《White Rabbit Ice Cream Hits L.A., and Everything Gets Crazy》 (《FOOD & WINE》)
《大白兔冰淇淋袭击洛杉矶,一切都变得疯狂》 (《美食与美酒》)


Everybody else can have their unicorn food. The biggest dessert sensation in L.A. is a plain-looking white ice cream that tastes like milk, cream, sugar, and vanilla. It also tastes like a childhood memory for a lot of people. 任何人都有自己喜欢的食物。洛杉矶最受欢迎的甜点是一种外观朴素的白色冰淇淋,尝起来像牛奶、奶油、糖和香草。对很多人来说,它也像是童年的记忆。


Wanderlust Creamery, a scoop shop with locations in Venice, Atwater Village, Tarzana, and downtown L.A.’s Sunday Smorgasburg market, started serving White Rabbit ice cream as a Chinese New Year special at the beginning of February. The ice cream is made with dissolved pieces of the iconic White Rabbit candy, including the edible glutinous-rice paper. Wanderlust Creamery co-founder Adrienne Borlongan began working on the flavor after Foodbeast managing editor Richard Guinto suggested it in October. Wanderlust Creamery是一家位于威尼斯、Atwater Village、Tarzana和洛杉矶市中心的Sunday Smargsburg市场的独家商店,在2月初开始供应大白兔冰淇淋,作为中国新年的特色食品。冰激凌是用白色兔子糖的溶解部分制成的,包括可食用的糯米纸。Wanderlust Creamery的联合创始人AdrienneBorlongan在10月《食品野兽》总编辑RichardGuinto提出后开始研究这种味道。


Jon-Patrick Lopez, Wanderlust’s other co-founder, estimates that there’s about 1.3 of the habit-forming Chinese candies in each of scoop of ice cream. The ice cream totally tastes like the candy, which is to say that it’s milky and sugary with a hit of synthetic vanilla. Wanderlust的另一位共同创始人乔恩·帕特里克·洛佩兹(JonPatrickLopez)估计,在每一勺冰淇淋中,大约有1.3颗中国糖果。冰激凌的味道和糖果完全一样,也就是说,它是乳白色的,含糖,混合了一点合成香草。


Sales of the White Rabbit flavor were normal at first, and then some combination of social media (including WeChat and Instagram), word-of-mouth, and other assorted buzz made things completely insane last week. The ice cream is a collaboration with Foodbeast, which has promoted it, but Borlongan can’t pinpoint the exact reason that the flavor has gone super-viral. 大白兔口味的销售起初是正常的,然后一些社交媒体(包括微信和Instagram)、口碑和其他各种各样的嗡嗡声的结合使事情在上周完全疯狂。冰激凌是与食品怪兽的合作,食品怪兽促进了它的发展,但是博隆根不能准确地指出这种味道超级流行的确切原因。


Borlongan says that Wanderlust sold 50 gallons of White Rabbit ice cream from February 1 to 20. Then 50 more gallons were sold last Thursday through Saturday as word spread. Lopez knew something was really up when he saw a huge line at his Tarzana store on Saturday night. That was a 50-degree winter evening, which is positively frigid by L.A. standards. Borlongan说Wanderlust在2月1日到20日期间销售了50加仑的大白兔冰淇淋。随着消息传开,上周四到周六又售出了50加仑。星期六晚上,洛佩兹在他的泰山商店看到一排大队人马,他知道事情真的很糟。那是一个50度的冬夜,按照洛杉矶的标准,这里确实很冷。




tiffany_jimini_bong : Yes! Nostalgic from childhood!! 哈哈!对!怀旧的童年!!
nruc : But the rice paper is the best bit! That’s what makes it nostalgic 但是米纸是最好的东西!这就是它怀旧的原因
wanderlustcreamery : yes, but how do you suggest we keep it in tact in wet ice cream? We make the ice cream by dissolving the candies right into our base. 是的,但是你建议我们怎样把它放在湿冰淇淋里?我们把糖果直接溶解在我们的底座上制作冰淇淋。
nellieandco_ : so sad this will be gone by the time we arrive 太遗憾了,我们到的时候,这东西没有了。
the_oz_ram : Rice paper topping??? 米纸面????
aurictristram : Bring it here in the PH 把它带到这儿来
ad4m.ramlee : Please make it available in South East Asia.. 请在东南亚卖。
ohmy.miya : I want this here, in Malaysia 我要这个,在马来西亚
kaitlynmhofer : I haven’t had one of those candies in so long! 我很久没吃过这些糖果了!
lucyintheskywithjade : Do u guys still have this at the Glendale location?? 你们在格兰代尔的地方还有这个吗??
immalittlebunny : what if you saved the rice paper flakes and used it as a topping? 如果你保存了米纸薄片并将其用作配料怎么办?
viidyaa_ : wtf but the best part is the rice paper???? 但最好的部分是宣纸??
megasnotvegas : But they shouldn’t remove the rice paper, that’s like the best thing haha 但是他们不应该把米纸拿走,这是最好的东西啊哈
kimmie_ngo : go there and eat that for me lol 我要去那里给我吃那个,哈哈。
hellopauloo : I wonder how that’d taste 我想知道那味道如何
czarbrent : GET THIS TO ME SOMEHOW!!!! PLEASE! 把我一些!!!!求求你了!
alyftssalot : oooooh let’s go! This was the ice cream place I was talking about that has flavors from other countries 噢噢我们走!这是我说的冰淇淋店,有其他国家的风味
alexdevzzz : Pls tell me i can find this in NY 请告诉我我可以在纽约找到这个
aliceeeyy : okay but I actually want this 好吧,但我真的想要这个
madcao : how was it?? White rabbit candy is my favorite candy of all time. I gotta go get this soon 怎么样?白兔糖是我最喜欢的糖果。我得马上去拿这个
jackson.0415 : thatd be really difficult and strenuous to pull off 一只小兔子,要想成功真的很困难也很费力。
gentnyc : OMG MY FAVE!! 我的天啊,我的最爱
kittymeowmeow09 : Ahhhhhh wish you guys were still able to come, would have gotten this!!! 啊哈哈哈,希望你们还能来,会得到这个!!!!
nycforever7 : Do this in NYC pleaaaase 请在纽约来卖
burgerfriesandacoke : It’s a crime you’re making this seasonal 你把这个季节搞得一团糟
m0mmamilktea : please add this flavor to the menu!!! i wanna be able to try it 请在菜单中加入这种味道!!!我想试试看
kanrella : amazing!! 太棒了!!
flynn_hanley : Wdym??!!!! The rice paper is the best part Wdym??!!!!!宣纸是最好的部分
burgerfriesandacoke :  I would literally fly there from SF if it was in session for another month, just saying 我真的会从旧金山飞到那里,如果它再呆一个月
oooweec0rrine : I wish I knew about it sooner please bring back the flavor ! 希望我早点知道,请把它带回来!
kellbfly : omg please do! We will be in the area next month!! 奶油味OMG,拜托!我们下个月就到这个地区去!!
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