就在EA《星球大战》游戏最新续作《绝地武士 失落的秩序》即将公布之际,美国CNBC公司在youtube发布了一段视频,标题“为什么星球大战在中国失败?”,看看外国网友有何评论?





美国CNBC讨论why star wars failed in china?



James Madison : ah China was invaded by empires repeatedly 中国屡遭帝国侵略
Jimvanhise : They won’t talk about this but Chinese audiences aren’t thrilled by movies with black people in them. China makes a lot of movies. None of them have black people in them. The Wandering Earth, which was a huge hit in China (if ignored in the US) is about all the people on Earth but only has Asian actors. Even Time Raiders, which also has American actors, only has white people. The Great Wall was a US/Chinese co-production and the only 3 non-Asian actors in the film were white. Even though this report raises questions they don’t answer, this is one question they don’t raise. Lots of trailers for Chinese movies on Youtube. Are black people in any of them? 他们不会谈论这件事,但中国观众不会为里面有黑人的电影而激动。中国拍了很多电影。他们都没有黑人。流浪的地球,在中国是一个巨作(如果在美国被忽视),是关于地球上所有的人,但只有亚洲演员。即使有美国演员的《时间掠夺者》也只有白人。《长城》是一部美中合拍的电影,影片中只有3位非亚洲演员是白人。尽管这份报告提出了他们没有回答的问题,但这是他们没有提出的一个问题。YouTube上有很多中国电影的预告片。他们中有黑人吗?
Fall : They want more sophisticated forms of entertainment like Transformers 他们想要更复杂的娱乐形式,如变形金刚
robizzlor : Because Star Wars sucks. It sucks really really hard. 因为星球大战很糟糕。真的很糟糕。
Zulkifli Mohd : Don’t forget for China .. the concept of beauty is different … 别忘了中国……美的概念是不同的…
britshell : China shows the Star Wars movies are actually trash, and that people only remember them fondly because of nostalgia. 中国的星战电影实际上是垃圾,人们只会因为怀旧而怀念它们。
dothedeed : I never understood the hype about Star Wars. I guess its equivalent to boy bands – you had to be a certain age when it came out and be caught up in it. Maybe you also have to be in America.Anyway IMO Star Trek is way more interesting. 我从来不理解有关星球大战的炒作。我想这相当于男孩乐队——当它出现时,你必须是一个特定的年龄,并且被它抓住。也许你也必须去美国。不管怎样,我觉得《星际迷航》更有趣。
Ji Hu : Why Disneyland and cartoons success in China instead of star war? 为什么迪斯尼乐园和卡通片在中国成功而不是星战?
terastarship2 : China is the rebel resistance! that’s why. Check China;a historical logs. it is all written there. 中国是反抗军!这就是原因。检查一下中国;历史记录。都写在那里了。
bluerisk : Star Wars lives from its nostalgia created by the first three movies. The rest is garbage. Rogue was ok – best when it was all Sci-Fi, worst when it was Star Wars connected – with one exception: Vader’s attack at the end. 《星球大战》的生活源于前三部电影的怀旧。其余的都是垃圾。《Rogue》不错——最好的是科幻片,最坏的是与星球大战有关的——只有一个例外:维德的最后攻击。
Julian Huang : I’m Chinese and I’m a big Star Wars fan, but apparently none of my friends like Star Wars at all 我是中国人,我是星球大战迷,但显然我的朋友都不喜欢星球大战。
Asahel : honestly, the franchise is overrated. the goodare just that the CGI is ahead of its time and the setting is quite extraordinary(LOTR level). 老实说,特许经营权被高估了。好的是,CGI比它的时间提前,而且设置非常特别(lotr级别)。
Cory : Another reason why China sucks 另一个中国烂的原因
UltramanII : There are quite a few Star Wars fans in China, it’s just not that big, with a smaller but dedicated fan-base. 中国有相当多的《星球大战》影迷,只是没有那么大,只有一个较小但专注的影迷群体。
chichiboypumpi : and many americans are gearing towards to what old China was, such idiocrats 许多美国人正朝着旧中国的方向努力,这些白痴
BLT4LIFE : I don’t think the Chinese care for nazis as much as Americans do. 我认为中国人对纳粹的关心不如美国人。
Holion 7296 : “even if you never seen a star wars film, you heard of the phrase” nope never have to this day “即使你从未看过《星球大战》的电影,你也听说过这样一句话:“不,今天不必了。”
ruuoxi : China was already occupied with Jin yong’s trilogies, Journey to the west, and Lady White snake, and Judge Bao, and the smiling proud wanderer… 中国已经被金庸的三部曲《西游记》、《白蛇转》、《包青天》和《笑傲江湖》占据了……
Runze : why should you expect Chinese love starwars? 你为什么要期待中国人喜欢星球大战?
