《让子弹飞》(Let The Bullets Fly),2010.12上映,导演姜文,主演姜文/葛优/周润发/刘嘉玲/陈坤 。获2011华语电影传媒大奖最佳导演,最佳男主角奖。




Mr. DuLac : The witty dialogue flies at you fast and furious in this black comedy / action movie. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen anything quite like it. The principal cast is excellent in it, but Wen Jiang steals the show for me. 在这部黑色喜剧/动作片中,诙谐的对话飞快地冲向你。我从来没见过像这样的东西。主演的演员阵容很出色,但姜文抢了风头。
Owen : Jiang Wen exudes a ton of charisma in front of the camera and shows off with plenty of show stopping sequences behind it leaving a really fun addition to the burgeoning genre of westerns transplanted to East asia in the 1910s and 20s. It’s not quite as nuts, as charismatic or plain fun as The Good the bad and the Weird but it’s the next best thing I’ve seen. 姜文在镜头前展现出非凡的魅力,在镜头后还放映了大量的停播镜头,这给1910年代和20年代移居东亚的新兴西洋流派增添了真正的乐趣。它并不像电影《黄金三镖客》那样疯狂、有魅力或平淡无奇,但它是一件好事。
Joe : Watching a foreign comedy can be a tricky prospect since comedy is often difficult to translate. Most Hong Kong comedies I’ve seen have been largely slapstick, so this isn’t really an issue, but Let the Bullets Fly is a lot more sophisticated, with wordplay and satire and presumably a bunch of historical and cultural references that flew over my dumb head. It’s still pretty entertaining though – especially fun is Chow Yun-Fat as a grinning villain. Also the action scenes were pretty cool (although you could make the argument that there wasn’t enough of them). 看外国喜剧可能很棘手,因为喜剧通常很难翻译。我看过的大多数香港喜剧都是闹剧,所以这不是一个真正的问题,但是让子弹飞更复杂,有文字游戏和讽刺,大概是一堆历史和文化的参考文献飞过我愚蠢的脑袋。不过这还是很有趣的,尤其是周润发扮演一个笑嘻嘻的恶棍。动作场景也很酷(尽管你可以提出理由说不够好)。
Acandelora : This was alot better than “Gone with the Bullets” still a different movie, the acting is great, this has a cool story, ot has its slow weord momemts throughout, but the action is very interesting and there is some good stuff for it. The violence is cartoonish and over the top, which I wasnt expecting, it has some pretty gory moments. 这比《乱世佳人》好多了,演技很棒,这个故事很酷,而且整个故事情节都很慢,但是动作很有趣,而且有一些好的东西。暴力是卡通式的,而且我没想到,它有一些非常血腥的时刻。
Hershal : Fun Chinese western pitting honorable bandits against a mobster to frequent comic effect and accompanied by some great action sequences. At times the plot, with its use of multiple false identities, twists, and turns, feels almost Shakespearean. It’s got a great set, some nice direction, and solid acting throughout. I really can’t complain about a single thing. 有趣的中国西部土匪对暴徒经常以喜剧效果和一些伟大的动作场景。有时,情节运用了多重错误的身份、曲折,感觉就像莎士比亚。这套剧集很棒,导演不错,演技很扎实。我真的不能抱怨。
Jason Rainey : Dudes, not only does Jiang Wen cut together a feast of verbal and weaponized sparring, the man stands toe-to-toe in the acting department with Chow Yun-fat?! And Chow Yun-fat gets to play a dual roll as a crime boss’ goof-pants body double? The constant break-neck pace of this film gets wearisome over its two-hour plus run time, but it’s hard not to be delighted by this Chinese crime drama with Shakespearean aspirations. Jiang Wen’s come out of nowhere for me, and I’m dying to catch up! 伙计们,姜文不仅用语言和武器打架,而且和周润发一起在演技部踮起脚尖?还有周润发扮演犯罪老板的傻瓜身材双重角色?这部电影连续两小时加播出时间,节奏一直快得让人厌烦,但是很难不被这部有着莎士比亚抱负的中国犯罪剧所喜悦。姜文不知从何而来,我真想了解!
