《过春天》(英文名The Crossing), 2019年3月上映,豆瓣7.9分。69届柏林国际电影节“新生代青年”单元最佳影片(提名)。








J. Nye : A standout performance by newcomer Huang Yao and some provocative regional details help to keep Bai Xue’s debut watchable, but its themes are never developed enough to have much impact (the irony of iPhones being sold in the Chinese black market largely goes unexplored), and the film falters in its forced poetic signifiers and the obligatory state-approved ending, with the narrative-halting police raid being so comically jarring that one senses Bai is slyly subverting the censors. Still eager to see this director work again, hopefully with a less constrained script that allows her to stretch her political muscles. 新人白雪的出色表现和一些挑衅的细节让首次亮相的白雪引人注意,但它的主题从未发展到足以产生太大影响(iPhone在中国黑市上的讽刺在很大程度上是未经探索的),并且电影在其被迫的诗意象征和强制性状态下摇摆不定。-注定的结局,以警察突袭结局是如此滑稽,有人感觉到白雪是狡猾地颠覆审查。仍然渴望看到这位导演更多作品,希望她能用一个不那么拘束的剧本来拓展自己的政治肌肉。
kevinlater : a very complete debut from bai xue. excellent acting, unique script, and stellar cinematography. my only complaint would be the hard stop of an ending, but otherwise this was fully enjoyable 白雪的处女作非常完整。出色的演技、独特的剧本和出色的摄影技巧。我唯一的抱怨是生硬的结局,但除此之外,这是完全令人愉快的。
Grant : Surprised that this actually got released in cinemas in the UK considering just how painfully without merit it is. 令人惊讶的是,这部电影竟然在英国的电影院上映,考虑到它是多么痛苦,毫无价值。
Cai : Film Trip – Berlinale Screening 4: A well acted, aesthetically gorgeous and immersive telling of a rivetting coming-of-age story via crime drama. Incredibly effective storytelling done in a brilliantly paced and always interesting format. 电影之旅-柏林电影放映4:一个出色的表演,美轮美奂和身临其境的讲述一个通过犯罪戏剧引人入胜的成年故事。令人难以置信的有效的故事讲述,以一个精彩的节奏和总是有趣的格式完成。
Emilia Kathryn : I can say without hesitation that this was by far my favourite of the films I saw in the four days that I was at the Berlin Film Festival. I thoroughly enjoyed the film from start to finish and the level to which I was impressed (especially after discovering that it is the director’s first feature film) is inexplicable. A unique approach to a coming-of-age drama我可以毫不犹豫地说,这是到目前为止我在柏林电影节上看的四天里最喜欢的电影。我从头到尾都非常喜欢这部电影,给我留下深刻印象的程度(尤其是在发现这是导演的第一部故事片之后)令人费解。
depantso : Bai Xue absolutely kills this debut. Will definitely be on the lookout for her future work 白雪处女作绝对惊艳。一定会注意她将来的工作
johannovermeer : Absolutely fantastic, the most beautiful shots I have ever seen, the cinematography in this film completely made it for me. This being followed by amazing acting and directing just made it so amazing to watch. Although I feel it ended slighting abrupt I still think that on a whole the film was by far the best I have seen at the Berlin FIlm Festival so far. 绝对精彩,我看过的最漂亮的镜头,这部电影的摄影技术完全适合我。接下来是精彩的表演和导演,这让观看变得如此精彩。尽管我觉得这部电影结束的时候很突然,但我仍然认为从整体上来说,这部电影是迄今为止我在柏林电影节上看到的最好的一部。
KOlivia : The conflict in the middle act seemed to mostly escape me, although I’m not sure if it was a problem with translation or if it just wasn’t built-up enough. But in general, this was very beautiful and very sweet 虽然我不确定这是一个翻译问题,还是仅仅是不够的积累,但中间的冲突似乎基本上是我无法理解的。但总的来说,这是非常美丽和甜蜜的
Thomas Wishloff :  Having a female director does this film wonders, as it allows the film to avoid cliche. The Crossing subverts cliche, takes the tropes you would expect and spins them on their head. I do believe that Peipei returns the shark to the water at the end of this film, not because she pines for Hao (even though she probably does), but rather because it’s returning the shark to it’s home. 有了一位女导演,这部电影真的很神奇,因为这部电影可以避免陈词滥调。交叉颠覆了陈词滥调,采用了你所期望的套路,并在他们的头上旋转。我相信在这部电影的结尾,裴沛把鲨鱼放回水中,并不是因为她渴望郝(尽管她可能会这么做),而是因为它把鲨鱼放回了它的家。
