外媒探讨: 古罗马与古中国相互认识吗?





Spoopy : Best video ive watched on this subject 我看过的关于这个主题的最好的视频
Richard S. : Love this topic, so happy you cover’d it!  喜欢这个话题,很高兴你能报道它!
Arthur Brogden : Amazon Kindle has a really good treatise/survey available for just 4.99$ Titled “The Roman Empire and The Silk Routes” by Raoul MacLaughlin. There were at least TWO formal missions originating from the Roman end. The first during Nero’s reign in 69-70 AD went overland. The second as mentioned was by Marcus Aurelius in 163-67 AD and traveled by boat. The latter expedition was pretty much a bust. The party’s gifts had been lost or stolen along the way and to add insult to injury…. The Roman’s were dismayed at finding richly attired and well ensconced Parthian Nobles as part of the Imperial Court. The Chinese were rather dismissive of the Roman Embassy because of the low status gifts they presented; and of course the Parthians had no doubt poisoned the diplomatic well in any event. Still other Roman merchants arrived from time to time for the next 300 years. The problem was the trip was two years one way by sea as the travel was subject to catching the favorable monsoons. They, the Romans had to travel to Egypt, no small distance; then down to the mouth of the Red Sea; then across to India… then wait for the monsoons again to travel to down and around the Malay Peninsula… and finally all the way up and into the S China Sea. All told it’s a touch over 7500 miles and then they had to go inland another 600 miles to the Chinese capitol. All that a thousand years BEFORE Marco Polo. You gotta be tough determined SOB and lucky, very lucky to get not just there… but then turn around and head back. Five years later you return and everything’s changed… New Emperor, new dynasty who may have decided you’re dead and seized your lands etc. Or worse, you get all the way back with your trade goods to the coast of Sicily and get jumped by pirates. LOL. 亚马逊Kindle有一篇非常好的论文/调查,只有4.99美元,由RaoulMaclaughlin撰写,标题为“罗马帝国和丝绸之路”。至少有两个正式的任务源自罗马端。尼禄在公元69-70年统治期间,第一次走陆路。第二次提到是马库斯奥勒留在163-67年,并通过船旅行。后一次探险几乎失败了。晚会的礼物在途中丢失或被盗,给人的伤害增添了侮辱……罗马人很沮丧地发现,作为朝廷的一部分,帕提亚贵族衣冠楚楚,衣冠楚楚。中国人对罗马大使馆不屑一顾,因为他们赠送的礼物地位很低;当然,帕提亚人无疑在任何情况下都毒害了外交井。在接下来的300年里,还有其他罗马商人不时来到这里。问题是这趟旅行是两年一次的海上旅行,因为这趟旅行可能会遇到有利的季风。他们,罗马人必须去埃及旅行,不短的距离;然后下到红海的河口;然后越过印度……然后等待季风再次来到马来半岛的下方和周围…最后一路向上进入南中国海。所有人都说这是一个触摸超过7500英里,然后他们不得不再往内陆600英里到中国国会大厦。在马可波罗之前一千年。你必须坚强,坚决,哭泣,幸运,非常幸运,不只是在那里…但然后转身往回走。五年后你回来了,一切都变了…新皇帝,新王朝,他们可能已经决定了你的死亡和占领你的土地等。或者更糟的是,你一路回到西西里岛的海岸,你的贸易货物被海盗抢走。
James Cashis Banks : Idk about all that b.s tho about em being two of the greatest ancient empires….y’all might need to go back further Nd do more proper research period bcuz I’m not buying what y’all trying to sell. 关于他们是两个最伟大的古代帝国的所有事情,我想说……你们可能需要更进一步,做更恰当的研究,因为我不买你们想卖的东西。
TheReal Mexican American : Parthia feared the connection of the two great civilizations. Probably feared a double team against them. 帕提亚害怕两个伟大文明的联系。很可能是因为害怕有一个双人组与他们对抗。
augnkn93043 : The Chinese always despised the non-Chinese and called them barbarians and hated them and were disrespectful. 中国人总是鄙视非中国人,称他们为野蛮人,憎恨他们,不尊重他们。
