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youtube  Up主分析亚马逊在中国市场溃败原因



Guy Burtwell : I use amazon. located in Canada 我使用Amazon。位于加拿大
Tim Zhang : Amazon Japan is very convenient and cheap if you bought the premier menbership. 如果你买了会员,亚马逊日本非常方便和便宜。
Yuhan Zhang : Some jerk in China registered an Amazon.cn account with my email, and amazon.cn kept sending me email of orders WITHOUT my email confirmation! So I sent their customer service an complaint email, both in Chinese and English, and got no reply at all. In the end I had to add them to spam. Similarly McDonald’s China spammed me with order of strangers who register with my email to invite me view her lunch box. I am sure I don’t have a bank account there, but Chinese tech companies suck at security. especially when they are bragging about their pitiful 9-9-6 working hours, you know how well they do all day – they deserve it. 中国的某个混蛋用我的电子邮件注册了一个亚马逊中国账户,亚马逊中国不停地向我发送订单电子邮件,而我的电子邮件却没有得到确认!所以我给他们的客服发了一封中英文投诉邮件,根本没有回复。最后我不得不把它们添加到垃圾邮件中。同样的,麦当劳中国也向我发了大量的订单,要求陌生人在我的电子邮件中注册,邀请我查看她的午餐盒。我确信我在那里没有银行账户,但中国的科技公司在安全方面很差劲。尤其是当他们吹嘘他们可怜的9-9-6个工作时间时,你知道他们一整天做得有多好——他们值得这样做。
Q L : The sole competitive edge Amazon had in China was that they used to accept cash payment on delivery with no additional fees. That advantage was obliterated when Alibaba perfected its online payment mechanism. 亚马逊在中国的唯一竞争优势是,他们过去接受货到付款,不收取额外费用。当阿里巴巴完善其在线支付机制时,这种优消失了。
Lynne Gollert : I’ve tried to use Amazon.cn and I am HATING them. Bad communications, poor return policies, too much left up to sellers (not Amazon), impossible customer service. Just horrible. I will only use JD or Taobao from now on. Much more responsive and pays attention to the customer first! Wuxi, China. 我曾经尝试过使用亚马逊,我很讨厌他们。糟糕的沟通,糟糕的退货政策,太多留给卖家(不是亚马逊),不可能的客户服务。真可怕。从现在起我只会用JD或者淘宝。响应速度更快,首先关注客户!无锡,中国。
ashish rai : India …post paid sim gave me …Amazon prime and Amazon video for free for 12 months 印度……付费后的SIM卡给了我……亚马逊Prime和亚马逊免费视频12个月
Manish Negi : india -services is good . 印度-服务很好。
Jinhui Zou : Simply because Amazon has no localization strategy, it just wants to replicate its success story in the United States to China. But here is China, not the United States, and it is not a country that respects and follows the United States. 仅仅因为亚马逊没有本地化战略,它只想把它在美国的成功故事复制到中国。但这里是中国,不是美国,也不是一个尊重和追随美国的国家。
Dalong Yin : Taobao has more good than Amazon 淘宝比亚马逊好
黄帝 : I have to say my experience of using Facebook and Amazon is HORRIBLE 我不得不说我使用Facebook和亚马逊的经验很糟糕
sandy singh : Why doesn’t Chinese companies take competition to Global level? Why are they confined to serving local markets mainly? Am sure with their kind of capability & capacity they can give US companies run for their money. 为什么中国企业不把竞争提升到全球水平?为什么它们主要局限于服务当地市场?我敢肯定,凭借他们的能力和能力,他们可以为我们的公司提供资金支持。
Chicken Flower : Capitalism in communist country lol 共产主义国家的资本主义
Frank Lord : Amazon sucks small business’ blood and oxygen which is totally legal in the U.S. but not in China. 亚马逊吸食小企业的血液和氧气,这在美国是完全合法的,但在中国是不合法的。
Romain Porte : French Amazon Prime subscriber. Greatly enjoy their services, and your channel thx 😉 法国亚马逊主要用户。非常享受他们的服务
JohnFrumFromAmerica : Because the ccp dident want it to succeed 因为共产党不希望它成功
