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karina vizcaya :Actually the news over here in the uk seems to only show the news that fits their narrative 实际上,英国的新闻似乎只显示符合他们的新闻
ISubmitto TheWillofGod :You’re apparently either oblivious to The Western Media/Propaganda apparatus, or complicit to it. I say the latter, due to that it works in your favor. The Western media is more covert with covering up incidents of violence, discrimination & blatant racismby blaming the victim. They also beef up the news to cover up what’s really going on. Reap what you sow. 您显然要么忽略了西方媒体的手法,要么与之共事。我认为是后者,因为它对你有利。西方媒体更隐蔽地指责受害者,以掩盖暴力,歧视和公然种族主义事件。他们还加强新闻报道以掩盖实际情况。
Genie GENIE :Yes,very true,go to China you will 100pencent regret
La W :Hahah, wish you good luck and safe in The U.S. now, pretty safe place ,uhh?? 哈哈,祝你在美国好运平安,现在是个很安全的地方,嗯??
Colin Chung :China is one of the most unsafe and unjust places Change my mind
Whoever Whoever :Freedom of press, yes, like this guy named Winston Frederick Sterzel, he must be proud of having the freedom of spreading lies.  新闻自由,是的,就像这个叫温斯顿的人一样,他一定为拥有散布谎言的自由而自豪。
Alicia Tur :I do not disagree with you completely Winston. But I do a little – in the USA, it really depends on where you are. Some places have been more volatile than others. I’m in Northern Colorado – we don’t have a lot of riots either. But go into Denver, and yes, they have had problems. But you are right that freedom of the press – even if they do embellish – is better than suppression of news and freedom. I get that. One thing I’ve learned is that the “truth’ usually lies in the middle – not one extreme or another. 我完全不同意你的意见,温斯顿。但我有一点-在美国,这取决于你在哪里。有些地方比其他地方更不稳定。我在科罗拉多州北部-我们也没有太多的骚乱。但是去丹佛,是的,他们遇到了麻烦。
Life MetoerMine :I don’t care what you say about China but when I went there, it was nothing as you described. People were very hospitable while I did not even get scammed once. I barely saw touts and never once felt unsafe. Stop spreading lies about China. 我不在乎你怎么说中国,但当我去那里的时候,并不像你描述的那样。人们都很热情好客,而我甚至没有被骗过一次。我几乎看不到兜售,从来没有感到不安全。停止散布关于中国的谎言。
Sophie Núñez Padilla :HAHA you should come to Colombia and see how WE are doing :))) and pretty much every other latinamerican country. We are so fucked up in so many ways. 哈哈,你应该来哥伦比亚看看我们做得怎么样:))和几乎所有其他拉丁美洲国家。我们在很多方面都一团糟。
As it Should Be :dome in problem is that we are all financing this Monster with our iPhones, Samsung Lenovo and so on. the West democracy is strictly related to China communism.
andy chiu :no one ask you to go to china. lol 没人求你去中国。哈哈哈
Robert Amer :It is quite apparent how out of date you are with what happens in China, and Chinese laws. To bring you up to date, China now has Good Samaritan laws which prevents law suits for assisting a person in need, such as accidents. Secondly, although there are still some kidnappings, it has reduced and if it is ignorance or other on your part, it happens in all parts of the world, not exclusive to China. Police are very harsh with kidnappers when they are discovered. There is little in the way of suppression of information of these events in the news, as it is always freely available on many of the news platforms. 很明显,你对中国发生的事情和中国的法律有多么过时。为了让你了解最新情况,中国现在有好的撒马利亚法律,它禁止对需要帮助的人提起诉讼,例如意外事故。第二,虽然还有一些绑架事件,但已经减少了,如果是你的无知或其他原因,它发生在世界各地,而不仅仅是中国。当绑匪被发现时,警察对他们非常严厉。新闻中几乎没有压制这些事件的信息的方式,因为它总是在许多新闻平台上免费获得。
The Fun Police 001 :The most concerning part of this as an American are how many of my fellow countrymen actually advocate for this type of governance. The government will NOT take care of you and is only self-serving if not limited. China is constant proof of that. Why western countries think communism works is baffling.