Matthew Leung : Huang Yao, who plays the protagonist Pei Pei, seizes your gaze in every minute of this film. Her performance is quiet and composed, but teases and excites at all the right moments, reeling you irrevocably into the world of a teenage girl in Hong Kong, right at the intersection of Innocence and Coming-of-age. While the first half of the film sufficiently sustains tension, the second half gives in to trite narrative tropes which amount to a clean ending. Still a passionate piece of work. 黄瑶,谁扮演的主角裴沛,抓住你的目光在这部电影的每一分钟。她的表演既安静又镇静,但在所有合适的时刻逗乐和兴奋,让你在香港的一个十几岁女孩的世界里,在天真无邪和成熟的十字路口处,无可救药地走进了这个世界。虽然影片的前半部分足以维持紧张气氛,但下半部分却放弃了陈腐的叙事套路,这就相当于一个干净的结局。仍然是一件充满激情的工作。
PhillUpNorth : Mediocre, predictable, didn’t bring anything new to the table. The acting, and storytelling are fine. Nothing more, just fine. 平庸,可预测,没有什么新鲜事。表演和讲故事都很好。没别的了,很好。
jys : There’s some beautiful imagery and strong performances from the lead girl, yet the film doesn’t have a satisfying ending or journey for me. I’m not sure what the lead character really learns about herself or the world. There doesn’t seem to be any major consequences that she faces. Also the two editing, musical pauses to signify the personal epiphanies were super annoying and on the nose. There’s some sexual tension between the lead and the boyfriend that was done with nuance and care, yet it seems to fall flat towards the end. Her motivations for all that money wasn’t that clear either. 有一些美丽的图像和强大的表演从女主角,但电影没有一个令人满意的结局或旅程为我。我不知道主角真正了解自己或这个世界的是什么。她似乎没有面临任何重大后果。另外,两个编辑,音乐暂停,以表示个人的顿悟是非常烦人和鼻子上。主角和男朋友之间的性关系有些紧张,是用细微的差别和关心来完成的,但最后却似乎平平淡淡。她对这些钱的动机也不太清楚。
MaryAnn Johanson : This uninvolving coming-of-age crime drama tries to dazzle with visual tricksiness, but it cannot make up for its teen protagonist who is mere metaphorical symbol, and a bystander in her own story.这部不切实际的成年犯罪剧试图用视觉上的诡计来炫目,但它无法弥补其青少年主角的不足,后者仅仅是隐喻性的象征,而且是她自己故事中的旁观者。
l0uvre : Some silly talks and some vibrant lens. 一些愚蠢的谈话和充满活力的镜头。
Kevin Ma : Seen at: The Grand Cinema, Hong Kong I guess it’s cool to smuggle iPhones to Shenzhen? 在香港的大电影院看,我想把iPhone偷运到深圳很酷吗?
Evan Douglas : Iphones strapped to a body like bricks of coke. Government mandated warning that “this sort of thing doesn’t really happen anymore.” Working at the noodle shop cuz even crime doesn’t pay the bills. Hello, 21st century. iPhone像可乐砖一样绑在身体上。政府强制警告说,“这类事情不会再发生了。”在面条店工作,因为即使是犯罪也不会付账。你好,21世纪。
Patrick Mulcahy : Another Chinese language drama that is subtly critical of the one country-two systems governance of Hong Kong. Where there are borders, there is exploitation, as happens here when a sixteen year old schoolgirl saving money for a trip to Japan starts carrying i-phones across from Hong Kong to China. One terrific scene when she breaks one of the screens (in China) and tries to get it fixed, followed by a swelling group of people who want to buy it from her. Other than that, modest entertainment. Some snow and shark imagery. 另一部戏剧性地批评香港一国两制的中国戏剧。哪里有阶级,哪里就有剥削,就像在这里,一个十六岁的女学生攒钱去日本旅行,从香港到中国开始携带I-电话。当她打破其中一个屏幕(在中国)并试图修复它时的一个非常好的场景,接着是一群想从她那里购买它的人。除此之外,适度的娱乐。一些冰雪和鲨鱼的图像。
candidcamron : A gorgeous, assured coming-of-age film with instantly memorable characters and a fantastic score. 一部华丽、充满自信的成年电影,有着令人难忘的角色和精彩的配乐。
milletwong : The climax comes a tad too soon. 高潮来得太快了。
Orcs : So,a third-rate student’s homework won’t be a third-rate homework just because it was elonated to 100mins?I couldn’t help laughing because the awkward of the screenplay.I just can not accept those chinese fake-arty young women who were once an unwelcome playgirl,those women are too stagy 所以,一个三等学生的家庭作业不会仅仅因为它被拉长到100分钟就变成三等家庭作业?我忍不住笑了,因为剧本的尴尬,我只是不能接受那些曾经是不受欢迎的花花公子的中国假艺术少女,她们太稳重了。