Siskoid :  At 132 minutes, it has a convoluted plot that never wants to end, but it works because this is essentially a huge series of Spy vs. Spy gags, as deception builds on deception in an often hilarious在132分钟,它有一个永远不想结束的错综复杂的情节,但是它起作用了,因为这基本上是一系列间谍对间谍的恶作剧,因为欺骗建立在欺骗之上,而且常常很搞笑
Martin Garcia : this movie had me laughing my ass off, and my dick hard. 这部电影让我笑得屁滚尿流,我的弟弟也笑得很厉害。
Thedude3445 : A kooky comedy about corrupt government officials, corrupt businessmen, and bandits all crossing over, and mayhem bursting forth. It’s a very confusing story with a huge cast, though I think most of the confusion comes from the absolutely terrible editing, with scene transitions that… well, there are no scene transitions. None. It’s just instant cuts to each next scene, and it is sometimes baffling, especially when there is no score for most of the film. Funny (way more funny than the poster suggests), but nothing really that special,一部关于贪官污吏、商人贪污吏、土匪横行霸道的怪诞喜剧突然上演。这是一个巨大的演员阵容非常令人困惑的故事,虽然我认为大部分的困惑来自可怕的编辑,与场景过渡…嗯,没有场景转换。一个也没有。这只是对下一个场景的即时剪辑,有时会令人困惑,尤其是当影片的大部分没有配乐时。有意思(比海报所暗示的更有意思),但是没有特别之处。
jgarron : I got to say this film was pretty great. I loved the way it was almost like a western set in China. Even though I didn’t watch this with the best video quality I could still see just how amazing the scenery and setting was. I can just imagine if I watched this on a HD tv with Blu-ray I would be blown away. 我得说这部电影很棒。我喜欢它几乎就像中国的西部片一样。虽然我没有以最好的视频质量观看,我仍然可以看到多么惊人的景色和设置。我可以想象,如果我用蓝光在高清电视上看这个节目,我会上天。
Jeffrey Overstreet : “Let the Bullets Fly” is hilarious. But it’s hilarious at 100 miles an hour, with the revelations and twists happening at such a dizzying pace that it’s easy to get lost. Watch it with friends, as I did, so you can help each other out if things get complicated. Everything here works: The cast is first-rate, the special effects are sharp and spectacular, the dialogue is wonderfully witty.  “让子弹飞”很好笑。但是它以每小时100英里的速度令人发笑,而且它的启示和扭曲以令人眼花缭乱的速度发生,很容易迷路。和朋友一起看,就像我一样,如果事情变得复杂,你们可以互相帮助。这里的一切都很成功:演员阵容一流,特技精湛,对话妙趣横生。
Evan Nicoll : I saw “Let the Bullets Fly” and might be interested in writing more about this at some point, but for now all I can say is if this movie is playing in a theater near you, you HAVE to see it. It’s an ultraviolent chinese western period piece black comedy gangster movie. Even the trailers make it look like something goofier and stupider than it actually is我看过《让子弹飞》,也许在某个时候我有兴趣写更多关于这方面的东西,但现在我只能说,如果这部电影在你附近的剧院上映,你必须去看。这是一部暴力的中国西部片黑色喜剧黑帮电影。甚至连预告片都让它看起来比实际更傻
N. Hartel : Self-indulgent, light on action, and tasteless at times, the film survives solely on it’s weird nature and strong lead performances. 自我放纵,行动轻微,有时无味,这部电影仅凭其怪异的性质和强大的主角表演而存在。
Sasha James : Everything about this Hong Kong shoot-’em-up is crazy good and audacious as hell. This is what gumption looks like, people. 关于这场香港枪击案的一切都是疯狂的,像地狱一样大胆。这就是勇气。
Dan : I often like the over the top Chinese action flicks. This just did not do it for me though. The plot didn’t grab me and it all just felt silly and absurd. None of the character felt like real people and none of the dialogue felt like things people would actually say. It was all just a big play acted farce. 我经常喜欢中国顶级的动作片。不过,这并不适合我。这个情节没有抓住我,只是觉得很愚蠢和荒唐。没有人物感觉像真实的人,也没有人对话感觉像人们会说的话。那只不过是一出大型的戏剧表演闹剧。
Pat : Let them fly indeed. Definitely need a second viewing with this picture. So dense, many layers from dialogue and staging to action and comedy. Social satire elements seem ripe, but would need a better grounding in contemporary Chinese issues. The film can most certainly be enjoyed without that context, which is probably why censors did not ban the film during its domestic release. Love Wen Jiang! Cannot wait for your next picture. 让他们真的飞吧。这张照片绝对需要第二次观看。如此密集,从对话、舞台到动作和喜剧都有很多层次。社会讽刺元素似乎已经成熟,但在当代中国问题中需要更好的基础。毫无疑问,这部电影可以在没有这种背景的情况下欣赏,这也许就是为什么电影在国内发行时审查人员没有禁止这部电影的原因。爱姜文!等不及你的下一部影片了。
Harry Tomlin : Exhausting editing that is headache inducing and plot elements so ridiculous it became painful to watch at times. It has some great sequences and design and elements of it that made me want the film to get better. It is still entertainment but just generally so confusing and unessesary that it is ruined. 令人头疼的令人疲惫的剪辑和情节元素如此荒谬,以至于有时观看起来很痛苦。它有一些伟大的序列和设计和它的元素,使我希望电影变得更好。它仍然是娱乐,但一般只是如此混乱和不必要,它被毁了。
weehunk : Well that was fun. I really enjoyed the absurd strategies and a polite exterior as they wage war on each other. 那很有趣。我真的很喜欢这些荒谬的策略和礼貌的外表,因为他们互相打仗。
Christopher Cross : What the fuck is a goddamn pleasant surprise! 他妈的是个该死的惊喜!