Fabio Corporation :The crimes you talked about is mostly in the 00s, now it’s alot safer 你说的犯罪大多发生在00年代,现在安全多了
The Great Black Hope :They do suppress in the West. If its a political incentive, they’ll show news. If it’s not in the interest of the media narrative, they won’t cover it or they’ll downplay it. It is not on the level as China, but the media are extremely bias and left . Portland a current example 他们在西方确实镇压。如果这是一个政治动机,他们会发布新闻。如果这不符合媒体报道的利益,他们就不会报道,或者他们会轻描淡写。它在水平上不如中国,但媒体却极为偏袒和左倾。波特兰一个现在的例子
她Ann Millions :Every where is dangerous especially when the economic is bad now. Crimes cases will go up. 每一个地方都是危险的,尤其是现在经济不景气的时候。犯罪案件将会上升。
Kevin W :The chinese spouses are probably right, Its safer back in China. My filipino friend who works as a nurse, she went out to grab a coffee during her break. At the coffee store he met a angry white lady, blaming her for the virus and threw hot coffee into my friend’s face. I Knows this other friend who is a 2nd generation chinese, he works as otr truck driver, he was delivering a load of steel material into Philedepia. At a traffic stop he got surrounded by a gang of black men, had his truck severely damaged. He spent a fortune getting his truck fixed out of pocket so his insurance preminum wouldn’t go up. The US is a complete Shit show for asian people right now. 中国配偶可能是对的,回到中国更安全。我的菲律宾朋友是一名护士,她在休息时出去喝咖啡。在咖啡店,他遇到了一位愤怒的白人女士,把病毒归咎于她,并把热咖啡泼到我朋友的脸上。我认识另一个朋友,他是一个华裔,是一名卡车司机,他把一车钢材运到菲律宾。在一个交通站,他被一群黑人包围,他的卡车严重受损。他花了一大笔钱把他的卡车修好,这样他的保险费就不会上涨了。美国现在对亚洲人来说完全是一场狗屎秀。
Chris Oneil S :In America we call it fake news 在美国我们称之为假新闻
Star Worshiper :I agree China wasn’t safe when Serpentza was there. But it is safe now as the biggest scammer Serpentza is out of the country. 我同意Serpentza在那里的时候中国不安全。但现在是安全的,因为最大的骗子Serpentza已经离开了这个国家。
Abdul Amdou :Serpentza Thank you for everything you do keeps a great works and don’t worries about Hater’s Serpentza 感谢你所做的一切伟大的工作,不要担心敌视的人
Nicole Ling :Your videos are amazing!! As a Chinese, I ll tell you your videos are true. 你的视频太棒了!!作为一个中国人,我告诉你你的视频是真实的。
R4x0 :You very existence is to crap on China. No objectivity whatsoever. America is definitely suppressing the news. What they don’t want you to see they control and suppress. Western media are smarter than Chinese media in the sense they give you a false sense of freedom, therefore much more effective. 你们的存在就是胡扯中国。没有客观性。美国肯定在压制这一消息。他们不希望您看到他们控制和压制的东西。西方媒体比中国媒体更聪明,因为它们给您带来虚假的自由感,因此更为有效。
Jason :Winston – What you say in this video might be true. However, in the USA can you walk in the middle of the street or anywhere in the USA after 10pm feeling safe??? I don’t think so, regardless if it’s in the Rural or Urban area. In China, walking in the street after 10pm for sure will make you feel safe! You can fact check, ask anyone who has been in China and the USA. 温斯顿-你在这段视频里说的可能是真的。然而,在美国,你能在晚上10点后走在街中央或任何地方感到安全吗???我不这么认为,不管是在农村还是城市。在中国,晚上10点以后走在街上一定会让你感到安全!你可以查证事实,问问任何在中国和美国的人。
X C :Well, I don’t think US media broadcasts every stabbing that happens everyday at south Chicago and Brooklyn. 好吧,我不认为美国媒体每天都会播出南芝加哥和布鲁克林发生的刺杀事件。
Ling Yin :I am from Hong Kong. Your observations resonate very well with me. Every time I tell a mainlander where I’m from, they would say, “Hong Kong is in chaos 香港好亂”. I believe their ideas about my city are very much shaped by state media which aim to portray Hong Kong in a certain light 我来自香港。你的观察与我很有共鸣。每次我告诉大陆人我来自哪里,他们都会说:“香港乱成一团。”。我相信他们对我的城市的想法很大程度上是由国家媒体塑造的,他们的目标是在某种程度上黑香港。
Anon ymous :America isnt any better 美国也好不到哪里去
Samir Yahiaoui :The western civilization is successful for a reason. If they hid their problems instead of facing them, they won’t be where they are right now. Children kidnapping was specially shocking and unexpected for me. You don’t find that in other countries, even those much less wealthy and with poor policing capability than China. 西方文明的成功是有原因的。如果他们隐瞒自己的问题而不是面对问题,他们就不会有现在的状况。
Frank Huang :You are so right when you say many chinese americans are still very royal to the CCP. My mom has been an american citizen for many years, recently she over stayed her visa in China, she told me she forgot to extend her visa because she still thought she was chinese even tho she carries an American passport. 你说得对,很多华裔美国人对中国仍然非常忠诚,你说得太对了。我妈妈已经是美国公民很多年了,最近她在中国的签证过期了,她告诉我她忘了延期签证,因为即使她持有美国护照,她仍然认为自己是中国人。
PsychoPat :That explain very well why there is no comedian making it outside of China, they can’t have joker nor critical thinking. 这就很好地解释了为什么没有喜剧演员在中国境外演出,他们既不能开玩笑,也不能批判性地思考。
The Tree Keeper :Thats why they copy everything from the west. The Chinese system does not allow creativity.
