美国CNBC视频《How India And China Broke Out From The BRICs》(印度和中国如何从金砖国家脱颖而出)



Sermsak Songsiridej : Strange bed fellows with totally different cultural backgrounds. Brazil and S. Africa are economically weak and have been looking for economic benefits from stronger members. With such imbalances, BRICS takeoff has not been spectacular. Nonetheless, the concept of such an international cooperation is commendable and should be pursued. 有着完全不同文化背景的同床异梦者。巴西和南非经济疲软,一直在寻求强大成员国的经济利益。在这种不平衡下,金砖四国的起飞并不引人注目。尽管如此,这种国际合作的概念是值得称赞的,应当予以追求。
goalfever007 : Every great empire Falls eventually for example Rome the British Empire ottoman empire and the list goes on time is infinite… and that’s a fact 每一个伟大的帝国最终都会垮台,例如罗马、大英帝国、奥斯曼帝国,而且名单上的时间是无限的……这是事实
Rajveer Roy : You are not remembered because of China. China’s economy is facing economic slowdown in 2017-2018. Before that it’s gdp was growing from 10% from 1978 to 2011. And that started worrying USA. India will grow with 7.3% this year u will in sometime listen the BRICS name again. If USA WILL STOP using protectionist west and tarrif war policy then it will be easy for BRICS to rise. 你不会因为中国而被人记住。2017-2018年,中国经济面临经济放缓。在此之前,中国的国内生产总值从1978年的10%增长到2011年。这让美国开始担忧。印度今年将以7.3%的速度增长,美国将在某个时候再次听到金砖四国的名字。如果美国停止使用保护主义西方和塔里夫战争政策,那么金砖四国很容易崛起。
Gentle Man : Western media is still living in 20th century. They will never grow up. 西方媒体仍然生活在20世纪。他们永远不会长大。
Tô Diệp Khanh : I mean if Asean work together better like the EU, then it would have been more famous. The politics scandals in the SEA is in a wide range as well. 我的意思是,如果东盟像欧盟那样合作得更好,那么它就会更出名。海上政治丑闻的范围也很广。
Prit Singh : Forgot BRICS ….china cannot have good relations with any country, if it want to grab territory of that country. India don’t claim an inch of China’s land but china after occupying Tibet want a large territory of India and Bhutan. Can you imagine, china want territory of Bhutan which is 200× smaller than china 忘记了金砖四国……如果中国想占领这个国家的领土,它就不能与任何国家建立良好的关系。印度不占中国一寸土地,但中国占领西藏后,却希望拥有印度和不丹的大片领土。你能想象,中国想要比中国小200倍的不丹领土吗?
Bunnyroo7 : The comments here are amusing. Nobody said that Brazil, Russia, India and China were irrelevant. Far, far from it. On many occasions, their growing importance was emphasised. What the clip did argue was that the grouping arbitrary and that the four countries have very different economies and outlooks. Brazil and Russia have commodities-based economies and are prone to more economic swings than the more diversified China and India. Nowhere did it say that G-7 economies were the best are greatest. It said that there were other economies like Indonesia, Vietnam, Mexico, Thailand, Nigeria, the Philippines, etc. that were overlooked when Jim O’Neil invented the BRICs grouping. As for the investment index… It was initially very successful, but was shut down when it lost over 80pc of its value. A single investment fund failed. That doesn’t mean that Brazil, Russia, India and China failed. 这里的评论很有趣。没有人说巴西、俄罗斯、印度和中国无关紧要。在许多情况下,他们日益重要的重要性得到了强调。这段视频所说的是,这四个国家的经济和前景都非常不同,而且它们的分组是任意的。巴西和俄罗斯拥有以商品为基础的经济体,与更加多元化的中国和印度相比,它们更容易出现经济波动。没有人说七国集团的经济是最好的,也是最好的。它说,当吉姆·奥尼尔(Jim O’Neil)发明金砖四国集团时,其他经济体如印度尼西亚、越南、墨西哥、泰国、尼日利亚、菲律宾等都被忽视了。至于投资指数…最初它非常成功,但当它损失了超过80%的价值时被关闭了。一只投资基金失败了。这并不意味着巴西、俄罗斯、印度和中国都失败了。
