外国人评价《花木兰》: (采集地址 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJbAZh3fv0g)

Daniel Larson :Disney is basically making these remakes just so they can be more politically correct. Do that to Pirates of the Caribbean and Toy Story and I will hate Disney all the way to my grave. 迪斯尼基本上是在翻拍这些电影,这样他们就可以在政治上更加正确。对《加勒比海盗》和《玩具总动员》这样做,我会一路恨迪斯尼,直到我死。
BaRrElEyE FeSh :WhY dOeS eVeRyOnE hAtE tHiS mOvIe? It’S sO mUcH fUn! 为什么大家都讨厌这部电影?太有趣了!
Johnson Chen :I wish people would just grow up from their fake childhood stories 我希望人们能从他们虚假的童年故事中长大
Antonio Garcia :Fantástic 太棒了
Rj Yee :She really is fighting for the kingdom. The Chinese communist party. And one day, she and her party will conquer the world and silence EVERYONE. She won. 👍🏻 她真的在为国家而战。中国共产党。总有一天,她和她的党将征服世界,让所有人沉默。她赢了。
Trekker T. :There is only 1 Mulan and her name is Agnes Chow Ting. This actress Liu supports police brutality and against democracy. Disgusting human insults the the character Mulan. Shame on Disney! boycottMulan 花木兰只有1个,她叫Agnes Chow Ting。这个女演员刘支持警察的野蛮行为和反对民主。令人恶心的人侮辱了角色木兰。迪士尼丢人!抵制花木兰
Morgan Leigh :I for one am excited about this! Sure, it’s not the musical that we know and love. But the movie looks pretty darn awesome, and I’m excited to see the legend as it was more accurately handed down from generation to generation rather than the cartoonified version. It’s different, but I think it could still be pretty great! 我对此感到兴奋!当然,这不是我们所知道和喜爱的音乐剧。但这部电影看起来真是太棒了,我很高兴看到这个传奇故事,因为它更准确地代代相传,而不是卡通化的版本。这是不同的,但我认为它仍然是相当棒的!
Moriguchi Mark :$30 over subscription? For this no star actor movie? Don’t worry, it will be free on Disney plus in no time for sure lol 超过30美元的订阅费用?对于这部无明星演员电影?不用担心,它肯定会免费在迪士尼上免费提供,哈哈
katyga :Seems like a lot of people don’t know that Mulan is not a character created by Disney, and this film is a closer adaptation to the Ballad of Mullan with a little bit of fantasy elements to it. If I wanted to watch the exact same movie as the animated one, then I would watch that one instead. I want to se a different version. I have seen the Chinese movie of Mulan a few years ago and loved it and now I can’t wait to see this new interpretation. 似乎很多人都不知道《花木兰》不是迪斯尼创造的角色,这部电影是对《花木兰》的改编,带有一些幻想元素。如果我想观看与动画电影完全相同的电影,那么我将改为观看该电影。几年前,我看过中国拍的《花木兰》并喜欢它,而现在,我迫不及待地想看到这种新版本。
bloodymischa :Am I the only one who’s done with all the criticism ,this movie is facing by people who have not even seen it yet? Like, if you want the Disney animated version, then go watch it. I’m open-minded to see a new take on Mulan. And as for your information, Disney is allowed to make changes to its own source material. That’s literally why it’s their movie, it’s their art. So no Mushu, no music? So what? Who cares? Just enjoy the new journey and see where it’s leading to. You can complain after you watched it. 我是唯一一个受不了还没有看过这部电影就遭到批评的人吗?就像,如果您想要迪士尼动画版本,那就去看吧。我很乐意看到花木兰的新面貌。至于您的信息,迪士尼被允许对其自己的原始资料进行更改。这就是为什么这是他们的电影,这是他们的艺术。所以没有Mushu,没有音乐?所以呢?谁在乎?只是享受新的旅程,看看它的去向。您可以在观看之后进行投诉。
Cassie Medina :Yes!! This looks so amazing! I’m so excited! 😍 对!!这看起来太棒了!我太兴奋了!
LaLaGrunge :Chinese propaganda. 中国宣传。
JusticeBlaze :Mulan is sexy 木兰很性感
Joselito Tejada :This is such a departure from the original movie. 这部电影与原著大不相同。
Justin Perry :This film has a different take from the 1998 cartoon it has a different tone and there’s no songs or Mushu. 这部电影与1998年的动画片不同,它有不同的基调,没有歌曲和Mushu。
Anthony Barratt :It looking promising 看起来很有希望
DJ tiger :The new mulan is stupid because it’s not like the original movie and it doesn’t have the songs and where mushu and change the huns names and it looks rated r. The movie is not awesome and not cool 新的木兰很蠢,因为它不像原来的电影,它没有歌曲,也没有mushu和换匈奴名字的地方,它看起来被评为r级。这部电影一点也不酷
BaRrElEyE FeSh :I lOvE DiSnEy NoW! 我现在爱迪斯尼了!
Onyekachi A :This movie will be trash I will stick with the old mulan that I enjoyed as a kid and still till this day. 这部电影将是垃圾,我会坚持我小时候喜欢的花木兰,直到今天。
ThatGirlWeirdo UwU :I can’t wait 我等不及了
Antonio Martinez :What, no White Hero Trope? Impressive. 什么,没有白人英雄?有意思。
Vortex :Pretty sure I’ve already seen this movie. Disney needs to stop rehashing old content 我肯定已经看过这部电影了。迪斯尼需要停止对旧内容的再利用
fruitoson :yo how come every single person who worked behind the scenes on this movie is white? 为什么在这部电影幕后工作的每个人都是白人?
Rob K :Dont forget the lead actress supports the police and CCP in Hong Kong 别忘了首席女演员支持香港的警察和共产党
Megan Roberts :Can’t wait to be able to purchase a copy on DVD one of my favorites from when I was little 迫不及待地想买一张DVD影碟,这是我小时候最喜欢的
Yajun Tian :Mulan is Chinese, why did she dress in Japanese girl traditional clothes? A little disappointed about that.. 木兰是中国人,她为什么穿日本女孩的传统服装?对此有点失望。。
Joanne Brens :$30??????????????? No thank you 30美元??谢谢,不用了
D O :Im kinda over china at the moment 我现在有点喜欢中国
WarriorKing2233 :You guys remember when the lead actress of this movie said this: “I support the Hong Kong police”? 你们还记得这部电影的女主角说:“我支持香港警察”吗?
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what makes all of the people except Chinese think the mulan was created by the Disney?they dont know mulan is a people really exist in the history of Chinese?dont tell me its a joke and its not funny at all.please respect the history.