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Ardian Cipi: The skyscraper “fever” started in my opinion about 200 years ago or so in America and it was simply EGO or better supersized ego of the building owners and developers. In the early 90s I used to love visiting different cities in Germany ,where I used to live and work at the time, every major city or town you can tell apart from any other city or town because the buildings and architectural landmarks were so distinguishable from each other, ( that applies to most European cities and towns in all of the countries) try to find that in today’s megacity, they all look pretty much the same. Apart from being super expensive and inflating someone’s ego I don’t see much use in them skyscrapers. 在我看来,摩天大楼的“热潮”始于大约200年前的美国,它仅仅是建筑物所有者和开发商的EGO或更好的自我炫耀。 在90年代初期,我曾经喜欢参观德国的不同城市,那时我曾经在这里生活和工作,每个大城市或城镇都可以与其他城市或城市区分开来,因为建筑物和建筑地标与彼此之间(适用于所有国家/地区的大多数欧洲城市和城镇)试图发现,在当今的特大城市中,它们看起来都差不多。除了超级昂贵和夸大某人的自我之外,我看不到它们在摩天大楼中有多少用处。
Chef AbbiOp: It costs more 它的成本更高
Phillip II: In my city, you can’t construct a building above the height of 33ft. 在我的城市里,你不能建造超过33英尺的建筑物。
Renzo: So I won’t ever see Star Wars buildings on earth 😞 所以我再也看不到地球上的星球大战建筑了
L L: Skyscrapers are bad for the economy. They centralised the people and the money in one region. 摩天大楼对经济不利。他们把人和钱集中在一个地区。
mnldgb d: Thanks for the video, they have such mischaracterized cities that I definitely wouldn’t like to live there. 感谢您的视频,他们在那些城市里迷失,我绝对不希望住在那里。
ᕼEᒪᒪ GᗩᗰIᑎG: Conclusion : Most of the skyscrapers are empty , poorly bulit or a copy cat of designs from other countries. 结论:大多数摩天大楼都是空的,建筑质量差,或者是模仿其他国家的设计。
kalm dwn: I wouldn’t worry too much. The bad buildings hopefully will get replaced quickly. 我不会太担心的。那些坏房子有望很快被替换掉。
Berkov L: well, that’s extremely disappointing 好吧,那真是太令人失望了
mysteriousDSF: It seems very likely that we’ll never see a building taller than the Burj Khalifa during our lifetimes 在我们的有生之年,我们似乎再也看不到比哈利法塔更高的建筑了
Allan Roosevelt: So CCP doesnt want Super tall tower with empty floors…thts good idea 所以中共不想要空楼层的高塔…这是个好主意
e lin Ong: Very good move. 干得好。
ninjaturtle205: I see what China is doing. Just building one tall building after another leaves little room for identity and style. The cities China is building now need their own identities to carry hundreds of years into the future. Concrete slabs after concrete slabs are not beautiful to look at. That’s why old European cities have more character than many drab US cities with their urban sprawl 我知道中国在做什么。仅仅一栋又一栋的高层建筑就留出了很少的身份和风格空间。中国正在建设的城市需要自己的身份才能延续数百年。混凝土板之后的混凝土板看起来并不漂亮。这就是为什么欧洲古老的城市比许多单调乏味的美国城市更具城市特色的原因
sumerbc: Watch the movie “Dredd” for how building tower construction is doing in the future… 观看电影“ Dredd”,了解未来大楼的建造情况…
Craig Purcell: Good for China in focusing on placemaking instead of edifice towers. 对中国来说,把重点放在地方建设上,而不是高楼大厦上,这对中国很有好处。
koksal ceylan: Just the energy for useless commertial lightings is million tons of Carbon emishen in to the air. This is just criminal shud be band in the world. 仅无用的商业照明所消耗的能量就是向空中散发的数百万吨碳。这只是世界范围内的犯罪分子。
comme le vent: very good legislation. 很好的立法。
Mật Ngọt: China 2/3 poverty, 1/3 show off to the world to show they are trying hard to be the most powerful 中国2/3贫困人口,有1/3向世界炫耀,表明他们正在努力成为最有权力的人
Lal Shrestha: If Tsunami comes , 如果海啸来了,
Karma _: China: bans skyscrapers The world: u know your going to need to build skyscrapers because overpopulation 中国:禁止摩天大楼 世界:您知道由于人口过多,您将需要建造摩天大楼
YICHAO SU: I hate those skyscrapers, i want more traditional architectures in my country not those modern ones 我讨厌那些摩天大楼,我希望在我的国家更传统的建筑,而不是那些现代的
bill kenneth: as a architect in china,I designed several skyscrapers,none of them are on my Favorite list. Most skyscrapers in China are short of investment, Chasing short profits. A good looking outside but Too large of core tube and column,means you can’t use well. And the price of skyscrapers which are higher and higher making the issue worse, It’s not a game for the people, But for the rich of finance. 作为一名中国建筑师,我设计了几座摩天大楼,但没有一座是我最喜欢的。中国大多数摩天大楼都缺乏投资,追逐短期利润。外表好看,但核心筒和柱太大,意味着你不能很好地使用。而越来越高的摩天大楼的价格让问题变得更糟,这不是老百姓的游戏,而是有钱人的游戏。
Jimmy C: Lol you can even copy buildings !? Dang Suzhou got the London bridge 🌉 😂 哈哈,你甚至可以复制建筑物!?苏州有伦敦桥
DarkyBoode32: Did they actually? 真的吗?
GoArtist: 500 metres is enough. 500米够了。
SOURYU: As someone with experience in the construction industry, I must say that your channel is superficial, full of fabrication, and lack of real knowledge and research. 作为具有建筑行业经验的人,我必须说,您的渠道是肤浅的,虚构的,并且缺乏实际的知识和研究。
Nicholas Quek: I think skyscrapers are one of the reason for sinking cities especially those that is coastal and it’s already causing problems in some Chinese cities like Shanghai. Some cities are already dealing with increasing strain of monsoon or heavy torrential rain inundating the city… I Guess the skyscrapers are also compressing the land making the problem worse. 我认为摩天大楼是城市下沉的原因之一,尤其是沿海城市,它已经在上海等中国城市造成问题。一些城市已经在应对日益紧张的季风或暴雨淹没城市。。。我想摩天大楼也在压缩土地,使问题变得更糟。
suryamp: Its cause they are ok with non skyscrapers crumbling to worthless buildings in 3 years. Skyscrapers crumbling is too much of a PR nightmare 因为他们对非摩天大楼在3年内摇摇欲坠变成一文不值的建筑没什么意见。摩天大楼的倒塌太像公关噩梦了
mans410: The Chinese realized that high skyscraper is just pure expensive vanity of some countries. 中国人意识到,高楼大厦只是一些国家纯粹昂贵的虚荣。
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