Neel Adwani : No offense to China, but I wonder if anyone else from around the world holds the patent, and is cursing China for that. This keeps happening all the time! 对中国没有冒犯,但我想知道是否有来自世界各地的任何人拥有专利,并且为此诅咒中国。这种事总是在发生!
BlowJob : How strong is the magnetic field used to keep that heat whole? 磁场用来保持热量的整体强度是多少?
Olmai Álgovuovdi : We came from the stars, so now we must create them. 我们来自星星,所以现在我们必须创造它们。
ApplePieNinjaGod : Melts the whole world 融化世界
Björn Björk : This has all been done before. 这一切以前都做过。
Pro Player : This is not even hotter than my phone heat 这甚至不比我手机热。
Kiki Botty : Stfu if it was6x hotter then the sun we would be dead 如果天气再热6倍太阳我们就会死去
jahrta : The word is “nuclear,” fuckwit, not “nuke-you-lar” 这个词是“核”,他妈的,不是“核武器”
Zero Tolerance : Came here looking for anti-China rhetoric. 来这里寻找反华言论。
Divyanshu Kumar : the sun hqve 10^9 c energy and china is making 6 times 太阳能10^9摄氏度,中国是6倍
brettdart : Not a good idea ! Haven’t you watched Spider-Man 2 ? 不是个好主意!你没看过《蜘蛛侠2》吗?
ian Gab : wakanda had the most advance technology tho Wakanda拥有最先进的技术
Ru2yaz : Old technology that the US has been experimenting with for over 30 years. Yawn, just another technology China has stolen and trying to sell it as their own and exaggerate the results. 美国已经试验了30多年的旧技术。只是中国偷走的另一项技术,并试图将其作为自己的产品出售,并夸大了结果。
Putin Emperor : Made in China 中国制造
True Smith : We don’t even know how hot the sun is… just a very educated guess 我们甚至不知道太阳有多热……只是一个很有教养的猜测
The ATrain : We need this NOW. 我们现在需要这个。
Je Jee : What is the real reason they made it? Bible states Earth will catch fire. So who is trying to save Earth?? All this heat is For aliens? After all they live in hot environments.. 他们成功的真正原因是什么?圣经上说地球会着火。那么,谁在试图拯救地球?这些热量都是给外星人的?毕竟他们生活在炎热的环境中。
Palpa Prime : if made in china it’s fake 如果是中国制造的,那是假的
Kyle4Gaming : So if we have the Fusion Core then we can get into our Power Armor and kill the Deathclaw 因此,如果我们有融合核心,那么我们可以进入我们的能量护甲并杀死Deathclaw。
Georgy Boy : Every single bit of Information we are told is fantasy 我们听到的每一点信息都是虚幻的。
Kinet Gaming : How the fck can the metal surrounding the machine survive its do damn hot right? then we can you this metal and build a space ship and go to the sun? why not? 机器周围的金属怎么能幸存下来呢?那么我们能把这种金属做成宇宙飞船,然后去太阳吗?为什么不?
BOT 007 : I always believed China is gonna kill us all one day with their cheap products, but i never thought it’s gonna be so soon. 我一直相信中国终有一天会用他们的廉价产品把我们全杀了,但我没想到会这么快。
Uziel Jordeano : Made in china? We doomed. 中国制造?我们注定要失败。
スベタplugplay : Tf how? If it is truly hotter than the sun , then how is it even contained ? ? Makes entirely zero sense to me. TF如何?如果它真的比太阳还热,那它又如何被容纳呢?对我来说完全没有意义。
Stacey Co : But can it heat up my wok in 5 seconds? 但是它能在5秒内加热我的锅吗?
Mez Martinez : OK, just curious… If u are using the water to have fuel this, and the exchange is warm gas…. How does that help climate change? 好,只是好奇……如果你用水做燃料,那么交换物是热气体……这如何帮助气候变化?
livinon a prayer : Don’t panic! 不要惊慌!
