Skud_NZ : Yeah I’d be worried it might start rolling away  我担心它会滚跑
CanadianChefMeat : What is this, a circle for ants?  这是什么,蚂蚁圈?
khairi_mh : If you’re in the center hole, just run along the roll like a giant hamster wheel until the building comes to a stop. 如果你在洞的中间,就像一个巨大的仓鼠轮子一样沿着滚轴跑直到建筑停下来。
-Sythen- : I wonder how fast you’d actually have to run, assuming the building didn’t fall apart, to stay in place as it rolled? 我想知道,如果大楼没有倒塌,你跑得多快,才能在滚动时保持原状?
OathOfFeanor : The idea of the force caused by wind on that building gives me a little anxiety too.Combined with Chinese building standards 风力对那座建筑产生的影响也让我有些担心。想想中国的建筑标准
jbrittles : China doesn’t mess around with big projects like this. Sure, the slums and poor areas are unregulated, but anything that can shame the government is taken very seriously. People have recieved life sentences or even the death penalty for major project disasters. I would feel way safer there than being on an American bridge, for example. But thats just from briefly studying development so im sure some people know better than me. 中国不会把这样的大项目搞得一团糟。当然,贫民窟和贫困地区不受管制,但是任何可能使政府感到羞愧的事情都被认真对待。人们因重大工程灾害被判处无期徒刑甚至死刑。举个例子,我觉得在那里比在美国桥上更安全。但这只是简单地研究一下,所以我肯定有些人比我更了解。
nextgeneric : For me that’s the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. I feel like being anywhere on a higher floor on a windy day must not be fun. 对我来说,这就是迪拜的Burj Khalifa。我觉得在一个刮风的日子里在一个更高的楼上任何地方都不好玩。
Blue_Three : I’m somewhat afraid of heights (not more than most people necessarily) and the usual stuff, but I don’t really see what’s so terrifying about this building. It has a unique form, but it doesn’t look particularly unstable. There’s other scyscrapers with modern architecture that look way more unsettling. 我有点害怕高(不一定比大多数人多),但我真的不知道这栋建筑有什么可怕。它具有独特的形式,但看起来比较稳定。还有其他摩天大楼的现代建筑看起来更令人不安。
Shimshi1998 : If you’re on one side and you wanna get to the other, you have to go down like 20 floors, walk the whole building and then go back up 如果你站在一边,想走到另一边,你必须走下20层楼,走完整个大楼,然后再往回走。
Day_Dreamer : Thanks! I was genuinely curious. Looks like an awesome structure for sure. 谢谢!我真的很好奇。看起来像是一个可怕的结构。
Day_Dreamer : It looks like the lights are right in the way of the Windows. Is that just the angle of the picture or did they really obstruct the view with the light bars?Also, was the light noticeable while in the room at night? 看起来好像是灯光挡住了窗户。那只是图片的角度,还是它们真的用光条挡住了视线?夜晚的房间里光线是否明显?
Norgenigga : I really want to travel. 我真的很想去旅行。
ericchen : No. The lights you see in the middle of the windows are actually on the balcony railing. It’s not stuck to the window itself. Also there’s good blackout curtains. 不是。你在窗户中间看到的灯实际上是在阳台栏杆上。它没有粘在窗户本身上。也有很好的停电窗帘。
halberthawkins : I was betting this was an architectural rendering. What strikes me is two things: 1. Its just huuuge! 2. China has begun discouraging unconventional architectural designs in the last couple of years. 我打赌这是一个建筑渲染图。让我吃惊的是两件事:1。这只是胡闹!2。在过去的几年里,中国已经开始阻止非常规建筑设计。
DommeDistel : Was also curious, from wikipedia:It is the headquarters of the Hongda Xingye Group [2] and the new home of Guangdong Plastic Exchange (GDPE), the world largest trading centre for raw plastic material with more than 25 billions euros of annual turn over (2012). 维基百科对此也很好奇:这里是宏达兴业集团的总部,也是广东塑料交易所(GDE)的新家。广东塑料交易所是全球最大的塑料原料贸易中心,年营业额超过250亿欧元(2012年)。
Blue_lunch_box : More like a coin. 更像一枚硬币。
kurokuma78 : I know it’s supposed to be a circle, but I’m kinda disappointed there’s no bridges connecting the inner parts of the circle 我知道它应该是一个圆圈,但是我有点失望,没有桥梁连接圆圈的内部。
MeetYourCows : I guess it could also be handy to make the building less suspectible to strong winds on the side.You’d think flying dragons could manage to navigate around these buildings.. 我想,让这栋建筑不那么容易受到侧风吹袭。你会认为飞龙可以绕着这些建筑航行。
ElixirTime : Ya one bridge at the center would’ve been so cool. 在中心有一座桥会很酷。
rtwpsom2 : I’m disappointed the hole isn’t square then the building would be a bao coin. As it is it’s only a Japanese 5 yen coin, and you know how the Chinese and Japanese get along. 我很失望,这个洞不是方形的,建筑就是一个钱币。因为它只是一枚日本的5日元硬币,你知道中国人和日本人相处得怎么样。
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