Andrew Eugenicos : “At the time known to westerners as the Byzantine Empire.” My friend, the term ‘Byzantine’ is a modern term invented by historians to distinguish the Eastern Roman Empire post 5th Century AD to the Roman Empire pre 5th Century AD. The westerners at the time of the Middle Ages as well as the so-called ‘Byzantines’ called the people of the Empire Romans (Ρωμιοί) and the Empire Roman (Ρωμαϊκή). “当时西方人称为拜占庭帝国。”我的朋友,术语“拜占庭”是历史学家发明的一个现代术语,用来区分公元5世纪后的东罗马帝国和公元5世纪前的罗马帝国。中世纪的西方人以及所谓的“拜占庭人”称为“拜占庭人”。罗马帝国和罗马帝国。
Greek virgin : Rome also knew about payment for hookers 罗马也知道妓女的报酬
eric cloud : Just discovered your channel and I’ve already subscribed! Love history and therefore your channel. Keep up the amazing historical video’s 刚刚发现你的频道,我已经订阅了!爱历史,所以爱你的频道。保持惊人的历史视频
Killer kraut : i hase heard there was a conflict betwen china and the greeks . 我听说中国和希腊人之间发生了冲突。
Rich M : It is ironic how long we westerners have been trading with the Far East. I watched. A video a while back about the romans trying to figure out how silk was made thinking it was from a tree instead of a worm. That was the real secret! 具有讽刺意味的是,我们西方人与远东贸易了多久。我看着。不久前的一段视频,讲述了罗马人试图弄清楚丝绸是如何制成的,他们认为丝绸来自于一棵树而不是蠕虫。那是真正的秘密!
hfut Chen : Rome was called 大秦 (Great Qin) by ancient Chinese. 古汉语称罗马为大秦。
5syu blackbird : Could you do a video on Chinese History? That would be pretty interesting considering how long and messy it is. 你能做一个关于中国历史的录像吗?考虑到它有多长时间和混乱,这将是非常有趣的。
Thomas Bingel : Very recommendable 非常推荐
Lucas Campos : This channel is so good. 这个频道太好了。
Josh Stephens : Loved the video. Not sure, however, if labelling Virgil as an historian is quite accurate. Certainly, poetry is what he’s famous for. 喜欢这段视频。然而,如果把维吉尔称为历史学家是相当准确的话,就不确定了。当然,他以诗歌而出名。
marc collins : Your videos are all full of inaccuracies, especially the ones on Rome. Your voice is too monotone. You use photographs that have nothing to do with the topic. I put on one of your longer videos as it puts me to sleep. I would be most anxious to know your educational background and what degrees , if any, you have. Hahaha 你的视频都是错误的,尤其是罗马的那些。你的声音太单调了。你使用的照片与主题无关。我放了一个较长的视频,因为它让我睡着了。我很想知道你的教育背景,如果你有什么学位的话。哈哈哈
Marcos Toledo : I have read of a Roman delegation reaching China when Hadrian was emperor of Rome. And that some of the vict 我读过一个罗马代表团在哈德良是罗马皇帝的时候抵达中国。还有一些胜利者
sleazymeezy : Yo, this is pretty cool. I’ve been really into my classics after finding historia civilia, and this is one of the subsequent channels I’ve binge watched. The hour long doco on to me had info I handed heard elsewhere (: 哟,这很酷。在发现了《历史文明》之后,我真的很喜欢我的经典作品,这是我狂热观看的后续频道之一。一个小时长的文件告诉了我一些我在别处听到的信息。
Moddie Cannon : Amazing… I was literally thinking about this topic the other day and here you go Keep doing your thing bro! 太棒了…前几天我真的在想这个话题,现在你继续做你的事,兄弟!
Polandball Historian : *_THE OTHER CHINA???_* wow… if only they gave us that same respect TODAY… *另一个中国????哇…如果他们今天能给予我们同样的尊重…
InfernoSlayer : Awesome video, it’s amazing to learn about these things you don’t hear about 很棒的视频,了解到这些你听不到的东西真是太棒了
craig me : I cant believe so few people have watched this. 我不敢相信这么少的人看过这个。
CarrowMind : I sure am fired up to learn something today, boss! 老板,我今天肯定是为了学点东西而被炒了鱿鱼!
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