WillLeese : The Crossing is an energetic and meticulously paced film that showcases alternates to crime and coming of age genre conventions and wisely focuses on subtlety and nuance. This is an incredibly impressive debut from Bai Xue. It is clear that she understands and has a sharp sense for performance, this is something that is demonstrated from her mostly young ensemble cast. I will be paying close attention to what she does next. 《过青天》是一部精力充沛、节奏细致的电影,它展示了犯罪和进入时代的风俗习惯,并巧妙地聚焦于微妙和细微之处。这是白雪令人难以置信的首次登场。很明显,她理解并对表演有敏锐的判断力,这一点在她年轻的合唱团演员中得到了证明。我将密切关注她接下来做什么。
Davin Yu : Very interesting debut centering on a premise that really piqued my interest. The stylistic flourishes here were interesting, but too sporadic and facile to give it many points. This is much more of a character study than I thought it was going to be, and so the verisimilitude shaky handheld camera-styled work was refreshing to see in a HK film, but as good as the lead actress is here, it ultimately requires such a multi-layered complexity to her internal emotional… more 非常有趣的首次亮相,以一个真正激起我兴趣的前提为中心。这里的文体繁荣很有趣,但太零散和容易给它很多点。这是一个比我想象的要多的性格研究,所以逼真的、摇摇晃晃的手持相机风格的作品在香港电影中让人耳目一新,但正如女主角在这里一样,它最终要求她的内在情感有如此多层次的复杂性
saltdream : Better than I expected. The photography is appropriate. So I feel the same feeling that Pei Pei was felt through I have a different life. 比我想象的要好。摄影是适当的。所以我也有同样的感觉,觉得裴培是通过我不同的生活而感受到的。
Darren : The Crossing is a wonderful story of teen angst and uncertainty, set in the world of smuggling. It beautifully captures the feeling of being lost and directionless, through the recurring motif of border-crossing. The film is elevated by a combination strong direction, a propulsive soundtrack and a compelling performance from Huang Yao. 过春天是一个关于青少年焦虑和不确定性的精彩故事,背景是走私世界。它通过反复出现的越境主题,完美地捕捉到迷失和无方向的感觉。这部电影由一个强大的方向,一个推进的原声带和一个令人信服的表演黄瑶组合提高。
yiwensong11 : Watched it at tiff 2018. Gonna come out in China Mar 2019. The best Chinese coming-of-age movie so far, or you might ask does China really have something you can call a coming-of-age movie before this one? 在TIFF 2018上观看。2019年3月在中国上市。到目前为止最好的中国成人电影,或者你可能会问,在这部电影之前,中国真的有什么可以称之为成人电影的吗?
Conal : It’s maybe a little too conventional when it’s your 12th film in 3 days, but well made nonetheless. A coming of age crime story with a female protagonist and director, which is refreshing in itself. Good soundtrack and cinematography. Probably not a festival film, think it’s something everybody could enjoy. 这可能有点过于传统,当它是你的第12部电影在3天,但制作得很好。一个与女性主角和导演一起成长的犯罪故事,它本身就令人耳目一新。好的配乐和摄影技术。可能不是电影节,想这是每个人都能喜欢的。
bpardy : The year’s best shark scene! 年度最佳鲨鱼现场!
Beatrice Loayza : Follows a teenage girl smuggling illegal goods across the Hong Kong / mainland China border. Impressive debut, with shades of Edward Yang and the french new wave. Nothing remarkable in terms of visual originality, as Bai Xue’s reference points are clear. 跟踪一名少女走私走私物品越过香港/中国大陆边境。令人印象深刻的首次亮相,与爱德华杨阴影和法国新潮。白雪的参考点很清楚,在视觉创意方面没有什么值得注意的。
Terrence Chang : The Crossing has the tone of a slice-of-life film but uses flares of genre to ratchet up thriller beats throughout. It’s experimental but still rooted in a solid narrative structure. The arc of the protagonist is punctuated by freeze frames and memorable music choices. 《过春天》有一部生活电影的基调,但使用了不同类型的光晕来增强惊悚片的节奏感。它是实验性的,但仍植根于坚实的叙事结构中。主人公的弧线上点缀着定格的画面和令人难忘的音乐选择。
aidan : Amateurish. Editing and writing are especially sloppy.  TIFF #11 业余的剪辑和编剧尤其草率。
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