HD93 : It’s amazing that you can watch Star War lol. Remember the plot: it’s a rebellion … (Obviously not as bad as Hunger Game). Nowadays, movies are trying VERY hard to make Chinese/Asian character the main one. Transformers = big robot, ever heard of Gundam/robot models? Fast Furious = ever heard of any racing games/car models? Star War = connection to what? 你能看《星球大战》真是太神奇了。记住剧情:这是一场叛乱…(显然没有饥饿游戏那么糟糕)。如今,电影正努力使中国/亚洲角色成为主要角色。变形金刚=大机器人,听说过冈达/机器人模型吗?极速狂怒=听说过任何赛车游戏/汽车模型吗?星球大战=与什么有关?
Elbert Lee : Lazy writing. The 1977 film never launched in China to permeate its culture. But the new Sequel Trilogy revolves entirely around fans. It doesn’t even both to develop characters. Kylo REN worships his dead war criminal grandpa over his awesome living role models Simply because FANS think Vader is cool. LAZY writing is evident throughout the sequel trilogy. It was written for fan nostalgia. The Last Jedi was written for fan subversion. Imagination, Creativity and innovation were tossed out. Unless you are a lifelong fan, the sequel trilogy is nit an engaging work of storytelling 懒惰的写作。这部1977年的电影从未在中国上映,以渗透其文化。但新的续集三部曲完全围绕着影迷。这两者都不适合塑造人物。Kylo Ren崇拜他死去的战犯爷爷,因为他出色的生活榜样仅仅是因为粉丝们认为维德很酷。在续集三部曲中,懒散的写作是显而易见的。这是为影迷怀旧而写的。最后一个绝地武士是为颠覆粉丝而写的。想象力、创造力和创新被抛弃了。除非你是一个终生的粉丝,否则续集三部曲不是一部引人入胜的讲故事的作品。
Some guy on the internet : Star Wars is about a small band of rebels repelling against a large tyrannical force, eventually winning. 《星球大战》讲述的是一小部分反叛分子对抗一支庞大的暴君,最终获胜。
Waza De wit : Because the evil empire is similar to the communist party 因为邪恶的帝国和共产党很相似
GloomGaiGar : Because there is no “China” in the SW movies. Surely, anyone with half a brain cell has noticed it? Big blockbuster movies these days include “China” in their settings, cast or plot to kowtow to Chinese audiences. 因为在软件电影中没有“中国”。当然,有人有半个脑细胞就注意到了吗?如今,大片的背景包括“中国”,演员或剧情向中国观众磕头。
uty uaty : Strange question. Why you don’t love me? I think everyone else all love me. 奇怪的问题。你为什么不爱我?我觉得其他人都爱我。
Jokester30 : Lucasfilm missed the window of opportunity back in the 90’s, they should have introduced the original trilogy to the Chinese during the 97 special edition Re-Release. 卢卡斯电影错过了90年代的机会之窗,他们本应该在97年的特别版重播中向中国人介绍原版三部曲。
YI LI : Honestly, you should try make better movies rather than blame on the market. earns 71 million, because it’s a good story of rebellions: people are willing to sacrifice themselves for their hopes and beliefs. and , however, in the Chinese view, are just comedies of self-righteous individual heroism. 老实说,你应该努力拍出更好的电影,而不是把责任推到市场上。“流氓一号”赚了7100万美元,因为这是一个关于反叛的好故事:人们愿意为自己的希望和信仰而牺牲自己。然而,在中国人看来,绝地武士和原力觉醒只是自以为是的个人英雄主义的喜剧。
joey mac : Wait, you’re telling me the story of a boy from a small backwater planet who joins a rebellion against the oppressive and authoritarian intergalactic government wasn’t released in China, and all they got was the Phantom Menace? No crap Star Wars never took off. Frankly, what surprises me is, given the nature of the central struggle of the original trilogy, that they even allowed it’s digital release. 等等,你是在告诉我一个来自一个小星球的男孩的故事,他加入了反对压迫和独裁的星际政府的叛乱,在中国没有被释放,他们得到的只是幽灵般的威胁?没有废话《星球大战》从未起飞过。坦率地说,让我吃惊的是,鉴于原三部曲的核心斗争的性质,他们甚至允许它的数字发行。
darkwar232100 : You had chance, but just looking at what the newest Star War treated our beloved Skywalker! No wonder you always failed to be successful in China… 你有机会,但看看最新的星球大战是如何对待我们心爱的天行者的!难怪你在中国总是失败…
Shirley Munro : They could put starwars movies into chinese cinemas once a month in the lead up to starwars episode nine playing them in story order. 他们可以在《星球大战第九集》的开始阶段,每月把《星球大战》的电影放进中国电影院一次,按故事顺序播放。
baka nga? : Star wars fan film of darth vader still better than star wars 7 and 8 《星球大战》的粉丝电影《黑武士维德》仍然比《星球大战7》和《星球大战8》好。