张绍源 : the later mentioned well growing nations are ALL around China or under heavy Chinese investment is an interesting fact. 后文提到的增长良好的国家遍布中国各地,或者中国投资不足,这是一个有趣的事实。
Sunni Rajput : India over 7.2 & china over 6.4 still grow fast forward & Russia was blocked by USA I don’t know much about Brazil but once USA move out they will surely catch up. 印度超过7.2,中国超过6.4仍在快速增长,俄罗斯被美国阻挡,我对巴西不太了解,但一旦美国退出,他们肯定会赶上的。
Arun Kottolli : BRICS was an superficial group, there was no real economic connection between these countries. Russia, South Africa, and Brazil does not have the population needed to create the demand to build their economy. Russia and Brazil are too dependent on exports of raw materials, and are not in a position to build a knowledge based economy or a manufacturing economy. 金砖四国是一个肤浅的群体,这些国家之间没有真正的经济联系。俄罗斯、南非和巴西没有足够的人口来创造建设经济所需的需求。俄罗斯和巴西过于依赖原材料出口,无法建立知识经济或制造业经济。
Gaurav Chatterjee : Sheer show of arrogance 纯粹的自大
Razor Reznov : Lol BRICS still exist the summit happens every year 金砖四国依然存在,峰会每年都会举行
Dean Tan : That’s right! The Paris of the Orient is making a comeback 这是正确的!东方的巴黎正在卷土重来
Kuldeep Makwana : What a sad news channel to cater stupid news to their readers. 多么可悲的新闻频道,为他们的读者提供愚蠢的新闻。
Bharat Pride : BRICS is alive & well ! The ” S” is for South-africa – it got in when it was Africa’s no. 1 economy now it’s no. 4 & still sliding : S.A is playing a balancing act between India & China, but mostly has become a Chinese colony [ refused Dalai Lama access to enter S.A ] & India bailed S.A out with $ 40 billion via the BRICS bank which is listed on the JSE to keep the lights on in S.A. @ power stations that where supposed to be turned on years 5 years ago where left incomplete because of bad designing by Black african Engineers [ due to the brain drain in S.A most experienced Engineers & professionals have left & are still leaving due to ANC racist policies towards minorities & constant xenophobic attacks ] Yet India stepped up & sent Engineers to review the 2 power stations & ESKOM now has asked Parliament for R 18 billion each. The BRICS bank was setup as an infrastructure loan bank to these 5 countries. Why South Africa is still in there I have no idea & Africa’s current no.1 economy is still outside is anyone’s guess. The USA & China have trade wars, have “conflicts” over Taiwan & S.China seas yet continue to do business. Surprisingly USA still does allow certain good sinto Iran as well. So it seems Blood & trade can flow together & for the present time BRICS is alive & well ! 金砖四国还活着!“S”是为南非而设的——它是在非洲第一大经济体的时候进入的,现在是第四大经济体,但仍在下滑:S.A正在印度和中国之间发挥平衡作用,但大部分已经成为中国的殖民地[拒绝达赖喇嘛进入S.A]和印度通过在JSE上市的金砖四国银行(brics bank)以400亿美元保释S.A,以保持利格。在S.A.@的发电站,5年前就应该启动的,但由于非洲黑人工程师的糟糕设计(由于S.A.的人才流失,最有经验的工程师和专业人员已经离开,但由于非国大针对少数族裔的种族主义政策和持续的仇外袭击,他们仍将离开),在年。Dia加紧并派遣工程师审查这两个发电站,Eskom现在要求议会各拨款180亿南非兰特。金砖四国银行被设立为这5个国家的基础设施贷款银行。为什么南非仍然在那里,我不知道,非洲目前的第一大经济体仍然在外面,这是任何人的猜测。美国和中国在台湾和南部地区发生了贸易战,发生了“冲突”,中国海仍在继续做生意。令人惊讶的是,美国也允许某些好的东西进入伊朗。因此,似乎血液和贸易可以一起流动,目前金砖四国还活着!