Andrew : Way too long and way too shaggy, but Chow Yun-Fat is a god damned movie star of the highest order, and that goes a long way. 路太长,路太乱,但周润发是一个该死的最高级别的电影明星,这有很长的路要走。
Ying : Black humor way of telling true story. 以黑色幽默讲真实故事。
poppycawk : I enjoyed the style (especially their costumes; the hat game here is totally on point) more than the substance and it runs a little on the long side, but Let the Bullets Fly is still a highly entertaining action, comedy, western. 我喜欢这种风格(尤其是他们的服装;这里的帽子游戏非常贴切),而不是实质内容,而且有点长篇大论,但《让子弹飞》仍然是一个极具娱乐性的动作,喜剧,西部片。
jortsinsane : A fantastically cryptic and darkly comedic Chinese western, Jiang Wen’s Let the Bullets Fly ticks off all the fun boxes and looks endlessly stunning and clever doing it. Though distinctly western in style and influence, Bullets is as unique as they come for the genre. Jiang Wen puts his own twist on the genre with the same depth, complexity, and layered satire and political commentary of his other efforts like the underappreciated Devils on the Doorstep. Jiang, Chow Yun Fat,… more 姜文的《让子弹飞》是一部非常神秘、黑暗的中国西部喜剧,在所有的乐趣盒上都打出滴答声,看起来令人惊叹不已,而且很聪明。虽然在风格和影响力上明显地是西方的,但子弹在流派上是独一无二的。姜文以同样的深度、复杂性、层次化的讽刺和政治评论,对诸如《鬼子来了》等其他作品进行了自我扭曲。
Muhammad Karim : Like watching a chess game between masters. Only with war tactics and espionage. Really enjoyed watching this even if a few bits were over the top. 比如看大师之间的国际象棋比赛。只有战争战术和间谍活动。真的很享受看这个节目,即使有些地方太夸张了。
kesseljunkie : There is undoubtedly a cultural barrier here for me, and I’ve often found that Asian cinema is hampered by translations that don’t account for idioms. Regardless, it’s sporadically compelling and interesting. 毫无疑问,这里存在文化障碍,而且我经常发现亚洲电影院被不解释成语的翻译所阻碍。不管怎样,它偶尔会引人注目,很有趣。
hotsake : This movie was not at all what I was expecting and that is not a bad thing. This has more to do with espionage than action or comedy. The comedy is mostly due to irony. The acting on all sides was unique but very good. 这部电影完全不是我所期待的,那也不坏。这与间谍活动有关,而不是与动作或喜剧有关。这部喜剧主要是由于讽刺。各方面的表演都很独特,但是非常好。
captainathos : I actually enjoyed this more on the second time around. It’s a super bizarre chinese western and it’s funny in a really witty and darkly humorous way. Basically my entire aesthetic rolled into one god bless Jiang Wen and Ge You the weirdest uncles ever 其实我第二次的时候就更喜欢这个了。这是一部非常奇特的中国西部片,它以一种非常诙谐、阴暗幽默的方式很有趣。基本上,我的整个审美都融为一体,上帝保佑姜文和葛优成为史上最古怪的叔叔。
captainathos : This plays out like a darkly hilarious goofy Chinese western and honestly I am so into it. Jiang Wen is such a weirdo I love him 这出戏就像一个黑暗搞笑的愚蠢的中国西部片,老实说,我太喜欢它了。姜文真是个怪人,我爱他。
Henna : Tbh from all the mixed reviews for this movie, I had pretty low expectations going into this but I was honestly so entertained by this film it won me over. The plot can get really confusing at times but I’m always here for double-crossing and double-double-crossing. Loved how snappy and fast-paced the dialogue was and the humor was just so spot-on for me. I’ve seen a lot of people complain about the violence but I really didn’t notice it that much imo I guess I’ve just seen gorier films. Over-all, a hella entertaining, fun movie that has my weird sense of humor. 从这部电影的各种各样的评论中,我对这部电影的期望很低,但是说实话,我对这部电影很感兴趣,它让我很开心。情节有时会变得很混乱,但我总是在这里进行交叉。喜欢对话的快捷和快节奏,而且幽默对我来说非常贴切。我看过很多人抱怨暴力事件,但我真的没有注意到太多,我想我只是看了血淋淋的电影。总而言之,一部有趣、有趣的电影,有我奇怪的幽默感。
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