Homo Quantum Sapiens : because Chinese people aren’t exactly very creative when to comes to democracy and freedom, for them the empire has won and it’s real. 因为中国人在民主和自由方面并不是很有创造力,对他们来说,帝国已经赢了,而且它是真实的
dcb1138 : The Original Trilogy is Inherently American. It filled with WW2 / Nazi overtones the Chinese don’t “get”. 最初的三部曲本质上是美国的。它充满了二战/纳粹色彩,而中国人并没有“得到”。
The NerdyGeek77 : Because the movie is about fighting a totalitarian empire. China IS a totalitarian empire so… 因为这部电影是关于抗击极权主义帝国的。中国是一个极权主义帝国,所以…
Philip Worsher : Long story short, Communism! 长话短说,共产主义!
Clinton Ternenyi : At least they didn’t blame trump or Russia this time. china it’s you fault Disney sucks making Star Wars . 至少这次他们没有责怪特朗普或俄罗斯。中国,是你的错,迪斯尼不擅长制造星球大战。
Clinton Ternenyi : It didn’t do good in China because it sucked!… 它在中国做得不好,因为它太糟糕了!…
FuckAllah JihadWallahShit : fUN FACT:Chinese fans are not into Satr wars because Star wars have no facts how universe works.And space ships in star wars look like jokes 有趣的事实:中国的影迷不喜欢星球战争,因为星球大战没有事实证明宇宙是如何运作的。而在星球大战中的宇宙飞船看起来像是笑话。
史瑞 : As a chinese,I just want say Star war story line is too long and Not a lot of Old generation wtach it in Chima,and new generation cannot really into new film without watch old movir 作为一个中国人,我只想说《星战》的故事情节太长了,而不是很多老一代在《奇玛》里,新一代不看老电影就不能真正进入新电影。
SpiritsBB : Chinese movies in the 80s is a lot more exciting than those Star War sword fights. 80年代的中国电影比那些星战剑术更令人兴奋。
ruddy arrow : Star Wars failed in China because Lucas stole the story from classic Chinese operas, and not even the good ones. 《星球大战》在中国失败了,因为卢卡斯从中国古典歌剧中偷走了这个故事,甚至连好歌剧都没有。
cangai06 : It’s always fun to see a bunch of white people talk about China 看到一群白人谈论中国总是很有趣的
Travis Barker : Sounds like China saved a lot of money. Star Wars is dead. 听起来中国省了很多钱。星球大战已经死了。
Robert Tsui : China will surpass the US and entire north America as the largest movie market in the world. If Trump regime failed to intimidate China into accepting a trade deal of any form, if the trade war that launched by the Trump regime continues, the Hollywood will be expelled from this world’s largest movie market! Trade war can be definitely expended to the service sectors. 中国将超越美国和整个北美,成为世界上最大的电影市场。如果特朗普政权没有胁迫中国接受任何形式的贸易协定,如果特朗普政权发起的贸易战继续下去,好莱坞将被驱逐出这个世界上最大的电影市场!贸易战肯定会扩大到服务业。
Mateo Lizardo : I think we all know because the movie sucks 我想我们都知道因为这部电影太烂了
Edward Li : Star Wars is just not exciting compared to the Kung Fu movies. I don’t find the SW universe or story compelling. I think SW is one of those things that mostly appeals to Americans, much like American football. 与功夫片相比,《星球大战》并不令人兴奋。我不觉得软件世界或故事有吸引力。我认为软件是最吸引美国人的东西之一,很像美国足球。
COOBER G : This video is stupid. Why you want SW to succeed in China so badly? Box office wise, Force of awaken is the top number, because it was the best sequel out of the original 3. Maybe have some better scripts so the US box office and reviews for the latest SW sequel or spin offs for last few years could also get better. The MCU and the F&F franchises succeed globally for a reason. In order to understand and love SW series, you need to become a “nerd” first (as sbd into methodology and sci-fi, on offense, I love nerds). My point is you can’t ask people with different language and way of thinking to get all the Easter eggs and sub contexts as Americans right? No to mention the fan rage about the SW8 and Solo in US. It just made worse. So the box office for those films in China is relatively high in my opinion. 这段录像很蠢。你为什么如此渴望软件在中国取得成功?票房方面,唤醒的力量是头号数字,因为它是最好的续集出原来的3。也许有一些更好的剧本,这样美国票房和最近几年的软件续集或子产品评论也会变得更好。Mcu和F&F特许经营权之所以在全球获得成功,是有原因的。为了理解和热爱软件系列,你需要首先成为一个“书呆子”(作为SBD进入方法论和科幻,在进攻,我爱书呆子)。我的观点是,你不能要求不同语言和思维方式的人把所有的复活节彩蛋和亚背景作为美国人,对吗?更不用说我们对SW8和独奏的狂热了。情况更糟了。因此,我认为这些电影在中国的票房相对较高。
Thomas Smith : Because the Chinese IQ is high enough to know that all the new Star Wars are total trash! 因为中国人的智商高到足以知道所有新的星球大战都是垃圾!