Vinay Débrou : CNBC always manages to fall lower in its content’s quality. No in-depth research, full of outdated opinions cherry-picked to justify its prejudices. CNBC总是设法降低其内容的质量。没有深入的研究,满是陈词滥调的陈词滥调。
HeavyLikesSandwich : You forgot to include Pakistan?! They are the top exporters of terrorism in the world! 你忘了包括巴基斯坦吗?他们是世界上最大的恐怖主义出口国!
Marry Me : China threat 中国威胁论
Sudipta Chakrabarti : NATO broke into pieces, make a video on that instead of spreading rumors 北约分裂成碎片,制作一个视频,而不是散播谣言
No sugar No cream : Nonsense… Garbage 胡说。。。垃圾
2prize : Only Kazakhstan can save the BRICS 只有哈萨克斯坦才能拯救金砖四国
1870 Preußen : Brics are falling apart 金砖四国正在瓦解
Mario Fontes : The American Israeli coup in Brazil is trying to push out Brazil from Brics 美国和以色列在巴西的政变正试图把巴西从金砖四国赶出去。
blossom sky : wait for the next years when Siberia, Ural and the Russian East are getting more and warmer and the fruitful earth can be used for agriculture (; already now without Siberian region Russia is the biggest wheat producers of the world and it will grow in future. 等到未来几年,西伯利亚、乌拉尔和俄罗斯东部变得越来越温暖,肥沃的土地可以用于农业(俄罗斯现在已经没有西伯利亚地区,它是世界上最大的小麦生产国,将来还会增长)。
몽둥이fjjd : South Korea’s rapid economic development has reached a bottleneck since it was enslaved by Americans. 韩国自被美国人奴役以来,经济的快速发展已成为一个瓶颈。
Kialala Ra : Stopped watching when they started to do Street itw (mainly) *in the US*. Have a good life. What a blissful country the US is. Ignorance is a bliss they say 当他们开始在美国进行街头ITW(主要是)*时,就停止了观看。祝你生活愉快。美国是一个多么幸福的国家。他们说无知是福
qingbo yue : Leaders of those 4 countries was invited to a G7 meeting about 20 years ago. 这4个国家的领导人约20年前应邀参加七国集团会议。
Peter Petrov : The BRICS nations have got everything going for them except entrepreneurship. So sad! Realizing the problem is the most important step before you solve it, right? (Unfortunately for BRICS) Western Europe and the US now have a brand new passion–Bitcoin. Somebody, ANYBODY, please tell the BRICS nations that nobody is trying to be the next John Travolta anymore! BTC and ETH are more revolutionary than the average politician can comprehend. The advent of electricity and the Internet were just the prelude.  Crypto currencies are automation on steroids. Funny story! The Chinese people discovered Bitcoin and were true pioneers in the crypto space, but nowadays their government is hunting them down like dogs for that… Wawawiwa! Maybe the US government has slower reactions, or maybe it believes in free and open markets, but it lets entrepreneurship run amok before bringing down the hammer. My prediction is: the Chinese government will be desperately trying to buy BTC at $200k from their American friends. The Chinese (and the Russians) are the BEST workers in the world though! I mean no disrespect. PEACE!………… Bitcoin (the new electricity and automation), is still so small and anybody can become the world’s superpower overnight. Don’t get me started! Is there a reason why Russia, China, Africa, and India are lagging so far behind the US in number of users, ATMs, number of developers, satellites, miners, etc, etc…Like I said, so sad! 除了创业精神,金砖四国已经为他们准备好了一切。如此悲伤!认识到问题是解决问题之前最重要的一步,对吗?(不幸的是,金砖四国)西欧和美国现在有了全新的热情——比特币。有人,任何人,请告诉金砖四国,没有人再试图成为下一个约翰·特拉沃尔塔!BTC和ETH比普通政客所能理解的更具革命性。电力和互联网的出现只是前奏。加密货币是类固醇的自动化。有趣的故事!中国人发现了比特币,并且是加密领域的真正先驱,但现在他们的政府正为此像猎狗一样猎杀他们……瓦瓦维瓦!也许美国政府的反应较慢,或者它相信自由和开放的市场,但它让创业者在放下重锤之前狂躁不安。我的预测是:中国政府将不顾一切地试图以20万美元从他们的美国朋友那里购买BTC。中国人(和俄罗斯人)是世界上最好的工人!我不是不尊重。和平!……比特币(新的电力和自动化)仍然很小,任何人都可以一夜之间成为世界超级大国。别让我开始!俄罗斯、中国、非洲、和印度在用户数量、自动取款机数量、开发商数量、卫星、矿工等方面落后于美国,这是有原因的吗?就像我说的,太令人难过了!
