Romelson Vicera : Chinese are economy boosters by means of tourism. I hope my country will improve its relationship with China in coming years so that visa will ease down for my fellow countrymen 中国人是旅游业的经济推动者。我希望我的国家在未来几年能改善与中国的关系,使我的同胞的签证能得到放宽。
shen liu : My parents come to the mega city where I am living to have the most important get-together reunion dinner with me.Where is parents where is family. Where my heart is settled down,where is my hometown. Home,family,ancestors are the innermost belief of the Chinese 我的父母来到我居住的大城市,和我一起吃最重要的聚会团圆饭。父母在哪里,家人在哪里。我的心在哪里安顿下来,我的家乡在哪里。家、家、祖是中国人最内心的信仰
todd8475 : Long live China and it’s great people. 中国万岁,人民伟大。
Kent Chia : Year of boar 猪年
cc l : come on there is green skin train, we have cancel the old green skin many years ago, now only very tiny town have this kind of train.拜托,有绿色皮肤的火车,我们已经取消了多年前的老绿色皮肤,现在只有很小的城镇有这种火车。
Simon Xyz : I counted 20 lanes going one direction… did you count more or less? 我数了20条车道往一个方向…你数数多少?
Lourenço Vieira : I love watchin this Best time of the year for me not the chinese 我喜欢在一年中最好的时候看电视,而不是中国人
Mingfei Wang : Please get rid of that stpid “hukou”, and distribute more resource to the small satellite cities, not just focus on big mega cities, like Beijing and Shanghai. None likes to work outside alone from ones own family. 请摆脱这个“户口”,把更多的资源分配给小卫星城,而不仅仅是北京和上海这样的大城市。没有人喜欢在家里独自在外面工作。
Titus Haryadi Ilham : In Indonesia we call “mudik” 在印度尼西亚,我们称之为“Mudik”
Jun hee Bae : That is heavily congested. Suggesting relocation of businesses and splitting up the major city 交通拥挤。建议企业搬迁和大城市分割
NJPN 2019 : Try to go to manila You will a lot worse than this. 试着去马尼拉你会比这更糟。
anthtan : I think about all those people who have to work during the holidays: folks at the checkpoints, train staff, airport staff…. 我想到了所有在假期里必须工作的人:检查站的人,火车站的工作人员,机场的工作人员……
bengalibadass : You guys need to see the condition of Dhaka city few days prior to the eid festival. 你们需要在开斋节前几天看看达卡市的情况。
ARealist : I’m gonna simplify it for some retards. China is big. People live everywhere. Mommy and daddy go to city for more money (basically enough money to survive) They poor. They go home on new year to be a family. Yay 我要为一些弱智简述一下。中国很大。人们生活在任何地方。妈妈和爸爸为了更多的钱(基本上足够生存的钱)去城里,他们很穷。他们在新年回家做一家人。
B T : Mudik! 穆迪克!
Ray Mak : Very very scary 非常吓人
ShiJie 12311 : Everyone except the Train Operators, Toll Booth Person…amd…everyone who’s working 所有人,除了火车司机,收费站的人……还有……所有工作的人
PatheticTV : What’s the “Beijing-Hongkong-Macau Expressway” TJe only road from HK to MO that I know of is the bridge 我所知道的从香港到澳门的“京港澳高速”Tje唯一一条路是什么桥
Chris Richardson : World’s largest pileup! 世界上最大的混乱!
Handy Wijaya : I was being invited to enjoy a dinner with my old friend in rural Hangzhou.I can’t wait to see how Chinese millionaires are going to spend their times on the road but I was hoping to see some Rolls-Royce or Land Rovers inside parking garage in some houses.Will be lovely to captured some scene of millionaires visiting their family in rural areas with their expensive toys 有人邀请我和我在杭州农村的老朋友共进晚餐。我迫不及待地想看看中国百万富翁将如何在路上度过他们的时光,但我希望能在一些房子的停车场里看到一些劳斯莱斯或路虎。我很高兴能拍到一些百万富翁在农村探亲的场景。他们昂贵的玩具
EnJay言正杰 : 辛苦忙碌了一年後回家與家人團聚的感覺真好
Xyz2394 : White caucasian men be jealous 白人嫉妒
Nothing here : where’s thanos when you need him? 当你需要他时,他在哪里?
Jay Tang : The Internal Migration Boost China’s Economy, And For Once the Macau SAR and Hong Kong SAR Bridge will be at Its Fullest capacity. 国内移民带动中国经济发展,澳门特区和香港特区大桥将全力以赴。
terri krystofalski : 40 years ago, it was a billion bicycles !!! 40年前,是十亿辆自行车!!!!
Account New : Lol here in Europe we get scared when we see 1 black man saving his life from the sea and all the racist already got their barbed wire out to isolate themselves 在欧洲,当我们看到一个黑人从海上救命时,我们会很害怕,所有的种族主义者都已经用铁丝网把自己隔离开来了。
Theo Martin : Bring back one child policy! 恢复独生政策!
Curry Body Odor : You can be stuck in a traffic jam for a couple of days in the past. Not sure about now. 在过去的几天里,你可能会遇到交通堵塞。现在还不确定。
Twe Foju : Beware, Chinese invading our countries and making a mess is coming ( no offence to Chinese reading this though, if you aren’t the destructive Chinese, but a civilized one, we welcomes you ) 当心,中国人入侵我们的国家,搞得一团糟(不过,如果你不是破坏性的中国人,而是一个文明的中国人,我们欢迎你读这本书,这对中国人来说并不冒犯)
BigBollocks : SCMP = Beijing mouthpiece. If you say anything controversial here, they will block and/or suspend you. SCMP=北京话筒。如果你在这里说任何有争议的话,他们会阻止和/或暂停你。
TK Baha : yearly communist locusts migration. 每年共产主义蝗虫的迁徙。
David vs Goliath : Largest in the world 世界上最大的
Rizz md : Modern China is Rich and Prosperous 近代中国富强
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