RC Hobbyist Extreme : Thats because China IS the Bad guy 因为中国是坏人
Vanno Kouch : The only people that likes star wars today are people that grew up with it, it’s not a great series, and it didn’t age well. 今天唯一喜欢《星球大战》的人是和它一起长大的人,它不是一个伟大的系列,也不是很老。
Aaron Morris : Hey Disney folks. How about a worldwide re-release of the original Star Wars trilogy? Maybe China will love those original films the way the rest of the world did. 嗨,迪斯尼人。在世界范围内重新发行最初的星球大战三部曲怎么样?也许中国会像世界其他地方一样喜欢这些原创电影。
hzhang1228 : not a single attempt at viewing it from the Chinese perspective? maybe it is just that in an entire universe built from the ground up there is no Asian race included? it is hard to immerse yourself in a reality that does not include you. how are kids supposed to roleplay? as the aliens? there is a reason the main heroes are always human, to relate to the audience. you show a society that views themselves as the middle kingdom a “future” that exclude them and wonder why the idea didn’t catch on? lawl. growing up in the 80s we had cartoon networks, superman and batman, but it was never as popular as fist of the north star, dragonball. censorship? pirating? movies are arts and culture, stop analyzing it like a robot. 从中国的角度来看,这不是一次尝试?也许仅仅是在一个从地面建立起来的整个宇宙中,没有包括亚洲种族?很难让自己沉浸在一个不包括你在内的现实中。孩子们该如何扮演角色?作为外星人?有一个原因,主要的英雄总是人,与观众有关。你向一个社会展示了一个将自己视为“中土王国”的“未来”,这个社会排除了他们,并想知道为什么这个想法没有流行起来?劳尔成长于80年代的我们有卡通网络,超人和蝙蝠侠,但它从来没有像北斗星龙珠的拳头那么受欢迎。审查制度?盗版?电影是艺术和文化,不要像机器人一样分析它。
Graceful Rival Lex : I got a feeling that movies were the protagonist challenges or rebels against the government might become extremely rare the more dominant in the worldwide box office. 我有一种感觉,电影是主角,挑战或反抗政府可能变得极为罕见,在全球票房中占主导地位。
thehotsixer1 : Chinese know these new Star Wars movies are crap, maybe that’s why they are not watching them? CNBC never even considered this a possible reason. That tells you why CNBC ratings are crap too, and this girls voice sounds like she is in high school. 中国人知道这些新的星球大战电影是垃圾,也许这就是为什么他们不看?CNBC从未认为这是一个可能的原因。这就告诉你为什么CNBC的收视率也很糟糕,这个女孩的声音听起来像是在高中。
infinitecanadian : Perhaps because the Galactic Empire seems too similar to the glorious Chinese Communist Party. 也许是因为银河帝国和光荣的中国共产党太相似了。
jack sjsjs : Because Star wars is a pathetic attempt to culturally appropriate Asian mythicism of martial arts, swords, magical powers and mediating. The Chinese see that 因为《星球大战》是一个可悲的尝试,试图在文化上适应亚洲武术、剑、魔法和调解的神话。中国人看到了
Louis Wu : Star war just a little bit stupid compare to other sci movie. 与其他科幻电影相比,《星球大战》有点愚蠢。
jonljacobi : Maybe they just didn’t like the movie. 也许他们只是不喜欢这部电影。
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