Giovanni G : same as google, china would blockade them from entering the their market unless they agree to some ridiculous chinese govt standards while firms in china ripping them off and develop the Chinese versions of them to overtake the vacuuming market. that’s what the trade war is all (or mainly) about i guess. from google to baidu, facebook to renren, youtube to youku, whatsapp to weixin, Instagram/imgur to tiktok you name it… 与谷歌一样,中国也会阻止他们进入自己的市场,除非他们同意一些可笑的中国政府标准,而中国的公司则会撕掉这些标准,开发出中国版本的标准,以超越真空市场。我想这就是贸易战的全部(或主要)原因。从谷歌到百度,从Facebook到人人,从YouTube到优酷,从WhatsApp到Weixin,从Instagram/imgur到Tiktok,你都能说出它的名字……
Sebastian Liam : because we have better service. come to china and see please. 因为我们有更好的服务。来中国看看。
Avinash Mishra : In India two e-commerce space is dominated by two companies. Amazon and Flipkart (which is now acquired by Walmart). I use both of them. 在印度,两个电子商务领域由两家公司主导。亚马逊和Flipkart(现在被沃尔玛收购)。我两个都用。
Whale White : Amazon Prime in china is so called chicken ribs — things of little value or interest. I used for a year, and canceled next time 亚马逊在中国的主打产品是所谓的鸡排——没有什么价值或兴趣的东西。我用了一年,下次取消了
Dementos : I from Australia and Amazon has only recently launched here ( end of 2017) and I find their services pretty good. Amazon Aus doesn’t have as many products as the US does but it really is handy when they do stock items that I would normally buy. I aldo find prime to be really good as shipping here is pretty expensive so having free is great and saves me so much. 我来自澳大利亚和亚马逊,最近才在这里推出(2017年底),我发现他们的服务非常好。AmazonAus没有美国那么多的产品,但当他们库存我通常会购买的商品时,它真的很方便。我发现Prime非常好,因为这里的运费非常昂贵,所以免费是很好的,而且可以为我节省很多钱。
Blacksage Grandmaster : Haha, any successful stories of China’s big companies in the US? I know you’ll probably mention Huawei. But except for Huawei, are most of Americans using Alibaba, JD, or even WeChat? There are actually more than just culture difference and trust of local management in such a failure in business across the boarder. 哈哈,中国大公司在美国有什么成功的故事吗?我知道你可能会提到华为。但除了华为,大多数美国人是使用阿里巴巴、JD,甚至微信吗?事实上,在整个寄宿国的这种商业失败中,不仅仅是文化差异和当地管理层的信任。
Lillith Zero : I liked Amazon around 2012 when I lived in China. It was my go to place to buy authentic electronics. But their products were usually $10 more expensive than Taobao’s (which belongs Alibaba). So once I found reliable sellers on Taobao I pretty much only do my shopping there. JD is my least favorite because I read posts about its questionable product and services. 2012年我住在中国的时候,我喜欢亚马逊。那是我去买正宗电子产品的地方。但他们的产品通常比淘宝(阿里巴巴旗下)贵10美元。所以,一旦我在淘宝上找到了可靠的卖家,我几乎只在那里购物。JD是我最不喜欢的,因为我读过关于它有问题的产品和服务的文章。
S M : having lived in Japan, there was no way i thought i could live without amazon. But I had no problem transitioning to Taobao and Tmall after coming to China 在日本生活过之后,我想没有亚马逊我是不可能生活的。但我来中国后转学淘宝和天猫没问题
Vijey Krishnaa : I’m from India… Amazon is by far the most famous e-commerce company here. I’m not a prime subscriber though… Most are not. That’s only for the upper middle class and the rich 我来自印度…亚马逊是迄今为止最著名的电子商务公司。不过,我不是主要订户…大多数不是。这只适用于中产阶级和富人
Lee impp : If you had used Taobao in China, you would know why…… 如果你在中国使用过淘宝,你就会知道为什么……
shuilong52 : It is so difficult or impossible to get delivery from Amazon to Overseas. I live in Singapore and want to buy several things but they don’t deliver or the courier kills the option 从亚马逊到海外交货是如此困难或不可能。我住在新加坡,想买几样东西,但他们不送货,或者快递员取消了选择权。
John Smith : Amazon is garbage… Taobao can fk Amazon all day long….. and still have the energy to fk Ebay all night! 亚马逊是垃圾…淘宝可以一整天FK亚马逊…仍然有精力在eBay上玩一整晚!