Thomas : Damn Elon was right…..China is ahead 该死的埃隆是对的……中国领先
Nik110512 : Oh the salty Americans in this comment section 哦,评论栏里犯酸的美国人
BeatBoxFuture : I wanna touch it 我想触摸它
Bhamski Bam : If this is public, then the us already has it and determined it’s not a threat. 如果这是公开的,那么美国已经拥有它,并且确定它不是一个威胁。
Bob Alien : Well, I don’t think we should be shock to know this…what Chinese are trying to build is nothing but a nuclear fusion reactor prototype. It is indeed advanced but not sci-fi level technology, it’s simply the next step we are about to make, and now China is trying to catch up first, so good for everyone, let’s just hope this won’t cause any accident or worse. 嗯,我认为我们不应该惊讶地知道这一点……中国正在试图建造的只是一个核聚变反应堆原型。这确实是先进技术,但不是科幻技术,这只是我们即将迈出的下一步,现在中国正努力赶上,所以对每个人都好,我们只希望这不会造成任何意外或更糟。
Ann Mare Pantig : If it’ll be successful or can be sustain well, we can travel space by light years or faster than that. Wow. 如果它能够成功或者能够很好地维持,我们可以以光年或者更快的速度进行太空旅行。真的。
Quantum life : WHAT HAPPENS IF IT LEAKS 如果泄漏会发生什么
William English : 6 times hotter than the sun….so we all know that electricity(the only thing holding this power back(electro magnetism)) NEVER fails….if god created the sun moon stars and earth are we saying that human scientists created something 6 times better than god? Sure… The second there is a power issue we are all f’ed. O and so you all know they have set up another “tokamek” right down the road from CERN. Because cern needs more juice! Please wake up fellow human beings 比太阳热6倍……所以我们都知道电(唯一阻止这种力量的东西(电磁))永远不会失效……如果上帝创造了太阳、月亮、星星和地球,我们是说人类科学家创造了比上帝好6倍的东西吗?当然。。。第二,我们遇到了一个电源问题。哦,你们都知道他们在欧洲核子研究中心的路上又建了一个托卡马克。
sam e : Is there are any material to contain the heat of sun in owr world…. I don’t believe it…. 世界上有没有什么物质能容纳太阳的热量……我不相信……
Dimitri vonderBluhm : do you know the difference between power and energy? you compared power to energy figures multiple times… 你知道动力和能量的区别吗?你把功率与能量数字进行了多次比较……
caezar joseff jacob : Create a solar probe made out of this 创建一个太阳能探测器
Prodigy Enigma : They’re creating a star? First the organization were experimenting on blackholes and time travel, now this? The organization has gone too far! El. Psy. Congroo. 他们在创造明星?首先,这个组织正在试验黑洞和时间旅行,现在呢?这个组织做得太过分了!
Raccoon Playz : This is proof China has so much money and nothing to use it for. 这证明中国有那么多钱,而且没有钱没处花。
sagi volol : Nuclear fusion is dangerous and costly in fact a nuclear bomb exerts more power in a second then made by any human on earth in a day 核聚变是危险的,而且代价昂贵。事实上,一颗核弹在一秒钟内产生的能量比地球上任何人一天内产生的能量都要大。
sagi volol : The only reason the sun is not that hot is because of most of it radiating out and its on a much larger scale so if the sun is less hot in a wide area compared to extreme heat in a very small scale then the sun would be more dangerous 太阳不那么热的唯一原因是因为它的大部分辐射出去,而且规模要大得多,所以如果与极小规模的极热相比,大面积的太阳不那么热,那么太阳将更加危险。
sagi volol : If they had enough pressure to make a star it would die after destroying its surroundings 如果他们有足够的压力制造一颗恒星,它会在破坏周围环境后死亡。
LoveIsGreat : Sorry I don’t think that this is the way to go. Tesla is the way to go. Electrical engineering. Not fusion reactors that could blow up. Plus I simply don’t trust the Chinese. Their industrial complexes are frightening in a world polluter way 对不起,我不认为这是前进的方向。特斯拉是前进的道路。电气工程。不是可能爆炸的核聚变反应堆。而且我根本不相信中国人。他们的工业综合体以污染世界的方式令人恐惧。
Naulo Sanchar : Everything is made in China. Even a star and Black hole in future … Except for babies, they’re made in VaChina 所有的东西都是中国制造的。甚至未来的恒星和黑洞……除了婴儿,它们是中国制造的。
Erik Masters : And wherever humans are involved there’s bound to be a disaster 无论人类身处何地,都必定会发生灾难。
atomic wolf : Yeah the fusion reactors a great idea but you have to keep it constantly at that high temperature to create constant energy that’s why they keep it on no longer than few seconds because it gets too hot but I still have hope that’s something like this can be created 是啊,聚变反应堆是个好主意,但是你必须保持它一直保持在那么高的温度,才能产生恒定的能量,这就是为什么他们保持能量不超过几秒钟的原因,因为太热了,但是我仍然希望可以创造出这样的东西。
Hot Frass Music : If its ten time hotter than the sun, how do they test it to know lol ? Because basically if we were a inch closer to sun we would fry lol 如果它比太阳热十倍,他们怎么测试它知道哈哈?因为基本上,如果我们离太阳近一英寸,我们就会炸哈哈。
Nzed123 : If only Iron Man was here… 要是钢铁侠来了……
DigiAllstar : Everytime chinese do something it destroys the earth. I am scared 中国人每次做某事都会毁灭地球。我害怕
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