aravind etagi : More than 40% of the world population knows about BRICS, because BRICS has a population of +40%…. 超过40%的世界人口了解金砖四国,因为金砖四国人口超过40%……
jitendra magar : This is propaganda to break brics. If India and china do not cooperate in important fields both countries will crash. 这是打破金砖四国的宣传。如果印度和中国不在重要领域合作,两国都将崩溃。
EPISTIMI : Just a propaganda video ! 只是一个宣传视频!
Pokero 😀 : Lol half the comments are triggered Indians even though the video is showing that India and China can thrive without brics 尽管视频显示印度和中国在没有金砖四国的情况下能够蓬勃发展,但半数的评论还是被印度人所触动。
Channel 9 : This was a failure from the start. India is so overdriven by its domestic politics, they will fail any bloc they join and thats what happened here 这从一开始就是个失败。印度的国内政治太过激了,他们加入的任何集团都会失败,这就是发生在印度的事情。
Biao Zhang : BRICs, sometimes people call it GOLD BRICs. Actually, there is only one gold — China. The other four are bricks. 金砖四国,有时人们称之为黄金金砖四国。实际上,只有一种黄金——中国。另外四个是砖。
J.C Denton : Brazil and russia shuld boost their tourism sectors to improve thier economies. 巴西和俄罗斯应加强旅游业以改善其经济。
V Shivnarayan : United States always loves meddling with other countries issue 美国总是喜欢干涉其他国家的事务
John Noah : I love these right wing Indian nationalist. They scream the word “Propaganda” every time the western media say something that they don’t like yet they keep watching those same evil Western media. These idiots always makes me laugh hard. 我喜欢这些右翼印度民族主义者。每当西方媒体说一些他们不喜欢的话时,他们都会大喊“宣传”这个词,但他们却一直在看那些邪恶的西方媒体。这些白痴总是让我很难笑。
V Shivnarayan : What kind of nonsense is being shown in this video ?,BRICS will never get destroyed maybe NATO and g7 might breakup ,and who told you that india and china brokeup from BRICS ?,we may have border disputes and other issues but that doesn’t mean we will breakup from BRICS.And South Africa is a permanent member of BRICS,maybe you americans did not get proper sleep i guess blabbering some nonsense. 这段视频里有什么胡说八道的?金砖四国永远不会被摧毁,也许北约和七国集团可能会解体,谁告诉过你,印度和中国是从金砖四国分裂出来的?我们可能有边界争端和其他问题,但这并不意味着我们将从金砖四国分裂出去。南非是金砖四国的常任理事国,也许你们美国人睡得不好,我猜是在胡说八道。
snow hole : The only problem with BRICS is that China is roped in with the rest of them. India is seeing massive growth so it’ll be problematic to rope them in with the others as well, but that’s in the future. 金砖四国唯一的问题是,中国和其他国家被套牢了。印度看到了巨大的增长,所以把他们和其他国家联系起来也会有问题,但这是在未来。
Jeremiah Lim : Big money is waiting to buy Brent oil very soon due to latest data on China highest import of oil on record. 由于中国有史以来最高石油进口量的最新数据,巨额资金正等待着很快购买布伦特原油。
Shantanu Chatterjee : Please spare us . India is a little bit busy with the elections . Everything is chaos here . Let the elections subside and a stable govt formed , then everything will be back to order . Also China is a little bit screwed up with the trade war and trade deal and all . Let them pick up the pieces and reorganize. too. 请原谅我们。印度有点忙于选举。这里一切都很混乱。让选举平息下来,建立一个稳定的政府,一切就会恢复正常。此外,中国在贸易战和贸易协定等问题上也有点搞砸了。让他们收拾残局,重新组织。也是。
snow hole : 3:29 China is literally the only one significantly contributing to that rise! Next they’ll say the collapse of China is imminent. 3:29中国实际上是唯一一个对这一增长做出重大贡献的国家!接下来他们会说中国的崩溃迫在眉睫。
Prakash S : It is not dead…it is just postponed…till the four countries except china become bigger to decrease dependence on US… 它并没有死……只是推迟了……直到中国以外的四个国家为了减少对美国的依赖而变得更大……
Sandra Sreevalsan : This is fake news !!! 这是假消息!!!!