Bucketandamop1 : Alibaba got help from CCP. Nothing more to it than that 阿里巴巴得到了中国共产党的帮助。没有比这更重要的了
Fomalhaut : China got Taobao and JD. All way better than amazon. 中国有淘宝和JD。比亚马逊好多了。
The Generalist : Simply out-competed by 9-9-7 and language barriers? I think the CCP had more to do with it. 仅仅是9-9-7和语言障碍的竞争?我认为中国共产党与此有更多的关系。
arcangelkrlos : Studied in China 2 years and their e-commerce environment is what I liked the most. 在中国学习2年,他们的电子商务环境是我最喜欢的。
Riccardo Truzzi : In your opinion, which are the specific needs that make Chinese consumers different from the US ones? Is it a mistake to think that middle classes all over the world tend to have the same purchising behaviours? 在你看来,中国消费者与美国消费者有哪些特殊需求?认为世界各地的中产阶级都有相同的购买行为是错误的吗?
Sigma Geranimo : Not many people have credit card in china. 在中国没有多少人有信用卡。
Meng & Najima-Meng ZhaoYing & Aisha : I currently have Amazon Prime for last 4 years. I use it fiest because I can get it within 24 to 48 hours depending on time a product. The item can sometimes be received same day. If you buy before a certain time. 我现在有亚马逊优惠4年了。我最爱用它,因为我可以在24到48小时内得到它,这取决于产品的时间。有时项目可以在同一天收到。如果你在一定时间之前买的话。
Hin Leung Liu : Generally speaking, protectionism and hostile business environment come first, many manufactories set up by the hong kong business men in 80s & 90s being absorbed by chinese counterparts which are formerly their business partner or co founder, who simply learnt all stuff from their partners and branched off, operated at lower cost, brought most of the workers with them to the new companies, the qualities are low but still acceptable by the chinese. Hence, they have a large market. And their companies are hard to get away with lawsuit as the courts are bribed. The westerners have learnt from this and being more cautious. chinese law restrict chinese participant in the companies set up by foreigners, otherwise, you cannot do business in china, their law work only for their own good. 一般说来,贸易保护主义和敌对的商业环境是第一位的,许多80年代和90年代的香港商人创办的许多工厂被中国同行吸收,以前是他们的商业伙伴或共同创办人,他们只是从他们的合作伙伴那里学到了所有的东西,然后分拆,以较低的成本运作,带来了大部分。带着他们到新公司工作的工人,素质不高,但仍被中国人接受。因此,他们有一个巨大的市场。他们的公司很难摆脱诉讼,因为法院受到贿赂。西方人从中吸取教训,更加谨慎。中国法律限制中国人参与外国人设立的公司,否则,你不能在中国做生意,他们的法律只为自己的利益工作。
Spencer Du : Dear Lord, Amazon who? We got better choices in China, way better, Taobao, Tmall, JD, Suning, and PDD. E-commerce in China is far more advanced than the West. 亲爱的上帝,亚马逊是谁?我们在中国有更好的选择,更好的选择,淘宝、天猫、JD、苏宁和PDD。中国的电子商务远比西方发达。
Wayne Jr. : i use amazon’s kindle, so impressed by the miserable processing speed of just text, it’s worse than ibooks on the ipad, i thought this single-funciton device would be a beast in text processing, like instant change of font size, numerous text-related functions, hell there are no extra functions than a cheap ebook reader or a reading app, and for a handheld device, there’s no grip, no hint of a grip, wow, amazon, get lost 我用的是亚马逊的Kindle,仅仅是文本的处理速度很糟糕,比ipad上的iBook更糟糕,我认为这个单一的Funciton设备在文本处理方面会是个猛兽,比如字体大小的即时变化,大量的文本相关功能,地狱里没有比便宜的电子书阅读器或阅读应用程序更强大的功能,而且对于手持设备,没有握力,没有握力的暗示,哇,亚马逊,迷路了。