DJ Fontuk :Chinese President is good man. Skols in China, help young citizens. I am a United States citizen. Western U.S. policy’s are only make one more banks. Lol 中国主席是个好人。中国帮助年轻人。我是美国公民。美国西部的政策只会使银行多出一家。哈哈哈。
snowball power :i am brainwashing by ur channel now lol 我正在被你的频道洗脑,哈哈
Life MetoerMine :Uhh when I went to China m I never once felt unsafe 当我去中国的时候,我从来没有感到不安全
Czeshire Cat :The same has been going on in the west recently but nobody seems to stand up against the doxing etc 最近在西方也发生了同样的事情,但似乎没人反对这种灾难。
lansa cris :you have left china for good ,then why u still keep reporting anti-china things,it seems that u just cant live without doing this,rediculous 你已经永远离开了中国,那为什么你还不断地报道反华的事情,看来你就是活不下去了,太不可思议了
Abdul Amdou :Keeps a great job serpentza our African brother and don’t worries about Hater’s because we love you 我们的非洲兄弟serpentza做得很好,不用担心仇人,因为我们爱你
Zen Zhu :Feeling so sad after 10 years following you just to realise that you have changed your angle and perspectives. 我很难过,在跟随你10年之后,因为你已经改变了自己的角度和观点。
Annie Chen :Why do you make china look so bad I have never seen a bad youtuber like you 你为什么把中国搞得如此糟糕,我从来没见过像你这样的坏人
Liberty & Justice with NIEL :And American schools aren’t brainwashing indoctrination centers? Welcome to America, open leftist teachers openly influences students on what to think 美国学校不是洗脑灌输中心吗?欢迎来到美国,开放的左派教师公开影响学生的想法
englishman :It’s worldwide, not just China ! Social engineering, fear based mind control. Going worldwide in 2020. I’m watching it happen. 它在世界范围内,而不仅仅是中国!社会工程学,基于恐惧的心理控制。将于2020年走向世界。我正在观察它的发生。
drgonzo :The west started to go down the drain since western women got the right to vote. 自从西方女性获得选举权后,西方国家开始走下坡路。
Lack Luster :American, Chinese, Korean, Japanese education.. They all suck. Best education is Finland. Teachers there actually require several years of training before they can actually teach. Heck, being an educator in Finland is respected far greater than any of these other countries. 美国、中国、韩国、日本教育。。他们都很烂。最好的教育是芬兰。那里的教师实际上需要几年的培训才能真正教学。见鬼,作为一名教育工作者,在芬兰比其他任何一个国家都受人尊敬。
TheSeer101 :I am a regular white American citizen. I have lived an Mainland China and found that they had the most supreme and glorious education. They taught the real history that the Western world has manipulated. Freedom is championed by the CCP, unlike the American system that causes plagues of riots and protests. Don’t listen to this propaganda!!!
A C :I would kindly disagree. You switched out one form of brainwashing to another you deemed you would be more comfortable with. There is equal brainwashing going on in the US (you have to go to college and start your life with dept, everyone has to hustle themselves to the top…) As a German I know I have been brainwashed too, and I find a lot of the “standards” in the US quite frankly appaling. You are just plain ignorant if you do not recognize that everywhere you are subject to one or another form of brainwashing. China and the US just happen to be total opposites… 我不同意。你把一种洗脑方式换成了另一种你认为会更舒服的洗脑方式。在美国也有同样的洗脑方式(你必须上大学,在系里开始你的人生,每个人都要奋力向上……)作为一个德国人,我知道我也被洗脑了,我发现美国的很多“标准”相当骇人听闻。如果你不认识到你在任何地方都会受到一种或另一种形式的洗脑,那你就是无知。中国和美国正好完全相反。。。
CJ Cook :Brainwashing happens in every country it’s just easier to see in China!
a r t. i s. d e a d :America isn’t much better tbh 美国也好不到哪里去
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