃火锅,还是在广州吃鱼。这是一个令人惊叹的古代文化,当我的爱尔兰祖先向入侵的罗马人扔石头的时候,它已经是一个高度文明了。我不捍卫中国政府,但是试着像它那样去告诉它。虽然它绝对是相对和平的(只是美国军事预算的一小部分),并且不想征服外国土地,但是人权和某些少数民族受到严重压制。污染也很糟糕,但实际上并不比20世纪初的美国更糟糕,中国政府正在认真努力控制污染(关闭脏煤发电、要求高里程车辆等)。
Jacob Stubbe Østerga : I personally do so because:- I know more about China than most Westerners- Western opinions on China are currently excessively negative, dominated by xenophobia, double standards, and uninformed fear. This is not to say that there isn’t positive views on China, or legitimate criticism of China, coming from the West. Just that the overall attitude is uninformed and negatively biased.If the opposite were true, I wouldn’t be defending China. I’d be criticizing her.I think it’s important to step up when a country or a people group is being demonized. Friendship, understanding and cooperation between countries is essential to everyone’s well-being. 我个人这样做是因为:-我比大多数西方人更了解中国-西方人对中国的看法目前过于消极,主要是仇外心理、双重标准和不知情的恐惧。这并不是说西方对中国没有积极的看法,也没有对中国的正当批评。只是整体态度是无知的,有负面的偏见。如果反过来是真的,我就不会保卫中国。我会批评她的。我认为当一个国家或一个人民团体被妖魔化时,加强警惕是很重要的。国家之间的友谊、理解和合作对每个人的福祉都是至关重要的。
Mikkel Nyhave Anders : Well I don’t see many reasons to hate China, they are good trade partners that we don’t want to lose after all. And I hope China see most of the EU the same way.With such a big country, we don’t want to sour our relationship. Also they’re pretty interesting with all their technology. And China also have a lot of critics, it very much depends on the individuals.Also we have in recent times got a lot of Chinese tourists here in my city in Denmark, which have helped with sales and business.Many Danes don’t know that much about China so we neither have a especially positive or negative view of the country, so we just look at it from a business perspective.Also the Huawei mobile phone has become popular, now there’s commercials about it.So our views are very business related. And in the business department China is mostly a net positive for a small country like us. 我看不出有什么理由恨中国,毕竟他们是我们不想失去的好贸易伙伴。我希望中国对大多数欧盟国家的看法是一样的。对于这样一个大国,我们不想破坏我们的关系。而且他们对所有的技术都很有趣。中国也有很多批评家,这在很大程度上取决于个人。而且最近我们在丹麦的城市里接待了很多中国游客,这些游客帮助了销售和商业。许多丹麦人对中国了解不多,所以我们对这个国家没有特别正面或负面的看法,所以我们只看fr从商业角度来看。华为的手机也变得很流行,现在有广告。所以我们的观点和商业有关。在商业部门,中国对于像我们这样的小国来说基本上是积极的。
Vladimir Hernandez : I would not say that I defend China. Having lived there for 5 years, I frequently provide my perspective of what being there actually is like.Considering the amount of disinformation and prejudice, it surely comes across as defending. I am also aware that other people’s experiences in China may defer from mine. I can however only provide my point of view.Also, I do not do that only online. Being now in Quora it is evidently a virtual forum, but also in real life I look to correct mis-impressions to the extent of my abilities, and given a reasonable recipient. Being them about China, Mexico, or the US (there are many misconceptions about the US around, as well).Just to underline that the question asked about westerners, not US citizens (because some ppl in other answers have gotten very riled up comparing the US vs China) 我不会说我捍卫中国。在那里生活了5年,我经常提供我对那里实际情况的看法。考虑到大量的虚假信息和偏见,这无疑是辩护。我也知道其他人在中国的经历可能跟我的不同。然而,我只能提供我的观点。而且,我不能只在网上这样做。现在在Quora显然是一个虚拟的论坛,但在现实生活中,我尽量纠正错误的印象,并给予一个合理的接收者。关于中国、墨西哥或美国(周围也有很多关于美国的误解)。只是强调一下,这个问题是关于西方人的,而不是美国公民的(因为在其他答案中,有些人把美国和中国作比较,变得非常愤怒)
Dayang Marikit : I think most of the Westerners who defend China are the ones who actually have been to China and thus are familiar and knowledgeable of what is true and what is false about the country.It’s pretty much the same with my country (The Philippines).Most of those who leave hateful comments are the ones who haven’t been to the Philippines. While those who defend the Philippines are mostly the ones who actually have been here. 我认为大多数捍卫中国的西方人实际上去过中国,因此熟悉并了解这个国家的真伪。这和我国(菲律宾)的情况差不多。留下可恶评论的大多数都是那些没有去过菲律宾的人。而那些保卫菲律宾的人大多是真正来过这里的人。
Mitch Davis : I’m not defending China. I’m challenging the opinions of people that are not based on facts or actual experience.I lived in one city in China for six months, and another for three years. It was interesting and vibrant, and I felt safe and welcome. This is not me “defending China”, I’m just telling you of my experience. 我不是在保卫中国。我正在挑战那些没有事实或实际经验的人的观点。我在中国的一个城市住了六个月,另一个城市住了三年。它很有趣,充满活力,我感到安全和欢迎。这不是我“保卫中国”,我只是在告诉你我的经验。
Ryan Li Baker : Because we see the truth with our own eyes and then we still see the obviously false propaganda being presented by Western media. The only honest thing to do in that situation is correct the propaganda, which people interpret as “defending China”. Try to help people by giving them accurate information and they attack you for it… 因为我们用自己的眼睛看真相,然后我们仍然看到西方媒体明显虚假的宣传。在这种情况下,唯一诚实的事情就是正确的宣传,人们把这种宣传解释为“保卫中国”。试图通过提供准确的信息帮助别人,他们攻击你……
Simon Hong : I am trying to understand China… and I came across this video that explains their political system. I found it to be very educational.What are you thoughts on this video?Eric X. Li: A tale of two political systems 我试图了解中国……我偶然看到这个解释他们政治体制的视频。我觉得很有教育意义。你对这个视频有什么看法?李彦宏:两个政治体制的故事
Ken Morgan : I lived there (sort of HK SAR with regular Shenzhen visits) and saw it myself.What I saw was considerably different to how the BBC, CNN, ITV or CH4 portrayed it to be.It’s very much like when US news agencies talk about no go zones in the UK because of Sharia law.I know for a fact this is fiction and BS and therefore I will call it out. 我住在那里(有点像香港特别行政区,经常去深圳),亲眼看到。我看到的和BBC、CNN、ITV或CH4所描述的情况大不相同。这很像美国新闻机构因为伊斯兰教法而谈论英国的禁区。我知道这是虚构和胡说,因此我会说出来。
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