Dh W : because the damn country is protecting its own businesses and discourages foreign businesses 因为这个该死的国家正在保护自己的企业,阻止外国企业
Praveen Jain : yes i am subsriber of amazon prime and i am from india.. and i am satisfied with their services 是的,我是亚马逊Prime的订阅用户,我来自印度。我对他们的服务很满意
ジョーさん : Amazon is pretty unreliable internationally. Living in Taiwan, it’s pretty difficult to get anything shipped here. So Taiwan has its own “Amazon,” called Momo. It just makes more sense to use a domestic company for online shopping. 亚马逊在国际上相当不可靠。住在台湾,很难把任何东西运到这里。所以台湾有自己的“亚马逊”,叫做“莫莫”。使用国内公司进行网上购物更为合理。
Breeze li : There is a saying: big fish eat small fish, fast fish eat big fish( literaturely). Also Amazon’s website is not as friendly as Ali’s. You always need to type, search, scroll, repeat the former steps. While on Ali, you type search, all left is click and scroll. Amazon wants to sell everything by its own, yet Ali does not. 俗话说:大鱼吃小鱼,快鱼吃大鱼。另外,亚马逊的网站不像阿里的那么友好,你总是需要输入,搜索,滚动,重复前面的步骤。在ali上,输入search,左键是click和scroll。亚马逊想自己卖东西,但阿里不想。
Nick Li : I lived in China for half a decade and I tried my best to like Amazon but it was not match for taobao or jd. As a customer, they did not have the products I wanted or at the price I wanted it. The lack of reviews were also a result of few customers. They did not spend as much as JD and taobao on advertising either. It is okay for it not to advertise in the US because they are well-known but in China they were nobody. They also had a very late market entry into China when compared to the other two, while doing the same function. Where as VIP( e-commerce that focused on discounted products) which came out much later than Amazon already surpassed Amazon. 我在中国生活了五年,我尽最大努力去喜欢亚马逊,但它与淘宝和JD不匹配。作为客户,他们没有我想要的产品,也没有我想要的价格。缺乏评论也是少数客户的结果。他们在广告上的花费也没有JD和淘宝那么多。在美国不做广告是可以的,因为他们是众所周知的,但在中国他们是无名小卒。与其他两个国家相比,它们进入中国的时间也非常晚,同时也在发挥同样的作用。作为VIP(专注于打折产品的电子商务),比亚马逊晚了很多,已经超过了亚马逊。
Fezza Manezza : Try protectionism and illegal trade laws 尝试保护主义和非法贸易法
David Smith : Because they to not give western technologoes to the evil communist government 因为他们不向邪恶的共产主义政府提供西方的技术标志
Gobi nath : Waiting for it in India. 在印度等着呢。
crisding89 : Too long didn’t watch. Major reason: Taobao. 视频太长没看。主要原因:淘宝。
Digvijay Singh : Point is , I think amazon will still try to make it big in China , American giants are everywhere and trump started the trade war for this reason, to get more market from chinese companies . 关键是,我认为亚马逊仍将努力在中国做大,美国巨头无处不在,特朗普为此而发动了贸易战,以从中国公司获得更多的市场。
white pig : I live in Germany. Amazon is terrible here. 我住在德国。亚马逊在这里很糟糕。
J. M. Pérez : Actually it is very successful. Like 75% of products sold on Amazon are Chinese exports, way more if you just consider manufacturing. It just depends how you see it lol 其实很成功。就像亚马逊销售的75%的产品是中国的出口产品一样,如果你只考虑制造业的话,情况会更糟。就看你怎么看了,哈哈
bloodaxe : Amazon Prime is cheaper than Netflix but Indians still uses the local Hotstar. 亚马逊Prime比Netflix便宜,但印度人仍然使用当地的hotstar。
tom tom : amzon cost more and delivers much slower, why will people use an Inferior one? Amzon成本更高,交付速度更慢,为什么人们会使用劣质产品?
