Alice Girard : It looks easy but it’s not. And they are all perfectly synchronized ❤️❤️❤️ 看起来很简单,但不是。它们都是完美同步的
Alexander Nunez : i can respect a man like this. 我可以尊重这样的人。
Kristy Elizabeth : Welcome to China!We have the greatest food and awesome people here!❤️ 欢迎来到中国!我们这里有最棒的食物和最棒的人!{ }
Joseph Gong : ghost pace 鬼步
123 4 : Cool. 酷。
tdreamgmail : They put the best girls up front. 他们把最好的女孩放在前面。
ryonanno7 : Cool moves. But the music is … 很酷的动作。但音乐…
Peter Page : This is why China is the best country in the world 这就是为什么中国是世界上最好的国家
Skip- Ad : 0:47 – 0:55 my favourite moves in this shuffle. 0:47-0:55我最喜欢的动作。
Cee : This is wonderful!!! What a great teacher!!! 这太棒了!!!!多好的老师啊!!!!
Ray Mak : We need this teacher 我们需要这个老师
Andrija Radovanovic : Song name please 请问歌曲名
John Marc Escurel : I feel. Like the principal really wanted to be a performer when he was young but never succedded.. But here he is now 我感觉到了。就像校长年轻时真的想成为一名表演者,但从未成功过……但他现在在这儿
John Marc Escurel : I’ll put my hands down if my Principal was like this. Although we had a female principal that was so fierce and elegant while dancing ballroom… Shes not that interactive with his students 如果我的校长是这样的话,我就把手放下。尽管我们有一位女校长,她在舞厅里表现得非常热情和优雅…她没有和他的学生互动
B.J Blazkowicz : This man just made this planet great again 这个人又让这个星球变得伟大了
Dyre : Song though? Sounds like a BOP! 歌曲呢?听起来像个波普!
LaShay Chantelle : I love this ♥️ 我喜欢这个
Cynthia Sheperd : That’s a great idea…would be nice to see more involvement and physical activity here in the states… Bravo!!!! 这是个好主意…很高兴在美国看到更多的参与和体育活动…好极了!!!!!
sandra O’Callaghan : How cool is this clip. I wish that this could become some thing world wide in schools. That would be amazing 这个剪辑多酷啊。我希望这能成为全世界学校的一件事。那太棒了
marito242 : Now if only someone could teach them how to drive properly …. 现在,如果有人能教他们如何正确驾驶……
MaxHBoss : Its not break lol, it’s actually mandatory to do “exercise” routines in China because we study from 7 to 5 with 10 minutes break between each course, the only break would be 1 hour for you to have your lunch, therefore we have to do these exercise routines to keep our bodies in shape i guess? However the routines I used to do were boring. Props to this dude for bringing some cool moves to switch up, but for God’s sake please change the music lol 它不是休息时间,在中国,它实际上是强制性的做“锻炼”例行程序,因为我们从7到5学习,每门课程之间有10分钟的休息时间,唯一的休息时间是你吃午饭的1小时,所以我们必须做这些例行练习,以保持我们的身体的形状,我猜?不过,我以前做的例行工作很无聊。这个家伙的道具是带着一些很酷的动作来切换,但看在上帝的份上,请改变音乐棒。
Danny Rowan : Bet they all get A’s 打赌他们都得了A
Cristian Campo : Oh man that was AWESOME!!! Makes me wanna shuffle dance lol 哦,天哪,太棒了!!!!让我想洗牌跳舞哈哈
Mario Torrez Quant : We danced the shuffle during the 90s 我们在90年代跳曳步舞
del ham : It would be nice if American educators could invest this much time into our youth; keep them busy moving, exercising their bodies as well as their minds. There would be less bullying and the need for so much medication would not be necessary. Childhood obesity would dwindle as well. We used to call it PE (Physical Education). You didn’t have to be the most athletic, just do your best. (ijs). Oh, and not have their faces buried into their phones and social media soooooo much. Social media is not a bad thing but it can be over done. 如果美国教育工作者能把这么多时间投入到我们的年轻人身上,让他们忙着活动,锻炼他们的身体和思想,那就太好了。不会有那么多的欺凌,也不需要那么多的药物。儿童肥胖也会减少。我们以前叫它体育。你不必成为最有运动精神的人,只要尽力而为。(IJS)。哦,别把他们的脸埋在手机和社交媒体里太多了。社交媒体不是一件坏事,但可以做得过火。
LOLmaker Oosoom : I sense no freedom just pure leftist fascism 我感觉不到自由,只是纯粹的左派法西斯主义
sagar nanda : This is what indian education system lacks. All they know is beat the child and force them to study 这正是印度教育体系所缺乏的。他们只知道殴打孩子,强迫他们学习。
Melina Gomayz search : If my school do this dance : Others student will step on my foot 如果我的学校跳这种舞:其他学生会踩我的脚
ArnoldsK : This is adorable. 这很可爱。
vitthal maheshwari : All are dancing perfectly 所有人都跳得很好
Marcus Aurelius : Racially and ethnically homogeneous schools are have a unified sense of self, purpose, and culture. 在种族和种族上同种的学校有着统一的自我、目标和文化意识。
imicca : Amazing 太神了
coolboy007666 : Song link? 歌曲链接?