BiST PrintS : 2014 Modi came in the scene and it had to collapse! He is more focused in the domestic issues. India, not being in situation to participate in world matters Modi was sure to focus on internal growth and concerns. 2014年莫迪出现在现场,它不得不崩溃!他更关注国内问题。印度没有参与世界事务的情况下,莫迪肯定会把重点放在内部增长和关切上。
Shishir Yerramilli : This comment section is a fever swamp of nationalist hysteria and conspiracy theory coupled with good ole fashioned America bashing. The facts are simply these- all of these brics are tremendously corrupt countries where the cost of doing business is high and gangster states like Russia can simply sieze a foreign companies assets at will. In India they have to go into partnership with the government and we all know what that means..chaching! $$$ to get any permits 这一评论部分是民族主义歇斯底里和阴谋论的狂热沼泽,再加上对老式美国的痛击。事实很简单——所有这些金砖四国都是极度腐败的国家,在这些国家做生意的成本很高,像俄罗斯这样的流氓国家可以随意收购外国公司的资产。在印度,他们必须与政府合作,我们都知道这意味着什么。$$获得任何许可证
jana tenepalli : fool news 愚人新闻
Aditya Sinha : India and China will bring back BRIC from crisis. West will watch and be jealous !! 印度和中国将使金砖四国摆脱危机。韦斯特会看着的,会嫉妒的!!
YouTuber 101 : Take look at G7 看看G7
JamesQ : In fact, China does not put India in the eye~~~ 事实上,中国并没有把印度放在眼里~~~
YouTuber 101 : Another western propaganda 另一个西方的宣传
Ravindra Singh : stop telling crap to your people…yes Brics is not Nato …but still good for what it is for……. 别跟你的人民说废话了……是的,金砖四国不是北约……但仍然有利于它的用途……。
Tyler Durden : The Indians and the Chinese have their own differences though 不过,印度人和中国人有他们自己的不同之处
vaibhav gupta : Why does Americans think that the world can’t run without their money or military….China & India are two of the fastest growing major economies in the world..Russia has an oil dependent economy and they have struggling because of the low oil prices and American sanctions but if the Brics add more countries to the group it will be a force to reckon with 为什么美国人认为没有他们的金钱和军事力量世界就无法运转……中国和印度是世界上增长最快的两个主要经济体……俄罗斯依赖石油,而且由于低油价和美国的制裁,他们一直在苦苦挣扎,但如果金砖四国给这个集团增加更多的国家,这将是一股重创的力量随着
sandeep varma : It’s time for AU(Asian Union) 到了非盟的时候了
The BRIDGE 54 : The propaganda lies lies brics did not break its such a great concept it makes perfect sense for its existence 宣传的谎言是,金砖四国没有打破其如此伟大的理念,它的存在是完全有道理的。
Yong Chen : we chinese only want to lead a better life ,no will to compete against india ,the super power.But one thing ,do not try to harass us like india ,or you will see how determined we are to fight against our enemy 我们中国人只想过上更好的生活,不想和印度竞争,不想和超级大国竞争。但是有一点,不要像印度那样骚扰我们,否则你会看到我们有多么决心和敌人作战。
Live : China GDP alone is 3 times bigger than India, Brazil and Russia combined. 仅中国国内生产总值就比印度、巴西和俄罗斯的总和高出3倍
Ben Cummings : A lot of companies are going to India for manufacturing, so it’s gonna be “made in India” for the next few decades. Basically a second China. Who knows maybe Russia will be the 3rd “Made in-” country. 很多公司都要去印度制造,所以在接下来的几十年里,它将“在印度制造”。基本上是第二个中国。谁知道俄罗斯可能是第三个“国产”的国家。
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