vincent fong : I used to work for American banks . They are over confident and think Chinese local team as inferior clones who only know how to follow orders. They are not given much decision making authority and budget to deviate. 我以前在美国银行工作。他们过于自信,认为中国本土团队是次等的克隆人,他们只知道如何执行命令。他们没有多少决策权和预算可以偏离
Jackal N : I use to use Amazon but since Australia was lock out of North American market few years ago so I stopped. 我曾经用过亚马逊,但由于澳大利亚几年前被锁定在北美市场之外,所以我停了下来。
408Magenta : Try, “Alibaba” 试试“阿里巴巴”
midnightman011 : Ohh a big mystery another American fails in China! /s .. I can sum up the video in 10 seconds .. the only American businesses that have any success in China is when the CCP allows them to succeed 哦,另一个美国人在中国失败了,这是个大谜团!…我可以在10秒钟内对视频进行总结。唯一在中国取得成功的美国企业是中国共产党允许他们成功的时候。
Luffy : when I was live in China, I haven’t even heard of Amazon. I use JD and Taobao. 当我住在中国的时候,我甚至没有听说过亚马逊。我用JD和淘宝。
eric lee : You should ask why Amazon can succeed outside USA.I think company to succeed aboard is more difficult than to faile. 你应该问亚马逊为什么能在美国以外取得成功。我认为在国外取得成功比失败更困难。
jacky tang : Has Amazon failed in China?Do you know how much containers shipped by Matson from Shanghai to Long Beach? I’m working in a international logistics company in Shanghai which is for Amazon FBA service. there are more and more goods exported to America by Amazon sellers in China. Lots of tmall and taobao sellers also sell their goods on Amazon today. Local American sellers who are weak in manufacture and e-commerce experiences will be defeated by Chinese sellers soon. 亚马逊在中国失败了吗?你知道Matson从上海运到长滩的集装箱有多少吗?我在上海一家国际物流公司工作,该公司为亚马逊FBA服务。亚马逊在中国的卖家向美国出口的商品越来越多。许多天猫和淘宝卖家今天也在亚马逊上出售他们的商品。美国本土制造业和电子商务经验薄弱的卖家很快就会被中国卖家击败。
Jack Chow : Emmmm, so many people in comment section talked about Amazon in India like Amazon is an Indian company. Come on! 嗯,评论区的很多人都在谈论印度的亚马逊,就像亚马逊是一家印度公司一样。加油!
Baa Sheep : Amazon fail everywhere, “ free post not available “ “ item only for particular country” ..shit load of problem let me drop amozon, I use eBay , alibaba ,gumtree , I m from Australia. 亚马逊到处失败,“免费邮寄不可用”,只针对特定国家的物品……该死的问题让我放弃Amozon,我使用eBay、阿里巴巴、Gumtree,我来自澳大利亚。
move aquick : Amazon app experience is far behind the Taobao’s. 亚马逊的应用体验远远落后于淘宝。
Geoberry : It would be good to mention that Walmart is doing pretty well in China. WMT is still among the BIG 4 retailers with physical presence in China. And Walmart reported positive single digit growth in China almost every quarter. It’s kind of rare for a brick-and-mortal retailer to achieve it, considering the extremely high penetration of eCommerce in China. WMT has a very tight partnership with Tencent and also holds a significant stock share of JD.Com. And they didn’t hesitate to give up their unsuccessful eCommerce platform, right in time, and collaborate with the two local winners. As such Walmart is able to fully utilize the two companies’ online platforms to facilitate their business. I think that’s the main reason Walmart is doing way better than Amazon in China. 很高兴能提到沃尔玛在中国做得很好。WMT仍然是中国实体店的四大零售商之一。沃尔玛报告称,中国几乎每个季度都有一位数的增长。考虑到电子商务在中国的普及率极高,一个死气沉沉的零售商很少能做到这一点。WMT与腾讯有着非常紧密的合作关系,同时也持有JD.com的大量股份。他们毫不犹豫地及时放弃了他们不成功的电子商务平台,并与两位当地获奖者合作。因此,沃尔玛能够充分利用两家公司的在线平台来促进其业务发展。我认为这是沃尔玛比亚马逊在中国做得更好的主要原因。
ZZZ Sigurd : Amazon doesn’t fail in China, it’s stiil the largest ebook seller in China 亚马逊在中国并没有失败,它仍然是中国最大的电子书销售商。
Sam Paul : To look at this topic on a higher level, you can also ask, Why Google, YouTube, Facebook, Uber, Dropbox fail in China? 为了更高层次地看待这个话题,你还可以问,为什么谷歌、YouTube、Facebook、Uber、Dropbox在中国失败了?
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