KT Chong : Seems like girls outnumbered boys 20 or 30 to 1 in that school. 在那所学校里,女生似乎比男生多20或30比1。
Pre114 : Awesome, the principal is already equipping his students with the proper skills to tear up the dance floor. 太棒了,校长已经为他的学生们准备了适当的技能来撕毁舞池。
HappiestSadGuy : Wholesome 有益健康
Magical Unicorn : This is not even their break, this is their morning exercise. Which means they do this everyday 这甚至不是他们的休息,这是他们的早操。也就是说他们每天都这么做
Istampool Schön : I want to go to school again… 我想再去上学…
Arthur Arenas : This Gentleman, Principal, Gets All of My Respect … We Need More Like Him. 这位先生,校长,得到了我所有的尊敬…我们需要更像他。
Francis Moran : The children are superb. What great exercise. The children of the United States could use this desperately. And “The Shuffle” began here. Those kids have a terrific principal who truly cares for their well being 孩子们很优秀。多好的运动啊。美国的孩子们可以绝望地使用它。“洗牌”就从这里开始了。那些孩子有一个非常好的校长,他真正关心他们的幸福。
Ri H : Students dance much better than principal 学生跳舞比校长好得多
Shuyang Sun : ….Believe it or not, they must have practiced a thousand times before the media recording… How do I know it? I used to study in China for seven years. ……信不信由你,他们一定在媒体录制前练习了一千次……我怎么知道?我过去在中国学习了七年。
kinganarkzie : I know they’re Chinese but this looks like something out of a gag manga 我知道他们是中国人,但这看起来像是一个插科打诨的漫画。
Joud tigor : Song please ?? 请唱支歌好吗??
dongdong Wang : Give the Chinese rural primary school principal a compliment. 恭维中国农村小学校长。
Peter Schaber : Wow they got some moves 哇,他们有些神似
Timothy Higglesworth : this reminds me of rhythm heaven 这让我想起了天堂的节奏
1000 subs Pls sub me : I love how they can all get into orderly rows but if my school did it all the older kids will gather at the back and the younger ones will have a lot of fun just spreading out in the front 我喜欢他们如何能有序地排成一排,但如果我的学校做到了,所有的大孩子都会聚集在后面,而小孩子们会有很多乐趣,只是在前面散开。
Chan Robert : I’m from south Korea. Now, i get why we felt earthquake the other day 我来自韩国。现在,我明白了前几天我们为什么会感到地震
Kelly Ramirez : Better than P.E. 比体育课好
MV Shakaryan : My high school principal used to drive around the school areas, own gas money and car and time, and find the students ditching school and offered to give them a ride to class. 我的高中校长过去经常在学校附近开车,拥有汽油钱、汽车和时间,发现学生们放弃了学校,主动提出送他们去上课。
Marisa Meave : Hasta unos niños bailan mejor que yo 连几个孩子都跳得比我好
Alisa Lexter : Gulf countries should learn a thing or two from them 海湾国家应该向他们学习一两件事
BOROK GAMERS : Plz upload full dance 请上传全舞
Garlic Girl : Ok, the next best dancer! Will he be a principal for long? I mean he SOUL…I mean S-o-u-l…. 好吧,下一个最好的舞者!他会长期担任校长吗?我是说他灵魂…我是说S-O-U-L…
W leen : Hahaha I can’t stop laughing they r all cute 哈哈哈,我忍不住笑了,他们都很可爱。
Felix T : Wish they show more of the female teachers 🙂 希望她们能多带些女老师来。)
Spanda Makt : What’s the song please? 请问这首歌是什么?
Yida Li : 村儿嗨
jg jun : 와우 존멋! 哇呜超帅!
RED NOA : 보기 좋네요 아이들도 좋아하는거 같고 저 학교 학생들은 춤못추는 학생도 없고 비만 학생도 없겠어요♥♥ 看起来很好,孩子们也很喜欢,那个学校的学生没有跳舞的学生,也没有肥胖学生♥
Resident Evil : I hated dancing ever since I was little. Feel bad for whatever kid that hates to dance is being made to. It looks cool by the way 我从小就讨厌跳舞。对那些讨厌跳舞的孩子感到难过。顺便说一下,看起来很酷
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